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Drugs And Crime

Author : Richard Hammersley
ISBN : 9780745697284
Genre : Social Science
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Why are we so concerned about drugs and crime? Is the relationship between drug-taking and criminal behaviour as straightforward as it is sometimes made to appear? What should be done about the problem? This thought-provoking book argues that much current thinking about drugs and crime is simplistic and misguided, because it fails to take into account the complex social and psychological contexts that underpin the relationship between drug or alcohol problems and crime. In clear and accessible language, it reviews existing explanations of the links between drugs and crime, and assesses the practical approaches currently being taken to tackle the problems involved. Key topics covered include: * The kinds of substance uses society finds acceptable and normal, and the reasons for these categorisations * What causes offending, drug use and drug problems across the life course * Regulating the illicit drugs industry * Addressing poverty and social exclusion, which are key drivers of drugs and crime. Drugs and crime are of concern to us all. This textbook will be of great value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students across the social sciences and in health and social care, including those studying criminology, psychology, medical sociology, social policy, social work or criminal justice. It will also be of interest to academics, practitioners and policy makers in these fields.

The Handbook Of Drugs And Society

Author : Henry H. Brownstein
ISBN : 9781118726792
Genre : Social Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This handbook provides a comprehensive examination of the past and present roles of drugs in society with a focus on theory, research, policy, and practice. Includes 28 original chapters with multi-disciplinary and international perspectives by top social and behavioral scientists Reviews current knowledge in the field, including key research findings, theoretical developments, and methodological debates Identifies ongoing controversies in the field, emergent topics, and areas in need of further inquiry Discusses individual drugs as well as topics like physiological theories of drug use and abuse, public health implications of drugs, patterns of drugs and crime, international drug trade and trafficking, and designer drugs

Drugs Crime And Their Relationships Theory Research Practice And Policy

Author : Glenn D. Walters
ISBN : 9781449688462
Genre : Law
File Size : 70. 2 MB
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Surveys administered to high school students, studies carried out on jail and prison inmates, and interviews conducted with substance abusers undergoing treatment all point to the same conclusion: drugs and crime are strongly connected. Why they are connected is less well understood, however. Written for middle to upper-level undergraduate courses on drugs and crime or substance abuse and crime, this book examines the drug-crime connection in a systematic and comprehensive way. Drugs, Crime, and Their Relationships covers the entire drug-crime spectrum, starting with a review of drug and crime terminology, classification, theory, and ending with policy implications for prevention, harm reduction, and macro-level management of the drug-crime problem. The opening chapters discuss drugs and crime separately for the purpose of setting the stage for later discussions on drug-crime relationships. As the book proceeds, the boundaries between drugs and crime blur, thus revealing the complex and intimate relationship that links these two behaviors. Drugs, Crime, and Their Relationships is divided into four sections. The first section offers an introduction and overview of theories on drugs, crime, and their relationships. The second section explores the relevant research on the biological, psychological, sociological, and static/situational correlates of drug-crime relationships. The third section considers the practical implications of drug-crime connections for the criminal justice system, offender assessment, and treatment programming. The fourth and final section examines the policy implications of the drug-crime relationship in the form of prevention, harm reduction, and society’s response to drugs and drug-related crime. Students will enjoy the engaging writing style, instructors will welcome the logical manner in which the text is organized, and scholars will appreciate the comprehensiveness of coverage and the range of citations. Key Features: -Provides a step-by-step breakdown and synthesis of the drug-crime connection. -Organized logically so that a student first progresses through chapters that treat drugs and crime separately, gradually replaced by overlapping discussion of drugs and crime, up until the final section (policy) where the overlap is nearly complete. -Covers core topics, including the history of drugs and crime in America, theories of substance abuse, DSM-IV criteria for substance abuse, antisocial personality disorder, theories of crime, and neurotransmitters and drugs. Also includes discussions on important topics not commonly found in other texts including, meta-analysis, genetics of drug use and crime, drug diversion programs, Prison-based treatment programs for drug offenders, evidence-based intervention, harm reduction, Portuguese and Dutch experiments, and much more. -Pedagogical features: Chapter opening learning objectives and chapter ending summary and critical thinking questions. *List of key words in each chapter.

Critical Issues In Crime And Justice

Author : Mary Maguire
ISBN : 9781483350615
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69. 18 MB
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A comprehensive, provocative overview of the origins and present state of issues and perspectives in criminal justice and criminology from leading scholars in the field In this important book of essays, leading scholars explore the gamut of topics in criminal justice and criminology, examining both historical and contemporary material to illustrate the past and present of each topic covered. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Mary Maguire and Dan Okada illustrate the breadth of research, policy, and practice implications in key areas of the field, such as crime theory, law enforcement, jurisprudence, corrections, and criminal justice organization and management. . The coverage of concepts, insights, voices, and perspectives is geared toward students with a background in criminal justice or criminology courses to challenge them to synthesize what they have learned, to question standard interpretations, and to begin to create new directions and visions for their future careers as professionals in the field.

Drugs And Crime

Author : Philip Bean
ISBN : 9781135129774
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43. 35 MB
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A high proportion of crimes committed in Britain are drugs-related, with many offenders having a documented history of drug use. However, the direct link between drugs and crime is often less clear than is supposed and this text attempts to achieve a better understanding of these and surrounding issues that have been marred by misunderstanding and a lack of consensus amongst experts. This text offers a major contribution to existing debates and provides an authoritative and much-needed overview of the range of issues associated with drugs-related crime. Coverage includes: a discussion on theoretical approaches to drugs and crime, an overview of the legal position on drugs and drug offenders, a critique of the aims and nature of treatment, an examination of trafficking and laundering, an analysis of the policing of drugs markets, a discussion about the legalisation debates. This new edition has been fully updated to include the latest data and recent developments in policy and particular attention is paid to changes in sentencing and treatment, as well as changes to practice in trafficking. An expanded chapter on women, drugs and crime now offers further coverage of drug-taking and prostitution. This is the only book in Britain which centres on the links between drugs and crime, and deals with the policy implications of that link. It is a comprehensive account of the various aspects of Government policy concerning drugs, and should be particularly useful to academics and students interested in or studying this aspect of criminology.

Dimensions Of Australian Society

Author : Brian Graetz
ISBN : 0732927927
Genre : Australia
File Size : 47. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Crime Drugs And Social Theory

Author : Chris Allen
ISBN : 0754647420
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72. 59 MB
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Do criminal cultures generate drug use? Crime, Drugs and Social Theory critiques conventional academic and policy thinking concerning the relationship between urban deprivation, crime and drug use, and outlines an innovative constructionist phenomenologic

Drugs Crime And The Justice System

Author :
ISBN : 1568064179
Genre :
File Size : 64. 29 MB
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An overview of how the U.S. justice system combats illegal drugs. Discusses the intersection of the control of crime and the control of drugs, and medical, educational and financial systems. Also gathers information from other disciplines, such as social work, pharmacology, and economics. Discusses the consequences and extent of illegal drug use; the business of illegal drug cultivation, manufacture and merchandising; the U.S. response to drugs both past and present; and the justice system1s response to illegal drugs. Graphs and charts.

Undergraduate Catalog

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39076005117754
Genre : Universities and colleges
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The Hangman S Knot For Drug Crime Singapore S Death Penalty In A Modern Society

Author : Jacintha Maria Victor John
ISBN : 9783656649687
Genre : Law
File Size : 40. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Magisterarbeit aus dem Jahr 2014 im Fachbereich Jura - Öffentliches Recht / Staatsrecht / Grundrechte, Griffith College Dublin, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Western abhorrence of the death penalty is not something novel. Although the death penalty as a punishment was applied by all countries until recent years, during the nineteenth and early twentieth century it was abolished in a number of states. Amnesty International, has described Singapore as the world’s hanging capital. Singapore an authoritarian state practices capital punishment and has the highest execution per capita. Singapore issues the mandatory death penalty predominantly for the offence of drug trafficking among others. By imposing the mandatory death penalty, discretion is taken away from the judiciary. Discretionary powers taken away from judges, precludes them from looking into the extenuating and particular circumstances of the individual cases. For these reasons, there is a need to examine legislation prescribing such a sanction which automatically takes away an individual’s life. Notably, one may wonder whether such a draconian punishment in a contemporary society violates the fundamental right of an individual. The primary reason for the imposition of the mandatory death penalty is deterrence and incapacitation. Retentionist states assert the much famous deterrence argument to justify capital punishment. One would question, whether this is a heinous crime to render such a draconian punishment. Does it violate human rights standards? Does this barbaric punishment deter crimes? Is the deterrence argument substantial enough to take away human life? Due to all these factors, this thesis will critically evaluate the deterrence argument pronounced by most retentionist states in order to analyse whether such a justification in reality deters crime. Next, a critical evaluation of the legislation prescribing such a harsh sanction will be analysed. Finally, drawing from human rights standards, this research will examine the reasons behind the trend towards capital punishment. This research will give new light to the issue of capital punishment as to whether capital punishment is an effective sanction in the legal system. The ultimate aim of this research is to evaluate whether capital punishment for drug crimes is a legitimate sanction advocated by retentionist states.

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