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Dynamics Of Offshore Structures

Author : James F. Wilson
ISBN : 0471275654
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 56. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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Unique, cutting-edge material on structural dynamics and natural forces for offshore structures Using the latest advances in theory and practice, Dynamics of Offshore Structures, Second Edition is extensively revised to cover all aspects of the physical forces, structural modeling, and mathematical methods necessary to effectively analyze the dynamic behavior of offshore structures. Both closed-form solutions and the Mathematica(r) software package are used in many of the up-to-date example problems to compute the deterministic and stochastic structural responses for such offshore structures as buoys; moored ships; and fixed-bottom, cable-stayed, and gravity-type platforms. Throughout the book, consideration is given to the many assumptions involved in formulating a structural model and to the natural forces encountered in the offshore environment. These analyses focus on plane motions of elastic structures with linear and nonlinear restraints, as well as motions induced by the forces of currents, winds, earthquakes, and waves, including the latest theories and information on wave mechanics. Topics addressed include multidegree of freedom linear structures, continuous system analysis (including the motion of cables and pipelines), submerged pile design, structural modal damping, fluid-structure-soil interactions, and single degree of freedom structural models that, together with plane wave loading theories, lead to deterministic or time history predictions of structural responses. These analyses are extended to statistical descriptions of both wave loading and structural motion. Dynamics of Offshore Structures, Second Edition is a valuable text for students in civil and mechanical engineering programs and an indispensable resource for structural, geotechnical, and construction engineers working with offshore projects.

Dynamics Of Offshore Structures

Author : Minoo H Patel
ISBN : 9781483163345
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dynamics of Offshore Structures provides an integrated treatment of the main subject areas that contribute to the design, construction, installation, and operation of fixed and floating offshore structures. The book begins with an overview of offshore oil and gas development and offshore structures. Separate chapters follow on the ocean environment; basic fluid mechanics; gravity wave theories; fluid loading on offshore structures; hydrostatics and dynamic response of floating bodies; and model testing of offshore structures. This book is prepared with particular emphasis on the fundamentals of oceanography, basic fluid mechanics, wave theory, hydrodynamics, naval architecture, and structural analysis to meet the needs of students reading ocean engineering or naval architecture, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Basic equations and theoretical results are derived in a rigorous manner but sections on model testing, full-scale measurements, design, and certification are also induced to ensure that the book is of value to professional engineers seeking a balanced treatment of fundamental and practical issues.

Dynamic Analysis Of Offshore Structures

Author : C. A. Brebbia
ISBN : UCAL:B4144245
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 3 MB
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Dynamic Analysis And Design Of Offshore Structures

Author : Srinivasan Chandrasekaran
ISBN : 9789811060892
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book introduces readers to various types of offshore platform geometries. It addresses the various environmental loads encountered by these structures, and provides detailed descriptions of the fundamentals of structural dynamics in a classroom style, helping readers estimate damping in offshore structures and grasp these aspects’ applications in preliminary analysis and design. Basic concepts of structural dynamics are emphasized through simple illustrative examples and exercises. Design methodologies and guidelines, which are FORM based concepts, are explained through a selection of applied sample structures. Each chapter also features tutorials and exercises for self-learning. A dedicated chapter on stochastic dynamics helps students to extend the basic concepts of structural dynamics to this advanced domain of research. Hydrodynamic response of offshore structures with perforated members is one of the most recent research applications, and has proven to be one of the most effective means of retrofitting offshore structures. In addition, the book integrates the concepts of structural dynamics with the FORM-evolved design of offshore structures, offering a unique approach. This new edition is divided into seven chapters, each of which has been updated. Each chapter also includes a section on frequently asked Questions and Answers (Q&A), which enhances understanding of this complex subject through easy and self-explanatory text. Furthermore, the book presents valuable content with respect to new and recent research carried out by the author in structural dynamics. All numeric examples have been re-checked with more additional explanations. New exercises have been added to improve understanding of the subject matter. Computer coding is also included (wherever possible) to aid computer-based learning of the contents of the book. The book can serve as a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in civil, structural, applied mechanics, mechanical, aerospace, naval architecture and ocean engineering programs. The book can also serve as a text for professional learning and development programs or as a guide for practicing and consulting offshore structural engineers. The contents of this book will be useful to graduate students, researchers, and professionals alike.

Hydrodynamics Of Offshore Structures

Author : Subrata Kumar Chakrabarti
ISBN : 9780905451664
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The subject of hydrodynamics applied to offshore structures is vast. The topics covered in this book aim to help the reader understand basic principles while at the same time giving the designer enough information for particular designs. Thus, results are given with derivations, and applications are discussed with the aid of examples, with an overview of the advantages and limitations of the method involved. This makes the book suitable as a text for undergraduate and graduate students specializing in offshore and ocean engineering.

Offshore Mechanics

Author : Madjid Karimirad
ISBN : 9781119216629
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72. 97 MB
Format : PDF
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Offshore Mechanics: Structural and Fluid Dynamics for Recent Applications is a textbook which covers theoretical concepts in offshore mechanics with consideration to new applications. Whereas most of the books currently available in the field of offshore mechanics use traditional oil, gas, and ship industry examples in order to explain the fundamentals in offshore mechanics, this book uses more recent applications including offshore wind farms, ocean energy devices, aquaculture, floating bridges and submerged tunnels. Offshore Mechanics: Structural and Fluid Dynamics for Recent Applications covers traditional and more recent methodologies used in offshore structure modelling (including SPH and Hydro-elasticity models). It examines numerical techniques, including computational fluid dynamics and finite element method and includes easy to understand examples.

Dynamics Of Floating Offshore Structures

Author : Subrata K Chakrabarti
ISBN : 9814280569
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book will provide a complete coverage on the dynamics of floating offshore structures. Topics like random waves, wind and current, etc. will be developed from the fundamental principles and their applications to offshore structures will be discussed. The design aspect of the offshore structure, both for short-term and long-term response and structural fatigue, are important elements of the dynamic response and will be further elaborated upon in the text. Dynamcs of Floating Offshore Structures is designed to be used both as a textbook for graduate courses and as a reference work in offshore and ocean engineering. Its uniqueness lies in its treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of offshore structure dynamics and will stand out from the other available publications on this general subject.

Rigid Finite Element Method In Analysis Of Dynamics Of Offshore Structures

Author : Edmund Wittbrodt
ISBN : 9783642298868
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book describes new methods developed for modelling dynamics of machines commonly used in the offshore industry. These methods are based both on the rigid finite element method, used for the description of link deformations, and on homogeneous transformations and joint coordinates, which is applied to the modelling of multibody system dynamics. In this monograph, the bases of the rigid finite element method and homogeneous transformations are introduced. Selected models for modelling dynamics of offshore devices are then verified both by using commercial software, based on the finite element method, as well as by using additional methods. Examples of mathematical models of offshore machines, such as a gantry crane for Blowout-Preventer (BOP) valve block transportation, a pedestal crane with shock absorber, and pipe laying machinery are presented. Selected problems of control in offshore machinery as well as dynamic optimization in device control are also discussed. Additionally, numerical simulations of pipe-laying operations taking active reel drive into account are shown.

Dynamics Of Fixed Marine Structures

Author : N. D. P. Barltrop
ISBN : 9781483162553
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87. 58 MB
Format : PDF
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Dynamics of Fixed Marine Structures, Third Edition proves guidance on the dynamic design of fixed structures subject to wave and current action. The text is an update of the ""UR8"" design guide ""Dynamics of Marine Structures"" with discussion of foundations, wind turbulence, offshore installations, earthquakes, and strength and fatigue. The book employs analytical methods of static and dynamic structural analysis techniques, particularly the statistical and spectral methods when applied to loading and in the calculating dynamic responses. The statistical methods are explained when used to wave, wind, and earthquake calculations, together with the problems encountered in actual applications. Of importance to fixed offshore platforms are the soil properties and foundation covering soil behavior, site investigation, testing, seabed stability, gravity structures, and the use of single piles. Methods of forecasting, measuring, and modeling of waves and currents are also presented in offshore structure construction. Basic hydrodynamics is explained in understanding wave theory, and some description is given to forecasting of environmental conditions that will affect the structures. The effects of vortex-induced vibrations on the structure are explained, and the three methods that can prevent vortex-induced oscillations are given. Wind turbulence or wind loads are analyzed against short natural period or long natural periods of structures. The transportation of offshore platforms, installation, and pile driving, including examples of the applications found in the book, are given as well. The guide is helpful for offshore engineers, designers of inshore jetties, clients needing design and analysis work, specialists related to offshore structural engineering, and students in offshore engineering.

Stochastic Dynamics Of Marine Structures

Author : Arvid Naess
ISBN : 9780521881555
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 75. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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For students and professionals, this covers theory and methods for stochastic modelling and analysis of marine structures under environmental loads.

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