differentiation of self bowen family systems theory perspectives

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Differentiation Of Self

Author : Peter Titelman
ISBN : 9781136328497
Genre : Psychology
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Bowen theory views the family as an emotional unit. The family is a natural system that has evolved, like all living systems. The elegance and unity of the concept of differentiation of self, and of Bowen theory in its entirety, is that they describe the basis of individual functioning in relation to others within the emotional systems of family, occupation, community, and larger society. This volume consists of essays elucidating and applying differentiation of self, the central concept of Bowen family systems theory and therapy. The purpose of the volume is fourfold: • to describe the historical evolution of differentiation of self • to analyze the complex dimension of this concept as the integrating cornerstone of Bowen theory • to present applications of the concept for both the therapist/coach and in clinical practice • to examine the problems and possibilities of researching differentiation of self The largest part of this volume is the presentation of in-depth case studies of clients or therapists in their efforts to differentiate or define self. This provides an understanding of the what and how that go into the differentiation of self. Contributed to by professionals who have studied, applied, and taught Bowen theory in their own lives, practices, educational settings, and training settings, this volume is a must-have for any therapist/coach working within a systems perspective.


Author : Peter Titelman
ISBN : 9781136862267
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 68. 32 MB
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Move through emotional triangles toward a natural systems view of the individual in the context of the family and society Triangles: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives presents clear applications of Murray Bowen’s concept of the emotional triangle in the family, the organization, and society. This comprehensive book discusses in detail the theory, the theory’s application to the therapist’s own family, clinical applications, organizational applications, and societal applications. This unique resource examines the value of the triangle concept for understanding the emotional process of the family, the organization, and society. Triangles: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives provides a theoretical context for understanding the triangle concept and its application, then progresses to exploring and applying the concept of the triangle and interlocking triangles to self, family, and other contexts. This book is devoted to explicating Bowen’s seminal concept of the triangle, and providing a clear description of the process of detriangling in clinical practice. The text includes several case studies and vignettes to illustrate concepts. Topics in Triangles: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives include: a historical and conceptual overview the triangle’s function in the effort to increase differentiation of self the presence of triangles in non-human primates Bowen’s differentiation of self effort in his own family and business the functioning of triangles at the time of chronic illness and death emotional triangles involving pets and humans the application of the concept of triangles and interlocking triangles to clinical issues in marriage the presence of triangles in the child-focused family triangles in stepfamilies the triangle’s presence and function in families with substance abusing teens triangles involving extramarital relationships triangles in organizations and businesses the triangle’s function in the context in societal emotional process and much more! Triangles: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives is a stimulating, enlightening resource for family therapists, social workers, psychologists, pastoral counselors, and counselors.

Clinical Applications Of Bowen Family Systems Theory

Author : Peter Titelman
ISBN : 9781317790372
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 26. 66 MB
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One look inside Clinical Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory, and you’ll see that your most current clinical dilemmas are not as difficult to solve as you think. You’ll find plenty of information to assist you in treating a vast audience of populations--the elderly, college students, troubled couples, remarried families, and children with severe medical problems. You’ll also find that you’re able to apply the Bowen systems theory to nearly every clinical situation--emotional dysfunction in children, alcoholism, incest, divorce, depression, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Clinical Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory is an ideal companion for family therapists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and counselors. You’ll find your working comprehension of Murray Bowen’s work will grow, and you’ll become more adept at applying what you read in real-life clinical situations, especially in these related areas: family systems assessment based on the Bowen Theory marital fusion and differentiation bridging emotional cut-off from a former spouse dealing with a child-focused divorce case studies of alcoholism and family systems Clinical Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory is the first book to collect, illustrate, and walk you through a full application of this highly effective treatment method in any number of clinical settings. Both beginning and experienced therapists will find interesting reading in the history of the theory, and the result will be interested clients who begin to create functional, thriving personal histories for themselves.


Author : Walter Toman
ISBN : 9783406691249
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 26. 92 MB
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Ob man das einzige Kind war oder ob man Geschwister hatte, ob ältere er jüngere Geschwister, ob solche vom gleichen Geschlecht od oder vom anderen Geschlecht, oder beides, ob die Eltern aus kleinen oder größeren Familien stammen, ob Personenverluste in den Familien zu beklagen waren, wie gut die Erfahrungen der Ehepartner in ihren jeweiligen Herkunftsfamilien zusammenpassen und wie sich die Kinderfolge, die ihnen das Schicksal beschert, in diese Erfahrungen einfügt, alles das wird hier beschrieben. Die Leser finden in dieser Vielfalt auch Aufschluß über ihre eigene Familienkonstellation, ebenso über jene der Freunde und Bekannten, der Liebes- oder Ehepartner. Die eigenen Eltern und Geschwister können sie ebenfalls besser verstehen lernen, und im täglichen Umgang mit den Kindern, wenn sie welche haben, wird ihnen manches einleuchten, das sie zunächst verwunderte. Wenn sie noch keine Kinder haben, aber welche möchten, können sie hier erfahren, was ihnen an Möglichkeiten bevorsteht. Wenn sie keine Kinder wollen, finden sie vielleicht sogar dafür eine Erklärung. Alles hier Gesagte ist der Wirklichkeit, dem tatsächlichen Verhalten und Handeln der Menschen und den vielen Familienleben nachgezeichnet, die der Autor systematisch beobachtet und an denen er oft auch beraterisch oder therapeutisch Anteil genommen hat.

Death And Chronic Illness In The Family

Author : Peter Titelman
ISBN : 9781315515038
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 74. 59 MB
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What does it mean to be ‘present and accounted for’ when a family member is facing chronic illness or death? How does one define a self in relation to the ill or dying member and the family? Rooted in Murray Bowen’s family systems theory, this edited volume provides conceptual ideas and applications useful to clinicians who work with families facing chronic illness or the death of a member. The text is divided into four parts: Part I provides a detailed overview of Bowen’s theory perspectives on chronic illness and death and includes Murray Bowen’s seminal essay "Family Reaction to Death." In Parts II and III, chapter authors draw upon Bowen theory to intimately explore their families' reactions to and experiences with death and chronic illness. The final part uses case studies from contributors’ clinical practices to aid therapists in using Bowen systems perspectives in their work with clients. The chapters in this volume provide a rich and broad range of clinical application and personal experience by professionals who have substantial knowledge of and training in Bowen theory. Death and Chronic Illness in the Family is an essential resource for those interested in understanding the impact of death and loss in their professional work and in their personal lives.

Genogramme In Der Familienberatung

Author : Monica McGoldrick
ISBN : 3456846479
Genre :
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Die Psychologie Sexueller Leidenschaft

Author : David Schnarch
ISBN : 3608941614
Genre : Zweierbeziehung - Sexualpsychologie
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Handbook Of Family Therapy

Author : Thomas L. Sexton
ISBN : 9781136340123
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 68. 72 MB
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Integrative, research-based, multisystemic: these words reflect not only the state of family therapy, but the nature of this comprehensive handbook as well. The contributors, all well-recognized names who have contributed extensively to the field, accept and embrace the tensions that emerge when integrating theoretical perspectives and science in clinical settings to document the current evolution of couples and family therapy, practice, and research. Each individual chapter contribution is organized around a central theme: that the integration of theory, clinical wisdom, and practical and meaningful research produce the best understanding of couple and family relationships, and the best treatment options. The handbook contains five parts: • Part I describes the history of the field and its current core theoretical constructs • Part II analyzes the theories that form the foundation of couple and family therapy, chosen because they best represent the broad range of schools of practice in the field • Part III provides the best examples of approaches that illustrate how clinical models can be theoretically integrative, evidence-based, and clinically responsive • Part IV summarizes evidence and provides useful findings relevant for research and practice • Part V looks at the application of couple and family interventions that are based on emerging clinical needs, such as divorce and working in medical settings. Handbook of Family Therapy illuminates the threads that are common to family therapies and gives voice to the range of perspectives that are possible. Practitioners, researchers, and students need to have this handbook on their shelves, both to help look back on our past and to usher in the next evolution in family therapy.

Die Soziale Eroberung Der Erde

Author : Edward O. Wilson
ISBN : 9783406645310
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Woher kommen wir? Was sind wir? Wohin gehen wir? Der große Biologe E. O. Wilson entschlüsselt die Evolution des Menschen Die soziale Eroberung der Erde ist die Summe lebenslanger innovativer Forschung, die Krönung des Lebenswerkes von Edward O. Wilson. Seine weitreichende These: Die soziale Gruppe und nicht das egoistische Gen war der entscheidende Faktor der Menschwerdung. "Keinem außer Edward O. Wilson konnte eine derart brillante Synthese aus Biologie und Geisteswissenschaften gelingen, die Licht wirft auf den Ursprung von Sprache, Religion, Kunst und der gesamten menschlichen Kultur." Oliver Sacks "Eine große, doch einfache Fragestellung, überzeugende Erklärungen, eine meisterhafte Beherrschung der Wissenschaft und eine anschauliche, verständliche Darstellung einmal mehr hat E.O. Wilson ein Buch geschrieben mit den Qualitäten, die ihm Pulitzerpreise und ein Millionenpublikum eingebracht haben." Jared Diamond "Ein fabelhaftes Buch." Bill Clinton

Clinical Handbook Of Couple Therapy Fifth Edition

Author : Alan S. Gurman
ISBN : 9781462513925
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 75. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Regarded as the authoritative reference and text, this handbook presents the most effective, widely studied approaches to couple therapy. The distinguished coeditors bring together other leading experts, most of whom developed the approaches they describe. Adhering closely to a uniform structure to facilitate study and comparison, chapters cover the history, theoretical and empirical underpinnings, and techniques of each model. The volume also describes cutting-edge applications for particular relationship contexts (such as blended families, LGBT couples, and separated couples) and clinical problems (such as partner aggression, psychological disorders, and medical issues). New to This Edition *Chapters on interpersonal neurobiology and intercultural relationships. *Chapters on couple therapy for PTSD, functional analytic couple therapy, and the integrative problem-centered metaframeworks approach. *Many new authors.*Extensively revised with the latest theory and research. See also Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy, edited by Alan S. Gurman, which presents in-depth illustrations of treatment.

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