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Distributed Large Scale Dimensional Metrology

Author : Fiorenzo Franceschini
ISBN : 0857295438
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The field of large-scale dimensional metrology (LSM) deals with objects that have linear dimensions ranging from tens to hundreds of meters. It has recently attracted a great deal of interest in many areas of production, including the automotive, railway, and shipbuilding sectors. Distributed Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology introduces a new paradigm in this field that reverses the classical metrological approach: measuring systems that are portable and can be easily moved around the location of the measured object, which is preferable to moving the object itself. Distributed Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology combines the concepts of distributed systems and large scale metrology at the application level. It focuses on the latest insights and challenges of this new generation of systems from the perspective of the designers and developers. The main topics are: coverage of measuring area, sensors calibration, on-line diagnostics, probe management, and analysis of metrological performance. The general descriptions of each topic are further enriched by specific examples concerning the use of commercially available systems or the development of new prototypes. This will be particularly useful for professional practitioners such as quality engineers, manufacturing and development engineers, and procurement specialists, but Distributed Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology also has a wealth of information for interested academics.

Advanced Mathematical And Computational Tools In Metrology And Testing Ix

Author : Franco Pavese
ISBN : 9789814397940
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 87. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume contains original, refereed worldwide contributions. They were prompted by presentations made at the ninth AMCTM Conference held in G teborg (Sweden) in June 2011 on the theme of advanced mathematical and computational tools in metrology and also, in the title of this book series, in testing. The themes in this volume reflect the importance of the mathematical, statistical and numerical tools and techniques in metrology and testing and, also in keeping the challenge promoted by the Metre Convention, to access a mutual recognition for the measurement standards.

Management By Measurement

Author : Fiorenzo Franceschini
ISBN : 9783540732129
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Companies are what they measure and the selection of good performance indicators is not an easy process. This monograph suggests how to identify indicators that achieve a balance in these effects and enhance long-term profitability. It focuses on the designing of a Performance Measurement System (PMS).

Computer Vision

Author : Richard Szeliski
ISBN : 1848829353
Genre : Computers
File Size : 59. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications explores the variety of techniques commonly used to analyze and interpret images. It also describes challenging real-world applications where vision is being successfully used, both for specialized applications such as medical imaging, and for fun, consumer-level tasks such as image editing and stitching, which students can apply to their own personal photos and videos. More than just a source of “recipes,” this exceptionally authoritative and comprehensive textbook/reference also takes a scientific approach to basic vision problems, formulating physical models of the imaging process before inverting them to produce descriptions of a scene. These problems are also analyzed using statistical models and solved using rigorous engineering techniques. Topics and features: structured to support active curricula and project-oriented courses, with tips in the Introduction for using the book in a variety of customized courses; presents exercises at the end of each chapter with a heavy emphasis on testing algorithms and containing numerous suggestions for small mid-term projects; provides additional material and more detailed mathematical topics in the Appendices, which cover linear algebra, numerical techniques, and Bayesian estimation theory; suggests additional reading at the end of each chapter, including the latest research in each sub-field, in addition to a full Bibliography at the end of the book; supplies supplementary course material for students at the associated website, http://szeliski.org/Book/. Suitable for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level course in computer science or engineering, this textbook focuses on basic techniques that work under real-world conditions and encourages students to push their creative boundaries. Its design and exposition also make it eminently suitable as a unique reference to the fundamental techniques and current research literature in computer vision.

Discrete Inverse Problems

Author : Per Christian Hansen
ISBN : 9780898718836
Genre : Inverse problems (Differential equations)
File Size : 58. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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This book gives an introduction to the practical treatment of inverse problems by means of numerical methods, with a focus on basic mathematical and computational aspects. To solve inverse problems, we demonstrate that insight about them goes hand in hand with algorithms.

Transport Phenomena In Multiphase Flows

Author : Roberto Mauri
ISBN : 9783319157931
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This textbook provides a thorough presentation of the phenomena related to the transport of mass, momentum and energy. It lays all the basic physical principles, then for the more advanced readers, it offers an in-depth treatment with advanced mathematical derivations and ends with some useful applications of the models and equations in specific settings. The important idea behind the book is to unify all types of transport phenomena, describing them within a common framework in terms of cause and effect, respectively represented by the driving force and the flux of the transported quantity. The approach and presentation are original in that the book starts with a general description of transport processes, providing the macroscopic balance relations of fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer, before diving into the mathematical realm of continuum mechanics to derive the microscopic governing equations at the microscopic level. The book is a modular teaching tool and can be used either for an introductory or for an advanced graduate course. The last 6 chapters will be of interest to more advanced researchers who might be interested in particular applications in physics, mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering. All chapters are complemented with exercises that are essential to complete the learning process.

4m 2006 Second International Conference On Multi Material Micro Manufacture

Author : Stefan Dimov
ISBN : 008046629X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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4M 2006 - Second International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture covers the latest state-of-the-art research results from leading European researchers in advanced micro technologies for batch processing of metals, polymers, and ceramics, and the development of new production platforms for micro systems-based products. These contributions are from leading authors at a platform endorsed and funded by the European Union R&D community, as well as leading universities, and independent research and corporate organizations. Contains authoritative papers that reflect the latest developments in micro technologies and micro systems-based products

The Gauge Block Handbook

Author : Ted Doiron
ISBN : 1495431940
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This handbook is a both a description of the current practice at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and a compilation of the theory and lore of gauge block calibration. Most of the chapters are nearly self-contained so that the interested reader can, for example, get information on the cleaning and handling of gauge blocks without having to read the chapters on measurement schemes or process control, etc. This partitioning of the material has led to some unavoidable repetition of material between chapters. The basic structure of the handbook is from the theoretical to the practical. Chapter 1: basic concepts and definitions of length and units; Chapter 2: history of gauge blocks, appropriate definitions and a discussion of pertinent national and international standards; Chapter 3: physical characteristics of gauge blocks, including thermal, mechanical and optical properties; Chapter 4: a description of statistical process control (SPC) and measurement assurance (MA) concepts; and Chapters 5 and 6: details of the mechanical comparisons and interferometric techniques used for gauge block calibrations. Full discussions of the related uncertainties and corrections are included. Finally, the appendices cover in more detail some important topics in metrology and gauge block calibration.

Doubt Free Uncertainty In Measurement

Author : Colin P Ratcliffe
ISBN : 9783319120638
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume presents measurement uncertainty and uncertainty budgets in a form accessible to practicing engineers and engineering students from across a wide range of disciplines. The book gives a detailed explanation of the methods presented by NIST in the “GUM” – Guide to Uncertainty of Measurement. Emphasis is placed on explaining the background and meaning of the topics, while keeping the level of mathematics at the minimum level necessary. Dr. Colin Ratcliffe, USNA, and Bridget Ratcliffe, Johns Hopkins, develop uncertainty budgets and explain their use. In some examples, the budget may show a process is already adequate and where costs can be saved. In other examples, the budget may show the process is inadequate and needs improvement. The book demonstrates how uncertainty budgets help identify the most cost effective place to make changes. In addition, an extensive fully-worked case study leads readers through all issues related to an uncertainty analysis, including a variety of different types of uncertainty budgets. The book is ideal for professional engineers and students concerned with a broad range of measurement assurance challenges in applied sciences. This book also: Facilitates practicing engineers’ understanding of uncertainty budgets, essential to calculating cost-effective savings to a wide variety of processes contingent on measurement Presents uncertainty budgets in an accessible style suitable for all undergraduate STEM courses that include a laboratory component Provides a highly adaptable supplement to graduate textbooks for courses where students’ work includes reporting on experimental results Includes an expanded case study developing uncertainty from transducers though measurands and propagated to the final measurement that can be used as a template for the analysis of many processes Stands as a useful pocket reference for all engineers and experimental scientists

Basics Of Precision Engineering

Author : Richard Leach
ISBN : 9780429887444
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Advances in engineering precision have tracked with technological progress for hundreds of years. Over the last few decades, precision engineering has been the specific focus of research on an international scale. The outcome of this effort has been the establishment of a broad range of engineering principles and techniques that form the foundation of precision design. Today’s precision manufacturing machines and measuring instruments represent highly specialised processes that combine deterministic engineering with metrology. Spanning a broad range of technology applications, precision engineering principles frequently bring together scientific ideas drawn from mechanics, materials, optics, electronics, control, thermo-mechanics, dynamics, and software engineering. This book provides a collection of these principles in a single source. Each topic is presented at a level suitable for both undergraduate students and precision engineers in the field. Also included is a wealth of references and example problems to consolidate ideas, and help guide the interested reader to more advanced literature on specific implementations.

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