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Captain America And The Struggle Of The Superhero

Author : Robert G. Weiner
ISBN : 9780786453405
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For more than 60 years, Captain America was one of Marvel Comics’ flagship characters, representing truth, strength, liberty, and justice. The assassination of his alter ego, Steve Rogers, rocked the comic world, leaving numerous questions about his life and death. This book discusses topics including the representation of Nazi Germany in Captain America Comics from the 1940s to the 1960s; the creation of Captain America in light of the Jewish American experience; the relationship between Captain America and UK Marvel’s Captain Britain; the groundbreaking partnership between Captain America and African American superhero the Falcon; and the attempts made to kill the character before his “real” death.

Die Machiavellis Der Wissenschaft Das Netzwerk Des Leugnens

Author : Erik M. Conway
ISBN : 9783527412112
Genre : Democracy and science
File Size : 68. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ein ganz realer Thriller: Wie skrupellose Lobbyisten seriöse Forscher diffamierten und gezielt Falschinformationen in lancierten Medienkampagnen global verbreiteten. Der Plot ist hollywoodreif, die Geschichte so skandalträchtig wie bestürzend Eine Handvoll Forscher leugnet, manipuliert und diskreditiert anerkannte wissenschaftliche Tatsachen wie den Klimawandel oder den Zusammenhang zwischen dem Rauchen und gesundheitlichen Risiken. Doch Die Machiavellis der Wissenschaft (im Original Merchants of Doubt) ist kein fiktiver Roman, sondern berichtet von der Realität. In den USA sorgte das Buch von Naomi Oreskes und Erik M. Conway für Furore und wurde zum Bestseller. Kein Wunder, die Geschichte, die sie erzählen, ist schließlich unglaublich – es ist die Geschichte über den Kampf gegen Fakten und über den Handel mit dem Zweifel, über die Manipulation der Medien und die Diffamierung Einzelner. Und sie geht uns alle an. Schließlich lehnten die USA als einzige Industrienation die Ratifizierung des Kyoto–Protokolls ab und verhinderten so wichtige Schritte des Klimaschutzes. Ein Lehrstück über die Macht der Industrielobby und ihre Handlanger aus Politik und Wissenschaft und ein Lehrstück darüber, wie erschreckend einfach es möglich ist, mit unlauteren Absichten selbst seriöse Medien zu beeinflussen und mit nachweislich falschen Informationen zu »füttern«.

Doctor Who Silhouette

Author : Justin Richards
ISBN : 9783864257506
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Die Abenteuer des 12. Doktors gehen weiter! Marlowe Hapworth wird tot in seinem verschlossenen Arbeitszimmer aufgefunden, ermordet von einem unbekannten Angreifer. Rick Bellamy, Straßenkämpfer, wurde das Leben von einer als Leichenbestatter getarnten Gestalt ausgesaugt. Wie hängen diese Dinge miteinander zusammen? Und was hat Orestes Milton, ein reicher Industrieller, mit all dem zu tun? Als der Doktor und Clara sich der Suche anschließen, finden sie sich in einer Welt wieder, in der nichts und niemand ist, was er zu sein scheint.

Frederik Ii And The Protestant Cause

Author : Paul Douglas Lockhart
ISBN : 9789004137905
Genre : History
File Size : 70. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This study of Danish foreign policy in the late sixteenth century examines the efforts of Denmark's King Frederik II (1559-88) to create an international alliance of European Protestants as protection against advances of Counter-Reformation Catholicism.

Doktor Strange Season One

Author : Gerg Pak
ISBN : 3862016110
Genre :
File Size : 89. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Author : Al Ewing 
ISBN : 9781302479954
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 88. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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AXIS tie-in! Loki faces Doctor Doom! But with Valeria Richards in the mix, who's the hero of this story...and who's the villain? Doom has sentenced Loki to death for the crimes of his future self, King Loki! But with the Red Skull drowning Latveria and the entire world in a wave of telepathic hate, will there even be a future left to save? And when the events of AXIS invert Loki, he begins a noble quest for truth, justice and the Asgardian waym which pits him against the Enchantress, Lorelei...and the brutish Thor, god of evil? Collects Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014) #6-11,

Money And Markets

Author : Henry Kaufman
ISBN : 3478388104
Genre :
File Size : 59. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A New Dictionary Of The Spanish And English Languages Etc

Author : Henry NEUMAN
ISBN : BL:A0022797053
Genre :
File Size : 66. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Spanish And English

Author : Henry Neuman
ISBN : UCLA:31158002094190
Genre : English language
File Size : 31. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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All About Mani

Author : Doctor Mickey Demos
ISBN : 9781483528199
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 67. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Even though I am an American-Greek, I am not too different from the Greeks born here. We all have the same DNA. I wrote about the development of the so-called “Greek Crisis” that began to surface 14 years ago when my wife and I first arrived. I wrote about all the circumstances as I saw them, particularly as to how the Greeks reacted to the dilemma. I described the early symptoms of the oncoming financial crisis and the battles with the European Union that fortunately bailed the country out of bankruptcy, as well as the subsequent protests against the agreed-on austerity measures that were required in order to receive the bailout money. I wrote in the First Chapter about my life in America where I was born and raised as a Greek American. Both of my parents were born and bred in Greece, and later found the American Dream. They raised 5 children “as Greek as they could be.” I described the reasons in the subsequent 34 chapters for our decision to live and practice medicine here. First, we had to rehabilitate my mother’s old house. The two-story rock building was now a ruin since my grandfather built it in 1842. My mother left with her parents and siblings for America in 1913 when she was 12 years old. I described in detail how we converted the ground floor that used to be a barn into a livable studio apartment. After we decided to live in this paradise on an enormous mountain in southern Greece located in a unique and historical place called Mani, I make a study of the outspoken natives and the way they live today. There was obvious pride of being a “Maniati” where their ancestors reclaimed the freedom of Greece from Turkish occupation almost 200 years ago. I wrote about the bureaucratic barriers of obtaining my medical license. After listening to my Greek American friends back home in Miami, Florida who were full of telephone and Email questions of what I found here, I described my relationship with these people, and how they lived. They were very proud of their ancestors. My Greek American friends were intrigued with the stories of my current life in Mani, and Greece in general I wrote about the many unique discoveries, good - and some not so good - of Mani that were a surprise to me. I found out that many of these vocal Maniates were unique, and probably not too different from their ancestors that freed our country, or from the ancient Greeks that founded civilization and democracy. I also touched on the village customs, food, elections, our wedding again, farming, immigrants, economics, GDP, civil service employment, private unemployment, protests, strikes, Crete union, austerity, gossip, so-called laziness, garbage disposal, politics, fiscal deficit, pensions, olives, laws, religion, mythology, medicine, relatives, Cyprus, crime, wild flowers, Mesons, our arrest, landlords, arranged marriages, anti-Americanism, bribes, Eleftherios Venezelos, the Balkan Wars, etc, and more history. I wish I had read a book like this when I first arrived here.

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