death of a child molester

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Death Of A Child Molester

Author : Cecily A. Bequette
ISBN : 1522906797
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Those that knew Dave Mathers, believed that he was an honorable and hard-working man. On the outside, Dave Mathers was a 'Knight in Shining Armor'. But behind closed doors Dave had terrible secrets. The man that I knew as Dave Mathers was not a man at all. He was a monster. Dave Mathers was what some might refer to as the 'perfect pedophile'. He never faced any criminal or civil consequences for the crimes that he committed against children over his lifetime. The only punishment he ever faced in this world was Karma. Karma took his voice, his wife and left him all alone to die. Now he faces whatever punishment his afterlife may have to offer. Dave Mathers should be used as an example, to help fight the sex abuse crisis we face as a society. Our children deserve a safer world.

Congressional Record V 151 Pt 15 September 8 To September 22 2005

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Death List

Author : Edwin F. Becker
ISBN : 9781477224328
Genre : Fiction
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When incurable pedophiles are released into our society, does it give you comfort knowing where they live? That is...if they bother to register. It is only circumstance that allows some dying senior citizens to realize they are exempt from the penalties associated with making the sex offender registry their Death List! Targeting the worst of the worst, they decide to make the world a bit safer for the children. In their rationale, even if they are caught, they will be dead before they are sentenced. This group of flawed, unhappy Baby Boomers, made up by a cast of very different characters decides that if the law itself is broken, then breaking the law does not apply. This is a very original story that incorporates many aspects that this gray generation is faced with, as well as their personal feelings, which transition as they bond in a common cause. Make no mistake, this is a violent book. No one is spared, as this heinous disease has spread to those in the most respected positions. The solution? Personal justice dealt out in large doses. Think about it. If a tiger was loose in your city, what kind of response would it bring from those in authority? Yet an incurable pedophile can be a multiple offender and living next door to you. The characters in this book are tired of watching the heinous crimes against children on the news. They realize they are immune from punishment, which for some offers a chance at redemption. This book also offers a glimpse of the world from the perspective of those that are a ‘lost’ generation. Losing their jobs to younger workers and without insurance, stuck at an age where they are too young for government benefits, and recipients of the separation syndrome that has affected so many families. These are grandparents that refuse to accept that their grandchildren could become prey to these predators. Expect the unexpected, as they proceed with assistance and divine intervention. This book should make you cheer, laugh, think and even shed a tear. The first book marketing person that read this work, called me to say it was in chapter two that he went online to find the 15 sex offenders lived with a two mile radius of his home. “I have two little girls!” he told me. I hope it makes some people aware and more protective of their children. I hope it causes some to write or call these judges that put these incurables back into our society. Given the proliferation of these crimes, this book may contain the only possible solution and become prophetic.

Weekly World News

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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

I Am A Child Molester

Author : Keven Poe
ISBN : 1465381708
Genre : Family & Relationships
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I hope this book will enlighten others of the magnitude of sexual abuse of children in our society. The perversions that are heaped upon our children are the most grotesque acts of cowardice imaginable. Our children are innocent of such perversions, and are victims of Cruel, deviant cowards. Who only care about their gratifications? I will go into my life experiences, and what contributed to my foul deviancy. I will go in depth into the grooming that pedophiles use on children to gain their trust, and the manipulations to keep them quiet, through guilt and threats of harm.

The Personality Of A Child Molester

Author : Alan Paul Bell
ISBN : 9781412818476
Genre : Psychology
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Originally published: Chicago: Aldine, Atherton, [1971].

Shadow Of Death

Author : Roy Nelson Shaulis
ISBN : 9781633381223
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 97 MB
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This is a story within a story, the main story is about a kidnapping of a teenage girl and how her Born-again Christian uncle, (who just was released from prison), struggles with his Christian values and acts of revenge towards anyone that may have been involved. Just to show we all “back slide” but the Lord is there is pick us up. Throughout the story, the uncle flashes back to prison life and how he relied on GOD to get him through different situations. Receiving help from some unlikely people, this thriller has twists and turns, with unseen outcomes. Keep the reader guessing throughout the story. Investigating clues and chasing subjects, only to find out each person has little secrets of their own. But the kidnapper eludes them all out smarting the community until the Uncle figures out the clues, but is it too late? The uncle will need guidance come from above to refrain releasing any evil from within. What would you do in situation where your love one begs for peace? Will you have control and leave all in God’s hands? Does the Uncle? Will the niece ever sleep peacefully again?

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