does education have a future

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Does Education Have A Future

Author : Jarl Bengtsson
ISBN : 9789401016933
Genre : Education
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This volume has been prepared in the framework of Project 1: "Educating Man for the 21st Century" of Plan Europe 2000, sponsored by the European Cultural Foundation. While most of the studies launched under this Project deal with specific aspects or levels of education the present volume attempts to provide a more global view of educational futures and their relationships to alternative futures of the overall socio-economic system. It should not be considered as a general integration or synthesis· of the different studies of the Education Project of the European Cultural Foundation - although it draws on them as well as other recently published documents. Rather, it should be regarded as one of several possible approaches, analytical tools, and incentives to the study and open discussion of educational problems seen in a long-term perspective. The volume is the result of a collective effort of a multinational team of researchers. A colloquium of some sixty participants, meeting at the Uni versity of York in October 1972, provided critiques and comments to the first version of the report. But only the authors themselves claim responsibil ity for the methodology of the study, and the opinions and conclusions expressed therein. These do not necessarily reflect those of the sponsors of the volume, the European Cultural Foundation and the Scientific Committee of its Education Project. • Such a synthesis will appear as the concluding report of the Project.

Excellence Without A Soul

Author : Harry Lewis
ISBN : 9781586485375
Genre : Education
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America's great research universities are the envy of the world—and none more so than Harvard. Never before has the competition for excellence been fiercer. But while striving to be unsurpassed in the quality of its faculty and students, Universities have forgotten that the fundamental purpose of undergraduate education is to turn young people into adults who will take responsibility for society. In Excellence Without a Soul, Harry Lewis, a Harvard professor for more than thirty years and Dean of Harvard College for eight, draws from his experience to explain how our great universities have abandoned their mission. Harvard is unique; it is the richest, oldest, most powerful university in America, and so it has set many standards, for better or worse. Lewis evaluates the failures of this grand institution—from the hot button issue of grade inflation to the recent controversy over Harvard's handling of date rape cases—and makes an impassioned argument for change. The loss of purpose in America's great colleges is not inconsequential. Harvard, Yale, Stanford—these places drive American education, on which so much of our future depends. It is time to ask whether they are doing the job we want them to do.

Does Religious Education Have A Future

Author : Mark Chater
ISBN : 9781136305290
Genre : Education
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The place of religion in the modern world has changed significantly over the past two decades. This has been partially reflected in the academic study of religion, but little, if at all, in religious education. In addition, the place of RE in schools has been the subject of intense debate due to changes to the curriculum and school structure, as well as being part of wider debates on religion in the public sphere. Written by two highly experienced leading practitioners of RE, Does Religious Education have a Future? argues for a radical reform of the subject based on principles of pedagogy set free from religious concerns. It challenges teachers, researchers and educators to rethink their approaches to, and assumptions about, religious education, and enables them to see their work in a larger context that includes pedagogical ideas and political forces. The book offers readers fresh, provocative and expertly informed critical perspectives on: the global context of RE, debates about religion in public places, religion’s response to modernity, violent extremism, science and secularism; the evolving educational rationale for RE in schools; the legal arrangements for RE and their impact on the teaching of the subject; the pedagogy of teaching approaches in RE and their effect on standards and perceptions of the subject; the educational commitment of faith/belief communities, and how this influences the performance of RE. Does Religious Education have a Future? proposes a new attitude to the subject of religious education, and a new configuration of both its role and content. This book is essential reading for academics, advisers and policy makers, as well as teachers of RE at primary and secondary levels and trainee and newly qualified teachers.

The Future Of Protestant Religious Education In An Age Of Globalization

Author : Hyun-Sook Kim
ISBN : 9783830988762
Genre : Education
File Size : 39. 20 MB
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Global developments have come to shape our lives, economically, culturally, and even religiously. Young people growing up in a global age have to be prepared for living in this age. Economic and technological demands are important, but there also is a need for personal and social orientations that go beyond them. This book provides both insights into the Protestant tradition in education as well as its meaning for the future of the church, for society and for individual persons. It follows an innovative approach by combining perspectives from three different contexts - Germany with its important Protestant starting points in the Reformation, the United States as a country which has been strongly influenced by Protestantism, and South Korea with its comparatively young Protestant tradition. The book is based on a combination of international points of view, on transnational cooperation, on comparative insights, and on making constant reference to a global horizon. Its presentations and ideas not only address globalization as a driving force behind many future developments, but also demonstrate an exercise of global educational thinking. Hyun-Sook Kim is professor of Christian Education at the College of Theology, Yonsei University, Korea.

Education Forward

Author : David Price
ISBN : 9781909979536
Genre : Education
File Size : 63. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Too often, we think of school as a fixed-rail path we all have to follow: teachers teach, students learn, exams are taken, futures set. That's how it's been since the introduction of compulsory schooling in the 19th century. But parents, teachers and corporations around the world are now voicing their dissatisfaction with education systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Too many of our young people are not being adequately prepared for the unprecedented challenges they will face in a world that is changing as rapidly as ours is. We should be preparing them for the test of life, not a life of tests. A group of distinctive voices – working in education and beyond – has produced a collection of essays that presents a call to action, a positive way forward, and a programme of change. Education Forward challenges us all to find another story for the future of schools.

Education For The Twenty First Century

Author : Hedley Beare
ISBN : 041511523X
Genre : Education
File Size : 42. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dimensions of change - Industrialism and its consequences - Global consciousness - Beyond scientific materialism - What will become of schools?

Does Education Have A Future

Author : Guy Benveniste
ISBN : OCLC:1046208069
Genre : Education
File Size : 77. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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Learning Futures

Author : Keri Facer
ISBN : 9781136728228
Genre : Education
File Size : 83. 76 MB
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In the twenty-first century, educators around the world are being told that they need to transform education systems to adapt young people for the challenges of a global digital knowledge economy. Too rarely, however, do we ask whether this future vision is robust, achievable or even desirable, whether alternative futures might be in development, and what other possible futures might demand of education. Drawing on ten years of research into educational innovation and socio-technical change, working with educators, researchers, digital industries, students and policy-makers, this book questions taken-for-granted assumptions about the future of education. Arguing that we have been working with too narrow a vision of the future, Keri Facer makes a case for recognizing the challenges that the next two decades may bring, including: the emergence of new relationships between humans and technology the opportunities and challenges of aging populations the development of new forms of knowledge and democracy the challenges of climate warming and environmental disruption the potential for radical economic and social inequalities. This book describes the potential for these developments to impact critical aspects of education – including adult-child relationships, social justice, curriculum design, community relationships and learning ecologies. Packed with examples from around the world and utilising vital research undertaken by the author while Research Director at the UK’s Futurelab, the book helps to bring into focus the risks and opportunities for schools, students and societies over the coming two decades. It makes a powerful case for rethinking the relationship between education and social and technological change, and presents a set of key strategies for creating schools better able to meet the emerging needs of their students and communities. An important contribution to the debates surrounding educational futures, this book is compelling reading for all of those, including educators, researchers, policy-makers and students, who are asking the question 'how can education help us to build desirable futures for everyone in the context of social and technological change?'

Education And Society

Author : Joseph I. Zajda
ISBN : 9781875408344
Genre : Education
File Size : 40. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Education and Society (third edition) is a completely new edition of this popular text. In fifteen wholly new chapters, the authors, outstanding educators, writers and leaders in their particular fields, focus on questions which have a highly current relevance for students of education in 2001 and beyond. Future teachers for our twenty-first century will read chapters which deal with such key issues as education for active citizenship, democracy and education, social identity, conflict and education for peace, social class in children's lives, reconciliation and multiculturalism, Asian values and human rights, minority school settings, marketing schools, gender and ethnicity and achievement, Information Technology, education and new literacies and issues arising from emerging technology-society relations in cyberspace and information technology dependence. The new edition of Education and Society (third edition) complements the excellent selection of chapters in Education and Society and can be used in conjunction with the earlier edition, in order to offer students a wide and stimulating introduction and overview to the major issues in the debate over the relationship between the school and the social and economic and political institutions which surround it. inc.

Changing American Education

Author : Kathryn M. Borman
ISBN : 0791416607
Genre : Education
File Size : 87. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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School change and educational reform are discussed constantly by the media. Despite a decade of frenzied interest, there is little consensus on the most fundamental issues. The terminology of school reform remains unclear, obscured by ideological rhetoric. What is meant by terms such as “school restructuring,” “site-based management,” and “teacher education reform?” This book examines social changes affecting education; amplifies case studies of school change; and analyzes the gap between the rhetoric and reality of educational reform. Changing American Education examines both the nature of comprehensive, large-scale historical and social changes that contextualize educational reform, and amplifies the meaning of lessons learned by those who have assisted in change efforts. The authors draw upon rich case material that documents the possibilities and hazards awaiting those who undertake reform of educational practice and structures. They also examine how the rhetoric of educational change may fall short of the reality, as translated to processes and practices at different levels of the enterprise.

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