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Author : Emrah Serbes
ISBN : 9789750520471
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Tek başıma da kalsam, dünyanın bütün hükümetleri ve onlara oy verenler bana karşı da olsa, dünyanın bütün hükümetlerine karşı ayaklananlar ve onlara destek verenler bana karşı da olsa; bütün dünya, yedi milyar küsur insan tek tek bana karşı da olsa... On yedi yaşındaki Çağlar İyice konuşuyor. Kız kardeşi Çiğdem’i, onu meşhur etme ümitlerini, belediye başkanı dayısını, yakın arkadaşı Mikrop Cengiz’i, taşra muhabbetlerini, depresyonun eşiğindeki annesini, eski sevgilisini, hiç unutamadığı dedesini, hatırlarken kahrettiği babasını anlatıyor. Deliduman, dermansız ve güdük bir ilçeden haykırmaya başlıyor, İstanbul’a uzanıyor. Çocukluğumuzun, hatıralarımızın ve bütün sokaklarımızın üzerinden dangır dungur geçen imar ve para iştahına lanet! Riyakâr dünyaya, Allahsız sermayeye, martılara, küçük bir kızın kalbini kıranlara isyan ediyor. Barikatların arkasında, soluk soluğa, yapayalnız, erken kaybeden bir delidumanın öfkesini çemkiriyor. Emrah Serbes, zamanın ruhunu, Gezi’nin isyancılarını, hürriyetleri için öksürenleri, yerinde duramayanları, küfredenleri, ağlamayı unutmak için yumruğunu sıkanları resmediyor. Deliduman, büyük zamanın ve her zaman kenarda kalanların romanı.

Extra Dimensions In Space And Time

Author : Itzhak Bars
ISBN : 0387776389
Genre : Science
File Size : 83. 28 MB
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In physics, the idea of extra spatial dimensions originates from Nordstöm’s 5-dimensional vector theory in 1914, followed by Kaluza-Klein theory in 1921, in an effort to unify general relativity and electromagnetism in a 5 dimensional space-time (4 dimensions for space and 1 for time). Kaluza–Klein theory didn’t generate enough interest with physicist for the next five decades, due to its problems with inconsistencies. With the advent of supergravity theory (the theory that unifies general relativity and supersymmetry theories) in late 1970’s and eventually, string theories (1980s) and M-theory (1990s), the dimensions of space-time increased to 11 (10-space and 1-time dimension). There are two main features in this book that differentiates it from other books written about extra dimensions: The first feature is the coverage of extra dimensions in time (Two Time physics), which has not been covered in earlier books about extra dimensions. All other books mainly cover extra spatial dimensions. The second feature deals with level of presentation. The material is presented in a non-technical language followed by additional sections (in the form of appendices or footnotes) that explain the basic equations and formulas in the theories. This feature is very attractive to readers who want to find out more about the theories involved beyond the basic description for a layperson. The text is designed for scientifically literate non-specialists who want to know the latest discoveries in theoretical physics in a non-technical language. Readers with basic undergraduate background in modern physics and quantum mechanics can easily understand the technical sections. Part I starts with an overview of the Standard Model of particles and forces, notions of Einstein’s special and general relativity, and the overall view of the universe from the Big Bang to the present epoch, and covers Two-Time physics. 2T-physics has worked correctly at all scales of physics, both macroscopic and microscopic, for which there is experimental data so far. In addition to revealing hidden information even in familiar "everyday" physics, it also makes testable predictions in lesser known physics regimes that could be analyzed at the energy scales of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN or in cosmological observations." Part II of the book is focused on extra dimensions of space. It covers the following topics: The Popular View of Extra Dimensions, Einstein and the Fourth Dimension, Traditional Extra Dimensions, Einstein's Gravity, The Theory Formerly Known as String, Warped Extra Dimensions, and How Do We Look For Extra Dimensions?

Physics Letters

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4488434
Genre :
File Size : 47. 59 MB
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Fundamental Interactions And Twistor Like Methods

Author : Jerzy Lukierski
ISBN : 0735402523
Genre : Science
File Size : 36. 27 MB
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All papers were peer reviewed. The volume contains reports on work done in areas of field theory, supersymmetry, string theory, higher spins, and related topics using group-theoretical and geometrical methods which involve, one way or another, twistor-like techniques (singletons, harmonics, superembeddings, and twistors themselves).

The King Of Taksim Square

Author : Emrah Serbes
ISBN : 1503951618
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26. 85 MB
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Seventeen-year-old Çaglar is just another apathetic teenager--except when it comes to his sister, Çigdem, who he believes is the world's most beautiful and brilliant nine-year-old. Determined to display her genius, Çaglar grooms Çigdem's talent into a perfect Michael Jackson impersonation and pursues a sure route to fame: YouTube. Tragically, Çaglar's efforts are sabotaged by a little incident internationally known as the Taksim riots. Now it seems that everyone's too busy watching the people's uprising unfold to click on Çigdem's video. That leaves Çaglar only one recourse: he will have to use the riots to his advantage. After all, who wouldn't want to watch a child doing the moonwalk against the backdrop of political unrest? But as Çaglar strives to showcase his sister, he finds himself pulled into the heart of the uprising and discovers that he may just have talent of his own. From bestselling author Emrah Serbes comes a hilarious, poignant story of a teen's struggle to find his place and launch his sister's star amid Turkey's real-life fight for freedom.

Space And Time

Author : Vincenzo Fano
ISBN : 9783110348927
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57. 79 MB
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The articles in this volume focus on the ontology of space and time, including the themes of substantivalism vs. relationism, continuity vs. discreteness, and time travel. In the current debate on these issues, there is a tendency to separate too rigidly between a priori and a posteriori approaches. This volume aims to bridge the gap between these two perspectives, showing the fruitfulness of combining them to the greatest extent possible.

Mathematical Reviews

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X006195256
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Journal Of High Energy Physics

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:$B609799
Genre : Particles (Nuclear physics)
File Size : 45. 44 MB
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Deyimler Atas Zleri Beyitler Ve Anlamda Kelimeler

Author : Nejat Muallimoğlu
ISBN : UOM:39015048498128
Genre : Proverbs, Turkish
File Size : 40. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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T Rk E Bilen Aran Yor

Author : Nejat Muallimoğlu
ISBN : UOM:39015038400381
Genre : Turkish language
File Size : 48. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Turkish language; Turkey; study and teaching.

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