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Defending The Damned

Author : Kevin Davis
ISBN : 9780743270946
Genre : Law
File Size : 80. 49 MB
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A member of Chicago's elite Murder Task Force unit describes the lives of its public defenders, many of whom juggle dozens of clients and death-row cases simultaneously, in a sobering account that focuses on the dramatic trial of an accused cop killer. Reprint.

Quest For Justice

Author : Richard S. Jaffe
ISBN : 0882823744
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 61. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Follows the cases of Alabama attorney Richard S. Jaffe where he successfully exonerated sentenced death row prisoners, and provides commentary on the judicial system and how the death penalty is decided and administered.

Spur Der Toten M Dchen

Author : Michael Connelly
ISBN : 9783426411834
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mickey Haller, von Haus aus eigentlich Strafverteidiger, bekommt die einmalige Chance, in einem aufsehenerregenden Prozess die Anklage zu vertreten. Vor 24 Jahren ist Jason Jessup für die Entführung und den Mord an einer Zwölfjährigen zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt worden. Weil eine DNA-Analyse ihn jetzt entlastet, muss der Fall neu aufgerollt werden. Mickey hält Jason für schuldig – aber er muss Beweise liefern. Unterstützt von seinem Halbbruder, dem LAPD-Veteranen Harry Bosch, übernimmt Mickey den schwierigen Fall. Ohne es zu wollen, bringt er damit seine eigene und auch Harrys Tochter in tödliche Gefahr ...

A Sole Survivor

Author : Ambrose Bierce
ISBN : 157233018X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 81. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Collects all the autobiographical writings of author and satirist Ambrose Bierce, including a series of eleven essays about his experiences in the Civil War.

The Anointed The Elect And The Damned

Author : The Akurians
ISBN : 9781438948102
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 32. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Most High Lord God of All Creation, The Most High Supreme Lord of Spirits, the God of Ish (Adam) and Isha (Eve), the God of Enoch, the God of Noe (Noah), the God of Shem, the God of Melchizedek, the God of Audreah, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob (Israel) will personally communicate with YOU, personally! Be prepared to understand YOU have been lied to all your life about everything; and to possess True Spiritual Knowledge you have been deliberately denied. The Most High, Himself, will testify to you that each and every word, statement and claim in this book is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable, indispensable and indisputable TRUTH!

Damned Nation

Author : Kathryn Gin Lum
ISBN : 9780199375189
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 24 MB
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Among the pressing concerns of Americans in the first century of nationhood were day-to-day survival, political harmony, exploration of the continent, foreign policy, and--fixed deeply in the collective consciousness--hell and eternal damnation. The fear of fire and brimstone and the worm that never dies exerted a profound and lasting influence on Americans' ideas about themselves, their neighbors, and the rest of the world. Kathryn Gin Lum poses a number of vital questions: Why did the fear of hell survive Enlightenment critiques in America, after largely subsiding in Europe and elsewhere? What were the consequences for early and antebellum Americans of living with the fear of seeing themselves and many people they knew eternally damned? How did they live under the weighty obligation to save as many souls as possible? What about those who rejected this sense of obligation and fear? Gin Lum shows that beneath early Americans' vaunted millennial optimism lurked a pervasive anxiety: that rather than being favored by God, they and their nation might be the object of divine wrath. As time-honored social hierarchies crumbled before revival fire, economic unease, and political chaos, "saved" and "damned" became as crucial distinctions as race, class, and gender. The threat of damnation became an impetus for or deterrent from all kinds of behaviors, from reading novels to owning slaves. Gin Lum tracks the idea of hell from the Revolution to Reconstruction. She considers the ideas of theological leaders like Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney, as well as those of ordinary women and men. She discusses the views of Native Americans, Americans of European and African descent, residents of Northern insane asylums and Southern plantations, New England's clergy and missionaries overseas, and even proponents of Swedenborgianism and annihilationism. Damned Nation offers a captivating account of an idea that played a transformative role in America's intellectual and cultural history.

A Damned Iowa Greyhound

Author : Donald C. Elder, III
ISBN : 1587290588
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 33 MB
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William Henry Harrison Clayton was one of nearly 75,000 soldiers from Iowa to join the Union ranks during the Civil War. Possessing a high school education and superior penmanship, Clayton served as a company clerk in the 19th Infantry, witnessing battles in the Trans-Mississippi theater. His diary and his correspondence with his family in Van Buren County form a unique narrative of the day-to-day soldier life as well as an eyewitness account of critical battles and a prisoner-of-war camp. Clayton participated in the siege of Vicksburg and took part in operations against Mobile, but his writings are unique for the descriptions he gives of lesser-known but pivotal battles of the Civil War in the West. Fighting in the Battle of Prairie Grove, the 19th Infantry sustained the highest casualties of any federal regiment on the field. Clayton survived that battle with only minor injuries, but he was later captured at the Battle of Stirling's Plantation and served a period of ten months in captivity at Camp Ford, Texas. Clayton's writing reveals the complicated sympathies and prejudices prevalent among Union soldiers and civilians of that period in the country's history. He observes with great sadness the brutal effects of war on the South, sympathizing with the plight of refugees and lamenting the destruction of property. He excoriates draft evaders and Copperheads back home, conveying the intra-sectional acrimony wrought by civil war. Finally, his racist views toward blacks demonstrate a common but ironic attitude among Union soldiers whose efforts helped lead to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

A Theodicy Of Hell

Author : C. Seymour
ISBN : 9789401706049
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In A Theodicy of Hell Charles Seymour tackles one of the most difficult problems facing the western theistic tradition: to show the consonance between eternal punishment and the goodness of God. Medieval theology attempted to resolve the dilemma by arguing that any sin, no matter how slight, merits unending torment. Contemporary thinkers, on the other hand, tend to eliminate the retributive element from hell entirely. Combining historical breadth with detailed argumentation, the author develops a novel understanding of hell which avoids the extremes of both its traditional and modern rivals. He then surveys the battery of objections ranged against the possibility of eternal punishment and shows how his `freedom view of hell' can withstand the attack. The work will be of particular importance for those interested in philosophy of religion and theology, including academics, students, seminarians, clergy, and anyone else with a personal desire to come to terms with this perennially challenging doctrine.

Clarence Darrow

Author : John A. Farrell
ISBN : 9780385534512
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Drawing on untapped archives and full of fresh revelations, here is the definitive biography of America’s legendary defense attorney and progressive hero. Clarence Darrow is the lawyer every law school student dreams of being: on the side of right, loved by many women, played by Spencer Tracy in Inherit the Wind. His days-long closing arguments delivered without notes won miraculous reprieves for men doomed to hang. Darrow left a promising career as a railroad lawyer during the tumultuous Gilded Age in order to champion poor workers, blacks, and social and political outcasts against big business, Jim Crow, and corrupt officials. He became famous defending union leader Eugene Debs in the land­mark Pullman Strike case and went from one headline case to the next—until he was nearly crushed by an indictment for bribing a jury. He redeemed himself in Dayton, Tennessee, defending schoolteacher John Scopes in the “Monkey Trial,” cementing his place in history. Now, John A. Farrell draws on previously unpublished correspondence and memoirs to offer a candid account of Darrow’s divorce, affairs, and disastrous finances; new details of his feud with his law partner, the famous poet Edgar Lee Masters; a shocking disclosure about one of his most controversial cases; and explosive revelations of shady tactics he used in his own trial for bribery. Clarence Darrow is a sweeping, surprising portrait of a leg­endary legal mind. From the Hardcover edition.

Defending The Spirit

Author : Randall Robinson
ISBN : UOM:39015040045463
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The founder of TransAfrica recollects his childhood, his rise to power as a Washington statesman and the racism he encountered

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