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Cyclic Development Of Sedimentary Basins

Author : J.M. Mabesoone
ISBN : 0080461379
Genre : Science
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Cyclic Development of Sedimentary Basins presents the controversial subject of the cyclic phenomena in the earth's evolutionary history and its reflection in the development of sedimentary basins and its lithic infillings. Galactic rotation of celestial bodies causes cyclicity that is also reflected on a smaller scale in the proper Earth. This book presents the consequences of the earth's cyclic phenomena in the long-term cycles which affect the origin and further evolution of sedimentary basins. * Basin development * Cyclicity * Examples from the world

The Sedimentary Basins Of The United States And Canada

Author : Andrew D. Miall
ISBN : 9780080929361
Genre : Science
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In recent years there have been rapid strides in our understanding of plate-tectonic processes, many developments in methods of basin analysis, and the accumulation of much new surface and subsurface geological and geophysical data. Projects such as COCORP (in the United States) and Lithoprobe (in Canada) have provided essential insights into the deep crustal structure of the continent. Synthesis of all the available information about North America’s geological regions has not been attempted systematically since the “Decade of North American Geology project undertaken by the Geological Society of America and the Geological Survey of Canada nearly twenty years ago. The book commences with a summary of the Phanerozoic geological history of the United States and Canada, illustrated with a suite of new paleogeographic maps, and tying in each of the subsequent regional chapters by the inclusion of numerous cross-references. This followed by a set of fifteen regional syntheses of the principal tectonic regions of the United States and Canada, focusing on the stratigraphic and tectonic history of the major sedimentary basins. Most of these chapters have been contributed by specialists, drawing on their own research, and providing interpretive summaries of a type not previously attempted. * Up-to-date synthesis of the sedimentary/tectonic history of the major areas of the United States and Canada * Up-to-date references * Many new color maps

Sedimentary Basins And Crustal Processes At Continental Margins

Author : G.M. Gibson
ISBN : 9781862397200
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 48 MB
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Continental margins and their fossilized analogues are important repositories of natural resources. With better processing techniques and increased availability of high-resolution seismic and potential field data, imaging of present-day continental margins and their embedded sedimentary basins has reached unprecedented levels of refinement and definition, as illustrated by examples described in this volume. This, in turn, has led to greatly improved geological, geodynamic and numerical models for the crustal and mantle processes involved in continental margin formation from the initial stages of rifting through continental rupture and break-up to development of a new ocean basin. Further informing these models, and contributing to a better understanding of the features imaged in the seismic and potential field data, are observations made on fossilized fragments of exhumed subcontinental mantle lithosphere and ocean–continent transition zones preserved in ophiolites and orogenic belts of both Palaeozoic and Mesozoic age from several different continents, including Europe, South Asia and Australasia.

Tectonics And Sedimentation

Author : Dengliang Gao
ISBN : 9780891813811
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 97 MB
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Cyclic Sedimentation

Author :
ISBN : 0080869211
Genre : Science
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This book provides an overview of the developments in sedimentology. Despite the existence of a huge literature, this is the first time that a textbook has been written on the subject of cyclic sedimentation. The book tries to cover as much of the relevant data as is necessary to allow for adequate consideration of all significant hypotheses.

Heavy Minerals In Use

Author : Maria A. Mange
ISBN : 0080548598
Genre : Science
File Size : 81. 40 MB
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The book is structured thematically, encompassing principles, processes and products, practice and applications. Discussion of processes that control heavy mineral assemblages throughout the rock cycle are presented by leading experts, whose key-note works are followed by specialist case studies. Each work also provides details on the geology of the study area, techniques and data treatment. The high number of contributions represent the collective experience and wisdom of generations of geologists, and provide an invaluable source of references to works carried out in many parts of the world. * Presents a unique and authoritative resource of immediate relevance and practical use to the researcher and applied geologist * Contains case studies demonstrating the broad range of applications of heavy minerals in a variety of modern and ancient geological settings, and in resource exploration * Includes examples of geological problems from employing heavy mineral analysis and establishing criteria that can be applied before deciding to undertake a study

Sedimentology And Sedimentary Basins

Author : Mike R. Leeder
ISBN : 9781444348361
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 66 MB
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The sedimentary record on Earth stretches back more than 4.3 billion years and is present in more abbreviated forms on companion planets of the Solar System, like Mars and Venus, and doubtless elsewhere. Reading such planetary archives correctly requires intimate knowledge of modern sedimentary processes acting within the framework provided by tectonics, climate and sea or lake level variations. The subject of sedimentology thus encompasses the origins, transport and deposition of mineral sediment on planetary surfaces. The author addresses the principles of the subject from the viewpoint of modern processes, emphasising a general science narrative approach in the main text, with quantitative background derived in enabling ‘cookie’ appendices. The book ends with an innovative chapter dealing with how sedimentology is currently informing a variety of cognate disciplines, from the timing and extent tectonic uplift to variations in palaeoclimate. Each chapter concludes with a detailed guide to key further reading leading to a large bibliography of over 2500 entries. The book is designed to reach an audience of senior undergraduate and graduate students and interested academic and industry professionals.

Sedimentary Basins

Author : Gerhard Einsele
ISBN : 9783662040294
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 40 MB
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This completely revised and enlarged second edition provides an up-to-date overview of all major topics in sedimentary geology. It is unique in its quantitative approach to denudation-accumulation systems and basin fillings, including dynamic aspects. The relationship between tectonism and basin evolution as well as the concepts of sequence cycle and event stratigraphy in various depositional environments are extensively discussed. Numerous, often composite figures, a well-structured text, brief summaries in boxes, and several examples from all continents make the book an invaluable source of information for students, researchers and professors in academia as well as for professionals in the oil industry.

Tectonics Of Sedimentary Basins

Author : Cathy Busby
ISBN : 9781444347142
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 60 MB
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Investigating the complex interplay between tectonics and sedimentation is a key endeavor in modern earth science. Many of the world's leading researchers in this field have been brought together in this volume to provide concise overviews of the current state of the subject. The plate tectonic revolution of the 1960's provided the framework for detailed models on the structure of orogens and basins, summarized in a 1995 textbook edited by Busby and Ingersoll. Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins: Recent Advances focuses on key topics or areas where the greatest strides forward have been made, while also providing on-line access to the comprehensive 1995 book. Breakthroughs in new techniques are described in Section 1, including detrital zircon geochronology, cosmogenic nuclide dating, magnetostratigraphy, 3-D seismic, and basin modelling. Section 2 presents the new models for rift, post-rift, transtensional and strike slip basin settings. Section 3 addresses the latest ideas in convergent margin tectonics, including the sedimentary record of subduction intiation and subduction, flat-slab subduction, and arc-continent collision; it then moves inboard to forearc basins and intra-arc basins, and ends with a series of papers formed under compessional strain regimes, as well as post-orogenic intramontane basins. Section 4 examines the origin of plate interior basins, and the sedimentary record of supercontinent formation. This book is required reading for any advanced student or professional interested in sedimentology, plate tectonics, or petroleum geoscience. Additional resources for this book can be found at:

Geologica Carpathica

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822009554965
Genre : Geology
File Size : 52. 20 MB
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