dandies fashion and finesse in art and culture

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Author : Susan Fillin-Yeh
ISBN : 9780814726969
Genre : Art
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If journalism is the first draft of history, then independent journalists are surely its most daring composers. Along such celebrated and high-profile figures as Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer, there exists a stratum of journalistsself-employed, working under dire conditions, and with minimal resourceswho often place themselves at ground zero of world events. In this gripping account, Anthony Collings takes us into the world of independent journalists, and the daily challenges they face confronting dictators, hostile military, and narcoterrorists. Unfettered by any ties to those in positions of power, these guerrilla journalists are often the first on a storywhether reporting on corruption in Mexico, organized crime in Russia, or sexual scandal in the Middle Eastand accordingly face the brunt of their subject's wrath. Collings, who has himself been held captive while on assignment, here focuses less on those nations in which the press is either largely free (such as the U.S. or Western European democracies) or aggressively restricted (as in China), and more on those "battleground countries" where the eventual outcome of the struggle between state and fourth estate remains unclear. Relying on interviews, professional contacts, and his own experiences, Collings explores the dilemmas and strategies of journalists who persevere in the face of war, repressive governments, and criminal aggression, with particular emphasis on the role of the Internet. At a time when journalism is increasingly a profession under siege, Words of Fire forces into the spotlight a more positive side of the profession, those who pursue journalism not for profit or fame but as a personal crusade.

Vom Dandytum Und Von G Brummell Dewest Collection

Author : J.-A. Barbey d'Aurevilly
ISBN : 9783736846937
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 67. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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Der Enkel eines Zuckerbäckers Schützling, Freund, bewunderter Freund des ersten Gentleman von Europa, Ehrenkavalier der Braut des Thronerben; mehr: jahrelang das unerreichte Muster der vollendeten Eleganz für Englands erste Gesellschaft, unter den hochmütigen Erben der historischen Namen, der ungeheuren Vermögen anerkanntermassen der erste Weltmann, dessen unverschämter Beifall stolz, dessen grausamer Hohn unmöglich macht: genügt zur Erklärung dieses märchenhaften Schicksals eines hübschen kalten jungen Gecken das verächtliche Wort Snobismus, das achselzuckende Urteil Wahn? Mit nichten. Hier ist mehr zu vermuten als die vorsichtige Leisetreterei, die scheue Angst des Höflings vor eines eben Begünstigten unberechenbarem Einfluss, mehr als die blinde Eitelkeit der bedingungslosen Gefolgschaft eines vergänglichen Tageshelden: hier ist Persönlichkeit am Werk. Die rationale Formel für das Phänomen Brummell aber lautet: Gleichgewicht.

A Cultural History Of Dress And Fashion In The Modern Age

Author : Alexandra Palmer
ISBN : 9781350114067
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 94 MB
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Over the last century there has been a complete transformation of the fashion system. The unitary top-down fashion cycle has been replaced by the pulsations of multiple and simultaneous styles, while the speed of global production and circulation has become ever faster and more complex. Running in tandem, the development of artificial fibres has revolutionized the composition of clothing, and the increased focus on youth, sexuality, and the body has radically changed its design. From the 1920s flapper dress to debates over the burkini, fashion has continued to be deeply involved in society's larger issues. Drawing on a wealth of visual, textual and object sources and illustrated with 100 images, A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion in the Modern Age presents essays on textiles, production and distribution, the body, belief, gender and sexuality, status, ethnicity, and visual and literary representations to illustrate the diversity and cultural significance of dress and fashion in the period.

Pop Frauen Der Gegenwart

Author : Christa Brüstle
ISBN : 9783839427743
Genre : Music
File Size : 80. 98 MB
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Welche Rolle erhalten Stimme und Körper in den Inszenierungen von weiblichen Pop-Stars und wie entstehen ihre Images? Welche stereotypen Vorstellungen von Weiblichkeit und Männlichkeit werden in Videoclips repräsentiert oder unterlaufen? Unterliegen die Pop-Frauen den Marktstrategien ihrer Labels oder können sie ihre Vermarktung selbst steuern? Die Beiträge des Bandes diskutieren diese Fragen am Beispiel von u.a. Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Pink, Grimes, Lana Del Rey, Lady Bitch Ray und Peaches. Dabei verknüpft sich die Popmusikforschung mit musikästhetischen, soziologischen sowie kultur- und medienwissenschaftlichen Forschungsansätzen und den Gender Studies.

Sixties Dress Only

Author : Heike Jenß
ISBN : 3593383527
Genre : Clothing and dress
File Size : 85. 80 MB
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Gender Taste And Material Culture In Britain And North America 1700 1830

Author : John Styles
ISBN : STANFORD:36105122855310
Genre : Art
File Size : 73. 46 MB
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Between 1700 and 1830, men and women in the English-speaking territories framing the Atlantic gained unprecedented access to material things. The British Atlantic was an empire of goods, held together not just by political authority and a common language, but by a shared material culture nourished by constant flows of commodities. Diets expanded to include exotic luxuries such as tea and sugar, the fruits of mercantile and colonial expansion. Homes were furnished with novel goods, like clocks and earthenware teapots, the products of British industrial ingenuity. This groundbreaking book compares these developments in Britain and North America, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of scholars to consider basic questions about women, men, and objects in these regions. In asking who did the shopping, how things were used, and why they became the subject of political dispute, the essays show the profound significance of everyday objects in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world.

Fashion Media

Author : Djurdja Bartlett
ISBN : 9780857853097
Genre : Design
File Size : 52. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The fashion media is in the midst of deep social and technological change. Including a broad range of case studies, from fashion plates to fashion films, and from fashion magazines to fashion blogs, this ground-breaking book provides an up-to-date examination of the role and significance of this field. Winner of the PCA/ACA Ray and Pat Browne Award for Best Edited Collection, Fashion Media includes chapters written by international scholars covering topics from historic magazine cultures and contemporary digital innovations to art and film, exploring themes such as gender, ethnicity, design, taste and authorship. Highlighting the complexity of processes that bind design, design, technology, society and identity together, Fashion Media will be of be essential reading for students of fashion studies, cultural studies, visual culture studies, design history, communications and art and design practice and theory.

Cosmopolitan Style

Author : Rebecca L. Walkowitz
ISBN : 9780231510530
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 20. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this broad-ranging and ambitious intervention in the debates over the politics, ethics, and aesthetics of cosmopolitanism, Rebecca L. Walkowitz argues that modernist literary style has been crucial to new ways of thinking and acting beyond the nation. While she focuses on modernist narrative, Walkowitz suggests that style conceived expansively as attitude, stance, posture, and consciousness helps to explain many other, nonliterary formations of cosmopolitanism in history, anthropology, sociology, transcultural studies, and media studies. Walkowitz shows that James Joyce, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, Salman Rushdie, Kazuo Ishiguro, and W. G. Sebald use the salient features of literary modernism in their novels to explore different versions of transnational thought, question moral and political norms, and renovate the meanings of national culture and international attachment. By deploying literary tactics of naturalness, triviality, evasion, mix-up, treason, and vertigo, these six authors promote ideas of democratic individualism on the one hand and collective projects of antifascism or anti-imperialism on the other. Joyce, Conrad, and Woolf made their most significant contribution to this "critical cosmopolitanism" in their reflection on the relationships between narrative and political ideas of progress, aesthetic and social demands for literalism, and sexual and conceptual decorousness. Specifically, Walkowitz considers Joyce's critique of British imperialism and Irish nativism; Conrad's understanding of the classification of foreigners; and Woolf's exploration of how colonizing policies rely on ideas of honor and masculinity. Rushdie, Ishiguro, and Sebald have revived efforts to question the definitions and uses of naturalness, argument, utility, attentiveness, reasonableness, and explicitness, but their novels also address a range of "new ethnicities" in late-twentieth-century Britain and the different internationalisms of contemporary life. They use modernist strategies to articulate dynamic conceptions of local and global affiliation, with Rushdie in particular adding playfulness and confusion to the politics of antiracism. In this unique and engaging study, Walkowitz shows how Joyce, Conrad, and Woolf developed a repertoire of narrative strategies at the beginning of the twentieth century that were transformed by Rushdie, Ishiguro, and Sebald at the end. Her book brings to the forefront the artful idiosyncrasies and political ambiguities of twentieth-century modernist fiction.

Clown Grimaldi

Author : Charles Dickens
ISBN : 9783849609733
Genre :
File Size : 84. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Die Serie "Meisterwerke der Literatur" beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung für Ihren eBook Reader. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen auf Ihrem Reader. Dieses Werk bietet zusätzlich * Eine Biografie/Bibliografie des Autors. * Digitale Überarbeitung und allerbeste Qualität * Bietet ein interaktives Inhaltsverzeichnis für einfache Orientierung. Joseph Grimaldi (* 18. Dezember 1778 in London; † 31. Mai 1837 ebenda) war der Erfinder des modernen Clowns. Grimaldis in zwei Bänden erschienene Memoiren (1838) wurden von Charles Dickens herausgegeben. Sie sind ein ergiebiges Dokument für die Geschichte der populären Bühnen in London. (aus wikipedia.de)


Author : Edward Bulwer-Lytton
ISBN : 9783849605346
Genre :
File Size : 58. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Godolphin war die erste in einer Reihe von exzellenten Novellen mit okkulten Themen und entstand im Jahr 1833. Die Serie "Meisterwerke der Literatur" beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen auf Ihrem elektronischen Lesegerät. Dieses Werk bietet zusätzlich * Eine Biografie/Bibliografie des Autors.

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