early childhood music therapy and autism spectrum disorders

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Early Childhood Music Therapy And Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Petra Kern
ISBN : 9781849052412
Genre : Psychology
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This edited book brings together renowned experts in music therapy and related fields to present current research, practical strategies, and policies useful for everyone interested in music as a tool to aid children on the autism spectrum. Case scenarios, examples and tip sheets further support the application of the knowledge-based content.

Early Childhood Music Therapy And Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Petra Kern
ISBN : 1785927752
Genre :
File Size : 22. 47 MB
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This extended edition offers a comprehensive understanding of music therapy practice for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. Drawing on recent research and rigorous scientific evidence, it spans topics such as effective interventions, diagnostic criteria, managing sensory processing issues, inclusion and advocacy.

Book Review Petra Kern Marcia Humpal Early Childhood Music Therapy And Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1032093692
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Music Therapy Handbook

Author : Barbara L. Wheeler
ISBN : 9781462518036
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 89. 58 MB
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Rich with case material, this groundbreaking volume provides a comprehensive overview of music therapy, from basic concepts to emerging clinical approaches. Experts review psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and developmental foundations and describe major techniques, including the Nordoff-Robbins model and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. An expansive section on clinical applications examines music therapy with children and adults, as well as its recognized role in medical settings. Topics include autism spectrum disorder, school interventions, brain injury, and trauma. An authoritative resource for music therapists, the book also shows how music can be used by other mental health and medical professionals. The companion website features audio downloads illustrative of the Nordoff-Robbins model.

Frontiers In Autism Research

Author : Valerie W Hu
ISBN : 9789814602174
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61. 3 MB
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This book focuses on the emerging and expanding areas of research on ASD and their potential to lead to better diagnosis and more effective therapies. These areas include innovative and integrative approaches to genetic/genomic analyses and investigations of epigenetic contributions, including the role of noncoding RNAs, DNA methylation, alternative splicing, RNA editing, and faulty translation in gene regulation and expression, metabolic and immune dysfunction, co-morbidities, as well as hormonal and gene-environment interactions that may increase risk for ASD. Within each chapter, experts review cutting-edge research as well as provide their perspective on the future of research in their respective areas, including the challenges involved and the types of studies or advances that are necessary to move the field forward to achieve predicted translational goals. Contributors: Argel Aguilar-Valles, Evdokia Anagnostou, Emma Ashwin, Bonnie Auyeung, Kelly M Bakulski, Simon Baron-Cohen, Margaret L Bauman, Donna Betts, Chad A Bousman, Daniel B Campbell, Manuel F Casanova, Bhismadev Chakrabarti, Gursharan Chana, Abha Chauhan, Ved Chauhan, Jessica DeWitt, Keith W Dunaway, Alal Eran, Ian P Everall, M Daniele Fallin, Richard E Frye, Piers Gillett, Matthew Ginsberg, Christos G Gkogkas, Rhonda J Greenhaw, Simon G Gregory, Elena L Grigorenko, Feng Gu, Rebecca Harmer, Martha Herbert, Valerie W Hu, Karen L Jones, Petra Kern, Arkady Khoutorsky, Rebecca Knickmeyer, Isaac S Kohane, Louis M Kunkel, Janine M LaSalle, Michael V Lombardo, Deepali Mankad, Marvin Natowicz, Laura Nicholls, Christos Pantelis, Natalia Rakhlin, Radhika Ramadas, Daniel A Rossignol, Tewarit Sarachana, Stephen W Scherer, Gabriela Schmulevich, Ayten Shah, Frank R Sharp, Alison B Singer, Efstratios Skafidas, Estate M Sokhadze, Nahum Sonenberg, Boryana Stamova, Zohreh Talebizadeh, Renee Testa, Judy Van de Water, Irina Voineagu, Daniel Williams, Ryan K C Yuen, Daniela Zantomio. Contents:Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of ASD:Phenotype Definition: A Cornerstone of Autism Research, Diagnosis and Therapy (Valerie W Hu)From Molecular Pathways to ASD Therapy: Insights from Syndromic Forms of Autism (Laura Nicholls, Radhika Ramadas and Irina Voineagu)Language Impairment in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Natalia Rakhlin and Elena L Grigorenko)Whole Genome Sequencing in Autism: Clinical Translation (Ryan K C Yuen and Stephen W Scherer)The Impact of Integrative Unconventional Data Analysis Approaches on Advancing Autism Genetics Research (Zohreh Talebizadeh and Ayten Shah)Construction of a Genetic Classifier for ASD Using Gene Pathway Analysis (Gursharan Chana, Renee Testa, Piers Gillett, Daniel Williams, Chad A Bousman, Daniela Zantomio, Ian P Everall, Christos Pantelis and Efstratios Skafidas)Gene Dysregulation in ASD: From Transcription to Translation:Genome-Wide Expression Studies of Blood and Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Boryana Stamova and Frank R Sharp)Searching in the “Dark”: Non-Coding RNA as a New Avenue of Autism Research (Tewarit Sarachana and Valerie W Hu)Targeting Noncoding RNA for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Jessica DeWitt and Daniel B Campbell)A-to-I RNA Editing in Autism Spectrum Disorder (Alal Eran, Isaac S Kohane and Louis M Kunkel)Translational Control of Autism and Fragile-X Syndrome (Christos G Gkogkas, Argel Aguilar-Valles, Arkady Khoutorsky and Nahum Sonenberg)Epigenetic, Environmental, and Physiological Contributions to ASD:Epigenetics in Autism (Matthew Ginsberg and Marvin Natowicz)The Epigenetics of Autism — Running Beyond the Bases (Simon G Gregory)Genes and Environment in Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Integrated Perspective (Kelly M Bakulski, Alison B Singer and M Daniele Fallin)The Potential Brain Drain from Environmental Exposures on the Methylome and Genome Across Generations (Janine M LaSalle and Keith W Dunaway)Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in ASDs (Feng Gu, Ved Chauhan and Abha Chauhan)Maternal Autoantibodies in Autism Spectrum Disorder (Karen L Jones and Judy Van de Water)Why is Autism More Common in Males? (Simon Baron-Cohen, Michael V Lombardo, Bonnie Auyeung, Emma Ashwin, Bhismadev Chakrabarti and Rebecca Knickmeyer)Moving Towards Personalized Treatment of ASD and Lifespan Issues:Future Directions in Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Deepali Mankad and Evdokia Anagnostou)Medical Co-Morbidities in Autism: Clues to Underlying Biological Mechanisms and/or Diagnostic Subtypes? (Margaret L Bauman)Translational Implications of a Whole-Body Approach to Brain Health in Autism: How Transduction Between Metabolism and Electrophysiology Points to Mechanisms for Neuroplasticity (Martha R Herbert)Achieving Optimal Outcomes in Autism: Treating Potentially Reversible Conditions Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Richard E Frye and Daniel A Rossignol)Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Application in Autism Treatment (Manuel F Casanova and Estate M Sokhadze)Music Therapy: Personalized Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Petra Kern)The Contributions of Art Therapy in Treatment, Assessment, and Research with People Who have Autism Spectrum Disorders (Donna Betts, Rebecca Harmer and Gabriela Schmulevich)Shifting Paradigms: An Examination of Our Understanding of Adult Autism (Rhonda J Greenhaw) Readership: Established investigators and students engaged in autism research; also the general population, especially families of individuals affected by ASD and their professional caregivers. Key Features:This book presents a prospective look forward at autism research in multiple rapidly evolving areas, thus helping to provide focus and directions for future studiesThis book provides perspectives on what translational outcomes (e.g., novel and targeted therapeutics) can be anticipated from such studiesStrong focus on patient-centered researchKeywords:Autism Spectrum Disorders;Genetics;Genomics;Transciptome;Gene Regulation;Epigenetics;Noncoding RNA;RNA Editing;Gene-Environment Interactions;Sex Bias in ASD;Metabolic Dysfunction;Novel Therapeutics;Art Therapy;Music Therapy;Adult Population

Children With Autism

Author : Colwyn Trevarthen
ISBN : 1853025550
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61. 25 MB
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This completely revised and substantially expanded new edition embraces new developments in this rapidly developing field. Every chapter has been rewritten with the addition of new material, and a new final chapter on `Putting the Pieces Together' reflects the authors' conviction that the complexity of autism means that many kinds of information are valuable and need to be taken into account in providing therapy or teaching for children with autism. Other chapters, updated from the first edition, include a description of the latest information on the findings of brain research (put into the context of the development of the human brain and its effect on communication in early childhood), and the contributions of music therapy and psychoanalysis. A very much enlarged chapter on educational provision for children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome provides information on the latest methods for improving the learning of these children, to give them the best possible preparation for a life of greater autonomy and maximum self-satisfaction in the pleasure of human company. New appendices summarise medical diagnostic systems, checklists and questionnaires for identifying autism, and the glossary has been considerably expanded. The wealth of up-to-date information provided will be invaluable not only for researchers and students but also for psychologists, teachers and other professionals, and parents, carers and family members in search of comprehensive and helpful information.

Models Of Music Therapy Interventions In School Settings

Author : Brian L. Wilson
ISBN : UCLA:L0087031100
Genre : Education
File Size : 67. 91 MB
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Author : Maureen R. Nelson, MD
ISBN : 9781617050046
Genre : Medical
File Size : 85. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Pediatrics: Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference presents 111 alphabetically arranged topics covering all major concerns in pediatric rehabilitation. Organized in three sections, the first part reviews diagnostic considerations and testing while the final section highlights special considerations such as aging with pediatric-onset disability and polytrauma. The bulk of the book catalogs the diverse diseases, injuries, complications and other problems commonly seen by practitioners who work to restore function to children with disabilities and offers a quick reference guide to providing high-quality clinical care. Every entry is standardized for quick look-up in the office or clinic, and features description, etiology, risk factors, clinical features, natural history, diagnosis, red flags, treatment, prognosis, helpful hints and suggested readings. Edited by Ralph Buschbacher, MD, the Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference series is designed for the busy practitioner. The texts provide quick answers when diagnosing and treating common or more complex rehabilitation issues. All volumes in the series present the listed conditions in a read at-a-glance format with consistent headings for easy access to key information. Every entry is standardized for quick look-up in the office or clinic, and features description, etiology, risk factors, clinical features, natural history, diagnosis, red flags, treatment, prognosis, helpful hints, and suggested readings.All Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Referencetitles offer: Consistent Approach and Organization: at-a-glance outline format allows readers to find the facts quickly Concise Coverage: of must-know information broken down into easy-to-locate topics Fast Answers to Clinical Questions: diagnostic and management criteria for problems commonly encountered in daily practice Hands-on Practical Guidance: for all types of interventions and therapies Multi-Specialty Perspective: ensures that issues of relevance to all rehabilitation team members are addressed

Case Study Designs In Music Therapy

Author : David Aldridge
ISBN : 9781843101406
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 38. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book shows, for the first time, how research and clinical work can creatively complement one another, proving beneficial to both disciplines. Each chapter is written by a leading researcher and practitioner in the field, and the book covers a wide spectrum of approaches within different settings.


Author : Felicity Baker
ISBN : 1846421446
Genre : Music
File Size : 89. 2 MB
Format : PDF
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This comprehensive and groundbreaking book describes the effective use of songwriting in music therapy with a variety of client populations, from children with cancer and adolescents in secondary school to people with traumatic brain injury and mental health problems. The authors explain the specific considerations to bear in mind when working with particular client groups to achieve the best clinical outcomes. All the contributors are experienced music therapy clinicians and researchers. They provide many case examples from clinical practice to illustrate the therapeutic methods being used, together with notated examples of songs produced in therapy. Particular emphasis is placed on how lyrics and music are created, including the theoretical approaches underpinning this process. This practical book will prove indispensable to students, clinical therapists, music therapists, educators, teachers and musicians.

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