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Democracy And Association

Author : Mark E. Warren
ISBN : 0691050775
Genre : Political Science
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Tocqueville's view that a virtuous and viable democracy depends on robust associational life has become a cornerstone of contemporary democratic theory. Democratic theorists generally agree that issue networks, recreational associations, support circles, religious groups, unions, advocacy groups, and myriad other kinds of associations enhance democracy by cultivating citizenship, promoting public deliberation, providing voice and representation, and enabling varied forms of governance. Yet there has been little work to show how and why different kinds of association have different effects on democracy--many supportive but others minimal or even destructive. This book offers the first systematic assessment of what associations do and don't do for democracy. Mark Warren explains how and when associational life expands the domain, inclusiveness, and authenticity of democracy. He looks at which associations are most likely to foster individuals' capacities for democratic citizenship, provoke political debate, open existing institutions, guide market activities, or bring democratic decision-making to new venues. Throughout, Warren also considers the trade-offs involved, noting, for example, that organizational solidarity can dampen internal dissent and deliberation even as it enhances public deliberation. Blending political and social theory with an eye to social science, Democracy and Association will draw social scientists with interests in democracy, political philosophers, students of public policy, as well as the many activists who fortify the varied landscape we call civil society. As an original analysis of which associational soils yield vigorous democracies, the book will have a major impact on democratic theory and empirical research.

Democracy By Association

Author : Nanda Purandaré
ISBN : OCLC:1033018846
Genre :
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Dollars And Democracy

Author : Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Special Commission on Campaign Finance Reform
ISBN : 0823220966
Genre : Law
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Our federal campaign finance system is in a state of disarray. The current regulatory scheme is not curbing, and may be abetting, the enormous increase in campaign contributions and expenditures. The enormous influence of major campaign donors on the process of government is a growing cause of national concern. The Special Commission of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York has spent the past two years studying the current system and developing a blueprint for reform. Composed of members with diverse political views and extensive legal and government experience, the Commission takes a fresh look at how to limit the undue influence of private money in federal elections. The result is a highly readable report that tells how the current system, established in the wake of the Watergate scandal, is being manipulated by monied special interests, and how the system can be reformed. The report addresses: how to develop a level playing field for candidates; how to limit the amount of money flowing into campaigns while allowing candidates to mount effective races; how to curb the use of soft money and issue advocacy while preserving the role of political parties; and how to structure a system that will restore public confidence in government. This account is must reading on an issue that is moving to the center of the national stage.

The State And Democracy In Africa

Author : African Association of Political Science
ISBN : 086543638X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 82. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A study of the issues of democracy and democratisation in Africa, with emphasis on the roles of civil society and the state in the democratic transition. Includes case studies on women's struggle for equality in Botswana, state civil society in Uganda, and the role played by the state in blocking, undermining or promoting the democratic transition in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

The Birth Of Modern Politics In Spain

Author : G. Thomson
ISBN : 9780230248564
Genre : History
File Size : 35. 33 MB
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An in-depth study of the reception of Democratic ideas in mid-19th Century Spain on the provincial and local level, and how they influenced the political process and fuelled the numerous conspiracies and insurrections directed at the Bourbon monarchy, between the failed uprisings in Spain in 1848 and the First Republic in 1873.

The Associations Of Classical Athens

Author : Nicholas F. Jones
ISBN : 9780195121759
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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Nicholas Jones's book examines the associations of Athens during the classical democracy of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. Village communities, cultic groups, brotherhoods, sacerdotal families, philosophical schools, and other organizations are studied collectively under Aristotle's umbrella concept of "community," or koinonia. All such "communities," argues Jones, acquired their distinctive characteristics in response to certain key features of the contemporary democratic governmentegalitarian ideology, direct rule, minority citizen participation, and the statutory exclusion of non-citizens. Thus elite social clubs provided a haven for beleaguered aristocrats; the phylai, often referred to as "tribes," evolved a mechanism for representing their special interests before the city government; an alternative territorially defined village afforded an associational life for the disfranchised; and in various groups we witness the beginnings of the inclusion of women, foreigners, and even slaves. No association, it turns out, can be fully understood except in terms of its relation to the central government. Some confirmation of the model is elicited from the design of the Cretan City in Plato's Laws, a utopian policy arguably reflecting the arrangements of the author's own Athens. Jones's book closes with a classification of the various associational "responses" and weighs the possibility that the classical Athens it reconstructs was the work of the democracy's founder, Kleisthenes.

Modernizing Democracy

Author : Matthias Freise
ISBN : 9781493904853
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Modernizing Democracy brings together scholars focusing the role of associations and associating in contemporary societies. Organizations and associations have been identified as the “meso level of society” and as the “basic elements of democracy”. They are important providers of welfare services and play an important role between the individual and political spheres. In recent years the environment of associations and associating has changed dramatically. Individualization, commercialization and globalization are challenging both democracy and the capability of associations to fulfill the functions attributed to them by social sciences. This change provides the central question of the volume: Is being part of an organization or association becoming an outdated model? And do associations still have the capacity of modernizing societies or are they just outdated remnants of post-democracy? The contributions to Modernizing Democracy will be organized into: Studying Association and Associating in the 21st Century, Associating in Times of Post-Democracy and Associations and the Challenge of Capitalist Development. The book will be attractive to third sector researchers as well as a broader academic community of political scientists, sociologists, economists, legal scientists and related disciplines.

Libraries Democracy

Author : Nancy C. Kranich
ISBN : 083890808X
Genre : Education
File Size : 43. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From Librarian of Congress, James Billington, to founding director of the Center for the Book, John Cole, the leading-edge information specialists of the day share their insights on the role libraries play in advancing democracy. As issues such as filtering and copyright protection take center stage in libraries everywhere, librarians, advocates, and policymakers alike can find answers to tough questions in this thorough examination of a complex and critical subject.

Associations And Democracy

Author : Joshua Cohen
ISBN : 1859840485
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23. 10 MB
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Throughout the West, democracy is under fire. "Government is part of the problem, not the solution" is a common refrain. As the tasks of the state become more complex and the size of polities larger, the institutional forms of liberal democracy developed in the 19th century seem increasingly unable to cope. Rather than seeking to deepen the democratic character of politics, much energy in recent years has been directed as reducing the role of politics altogether. In Associations and Democracy, Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers advance an innovative scheme for rejuvenating the democratic state. Their proposal involves the strengthening of secondary associations, organizations like unions, works councils, neighborhood associations, parent-teacher groups and women's societies. With enlivened secondary associations mediating between individual citizens and the state, active participation in the political process can be expanded and democracy enhanced. Such an approach raises a number of thorny issues: Can such associations retain their independence from government if they are pulled further into the political sphere? Will a shift from territorial to functional representation further fragment an already divided polity? In an array of original contributions, leading social scientists respond to Cohen and Rogers with questions like these; Cohen and Rogers, in turn, sum up the debate. The first of a series of polemics providing workable scenarios for a progressive future, Associations and Democracy is a lively and stimulating exploration of one of the central issues on today's political agenda.

Democracy And The Role Of Associations

Author : Sigrid Rossteutscher
ISBN : 041532548X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Voluntary associations have been presented as a solution to political apathy and cynicism towards representative democracy. The authors collected in this volume, however, argue that these claims require more robust substantiation and seek to critically examine the crucial link between the associative sector and the health of democracy. Focusing on the role of context and using diverse approaches and empirical material, they explore whether these associations in differing socio-political contexts actually undermine rather than reinvigorate democracy.

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