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Universities In The Marketplace

Author : Derek Bok
ISBN : 1400825490
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78. 15 MB
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Is everything in a university for sale if the price is right? In this book, one of America's leading educators cautions that the answer is all too often "yes." Taking the first comprehensive look at the growing commercialization of our academic institutions, Derek Bok probes the efforts on campus to profit financially not only from athletics but increasingly, from education and research as well. He shows how such ventures are undermining core academic values and what universities can do to limit the damage. Commercialization has many causes, but it could never have grown to its present state had it not been for the recent, rapid growth of money-making opportunities in a more technologically complex, knowledge-based economy. A brave new world has now emerged in which university presidents, enterprising professors, and even administrative staff can all find seductive opportunities to turn specialized knowledge into profit. Bok argues that universities, faced with these temptations, are jeopardizing their fundamental mission in their eagerness to make money by agreeing to more and more compromises with basic academic values. He discusses the dangers posed by increased secrecy in corporate-funded research, for-profit Internet companies funded by venture capitalists, industry-subsidized educational programs for physicians, conflicts of interest in research on human subjects, and other questionable activities. While entrepreneurial universities may occasionally succeed in the short term, reasons Bok, only those institutions that vigorously uphold academic values, even at the cost of a few lucrative ventures, will win public trust and retain the respect of faculty and students. Candid, evenhanded, and eminently readable, Universities in the Marketplace will be widely debated by all those concerned with the future of higher education in America and beyond.

Education And The Market Place

Author : David Bridges
ISBN : 0750703482
Genre : Education
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This provocative collection of essays debates the application of market principles to and within the context of public education. The contributors are all distinguished practitioners and commentators in the field of education from LEAs, schools and higher education. All the contributions are presented in a straightforward argumentative style which is accessible to the lay reader. The book contains essays which defend as well as essays which challenge the application of market philosophy to education. This is a serious contribution to the philosophical debate and provides an up-to-date and carefully considered basis for consideration of these fiercely debated and hotly topical issues.


Author : Jon McGee
ISBN : 9781421418209
Genre : Education
File Size : 72. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Higher education is in the midst of an extraordinary moment of demographic, economic, and cultural transition that has significant implications for how colleges and universities understand their mission, their market, and their management. This book is aimed at creating a practical understanding of key forces changing higher education, but it goes further. It describes those trends, discusses the real life impact of those trends on campuses, and then lays out concrete steps required to address them. Taking a page from George Keller's classic Academic Strategy, management consultant and college administrator Jon McGee uses these economic and demographic trends to inform his strategic approach to managing schools"--

Learning And The Marketplace

Author : Alison Kirk
ISBN : 0809320681
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35. 31 MB
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Using humor as a tool, Kirk seeks to make readers think about the relationship between business and education or - learning and "real life". She combines the features of a dictionary, with its alphabetically arranged entries, and an interconnected series of essays. Adept at getting her message across, she uses illustrations to provide mental resting places that invite readers to pause and reflect. At the end of each section, she provides interlocking and recurring questions to emphasize links and advance the lines of thought. Kirk assumes there is no one way to learn. She provides both abstract and concrete as well as detached and personal approaches to such issues as diversity, competitiveness and cooperation, performance appraisal and measurement, fragmentation and integration, and the relationship of learning, working, and living. Her book can be read on a variety of levels, either piecemeal or continuously. She encourages readers to self-design their own learning, whether as individuals or as members of a discussion group using the book as their base.

The Learning Marketplace

Author : Prem Kumar
ISBN : 9789814452694
Genre : Education
File Size : 44. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Asia, we are witnessing an era where the pendulum of power seems to be swaying towards the East with the rising strength of China and India and Singapore is at the 'crossroads' between these populous nations. Although Singapore may appear to be the most westernized country in Asia, she is nevertheless a multi-cultural Asian society. Having the most open economy in the world, Singapore is plugged into the global marketplace of education and learning. The development of human capital is used as a strategic economic driver to internationalize and transform education for sustainable competitive advantage. Singapore's education system, regarded as one of the consistently best performing in the world, offers a unique opportunity to explore issues where eastern and western culture, values, beliefs, learning and knowledge systems converge, clash, and at times diverge. This book is meant to extend our knowledge on the role of ‘learning’, often overlooked and taken for granted as the air that we breathe but which constantly transforms our lives and reshapes societies. It is the first book that deals with the dichotomy of ‘east’ and ‘west’ going beyond the traditional learning and education framework to other areas such as economic, socio-cultural, political, and technological dimensions that impact Singapore. It puts together key topical issues and explores the underbelly of how a small 'resourceless' independent city-state like Singapore stays ahead of the learning curve, even while facing increasingly intense global competition where the discovery and emergence of new systems for empowerment and independence and the resulting creation of new knowledge and modes of communication are challenging traditional boundaries between the virtual and real world. Contents:ForewordIntroductionA Learning State?Cultural Neuroscience in LearningThe Business of LearningSwitching between CulturesWireless Learning: A New Frontier?The East-West Learning MatrixTheories and Discourses Readership: Universities, business schools and public and private institutions conducting executive programs, libraries, private and public sector organisations, individuals, consultants, researchers, HRD/HRM directors/managers, teachers, policy-makers, etc. Keywords:Learning;Culture;Education;Marketplace;East;West;SingaporeReview: “This is a thoughtful book about the Singapore success story and its future.” Tommy Koh Professor and Rector Tembusu College National University of Singapore “There is an urgent need for understanding and collaboration between people of diverse backgrounds. Dr Kumar draws on scholarship from multiple disciplines and his extensive experience in Singapore to report on approaches to learning that respect diversity while achieving academic success. This is an important book that should be read widely.” Carsten Kowalczyk Associate Professor of International Economics The Fletcher School Tufts University “Prem provides a good overview of the evolution, issues and trends in Singapore education. He nudges us to ponder whether education should be left to market forces and whether we should make changes to better prepare us for the future.” Tsui Kai Chong Provost and Professor SIM University Key Features:New and original edition on educational and learning that puts together topical issues as seen from both the East and West perspectives in the context of SingaporeServes as a reference in understanding the why, what and how educational policies and practice converge

How Schools Work

Author : Arne Duncan
ISBN : 9781501173073
Genre : Education
File Size : 38. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“This book merits every American’s serious consideration” (Vice President Joe Biden): from the Secretary of Education under President Obama, an exposé of the status quo that helps maintain a broken system at the expense of our kids’ education, and threatens our nation’s future. “Education runs on lies. That’s probably not what you’d expect from a former Secretary of Education, but it’s the truth.” So opens Arne Duncan’s How Schools Work, although the title could just as easily be How American Schools Work for Some, Not for Others, and Only Now and Then for Kids. Drawing on nearly three decades in education—from his mother’s after-school program on Chicago’s South Side to his tenure as Secretary of Education in Washington, DC—How Schools Work follows Arne (as he insists you call him) as he takes on challenges at every turn: gangbangers in Chicago housing projects, parents who call him racist, teachers who insist they can’t help poor kids, unions that refuse to modernize, Tea Partiers who call him an autocrat, affluent white progressive moms who hate yearly tests, and even the NRA, which once labeled Arne the “most extreme anti-gun member of President Obama’s Cabinet.” Going to a child’s funeral every couple of weeks, as he did when he worked in Chicago, will do that to a person. How Schools Work exposes the lies that have caused American kids to fall behind their international peers, from early childhood all the way to college graduation rates. But it also identifies what really does make a school work. “As insightful as it is inspiring” (Washington Book Review), How Schools Work will embolden parents, teachers, voters, and even students to demand more of our public schools. If America is going to be great, then we can accept nothing less.

Knowledge And Money

Author : Roger L. Geiger
ISBN : 9780804749268
Genre : Education
File Size : 73. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explains how market forces are profoundly affecting finance, undergraduate education, basic research, and participation in regional and national economic development at American universities.

The Marketplace Of Ideas

Author : Louis Menand
ISBN : 0393062759
Genre : Education
File Size : 49. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Argues that outdated institutional structures and higher educational philosophies are negatively contrasting with significant changes in today's faculties and student bodies with a result that higher education is more competitive and less applicable, in a critical report that recommends what practices should be salvaged or discarded. 30,000 first printing.

The Teaching Marketplace

Author : Bart Brodsky
ISBN : 0962846406
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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You can build a sideline career teaching, with or without formal credentials. Here's how to design classes, find jobs through schools & businesses, or market independently. Includes marketing campaigns of sucessful teachers. The authors, noted educators, have organized & publicized thousands of classes since 1974. Major media campaign planned. 6" X 9"; color photograph cover; 17 photographs; 11 illustrations; index; bibligraphy. Bar coding available. CRIP, 1442-A Walnut, No. 51, Berkley, CA 94709; (415)-525-9663.

Privatizing Education

Author : Henry Levin
ISBN : 9780429977640
Genre : Education
File Size : 31. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Privatizing Educationis a collection of essays written by such luminaries as Martin Carnoy, Christopher Connell, Wendy Connors, Fred Doolittle, Pearl Rock Kane, Frank Kemerer, Christopher Lauricella, Arthur Levine, Ellen Magenheim, Patrick McEwan, Lee D. Mitgang, David Myers, Gary Natriello, Caroline Persell, Mark Schneider, Janelle Scott, Geoffrey Walford, and Amy Stuart Wells who examine the efforts of some educators, reformers, investors, and political groups to move education from the public to the private sector. This is occurring through tuition tax credits, voucher initiatives, and for-profit, educational management organizations. The volume grows out of a conference that took place at Columbia University's Teachers College which launched the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education.

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