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Dinosaurs With Jobs

Author : Theo Nicole Lorenz
ISBN : 1492647217
Genre : Games
File Size : 79. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dinosaurs work hard for a living, and their efforts deserve to be recognized. This coloring book features 20 examples of the dinosaur driving instructors, dog groomers, astronauts, tech support specialists, and more whose work makes our world a better place. Theo Nicole's Lorenz's humorous, offbeat coloring books are perfect for anyone looking to break outside the world of patterns and mandalas, and add some laughter along the way!

Unicorns Are Jerks Also Featuring Dinosaurs With Jobs And Mer World Problems

Author : Theo Lorenz
ISBN : 1492648035
Genre : Art
File Size : 68. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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All your favorite fantastical creatures, together at last! Unicorns think they're so great because they're all mysterious and magical, but they can be real jerks sometimes. Dinosaurs work hard for a living, and their efforts deserve to be recognized. Mermaids might seem to have it all, with their shiny tails and fancy seashell castles, but life under the sea is full of difficulties.

How I Found Peace

Author : LAWRENCE R. (Larry) BEATY
ISBN : 9781491802229
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 63. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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You will love the stories of how God finally got his attention as he went through encounters with wild animals, was struck by lightning, went through killer tornadoes, had many encounters with snakes in the wild, etc. He eventually was used by God in many ways which he shares with us as he and his wife ministered to other people's children through Scouting, foster parenting, adopting abused children, and in church ministry. He eventually was led to peace and because of his path to it he could use his experiences during his earlier life to minister to others that were hurting as he had been. In the later years as God proved time and again of His love for Larry, God was able to utilize all of these stories through the different ministries to inmates in jails, hitch-hikers along the hi-ways, answering phones with the Billy Graham Telephone Ministry, and as he worked to slow down the cultural deterioration of our Nation. If you or someone that you know has had a similar background of growing up under abuse, rejection, and anger, then as you read of Larry's stories, you can see how God was able to change him, and if you apply those things he was shown, you too can find peace. You will laugh and cry as you see the struggles that he went through. This book is worth the price just for the humor, but it is priceless for the life lessons that he shares with us. May you also find peace.

America Christ S Top Nation Has Fallen

Author : Ron Madison
ISBN : 9781626757592
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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America, Christ’s Top Nation has Fallen begins with how Jesus Christ acting as God’s mighty right arm is absolute Sovereign Lord over all and is the Creator and Great Governor of the Universe and the Savior and Benefactor to those who accept and follow him, including nations. Paul in the New Testament and Moses in the Old Testament both testify how everything that happened in Israel’s history is meant as instruction to all people and all nations and our founders understood this connection. Moses gathered everyone in Israel and then helped Israel covenant with the Lord by showing how the Lord promised nations that would follow the Lord’s ways would become a top nation and be protected and blessed in every way in a few verses and he then gave all the ways nations would be cursed and fall if they did not follow the Lord’s ways using over four times as many verses and then stated the covenant was also meant for those who were not there! Thus America became a top nation and has now fallen. Jesus Christ came to earth as the Word of God and fulfilled many Biblical prophecies including how the Lord will prove his Word. The author then used these promises to show how the Lord governs the earth with absolutes and shows how America rebelled against Christ using charts and statistics available to all on the internet. This book shows many of the ways America was blessed by his followers and how men influenced by the evil one are causing America to fall. Even devout followers of Christ will be enlightened by the insights in this book in chapters full of the ways America is falling and how he works in the lives of people saved by grace like the author. America is a great example of Jesus Christ as The Great Governor and how our Christian founders put in place Christ’s governance of America and often mentioned how America could not survive without Christ’s help. People everywhere need to know how Jesus Christ can help them and their nation be blessed as America was before our fall. Some of the insights that you will learn in this book are: 1. How the Sovereign Lord sees you before you have been alive one day and some of the ways he can nurture and sustain your body and your nation. 2. Where the Bible describes a dinosaur and tells how it existed alongside man. 3. The kind of government the Lord requires and how it must be centered on him to thrive. 4. How the history of Israel is meant to instruct us who follow and how nothing but yielding to Christ, the Governor of the World can work well because it is his creation. 5. How the founders understood America’s connection with Israel and its history and how and why they insisted on implementing Christianity in America. 6. How the Lord made America one of his top nations, if not the only one, and watched over it, while in no way replacing Israel as his special nation. 7. The Bibles description of what a fallen nation is and how America has met the criteria of being a fallen nation. 8. How and when America rebelled against the Lord and fell is shown along with charts from our data prone society proving the rebellion and fall. 9. Two of the main reasons our nation will be destroyed if we do not change our ways are shown using scripture. 10. America and its churches are suffering mightily because of how some Christians act in the secrecy of the voting booth. The book covers many more subjects in 23 chapters and 400 pages containing much scripture as it shows how America has fallen from where it started. The cleansing of America’s evangelical churches will lead to repentance and revival and America’s renewal.

Two Wrongs Don T Make A Right But Three Lefts Do

Author : Sr. Harold a. Lerch
ISBN : 9781591606932
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Creation The Present And Eternity

Author : Harold A. Lerch, Sr.
Genre :
File Size : 57. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book supports that the Bible is God's Word and gives an account of real, historical events. The book discusses Special Creation as the true origins of all matter and life. Word to the World Ministries is an outreach by author Harold A. Lerch, Sr., and provides free materials to all who will use them for their intended purpose.

Behold Now Behemoth Dinosaurs All Over The Bible

Author : Glenn L. Wilson
ISBN : 1449726399
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Have dinosaurs always lived with man? The Bible clearly shows the answer is yes! God created these great creatures and gave man dominion over them. Esau domesticated them. Nehemiah rode them. Ancient armies appear to have fought from them or along side them. People used them for labor and even ate them! Behemoth, Tanniyn, Yownah, Chamowr—the pages of the Bible in its original languages finally reveals the truth about dinosaurs and man in some incredibly wonderful ways! The lying doctrines of evolution claiming “billions of years” and “man never saw a dinosaur” are shown to be what they are—lies designed to deceive men into believing the Bible is not true. Men today see the bones of these creatures in museums and wonder, “If the Bible is true, why are there no dinosaurs found in its pages?”. After many centuries of the Bible existing in English, God gets the glory for His second-most magnificent creation next to man: the great dinosaurs!

Hidden Treasures In The Book Of Job Reasons To Believe

Author : Hugh Ross
ISBN : 9781441234322
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Arguably the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job has a surprising amount to say about some of the newest scientific discoveries and controversies. Far from a book that is just about suffering, Job is filled with rich insight into both ancient and modern questions about the formation of the world the difference between animals and humans cosmology dinosaurs and the fossil record how to care for creation and more With careful consideration and exegesis, internationally known astrophysicist and Christian apologist Hugh Ross adds yet another compelling argument to the case for the veracity of the biblical commentary on the history of the universe, Earth, life, and humanity. Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job shows that the Bible is an accurate predictor of scientific discoveries and a trustworthy source of scientific information, and that both the book of Scripture and the book of nature are consistent both internally and externally.

Biblical Geology

Author : Daniel G. McCrillis, Th. D.
ISBN : 9780985175306
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this book, we will discover the most accurate account of creation as taught from Scripture and verified by science. We will leave no stone unturned as we venture through the following fields of study: Stratigraphy, Meteorology, Obliquity, Dinosaurs, The Fossil Record, Star Light, Greek, Hebrew, Angelology, Creation, the Fall, History, and Theology. In this book, the Gap Theory Model of Creation will not only take the stand, but give answers to all the charges it has been accused of by the Young Earth Creation Science Movement (YECSM). Furthermore, the Gap Theory will provide a workable model that functions properly with both the Bible and Geology. See in this amazing book how the Bible reached out thousands of years ahead of the YECSM, Modern Science, and Geology providing Answers to the following questions: · Does Let, Made, Formed, and Create all mean the same thing? · Does Replenish in Genesis 1:27 mean “fill”? · Does Genesis 1:2 really describe an unformed and unfilled earth? · Were angels really created in the Six-Day Narrative? · Does the Bible really say that the material universe was created in the Six-Day Narrative? · Was Adam immortal before his fall? · Is there a workable model in Biblical Creation for Modern Geology? · Did the Geologic Column form in the Noahic Flood? · Is the YECSM from within or without Mainline Christianity? · Does our Creation Doctrine affect other doctrines? · Is Creation a part of God’s qualitative attributes, or is it just limited to the Six-Day Narrative? · Is it logical or illogical to propagate an Appearance of Age Theory when defending a Young Earth? · Did the Bible writers teach an Old or Young Earth? · When was the Creation made subject to vanity? Pre- or Post- Fall? · Could the early Church have grasped modern-day interpretations of Creation? · Are the leaders of the YECSM qualified to represent Christianity to the world’s intellectual communities? A Must for Every Person in the Ministry!

The Behemoth Dinosaur In The Land Of Uz El Dinosaurio Behemot En La Tierra De Uz

Author : Maryluz Guerrero Salas
ISBN : 9781490825601
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86. 70 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 754
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Carvings and fossils of dinosaurs with humans have been seen in various caves around the world. These carvings and fossils have been tested to provide evidence that proves these fossils are not as old as we've been told. A salted lake was formed in MINUTES in Japan's earthquake in 2011. If it had occurred during the time when the motion picture was not available, science would have said the lake took millions of years to form. The story and dialogue of this book takes place between people and the behemoth. The behemoth walks to the well to get water and sees his friend Job. Job becomes excited to see him and hugs him. Many villagers want the behemoth out of the village. But at the end, everything changes. Tallas de dinosaurios juntos con humanos han sido vistos en varias cuevas al igual que fosiles. Examenes de las cuevas y fosiles han sido provado de no ser tener los anos que nos han dicho. Un lago salado se formo en MINUTOS en el terremoto de Japon en el 2011. Si hubiera sucedido en la epoca donde no habia cinematografia, la ciencia hubiera dicho que el lago se formo en millones de anos. El dialogo de la historia de este libro es entre personas y el behemot. El behemot camina asia el pozo para tomar agua y ve a su amigo Job. Job se alegra en verlo y lo abraza. Muchos aldeanos quieren sacar al behemot de la aldea. Pero al final todo cambia. "

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