death at a distance

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Death At A Distance

Author : Mark A. Nystuen
ISBN : 9781938416835
Genre : Fiction
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Running a marathon is tough enough. It’s even harder to outrun death. Erick Anderssen is the best-selling author of a series of how-to books for baby boomers seeking inner knowledge and strong thighs. Now Erick’s next book is due, and his agent, for mysterious reasons, is pushing hard for him to write about the experience of training to run the GrandHotel Chicago Marathon—where his egotistical ex-wife is the race director. But before he can even begin work on the book, a shocking and violent death derails his research. Before he knows it, Erick is racing to uncover the secrets of the marathon—all while fending off assaults, bomb threats, international fraud, and strange disappearances. Along the way, Erick encounters a wide and fascinating cast of characters—fading Olympians, international singing sensations, aggressive Chicago cops, and a photographer who he believes is hiding a terrible secret—running steadily toward what may be a tragic outcome at the finish line. In his debut novel, Death at a Distance, long-time Chicagoan Mark A. Nystuen, whose twelve-year leadership helped the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon become one of the largest participatory sporting events in the world, gives readers a vivid, local’s-eye view of contemporary Chicago—its politics, its world-class food scene, and its history—as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the personality clashes, compromises, and conflicts involved in running—or running in—one of the largest marathons in the world.

Death At A Distance

Author : Brian W. Strutt
ISBN : 1537072048
Genre :
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When a murder is committed sex or money, or both is seldomly not involved. Fresh from solving the bizarre murders of three pregnant women Detective Inspector Siobhan Burrows and Detective Segeant Amy Rhodes of the St Albans Police force find that both motives are present in their next case. Charles Roberts, brother-in-law of Cynthia Roberts, one of the recently murdered pregnant women, is shot outside the Jackdaw Pub. Why anyone should seek the death of an apparantly inoffensive salesman of truffles and live escargot, who is based in France, is a mystery which deepens when Amy, paired with SOCO Chief Sean O'Driscoll, follows the trail and discover an inordinately large amunt of money in the victim's French bank account. Sean and Amy also discover an attraction between themselves which leads them into a passionate affair. This is completely at odds with the sadistic streak shown by Amy when she 'interviews' an agent from MI6 who, she believes, holds some clues as to the motives behind the murder. Meanwhile, in England, siobhan Burrows, working with computer whiz, Detective Constable Roger Paulson and under the supervision of Detective Chief Inspector St John (pronounced Sinjun) Harcourt is following a line of enquiry closer to her home patch of St Albans. It seems to be leading nowhere until a second man is murdered and three police officers, left to guard his empty house and the secrets it may contain, are brutally shot. Harcourt suspects that forces more secret and outside the purview of the police force are in play and, while love and sex break out between his subordinates, he ponders: Is he right? Enquiries take the team into the fringe world of espionage and arbitrage, a high powered system of wheeler dealing using hundreds of millions of borrowed funds to fince what could be illicit major products around the world. To protect their schemes, those involved consider murder as relatively unimportant. St John and his team do not and dradually they home in on the man who, almost almost beyond belief, is behind it all.

Death At A Distance

Author : Michael Sturma
ISBN : 9781612514321
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Only seven U.S. submariners earned the Medal of Honor in World War II. Sam Dealey, the USS Harder's commander, was one of them. His honor was awarded posthumously after the entire crew was lost off Bataan during a depth-charge attack in August 1944 by a Japanese convoy. The Harder's fighting spirit is legendary, and its record of sinking a total of eighteen enemy ships (with a tonnage in excess of 55,000) made Dealey one of the top five submarine skippers in the war. During a single patrol his crew sank five enemy destroyers in five short-range torpedo attacks - an unprecedented feat. In addition, the Harder played important roles in rescue missions, extracting secret operatives deep in enemy territory and saving downed pilots. Drawing on previously untapped sources, Michael Sturma, an Australian teaching at Murdoch University, details several daring missions, one that involved the heroic Australian commando Bill Jinkins, and puts the Harder's action in the context of the overall Pacific campaign. In do so, the author adds not only significant information to the Harder's story but also provides a fresh perspective on the submarine war.

Death From A Distance And The Birth Of A Humane Universe

Author : Paul M. Bingham
ISBN : 1439254125
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A comprehensive often spellbinding exploration of humans: How we came to be unique among all the Earth's animal species and how this uniqueness has shaped our history, behavior, and contemporary lives

A Distance To Death

Author : Holly Menino
ISBN : 9781466846760
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tink Elledge is back in the saddle—and in more danger than ever. The race is a hundred miles through the Sierra Nevada against a backdrop of Darwin, evolution, and intelligent design. Smart, deftly plotted, and tuned to ongoing debate, this mystery is perfect for fans of Dick Francis. Tink Elledge is a woman who doesn't take well to sitting still—not when it comes to husbands, not when it comes to looking after her stepson Stephen, and certainly not when it comes to horses. So when she gets the chance to ride in a competition again—even on a trail as grueling as the steep twists and turns of the legendary Tevis endurance trail ride—she jumps at it. In the Sierra mountain wilderness, she and her friend Isabel—an avid horsewoman and Darwin devotee--will race across one hundred miles of spectacular gorges and cross heart-stopping fords.? Meanwhile, Stephen and Tink's husband, Charlie, are nearby working on a new partnership with the brilliant but secretive scientist James Grant-Worthington. When Grant-Worthington suddenly dies of not-so-natural causes, the entire deal is thrown into question. Eager to help, Tink begins searching for clues, starting with Josh Untemeyer, the PR manager for the institute Grant-Worthington founded to promote the theory of intelligent design, who has also been pursuing Isabel. As Tink and Isabel join the pack of elite riders and their horses scramble up the vertiginous, narrow trail, Josh goes missing. Tink must sort through the secrets and lies in a race against time to cross the finish line and save the two people she cares for most in this lively, page-turning novel from acclaimed author Holly Menino.

The Death Of Distance 2 0

Author : Frances Cairncross
ISBN : 158799089X
Genre : Telecommunication
File Size : 26. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Never before in human history has technology advanced as quickly as today. The biggest changes are taking place in communications and computers, which are being combined in new and astonishing ways. In this updated and revised addition, Frances Cairncross analyzes the impact of this revolution on business, government and society.

Rilke On Death And Other Oddities

Author : John Mood
ISBN : 9781462840731
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 26. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Opening with a brief account of the life and work of the early 20th Century German-language poet Rainer Maria Rilke, the book then has its first major set piece, a lengthy and provocative selection from his prose writings on death, for him the most important topic of all. This is followed by a light-hearted account of Rilkes surprising popularity in the U. S. of A., even extending to Hollywood. A short chapter on Rilkes obsession with the scientific accuracy of his poetry and another on his poetic humor, prepare the reader for the second major set piece of the book --- a revealing look at his masterwork on death, the 860-line poem Duinese Elegies. The book closes with appendices on Rilke and god, translating Rilke, and a listing of the nearly 30 English translations of Duinese Elegies.

Til Death Or Distance Do Us Part

Author : Frances Smith Foster
ISBN : 9780199716517
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Conventional wisdom tells us that marriage was illegal for African Americans during the antebellum era, and that if people married at all, their vows were tenuous ones: "until death or distance do us part." It is an impression that imbues beliefs about black families to this day. But it's a perception primarily based on documents produced by abolitionists, the state, or other partisans. It doesn't tell the whole story. Drawing on a trove of less well-known sources including family histories, folk stories, memoirs, sermons, and especially the fascinating writings from the Afro-Protestant Press,'Til Death or Distance Do Us Part offers a radically different perspective on antebellum love and family life. Frances Smith Foster applies the knowledge she's developed over a lifetime of reading and thinking. Advocating both the potency of skepticism and the importance of story-telling, her book shows the way toward a more genuine, more affirmative understanding of African American romance, both then and now.

Death At The Crossroads

Author : Dale Furutani
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Japanese errant, ronin-turned-sleuth Matsuyama Kaze must journey across Japan in search of his ruler's missing young daughter, but his quest is interrupted by his discovery by the corpse of a murder victim and a colorful, untrustworthy cast of suspects.

Death At Glamis Castle

Author : Robin Paige
ISBN : 9781440627750
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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Lord Charles Sheridan and his clever American wife, Kate, have been summoned by the king to clear the name of a prince who's been living secretly at Glamis under an assumed name, while keeping his true identity secret.

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