drug delivery engineering principles for drug therapy topics in chemical engineering

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Drug Delivery

Author : W. Mark Saltzman
ISBN : 9780199879755
Genre : Medical
File Size : 88. 22 MB
Format : PDF
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Synthetic materials are a tremendous potential resource for treating human disease. For the rational design of many of these biomaterials it is necessary to have an understanding of polymer chemistry and polymer physics. Equally important to those two fields is a quantitative understanding of the principles that govern rates of drug transport, reaction, and disappearance in physiological and pathological situations. This book is a synthesis of these principles, providing a working foundation for those in the field of drug delivery. It covers advanced drug delivery and contemporary biomaterials.

Drug Delivery

Author : Binghe Wang
ISBN : 9781118833308
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Following its successful predecessor, this book covers the fundamentals, delivery routes and vehicles, and practical applications of drug delivery. In the 2nd edition, almost all chapters from the previous are retained and updated and several new chapters added to make a more complete resource and reference. • Helps readers understand progress in drug delivery research and applications • Updates and expands coverage to reflect advances in materials for delivery vehicles, drug delivery approaches, and therapeutics • Covers recent developments including transdermal and mucosal delivery, lymphatic system delivery, theranostics • Adds new chapters on nanoparticles, controlled drug release systems, theranostics, protein and peptide drugs, and biologics delivery

Drug Delivery And Targeting

Author : Anya M. Hillery
ISBN : 9780203302767
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The advances in biotechnology and molecular biology over recent years have resulted in a large number of novel molecules with the potential to revolutionize the treatment and prevention of disease. However, such potential is severely compromised by significant obstacles to delivery of these drugs in vivo. These obstacles are often so great that effective drug delivery and targeting is now recognized as the key to effective development of many therapeutics. Advanced drug delivery and targeting can offer significant advantages to conventional drugs, such as increased efficiency, convenience, and the potential for line extensions and market expansion. An accessible and easy-to-read textbook, Drug Delivery and Targeting for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists is the first book to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles of advanced drug delivery and targeting, their current applications and potential future developments, including: *Methods to optimize therapeutic efficacy, and the related commercial implications *Difficulties with drug absorption, unwanted distribution and premature inactivation / elimination *Attempts to minimize toxicity or alter immunogenicity *Methods to achieve rate-controlled drug release and effective drug targeting *Novel and established routes of delivery *Use of new generation technologies such as biosensors, microchips, stimuli-sensitive hydrogels and plasmid-based gene therapy This volume is indispensable for pharmaceutical students, scientists and researchers.

Nanoarchitectonics For Smart Delivery And Drug Targeting

Author : Alina Maria Holban
ISBN : 9780323477222
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nanoarchitectonics for Smart Delivery and Drug Targeting is one of the first books on the market to exclusively focus on the topic of nanoarchitectonics, a rapidly developing area of nanotechnology which allows scientists to arrange nanoscale structural units, typically a group of atoms or molecules, in an intended configuration. This book assesses novel applications of nanomaterials in the areas of smart delivery and drug targeting using nanoarchitectonics and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each application. Provides a scholarly introduction to the uses of nanoarchitectonics in drug delivery and targeting Explores novel opportunities and ideas for developing and improving nanoscale drug delivery systems through the use of nanoarchitectonics, allowing scientists to see how this exciting new technology is used in practice Assesses the pros and cons of each application, allowing readers to assess when it is most appropriate to use nanoarchitectonics in drug delivery

Drug Delivery

Author : Anya M Hillery
ISBN : 9781482217742
Genre : Medical
File Size : 54. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to advanced drug delivery and targeting, covering their principles, current applications, and potential future developments. This edition has been updated to reflect significant trends and cutting-edge advances that have occurred since the first edition was published. All the original chapters have been retained, but the material therein has been updated. Eight new chapters have been added that deal with entirely new technologies and approaches.

Biomedical Engineering Challenges

Author : Vincenzo Piemonte
ISBN : 9781119296041
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An important resource that puts the focus on the chemical engineering aspects of biomedical engineering In the past 50 years remarkable achievements have been advanced in the fields of biomedical and chemical engineering. With contributions from leading chemical engineers, Biomedical Engineering Challenges reviews the recent research and discovery that sits at the interface of engineering and biology. The authors explore the principles and practices that are applied to the ever-expanding array of such new areas as gene-therapy delivery, biosensor design, and the development of improved therapeutic compounds, imaging agents, and drug delivery vehicles. Filled with illustrative case studies, this important resource examines such important work as methods of growing human cells and tissues outside the body in order to repair or replace damaged tissues. In addition, the text covers a range of topics including the challenges faced with developing artificial lungs, kidneys, and livers; advances in 3D cell culture systems; and chemical reaction methodologies for biomedical imagining analysis. This vital resource: Covers interdisciplinary research at the interface between chemical engineering, biology, and chemistry Provides a series of valuable case studies describing current themes in biomedical engineering Explores chemical engineering principles such as mass transfer, bioreactor technologies as applied to problems such as cell culture, tissue engineering, and biomedical imaging Written from the point of view of chemical engineers, this authoritative guide offers a broad-ranging but concise overview of research at the interface of chemical engineering and biology.

Advances In Regenerative Medicine Role Of Nanotechnology And Engineering Principles

Author : Venkatram Prasad Shastri
ISBN : 9789048187904
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book summarizes the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on “Nanoengineered Systems for Regenerative Medicine” that was organized under the auspices of the NATO Security through Science Program. I would like to thank NATO for supporting this workshop via a grant to the co-directors. The objective of ARW was to explore the various facets of regenerative me- cine and to highlight role of the “the nano-length scale” and “nano-scale systems” in defining and controlling cell and tissue environments. The development of novel tissue regenerative strategies require the integration of new insights emerging from studies of cell-matrix interactions, cellular signalling processes, developmental and systems biology, into biomaterials design, via a systems approach. The chapters in the book, written by the leading experts in their respective disciplines, cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from stem cell biology, developmental biology, ce- matrix interactions, and matrix biology to surface science, materials processing and drug delivery. We hope the contents of the book will provoke the readership into developing regenerative medicine paradigms that combine these facets into cli- cally translatable solutions. This NATO meeting would not have been successful without the timely help of Dr. Ulrike Shastri, Sanjeet Rangarajan and Ms. Sabine Benner, who assisted in the organization and implementation of various elements of this meeting. Thanks are also due Dr. Fausto Pedrazzini and Ms. Alison Trapp at NATO HQ (Brussels, Belgium). The commitment and persistence of Ms.

Controlled Drug Delivery Systems

Author : Filippo Rossi
ISBN : 9783319022888
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book offers a state-of-the-art overview of controlled drug delivery systems, covering the most important innovative applications. The principles of controlled drug release and the mechanisms involved in controlled release are clearly explained. The various existing polymeric drug delivery systems are reviewed, and new frontiers in material design are examined in detail, covering a wide range of polymer modification techniques. The concluding chapter is a case study focusing on use of a drug-eluting stent. The book is designed to provide the reader with a complete understanding of the mechanisms and design of controlled drug delivery systems, and to this end includes numerous step-by-step tutorials. It illustrates how chemical engineers can advance medical care by designing polymeric delivery systems that achieve either temporal or spatial control of drug delivery and thus ensure more effective therapy that eliminates the potential for both under- and overdosing.

Biomedical Engineering

Author : W. Mark Saltzman
ISBN : 9781316298688
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The second edition of this popular introductory undergraduate textbook uses examples, applications, and profiles of biomedical engineers to show students the relevance of the theory and how it can be used to solve real problems in human medicine. The essential molecular biology, cellular biology, and human physiology background is included for students to understand the context in which biomedical engineers work. Updates throughout highlight important advances made over recent years, including iPS cells, microRNA, nanomedicine, imaging technology, biosensors, and drug delivery systems, giving students a modern description of the various subfields of biomedical engineering. Over two hundred quantitative and qualitative exercises, many new to this edition, help consolidate learning, whilst a solutions manual, password-protected for instructors, is available online. Finally, students can enjoy an expanded set of leader profiles in biomedical engineering within the book, showcasing the broad range of career paths open to students who make biomedical engineering their calling.

Drug Targeting And Stimuli Sensitive Drug Delivery Systems

Author : Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
ISBN : 9780128136904
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Drug Targeting and Stimuli Sensitive Drug Delivery Systems covers recent advances in the area of stimuli sensitive drug delivery systems, providing an up-to-date overview of the physical, chemical, biological and multistimuli-responsive nanosystems. In addition, the book presents an analysis of clinical status for different types of nanoplatforms. Written by an internationally diverse group of researchers, it is an important reference resource for both biomaterials scientists and those working in the pharmaceutical industry who are looking to help create more effective drug delivery systems. Shows how the use of nanomaterials can help target a drug to specific tissues and cells Explores the development of stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems Includes case studies to showcase how stimuli responsive nanosystems are used in a variety of therapies, including camptothecin delivery, diabetes and cancer therapy

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