design of integrated circuits for optical communications

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Design Of Integrated Circuits For Optical Communications

Author : Behzad Razavi
ISBN : 0072822589
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21. 20 MB
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Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications deals with the design of high-speed integrated circuits for optical communication systems. Written for both students and practicing engineers, the book systematically takes the reader from basic concepts to advanced topics, establishing both rigor and intuition. The text emphasizes analysis and design in modern VLSI technologies, particularly CMOS,and presents numerous broadband circuit techniques. Leading researcher Behzad Razavi is also the author of Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits.

Integrated Cmos Circuits For Optical Communications

Author : Mark Ingels
ISBN : 9783662079263
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents several circuits that are required for the full integration of an optical transmitter in standard CMOS. The main emphasis is placed on high-speed receivers with a bitrate of up to 1 Gb/s. The possibility of including the photodiode in a receiver is investigated and the problems encountered are discussed.

Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design And Device Modeling

Author : Jianjun Gao
ISBN : 9780470828380
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling, Professor Jianjun Gao introduces the fundamentals and modeling techniques of optoelectronic devices used in high-speed optical transmission systems. Gao covers electronic circuit elements such as FET, HBT, MOSFET, as well as design techniques for advanced optical transmitter and receiver front-end circuits. The book includes an overview of optical communication systems and computer-aided optoelectronic IC design before going over the basic concept of laser diodes. This is followed by modeling and parameter extraction techniques of lasers and photodiodes. Gao covers high-speed electronic semiconductor devices, optical transmitter design, and optical receiver design in the final three chapters. Addresses a gap within the rapidly growing area of transmitter and receiver modeling in OEICs Explains diode physics before device modeling, helping readers understand their equivalent circuit models Provides comprehensive explanations for E/O and O/E conversions done with laser and photodiodes Covers an extensive range of devices for high-speed applications Accessible for students new to microwaves Presentation slides available for instructor use This book is primarily aimed at practicing engineers, researchers, and post-graduates in the areas of RF, microwaves, IC design, photonics and lasers, and solid state devices. The book is also a strong supplement for senior undergraduates taking courses in RF and microwaves. Lecture materials for instructors available at

High Speed Optical Transceivers

Author :
ISBN : 9789814478700
Genre :
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High Speed Circuits For Lightwave Communications

Author : Keh-Chung Wang
ISBN : 9810235364
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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High speed circuits are crucial for increasing the bandwidth of transmission and switching of voice/video/data over optical fiber networks. The ever-increasing demand for bit rates higher than those available due to the explosion of Internet traffic has driven engineers to develop integrated circuits of performance approaching 100 Gb/s. Commercial lightwave products using high speed circuits of 10 Gb/s and beyond are readily available.High Speed Circuits for Lightwave Communications presents the latest information on circuit design, measured results, applications, and product development. It covers electronic and opto-electronic circuits for transmission, receiving, and cross-point switching. These circuits were implemented with various state-of-the-art IC technologies, including Si BJT, GaAs MESFET, HEMT, HBT, as well as InP HEMT and HBT. The book, written by more than 50 experts, will benefit graduate students, researchers, and engineers who are interested in or work in this exciting and challenging field of optical communications.

Broadband Circuits For Optical Fiber Communication

Author : Eduard Säckinger
ISBN : 9780471726395
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An expert guide to the new and emerging field of broadband circuitsfor optical fiber communication This exciting publication makes it easy for readers to enter intoand deepen their knowledge of the new and emerging field ofbroadband circuits for optical fiber communication. The author'sselection and organization of material have been developed, tested,and refined from his many industry courses and seminars. Five typesof broadband circuits are discussed in detail: * Transimpedance amplifiers * Limiting amplifiers * Automatic gain control (AGC) amplifiers * Lasers drivers * Modulator drivers Essential background on optical fiber, photodetectors, lasers,modulators, and receiver theory is presented to help readersunderstand the system environment in which these broadband circuitsoperate. For each circuit type, the main specifications and theirimpact on system performance are explained and illustrated withnumerical values. Next, the circuit concepts are discussed andillustrated with practical implementations. A broad range ofcircuits in MESFET, HFET, BJT, HBT, BiCMOS, and CMOS technologiesis covered. Emphasis is on circuits for digital, continuous-modetransmission in the 2.5 to 40 Gb/s range, typically used in SONET,SDH, and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Burst-mode circuits forpassive optical networks (PON) and analog circuits for hybridfiber-coax (HFC) cable-TV applications also are discussed. Learning aids are provided throughout the text to help readersgrasp and apply difficult concepts and techniques, including: * Chapter summaries that highlight the key points * Problem-and-answer sections to help readers apply their newknowledge * Research directions that point to exciting new technologicalbreakthroughs on the horizon * Product examples that show the performance of actual broadbandcircuits * Appendices that cover eye diagrams, differential circuits, Sparameters, transistors, and technologies * A bibliography that leads readers to more complete and in-depthtreatment of specialized topics This is a superior learning tool for upper-level undergraduates andgraduate-level students in circuit design and optical fibercommunication. Unlike other texts that concentrate on analogcircuits in general or mostly on optics, this text providesbalanced coverage of electronic, optic, and system issues.Professionals in the fiber optic industry will find it an excellentreference, incorporating the latest technology and discoveries inthe industry.

Analysis And Design Of Transimpedance Amplifiers For Optical Receivers

Author : Eduard Säckinger
ISBN : 9781119263777
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 57. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An up-to-date, comprehensive guide for advanced electrical engineering studentsand electrical engineers working in the IC and optical industries This book covers the major transimpedance amplifier (TIA) topologies and their circuit implementations for optical receivers. This includes the shunt-feedback TIA, common-base TIA, common-gate TIA, regulated-cascode TIA, distributed-amplifier TIA, nonresistive feedback TIA, current-mode TIA, burst-mode TIA, and analog-receiver TIA. The noise, transimpedance, and other performance parameters of these circuits are analyzed and optimized. Topics of interest include post amplifiers, differential vs. single-ended TIAs, DC input current control, and adaptive transimpedance. The book features real-world examples of TIA circuits for a variety of receivers (direct detection, coherent, burst-mode, etc.) implemented in a broad array of technologies (HBT, BiCMOS, CMOS, etc.). The book begins with an introduction to optical communication systems, signals, and standards. It then moves on to discussions of optical fiber and photodetectors. This discussion includes p-i-n photodetectors; avalanche photodetectors (APD); optically preamplified detectors; integrated detectors, including detectors for silicon photonics; and detectors for phase-modulated signals, including coherent detectors. This is followed by coverage of the optical receiver at the system level: the relationship between noise, sensitivity, optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR), and bit-error rate (BER) is explained; receiver impairments, such as intersymbol interference (ISI), are covered. In addition, the author presents TIA specifications and illustrates them with example values from recent product data sheets. The book also includes: Many numerical examples throughout that help make the material more concrete for readers Real-world product examples that show the performance of actual IC designs Chapter summaries that highlight the key points Problems and their solutions for readers who want to practice and deepen their understanding of the material Appendices that cover communication signals, eye diagrams, timing jitter, nonlinearity, adaptive equalizers, decision point control, forward error correction (FEC), and second-order low-pass transfer functions Analysis and Design of Transimpedance Amplifiers for Optical Receivers belongs on the reference shelves of every electrical engineer working in the IC and optical industries. It also can serve as a textbook for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students studying integrated circuit design and optical communication.

Grundlagen Der Kommunikationstechnik

Author : John G. Proakis
ISBN : 3827370647
Genre : Systems engineering
File Size : 62. 33 MB
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Rf Microelectronics

Author : Behzad Razavi
ISBN : 0137134738
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Acclaimed RF Microelectronics Best-Seller, Expanded and Updated for the Newest Architectures, Circuits, and Devices Wireless communication has become almost as ubiquitous as electricity, but RF design continues to challenge engineers and researchers. In the 15 years since the first edition of this classic text, the demand for higher performance has led to an explosive growth of RF design techniques. In RF Microelectronics, Second Edition, Behzad Razavi systematically teaches the fundamentals as well as the state-of-the-art developments in the analysis and design of RF circuits and transceivers. Razavi has written the second edition to reflect today's RF microelectronics, covering key topics in far greater detail. At nearly three times the length of the first edition, the second edition is an indispensable tome for both students and practicing engineers. With his lucid prose, Razavi now Offers a stronger tutorial focus along with hundreds of examples and problems Teaches design as well as analysis with the aid of step-by-step design procedures and a chapter dedicated to the design of a dual-band WiFi transceiver Describes new design paradigms and analysis techniques for circuits such as low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, and frequency dividers This edition's extensive coverage includes brand new chapters on mixers, passive devices, integer-N synthesizers, and fractional-N synthesizers. Razavi's teachings culminate in a new chapter that begins with WiFi's radio specifications and, step by step, designs the transceiver at the transistor level. Coverage includes Core RF principles, including noise and nonlinearity, with ties to analog design, microwave theory, and communication systems An intuitive treatment of modulation theory and wireless standards from the standpoint of the RF IC designer Transceiver architectures such as heterodyne, sliding-IF, directconversion, image-reject, and low-IF topologies. Low-noise amplifiers, including cascode common-gate and commonsource topologies, noise-cancelling schemes, and reactance-cancelling configurations Passive and active mixers, including their gain and noise analysis and new mixer topologies Voltage-controlled oscillators, phase noise mechanisms, and various VCO topologies dealing with noisepower-tuning trade-offs All-new coverage of passive devices, such as integrated inductors, MOS varactors, and transformers A chapter on the analysis and design of phase-locked loops with emphasis on low phase noise and low spur levels Two chapters on integer-N and fractional-N synthesizers, including the design of frequency dividers Power amplifier principles and circuit topologies along with transmitter architectures, such as polar modulation and outphasing


Author : Klaus Knothe
ISBN : 9783642557668
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 35. 54 MB
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Mit der Renaissance des Schienenverkehrs hat das Spezialgebiet "Schienenfahrzeugdynamik" an Bedeutung gewonnen. Auf entsprechendes Interesse wird das erste Buch im deutschsprachigen Raum stoßen, das hier seinen Schwerpunkt hat. Obwohl es auf der Vorlesung "Schienenfahrzeugdynamik" an der TU Berlin basiert und Vorkenntnisse bezüglich Mechanik, Schwingungslehre und angewandter Mathematik voraussetzt, spricht es auch den Praktiker an. Das Buch behandelt die Vertikaldynamik bis hin zu Komfortbetrachtungen und die Lateraldynamik so weit, daß dem Leser ein Verständnis der Stabilität von Schienenfahrzeugen möglich ist. Den Vorgängen im Kontakt Rad/Schiene wird besondere Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet. Es enthält die jüngsten Erkenntnisse aus Forschung und Bahnpraxis. Die Autoren gehen detailliert auf die spezielle Terminologie der Schienenfahrzeugdynamik und benachbarter Fachgebiete ein.

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