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Cuentos Completos Spanish Edition

Author : Ernest Hemingway
ISBN : 9781982104955
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 65 MB
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Los cuentos de Ernest Hemingway no son sólo lo mejor de su obra, sino también fundamentales para entender el siglo. Esta edición recupera la recopilación que el propio Hemingway hiciera de todos sus cuentos en 1938, conocida como Los cuarenta y nueve primeros cuentos, donde se encuentran relatos tan magistrales como «Los asesinos», «Las nieves del Kilimanjaro» o «Padres e hijos». El mundo estético y moral de Hemingway se encuentra aquí destilado, seco, sobrio, cegador, latente. La caza, la pesca, el boxeo, la guerra, el alcohol, el deseo o la derrota son algunos de los materiales con que se construye esta obra cuyo aliento perdura con un vigor insospechado. «La obra de Hemingway está llena de hallazgos simples y deslumbrantes.» Gabriel García Márquez

50 Cosas Que Hay Que Saber Sobre El Universo

Author : Joanne Baker
ISBN : 9788434417120
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 99 MB
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La curiosidad por conocer los secretos del Universo es tan antigua como el propio hombre. La astrofísica ha sido la ciencia que ha desvelado estos secretos, y ha permitido avanzar en la concepción del Universo: el descubrimiento de los planetas, el modelo heliocéntrico, la ley de la gravedad... Si la historia de estos descubrimientos es apasionante, los descubrimientos hechos en los últimos años abren perspectivas insospechadas. La física y editora Joanne Baker nos ofrece una panorámica de la astrofísica para el lector que, sin ser un especialista en ciencia, esté interesado por conocer cómo funciona el Universo. Además de un repaso a los conceptos esenciales, se explican de manera clara y concisa los últimos descubrimientos sobre esta materia. En qué consisten los agujeros negros, cuáles son las consecuencias de la teoría de la relatividad, cómo se formula la teoría de las cuerdas, cómo podemos saber que el Universo se encuentra en expansión... Este libro da respuesta a estas y otras preguntas que no dejan de fascinarnos.

The Wars Of Gods And Men

Author : Zecharia Sitchin
ISBN : 9781591439172
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 56. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Earth Chronicles series, in six voumes, deals with the history and prehistory of Earth and humankind. Each book in the series, based upon information written on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East, records the fantastic and real battles that occurred between the original creator gods over control of planet Earth. Asserting the premise that mythology is not fanciful but the repository of ancient memories, The Earth Chronicles series suggests that the Bible ought to be read literally as a historic/scientific document, and that ancient civilizations--older and greater than assumed--were the product of knowledge brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, "Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came." The 12th Planet, the first book of the series, presents ancient evidence for the existence of an additional planet in the Solar System: the home planet of the Anunnaki. In confirmation of this evidence, recent data from unmanned spacecraft has led astronomers to actively search for what is being called "Planet X." The subsequent volume, The Stairway to Heaven, traces man's unending search for immortality to a spaceport in the Sinai Peninsula and to the Giza pyramids, which had served as landing beacons for it--refuting the notion that these pyramids were built by human pharaohs. Recently, records by an eye-witness to a forgery of an inscription by the pharaoh Khufu inside the Great Pyramid corroborated the book's conclusions. In The Wars of Gods and Men, the third volume of his series, Zacharia Sitchin recounts events closer to our times, concluding that the Sinai spaceport was destroyed 4,000 years ago with nuclear weapons. Photographs of Earth from space clearly show evidence of such an explosion.The Wars of Gods and Men additionally embraces Canaanite, Hittite, and Hindu sources to include in these investigations the incidents of The Great Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the upheaval of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sitchin's unique reexamination of ancient mysteries explains these past cataclysmic events in the history of humanity, opening insights into our future.

A Brief History Of Time

Author : Stephen Hawking
ISBN : 055389692X
Genre : Science
File Size : 55. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A landmark volume in science writing by one of the great minds of our time, Stephen Hawking’s book explores such profound questions as: How did the universe begin—and what made its start possible? Does time always flow forward? Is the universe unending—or are there boundaries? Are there other dimensions in space? What will happen when it all ends? Told in language we all can understand, A Brief History of Time plunges into the exotic realms of black holes and quarks, of antimatter and “arrows of time,” of the big bang and a bigger God—where the possibilities are wondrous and unexpected. With exciting images and profound imagination, Stephen Hawking brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of creation.

The Purity Principle

Author : Randy Alcorn
ISBN : 9780307564368
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 83. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For thirty years Randy Alcorn has been encouraging people-young and old-to pursue the rewards of sexual purity. Too often we settle for a compromised Christianity that's just a baptized version of the world's sad existence, rather than the abundant life to which God calls us. This book deals with - raising children to embrace sexual purity - providing an example of purity in the home - protecting purity in dating (at any age) - and maintaining purity in marriage. Biblical, practical, and concise, The Purity Principle is a one-stop handbook for individuals, families and churches. Some people have given up on purity. Some have never tried. Bestselling author Randy Alcorn shows us why, in this culture of impurity, the stakes are so high—and what we can do to experience the freedom of purity. Impurity will always destroy us; purity always leads to higher pleasures! Choose wisely. Let the insights of this amazing book—written for old and young, married and single—help you gain your footing on the path to truly lasting joy. From the Hardcover edition.

The Immortal Mind

Author : Ervin Laszlo
ISBN : 9781620553046
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Scientific evidence for the continual presence of consciousness with or without connection to a living organism • Examines findings on the survival of consciousness beyond life, including near-death experiences, after-death communication, and reincarnation • Explains how this correlates precisely with cutting-edge physics theories on superstrings, information fields, and energy matrices • Reveals how consciousness manifests in living beings to continue its evolution Evidence now points to consciousness existing beyond the brain, such as when the brain is temporarily incapacitated, as well as to the survival of consciousness after death. Conventional science prefers to dismiss these findings because they cannot be accommodated by a materialist view of reality. Spirituality and religion embrace the continuity of consciousness and ascribe it to a nonmaterial spirit or soul that is immortal. As such, spirituality/religion and science continually find conflict in their views. But what if there truly is no conflict? Based on a new scientific paradigm in sync with experience-based spirituality, Ervin Laszlo and Anthony Peake explore how consciousness is continually present in the cosmos and can exist without connection to a living organism. They examine the rapidly growing body of scientific evidence supporting the continuity of consciousness, including near-death experiences, after-death communication, reincarnation, and neurosensory information received in altered states. They explain how the persistence of consciousness beyond the demise of the body means that, in essence, we are not mortal--we continue to exist even when our physical existence has come to an end. This correlates precisely with cutting-edge physics, which posits that things in our plane of time and space are not intrinsically real but are manifestations of a hidden dimension where they exist in the form of superstrings, information fields, and energy matrices. With proof that consciousness is basic to the cosmos and immortal in its deeper, nonmanifest realm, Laszlo and Peake reveal the purpose of consciousness is to manifest in living beings in order to continuously evolve.

New Scientist The Origin Of Almost Everything

Author : New Scientist
ISBN : 9781857889390
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From what actually happened in the Big Bang to the accidental discovery of post-it notes, the history of science is packed with surprising discoveries. Did you know, for instance, that if you were to get too close to a black hole it would suck you up like a noodle (it's called spaghettification), why your keyboard is laid out in QWERTY (it's not to make it easier to type) or why animals never evolved wheels? New Scientist does. And now they and award-winning illustrator Jennifer Daniel want to take you on a colorful, whistle-stop journey from the start of our universe (through the history of stars, galaxies, meteorites, the Moon and dark energy) to our planet (through oceans and weather and oil) and life (through dinosaurs to emotions and sex) to civilization (from cities to alcohol and cooking), knowledge (from alphabets to alchemy) ending up with technology (computers to rocket science). Witty essays explore the concepts alongside enlightening infographics that zoom from how many people have ever lived, to showing you how a left-wing brain differs from a right-wing one...

La Creacion Del Universo

Genre :
File Size : 84. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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El materialismo ya no puede suponer que es una filosofa cientfica. Arthur Koestler, conocido filsofo social 1Cmo pas a existir el universo infinito en el que vivimos?Cmo se desarrollaron el equilibrio, la armona y el orden de este universo?A qu se debe que esta Tierra sea un lugar de refugio tan apropiado para vivir en ella?

El Atlas De La Creacion 1

Genre :
File Size : 65. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hace unos 150 años el materialista británico Charles Darwin propuso una teoría basada en una serie de observaciones hechas durante sus viajes, aunque las mismas no podían ser respaldadas por ningún descubrimiento científico. En esencia, la teoría de la evolución consistió en la presentación de distintos escenarios supuestos y conjeturas imaginadas por Darwin. Según esa visión, las sustancias inertes pudieron juntarse fortuitamente para dar lugar a la primera célula viva. Sin duda, este supuesto muy erróneo tampoco podía ser corroborado por descubrimientos o evidencias científicas. Según ese mito, la célula se forma por casualidad gradualmente y luego se transforma en la primera especie de microbio. En otras palabras, se habría producido una “evolución”. Es decir, todas las formas de vida en la Tierra –desde las bacterias a los seres humanos– habrían aparecido de esa manera.

Fashion Faith And Fantasy In The New Physics Of The Universe

Author : Roger Penrose
ISBN : 9781400880287
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What can fashionable ideas, blind faith, or pure fantasy possibly have to do with the scientific quest to understand the universe? Surely, theoretical physicists are immune to mere trends, dogmatic beliefs, or flights of fancy? In fact, acclaimed physicist and bestselling author Roger Penrose argues that researchers working at the extreme frontiers of physics are just as susceptible to these forces as anyone else. In this provocative book, he argues that fashion, faith, and fantasy, while sometimes productive and even essential in physics, may be leading today's researchers astray in three of the field's most important areas—string theory, quantum mechanics, and cosmology. Arguing that string theory has veered away from physical reality by positing six extra hidden dimensions, Penrose cautions that the fashionable nature of a theory can cloud our judgment of its plausibility. In the case of quantum mechanics, its stunning success in explaining the atomic universe has led to an uncritical faith that it must also apply to reasonably massive objects, and Penrose responds by suggesting possible changes in quantum theory. Turning to cosmology, he argues that most of the current fantastical ideas about the origins of the universe cannot be true, but that an even wilder reality may lie behind them. Finally, Penrose describes how fashion, faith, and fantasy have ironically also shaped his own work, from twistor theory, a possible alternative to string theory that is beginning to acquire a fashionable status, to "conformal cyclic cosmology," an idea so fantastic that it could be called "conformal crazy cosmology." The result is an important critique of some of the most significant developments in physics today from one of its most eminent figures.

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