discrete gauge theory from lattices to tqft

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Discrete Gauge Theory

Author : Robert Oeckl
ISBN : 9781860947377
Genre : Electronic books
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This book provides an introduction to topological quantum field theory as well as discrete gauge theory with quantum groups. In contrast to much of the existing literature, the present approach is at the same time intuitive and mathematically rigorous, making extensive use of suitable diagrammatic methods. It provides a highly unified description of lattice gauge theory, topological quantum field theory and models of quantum (super)gravity. The reader is thus in a unique position to understand the relations between these subjects as well as the underlying groundwork.

Differential And Difference Equations With Applications

Author : Sandra Pinelas
ISBN : 9781461473336
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 50. 98 MB
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The volume contains carefully selected papers presented at the International Conference on Differential & Difference Equations and Applications held in Ponta Delgada – Azores, from July 4-8, 2011 in honor of Professor Ravi P. Agarwal. The objective of the gathering was to bring together researchers in the fields of differential & difference equations and to promote the exchange of ideas and research. The papers cover all areas of differential and difference equations with a special emphasis on applications.

2016 Matrix Annals

Author : Jan de Gier
ISBN : 9783319722993
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 36. 37 MB
Format : PDF
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MATRIX is Australia’s international, residential mathematical research institute. It facilitates new collaborations and mathematical advances through intensive residential research programs, each lasting 1-4 weeks. This book is a scientific record of the five programs held at MATRIX in its first year, 2016: Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics (Chapters 1-5 and 18-21); Winter of Disconnectedness (Chapter 6 and 22-26); Approximation and Optimisation (Chapters 7-8); Refining C*-Algebraic Invariants for Dynamics using KK-theory (Chapters 9-13); Interactions between Topological Recursion, Modularity, Quantum Invariants and Low-dimensional Topology (Chapters 14-17 and 27). The MATRIX Scientific Committee selected these programs based on their scientific excellence and the participation rate of high-profile international participants. Each program included ample unstructured time to encourage collaborative research; some of the longer programs also included an embedded conference or lecture series. The articles are grouped into peer-reviewed contributions and other contributions. The peer-reviewed articles present original results or reviews on selected topics related to the MATRIX program; the remaining contributions are predominantly lecture notes based on talks or activities at MATRIX.

Quantum Information And Computation For Chemistry

Author : Sabre Kais
ISBN : 1118495667
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 29 MB
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Examines the intersection of quantum information and chemical physics The Advances in Chemical Physics series is dedicated to reviewing new and emerging topics as well as the latest developments in traditional areas of study in the field of chemical physics. Each volume features detailed comprehensive analyses coupled with individual points of view that integrate the many disciplines of science that are needed for a full understanding of chemical physics. This volume of the series explores the latest research findings, applications, and new research paths from the quantum information science community. It examines topics in quantum computation and quantum information that are related to or intersect with key topics in chemical physics. The reviews address both what chemistry can contribute to quantum information and what quantum information can contribute to the study of chemical systems, surveying both theoretical and experimental quantum information research within the field of chemical physics. With contributions from an international team of leading experts, Volume 154 offers seventeen detailed reviews, including: Introduction to quantum information and computation for chemistry Quantum computing approach to non-relativistic and relativistic molecular energy calculations Quantum algorithms for continuous problems and their applications Photonic toolbox for quantum simulation Vibrational energy and information transfer through molecular chains Tensor networks for entanglement evolution Reviews published in Advances in Chemical Physics are typically longer than those published in journals, providing the space needed for readers to fully grasp the topic: the fundamentals as well as the latest discoveries, applications, and emerging avenues of research. Extensive cross-referencing enables readers to explore the primary research studies underlying each topic.

Quantum Geometry

Author : Jan Ambjørn
ISBN : 0521461677
Genre : Science
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Describes random geometry and applications to strings, quantum gravity, topological field theory and membrane physics.

Quantization Classical And Quantum Field Theory And Theta Functions

Author : Andrej Tyurin
ISBN : 9780821832400
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 14 MB
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This book is written by a well-known expert in classical algebraic geometry. Tyurin's research was specifically in explicit computations to vector bundles on algebraic varieties. This is the only available monograph written from his unique viewpoint. Ordinary (abelian) theta functions describe properties of moduli spaces of one-dimensional vector bundles on algebraic curves. Non-abelian theta functions, which are the main topic of this book, play a similar role in the study of higher-dimensional vector bundles. The book presents various aspects of the theory of non-abelian theta functions and the moduli spaces of vector bundles, including their applications to problems of quantization and to classical and quantum conformal field theories. The book is an important source of information for specialists in algebraic geometry and its applications to mathematical aspects of quantum field theory.

Tensor Categories

Author : Pavel Etingof
ISBN : 9781470434410
Genre :
File Size : 66. 90 MB
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Is there a vector space whose dimension is the golden ratio? Of course not—the golden ratio is not an integer! But this can happen for generalizations of vector spaces—objects of a tensor category. The theory of tensor categories is a relatively new field of mathematics that generalizes the theory of group representations. It has deep connections with many other fields, including representation theory, Hopf algebras, operator algebras, low-dimensional topology (in particular, knot theory), homotopy theory, quantum mechanics and field theory, quantum computation, theory of motives, etc. This book gives a systematic introduction to this theory and a review of its applications. While giving a detailed overview of general tensor categories, it focuses especially on the theory of finite tensor categories and fusion categories (in particular, braided and modular ones), and discusses the main results about them with proofs. In particular, it shows how the main properties of finite-dimensional Hopf algebras may be derived from the theory of tensor categories. Many important results are presented as a sequence of exercises, which makes the book valuable for students and suitable for graduate courses. Many applications, connections to other areas, additional results, and references are discussed at the end of each chapter.

Geometry And Quantum Field Theory

Author : Daniel S. Freed
ISBN : 0821886835
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The first title in a new series, this book explores topics from classical and quantum mechanics and field theory. The material is presented at a level between that of a textbook and research papers making it ideal for graduate students. The book provides an entree into a field that promises to remain exciting and important for years to come.

Topological Geometrodynamics

Author : Matti Pitkanen
ISBN : 9781681081793
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 17 MB
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Topological geometrodynamics (TGD) is a modification of the theory of general relativity inspired by the problems related to the definition of inertial and gravitational energies in the earlier hypotheses. TGD is also a generalization of super string models. TGD brings forth an elegant theoretical projection of reality and builds upon the work by renowned scientists (Wheeler, Feynman, Penrose, Einstein, Josephson to name a few). In TGD, Physical space-time planes are visualized as four-dimensional surfaces in a certain 8-dimensional space (H). The choice of H is fixed by symmetries of standard model and leads to a geometric mapping of known classical fields and elementary particle numbers. TGD differs from Einstein’s geometrodynamics in the way space-time planes or ‘sheets’ are lumped together. Extending the theory based on fusing number concepts implies a further generalisation of the space-time concept allowing the identification of space-time correlates of cognition and intentionality. Additionally, zero energy ontology forces an extension of quantum measurement theory to a theory of consciousness and a hierarchy of phases is identified. Dark matter is thus predicted with far reaching implications for the understanding of consciousness and living systems. Therefore, it sets a solid foundation for modeling our universe in geometric terms. Topological Geometrodynamics: An Overview explains basic and advanced concepts about TGD. The book covers introductory information and classical TGD concepts before delving into twistor-space theory, particle physics, infinite-dimensional spinor geometry, generalized number theory, Planck constants, and the applications of TGD theory in research. The book is a valuable guide to TDG theory for researchers and advanced graduates in theoretical physics and cosmology.

Xviith International Congress On Mathematical Physics

Author : Arne Jensen
ISBN : 9789814449243
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 90. 55 MB
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This is an in-depth study of not just about Tan Kah-kee, but also the making of a legend through his deeds, self-sacrifices, fortitude and foresight. This revised edition sheds new light on his political agonies in Mao's China over campaigns against capitalists and intellectuals.

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