debating moral education rethinking the role of the modern university

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Debating Moral Education

Author : Elizabeth Kiss
ISBN : 9780822391593
Genre : Education
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After decades of marginalization in the secularized twentieth-century academy, moral education has enjoyed a recent resurgence in American higher education, with the establishment of more than 100 ethics centers and programs on campuses across the country. Yet the idea that the university has a civic responsibility to teach its undergraduate students ethics and morality has been met with skepticism, suspicion, and even outright rejection from both inside and outside the academy. In this collection, renowned scholars of philosophy, politics, and religion debate the role of ethics in the university, investigating whether universities should proactively cultivate morality and ethics, what teaching ethics entails, and what moral education should accomplish. The essays quickly open up to broader questions regarding the very purpose of a university education in modern society. Editors Elizabeth Kiss and J. Peter Euben survey the history of ethics in higher education, then engage with provocative recent writings by Stanley Fish in which he argues that universities should not be involved in moral education. Stanley Hauerwas responds, offering a theological perspective on the university’s purpose. Contributors look at the place of politics in moral education; suggest that increasingly diverse, multicultural student bodies are resources for the teaching of ethics; and show how the debate over civic education in public grade-schools provides valuable lessons for higher education. Others reflect on the virtues and character traits that a moral education should foster in students—such as honesty, tolerance, and integrity—and the ways that ethical training formally and informally happens on campuses today, from the classroom to the basketball court. Debating Moral Education is a critical contribution to the ongoing discussion of the role and evolution of ethics education in the modern liberal arts university. Contributors. Lawrence Blum, Romand Coles, J. Peter Euben, Stanley Fish, Michael Allen Gillespie, Ruth W. Grant, Stanley Hauerwas, David A. Hoekema, Elizabeth Kiss, Patchen Markell, Susan Jane McWilliams, Wilson Carey McWilliams, J. Donald Moon, James Bernard Murphy, Noah Pickus, Julie A. Reuben, George Shulman, Elizabeth V. Spelman

Moral Learning

Author : Monica J. Taylor
ISBN : 9781134909957
Genre : Education
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As moral educators we are more used to teaching others and researching their learning and moral development than reflecting on and writing formally about our own moral learning. We are not just professionals with an interest and supposedly some expertise in morality and education, we also have gendered and culturally differentiated personal and professional lives, in which there are moral issues, puzzles, and conflicts. We are situated in diverse political and institutional contexts whilst participating in an interdisciplinary professional field and interacting in an increasingly globalised world. How do we integrate the personal, professional and political in our moral learning? In this book celebrating the Journal of Moral Education’s 40th anniversary, 15 invited contributors, at different stages in their careers, from a range of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, and from around the world, offer their academic, analytical and autobiographical reflections. Through their stories, narratives, analyses, questions and concerns, and across many diverse topics central to moral education, we see how they each confront their own moral learning—personally, professionally, and politically. This book offers insights from formative experiences and ongoing issues and challenges to suggest how all educators might take more account of the interrelation of the personal, professional and political in moral teaching and learning. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Moral Education.

Christian Theology And The Secular University

Author : Paul A. Macdonald, Jr.
ISBN : 9781317166634
Genre : Religion
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If the secular university by definition is non-sectarian or non-denominational, then how can it accommodate a discipline like Christian theology?? Doesn’t the traditional goal of theological study, which is to attain knowledge of the divine, fundamentally conflict with the main goal of secular academic study, which is to attain knowledge about ourselves and the world in which we live?? So why should theology be admitted, or even care about being admitted, into secular academic life? And even if theology were admitted, what contribution to secular academic life could it make? Working from a Christian philosophical and theological perspective but also engaging a wide range of theologians, philosophers, and religious studies scholars, Christian Theology and the Secular University takes on these questions, arguing that Christian theology does belong in the secular university because it provides distinct resources that the secular university needs if it is going to fulfill what should be its main epistemic and educative ends.? This book offers a fresh and unique perspective to scholars working in the disciplines of theology, philosophy, and religious studies, and to those in other academic disciplines who are interested in thinking critically and creatively about the place and nature of theological study within the secular university.

Crossing Boundaries

Author : Patrick Green
ISBN : 9781579226220
Genre : Education
File Size : 52. 80 MB
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Are there better ways to address community challenges than expending funds on international service-learning? In attempting to wed learning and service, are we are exploiting the “other” for new, or recycled, aims? As these questions attest, of all types of service-learning, international service-learning (ISL) most starkly illuminates the tensions between the liberatory and oppressive potentials of practice. This book explores the ramifications of realizing a new age of service-learning that pushes beyond single episodic course-based projects to rebalance student learning and community outcome priorities, and provides insight into what it looks like in its execution. In describing eleven international programs designed to achieve reciprocal, sustained relationships in which learning is co-created, the contributors reveal their struggles to change the balance of power relationships and move to a more transformative practice. Common themes are the developmental nature of this work; the recognition that it takes multiple attempts, often over years, for an individual or an institution to get this work even nearly right; that resolving the challenges of unequal resources, power, and privilege can never be completely erased; and that attention has to be given to the micro-level details. What emerge are seven guiding principles that define the nature of partnerships in liberatory practice, and that apply to all forms of service learning. They must be: strategic--linked to the mission and expertise of the institution; long-term; multifaceted--allowing both partners to play a multiplicity of roles; developmental in building capacities; contextualized in historic and cultural understanding; fully reciprocal; and create the potential for community-driven change. In addressing the problematic nature of ISL, and of service-learning in general, this book interrogates whether its experiences create the necessary conditions for the formation of individual values, convictions, and action; and whether their pivotal teaching and learning moments are indeed replicable and transferable across individual, institutional and even cultural contexts. Its conclusions and insights will be of intense interest to administrators and practitioners alike.

The Mennonite Quarterly Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133698865
Genre : Mennonited
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Debates In Music Teaching

Author : Chris Philpott
ISBN : 9781136303524
Genre : Education
File Size : 41. 36 MB
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Debates in Music Teaching encourages student and practising teachers to engage with contemporary issues and developments in music education. It aims to introduce a critical approach to the central concepts and practices that have influenced major interventions and initiatives in music teaching, and supports the development of new ways of looking at ideas around teaching and learning in music. Accessible and comprehensive chapters will stimulate thinking and creativity in relation to theory and practice, and will facilitate readers in reaching their own informed judgements and rationalising their position with deep theoretical knowledge and understanding. Throughout the book, international experts in the field consider key issues including: the justification for music in the school curriculum partnerships in music education and the identity of the music teacher technology and conceptions of musicianship social justice and music education the place of diverse musical genres and traditions in the music curriculum critical thinking and music education autonomy and integrity for music in cross-curricular work the politics, sociology and philosophy of music education. Debates in Music Teaching is for all student and practising teachers interested in furthering their understanding of the subject. Including carefully annotated further reading and reflective questions to help shape research and writing, this collection stimulates critical and creative thinking in relation to contemporary debates within music education.

Classical Debates For The 21st Century

Author : Thomas Hueglin
ISBN : 9781442606852
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 90. 25 MB
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Classical Debates for the 21st Century distinctively reconsiders the canon of political thought, in the context of current world events, by presenting debates between the ideas of classical theorists. It is through these debates that Thomas O. Hueglin argues that exclusive state sovereignty, individual citizenship, and majority rule have become questionable categories of political theory and practice in a globalizing world. To a large extent, the classical canon of political thought has been constructed in order to give legitimacy to these categories, but it is time to rethink the validity of that canon, and to search for alternative voices and traditions that emphasize plurality, shared sovereignty, and complex patterns of representation and decision-making. This does not mean that the familiar names in the classical canon have to disappear. But they should be examined more critically for their continued importance, and additional theorists thus far neglected should complement them. Each chapteris organized as a debate between two theorists with contrasting views and approaches. At the end of each chapter, there is a critical evaluation of these political theorists? continued or renewed relevance.

Max Weber Und Die Krise Der Wissenschaft

Author : Richard Pohle
ISBN : 9783525358221
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 34 MB
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Max Weber's speech on Science as a Vocation, presented in 1917 to students in Munich, Germany, is considered one of the outstanding presentations of the 20th Century. With his plea for the necessary self-restraint in the service of science and for intellectual honesty, he not only provided a rhetorically brilliant example of self-reflection, but also destroyed all hopes placed in him for leadership and ideology. Following its publication in 1919, this paper caused a storm of reaction and became the focus of a lively, highly-regarded professional debate on the crisis within science, initially centered around Stefan George, but soon encroaching on other aspects of cultural and historical science. The debate bundles the experiences of crisis of the 20's and 30's, as well as the diffused uneasiness with which science and the modern age was viewed. Why did Weber's presentation become the focus of discussion? What critiques and counter critiques did it spark? Richard Pohle answers these questions, tracing the contemporary debate, and clarifies why this is an excellent testimony of the struggle of cultural modernity. German text.

Rethinking Management Education

Author : Senior Lecturer in Organization Behaviour at Bristol Business School Robert French
ISBN : 1446235696
Genre : Management
File Size : 27. 14 MB
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At a time of ever-increasing debate about orthodox approaches to management education, and their application in the post-industrial era, this innovative book brings together the work of authors actively engaged in developing new forms of education. The introduction contrasts dominant utilitarian and functionalist conceptions of management education with various alternatives. It argues the need for a critical and pluralistic form of management education whereby participants are introduced to the full diversity of appropriate perspectives and debates. The remainder of the book echoes this commitment by exploring a range of approaches, including those based in psychoanalysis, critical theory and poststructuralism. Throughout the book, there is a focus is upon the implications of problematizing management knowledge so as to facilitate alternative and critical modalities of teaching and learning. In this context management is seen not simply as a bundle of skills and techniques but, rather, as a complex social, political and moral practice.

Teaching Environmental Ethics

Author : Clare Palmer
ISBN : 9004150056
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 50. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This collection explores a variety of questions, both of a theoretical and practical nature, raised by teaching environmental ethics. Questions considered move from asking whether teaching environmental ethics should include environmental advocacy, to practical issues about texts, syllabi and teaching techniques.

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