debt games strategic interaction in international debt rescheduling

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Debt Games

Author : Vinod K. Aggarwal
ISBN : 0521555523
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book explains the significant variation that has emerged over time and across cases in international debt rescheduling during the past one hundred and seventy years. Based on a novel situational theory of bargaining, Professor Aggarwal's study provides a method to deduce actors' payoffs in different bargaining situations to develop "debt games," which are then used to predict negotiating outcomes. This integrated political-economic approach to analyze bargaining episodes goes beyond simple economic models or purely descriptive studies. In doing so, it contributes to international political and economic theory, game theory, and historical research on debt negotiations.

Handbook Of Research On The International Relations Of Latin America And The Caribbean

Author : G. Pope Atkins
ISBN : 9780429979705
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20. 33 MB
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The study of Latin American and Caribbean international relations has a long evolution both within the development of international relations as a general academic undertaking and in terms of the particular characteristics that distinguish the approaches taken by scholars in the field. This handbook provides a thorough multidisciplinary reference guide to the literature on the various elements of the international relations of Latin America and the Caribbean. Citing over 1600 sources that date from the nineteenth century to the present, with emphasis on recent decades, the volume's analytic essays trace the evolution of research in terms of concepts, issues, and themes. The Handbook is a companion volume to Atkins' Latin America and the Caribbean in the International System, Fourth Edition, but also serves as an invaluable stand-alone reference volume for students, scholars, researchers, journalists, and practitioners, both official and private.

The International Debt Crisis In Historical Perspective

Author : Barry Eichengreen
ISBN : 0262550229
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 19 MB
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This anatomy of financial crises shows that the worldwide debt crisis of the 1980s was not unprecedented and was even forecast by many. Eichengreen and Lindert bring together original studies that assess the historical record to see what lessons can be learned for resolving today's crisis. "Me International Debt Crisis in Historical Perspective] demonstrates effectively how the historical perspective can help us understand the nature of international debt crises with particular recurring features such as reckless borrowing, excessive optimism of lenders, and the failure to recognize the time dimension in economic development... This stimulating volume shows the value of the historical perspective for policymakers, lenders, and borrowers when appraising foreign investment possibilities, dangers, and pitfalls. The future is not always like the past, but resembles it often enough for the past to be a relevant consideration. " - A. G. Ford, Economic History Review

The Legal Framework Of Sovereign Debt Management

Author : Charlotte Julie Rault
ISBN : 9783845284767
Genre : Law
File Size : 22. 95 MB
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Internationale Finanzkrisen erweisen sich als nicht seltene und zeitlich unbegrenzte Ereignisse. Jeder Finanzkrise in der Historie haften die gleichen klassischen Charakteristiken an: die Beschädigung makroökonomischer Indikatoren, der Psychologie sowie die Panik der Investoren, Spekulationen. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit besteht darin, die Entwicklung des Rechtsrahmens der Verwaltung souveräner Schulden zu analysieren, um die bevorzugten normativen Entscheidungen jedes Akteurs zu verstehen, zu bewerten und im Anschluss entsprechend Handlungsanweisungen zu geben. Angesichts der gegenwärtigen normativen Unsicherheit, ist es von größter Bedeutung die Auseinandersetzung mit finanziellen Krisen, die entsprechenden Reformvorschläge, die Suche nach Systemverbesserungen hinsichtlich einer Marktregulierung und die Rolle der multilateralen Institutionen bezüglich der Verwaltung souveräner Schulden zu untersuchen. Nach der Feststellung des Vorliegens einer internationalen Verpflichtung zum Staatsschuldenmanagement wird die Einführung normativer Werkzeuge befürwortet, um nationale Vorschriften auf Grundlage bereits bestehender Modelle zu integrieren.

Cooperative Models In International Relations Research

Author : Michael D. Intriligator
ISBN : 9781461527909
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31. 79 MB
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Cooperative Models in International Relations Michael D. Intriligator and Urs Luterbacher Cooperation problems in international relations research have been asso ciated with a variety of approaches. Game theoretical and rational-choice perspectives have been used extensively to analyze international conflict at a bilateral two-actor level. Problems of deterrence and conflict escalation and deterrence maintaining and conflict dilemma-solving strategies have been studied with a variety ofgame theoretical constructs. These range from two by-two games in normal form (Axelrod, 1984) to sequential games. It is obvi ous that the analysis of conflict-solving strategies and metastrategies deals implicitly and some times explicitly with cooperation. ! The emphasis on cooperation-promoting strategies plays therefore an important role within rational-choice analysis of two-actor problems. However, problems ofinternational cooperation have also been tradition ally associated with literary and qualitative approaches. This is especially true for studies carried out at a multilateral or systemic level ofanalysis. The association between cooperation problems at the international level and the study of international organizations influenced by the international legal tradition have certainly contributed to this state of affairs. The concept of international regime ofcooperation (Krasner, 1983), which derives itselffrom legal studies, has been developed entirely within the context of this literary 1 2 COOPERATIVE MODELS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS RESEARCH conception. However, as such studies evolved, various authors tended to use more formal constructs to justify their conclusions and to refine their analy ses.

The Volatility Machine

Author : Michael Pettis
ISBN : 0195349482
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 48. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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This book presents a radically different argument for what has caused, and likely will continue to cause, the collapse of emerging market economies. Pettis combines the insights of economic history, economic theory, and finance theory into a comprehensive model for understanding sovereign liability management and the causes of financial crises. He examines recent financial crises in emerging market countries along with the history of international lending since the 1820s to argue that the process of international lending is driven primarily by external events and not by local politics and/or economic policies. He draws out the corporate finance implications of this approach to argue that most of the current analyses of the recent financial crises suffered by Latin America, Asia, and Russia have largely missed the point. He then develops a sovereign finance model, analogous to corporate finance, to understand the capital structure needs of emerging market countries. Using this model, he finally puts into perspective the recent crises, a new sovereign liability management theory, the implications of the model for sovereign debt restructurings, and the new financial architecture. Bridging the gap between finance specialists and traders, on the one hand, and economists and policy-makers on the other, The Volatility Machine is critical reading for anyone interested in where the international economy is going over the next several years.

The Purpose Of Intervention

Author : Martha Finnemore
ISBN : 9780801467066
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 46. 96 MB
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Violence or the potential for violence is a fact of human existence. Many societies, including our own, reward martial success or skill at arms. The ways in which members of a particular society use force reveal a great deal about the nature of authority within the group and about its members' priorities. In The Purpose of Intervention, Martha Finnemore uses one type of force, military intervention, as a window onto the shifting character of international society. She examines the changes, over the past 400 years, about why countries intervene militarily, as well as in the ways they have intervened. It is not the fact of intervention that has altered, she says, but rather the reasons for and meaning behind intervention-the conventional understanding of the purposes for which states can and should use force. Finnemore looks at three types of intervention: collecting debts, addressing humanitarian crises, and acting against states perceived as threats to international peace. In all three, she finds that what is now considered "obvious" was vigorously contested or even rejected by people in earlier periods for well-articulated and logical reasons. A broad historical perspective allows her to explicate long-term trends: the steady erosion of force's normative value in international politics, the growing influence of equality norms in many aspects of global political life, and the increasing importance of law in intervention practices.

The Globalizers The Imf The World Bank And Their Borrowers Cornell Studies In Money

Author : Ngaire Woods
ISBN : 9780801456015
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 86. 39 MB
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"The IMF and the World Bank have integrated a large number of countries into the world economy by requiring governments to open up to global trade, investment, and capital. They have not done this out of pure economic zeal. Politics and their own rules and habits explain much of why they have presented globalization as a solution to challenges they have faced in the world economy."—from the Introduction The greatest success of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank has been as globalizers. But at whose cost? Would borrowing countries be better off without the IMF and World Bank? This book takes readers inside these institutions and the governments they work with. Ngaire Woods brilliantly decodes what they do and why they do it, using original research, extensive interviews carried out across many countries and institutions, and scholarship from the fields of economics, law, and politics. The Globalizers focuses on both the political context of IMF and World Bank actions and their impact on the countries in which they intervene. After describing the important debates between U.S. planners and the Allies in the 1944 foundation at Bretton Woods, she analyzes understandings of their missions over the last quarter century. She traces the impact of the Bank and the Fund in the recent economic history of Mexico, of post-Soviet Russia, and in the independent states of Africa. Woods concludes by proposing a range of reforms that would make the World Bank and the IMF more effective, equitable, and just.

The End Of The Cold War

Author : Pierre Allan
ISBN : STANFORD:36105017602553
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68. 66 MB
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Journal Of Economic Literature

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822025397050
Genre : Economics
File Size : 63. 49 MB
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