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The Carpenter S Pencil

Author : Manuel Rivas
ISBN : 9781468305258
Genre : Fiction
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Manuel Rivas has been heralded as one of the brightest in a new wave of Spanish writers influenced by Spanish and European traditions, as well as by the history of Spain over the past seventy years. A bestseller in Spain, The Carpenter's Pencil has been published in nine countries. Set in the dark days of the Spanish Civil War, The Carpenter's Pencil charts the linked destinies of a remarkable cast of unique characters. All are bound by the events of the Civil War-the artists and the peasants alike-and all are brought to life, in Rivas's skillful hand, with the power of the carpenter's pencil, a pencil that draws both the measured line and the artist's dazzling vision. Translated from the Galician by Jonathan Dunne.

El L Piz Del Carpintero

Author : Manuel Rivas
ISBN : 849062884X
Genre :
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En la cárcel de Santiago de Compostela, en el verano de 1936, un pintor dibuja el Pórtico de la Gloria con un lápiz de carpintero. Los rostros de los profetas y de los ancianos de la Orquesta del Apocalipsis son los de sus compañeros republicanos de presidio. Un guardián, su futuro asesino, lo observa fascinado... La historia de ese lápiz, conductor de memorias, portador de almas, continuará hasta nuestros días. Después de La lengua de las mariposas, Manuel Rivas retoma el hilo de la tragedia española, la guerra que estremeció al mundo y marcó la historia del siglo XX. Pero El lápiz del carpintero no es una historia más sobre la guerra. Trata de la vida de los hombres y las mujeres en el lado más salvaje de la historia. Trata de la fuerza del amor ocupando el hueco abismal de la desesperanza. Con el lápiz del carpintero, con las manos de las lavanderas, con el dolor fantasma de los amputados, con la belleza tísica de los enfermos... va tejiéndose la red de la realidad inteligente. Aquí el lenguaje se confunde con el aliento de la vida, con el código morse de las vísceras. Una novela escrita desde hoy y para siempre.

Spanishness In The Spanish Novel And Cinema Of The 20th 21st Century

Author : Cristina Sánchez-Conejero
ISBN : 9781443814584
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46. 71 MB
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Spanishness in the Spanish Novel and Cinema of the 20th-21st Century is an exploration of the general concept of “Spanishness” as all things related to Spain, specifically as the multiple meanings of “Spanishness” and the different ways of being Spanish are depicted in 20th-21st century literary and cinematic fiction of Spain. This book also represents a call for a re-evaluation of what being Spanish means not just in post-Franco Spain but also in the Spain of the new millennium. The reader will find treatments of some of the crucial themes in Spanish culture such as immigration, nationalisms, and affiliation with the European Union as well as many others of contemporary relevance such as time, memory, and women studies that defy exclusivist and clear-cut single notions of Spanishness. These explorations will help contextualize what it means to be Spanish in present day Spain and in the light of globalization while also dissipating stereotypical notions of Spain and Spanishness.

Telling Tales Storytelling In Contemporary Spain

Author : Anne L. Walsh
ISBN : 9781443876810
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 33. 4 MB
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This volume delves deeply into the role played by stories and storytelling in shaping, controlling and mapping present-day Spain, and examines fiction in various manifestations and genres, especially written and filmic. It contrasts such stories and their context with the past, investigating the differences and similarities between spatially and geographically varying narrations in order to tease out the link between the time of telling and the act of living. Throughout the book, scholars look separately at this phenomenon, and their findings reveal a close bond between events occurring in the real world and the relating of fictional stories. Particularly in Spain, the geographic space of interest here, storytelling is used both as catharsis and didactically. Authors and filmmakers find inspiration in everyday occurrences, and, while there is nothing unusual in that, the interest here lies in the consequent transformation of these occurrences into fascinating stories that attempt to make sense of chaotic events, connect those events temporally, and explore the meaning of the consequent coherence. Stories are at the very essence of humanity, be they fictional or based on everyday reality. This collection focuses specifically on Spain where easily identifiable features of history (such as the Spanish Civil War, the Franco Dictatorship, transition, democracy, and the global economic crisis) have had a major impact on everyday life. The narratives emerging show clear evidence of that impact, with an emphasis on such themes as the significance of memory, the impossibility and instability of such memory, the chaotic nature of life, and the place of the nation/state in the psyche of the individual, with emerging themes investigating the role of solidarity and empathy in the empowerment of the individual. This volume is informed by the shift that occurred in the twentieth century towards a world of unstable parameters, whereby whatever knowledge that is received must be questioned as to the extent of its authenticity since that knowledge is always affected by memory, experience, and time, all subjective phenomena in themselves.

El L Piz Del Carpintero Ein Roman Von Manuel Rivas Mit Besonderer Ber Cksichtigung Der Christlichen Symbolik In Diesem Werk

Author : Johann Strese
ISBN : 9783638276634
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2004 im Fachbereich Romanistik - Spanische Sprache, Literatur, Landeskunde, Note: 1,3, Universität Potsdam (Institut für Romanistik), Veranstaltung: PS La novela de la guerra civil espanola, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Mit El lápiz del carpintero erzählt uns der galicische Autor Manuel Rivas einen Teil der Geschichte seiner Heimat. Ein Teil, der aufs engste verbunden ist mit der Geschichte Spaniens. Dieses Buch, das überwiegend in der spanischen Bürgerkriegszeit spielt und uns einen Einblick in diese turbulente Zeit gibt, handelt jedoch nicht nur von der Guerra Civil. Rivas bedient sich dieser dunklen Epoche Spaniens, um die Geschichten der Menschen zu erzählen, die sie gelebt haben. Menschen wie der Arzt Da Barca, der Gendarm Herbal, der Maler ohne Namen (pintor) oder Marisa Mallo. Bei einem Interview wurde Manuel Rivas einmal gefragt, warum er denn wieder den Bürgerkrieg als Spielraum seines Romans ausgesucht habe. Seine Antwort darauf war: “... es la metáfora de todas las guerras. Quizá no seamos conscientes de ello pero se batieron enfurecidos todos los vientos de la Historia, las grandes cuestiones de este siglo y las anteriores, que se habían ido acumulando.” In den Figuren von El lápiz del carpintero spiegeln sich die verschiedensten Konflikte, die von der Menschheit je ausgetragen wurden und werden. Hass vs. Liebe, Links vs. Rechts, Religion vs. Ungläubigkeit, Reich vs. Arm. Themen, die bis heute an Aktualität nichts verloren haben, uns aber trotzdem nicht immer bewusst sind. Für Rivas ist die Literatur ein Antivirus gegen das historische Vergessen, aber auch eine Möglichkeit, das Geschehene aus heutiger Sicht zu reflektieren. Schriftsteller sind für ihn curanderos de sombras, die mit ihrer Heilkunst Leiden nicht physischen Ursprungs heilen.

Working Through Memory

Author : Ofelia Ferrán
ISBN : 0838756581
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 39. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Working Through Memory studies various constructions of memory in contemporary Spanish literature, evoking different aspects of a past of repression, from both the civil war and the Franco regime. Ferran analyzes narrative texts published between the 1960s and 1990s that present memory and the recuperation of a traumatic past as their main theme. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches to the study of memory, this book examines how each text presents a meta-narrative reflection of the very process of memory production, of how it is written and rewritten, recounted or repressed, transmitted or forgotten. Drawing particularly on trauma theory, Ferran argues that the analyzed texts provide effective models for what Freud called "working through" memory. This process is shown to be effective as it unsettles dominant historical discourses in the present, allowing for the pain and suffering of the victims of a traumatic past to emerge through various forms of narrative disruption and fragmentation.

The Spanish Civil War Exhuming A Buried Past

Author : Anindya Raychaudhuri
ISBN : 9781783160235
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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While the intricate relationship between history, memory and representation is of central concern in contemporary society everywhere, it is perhaps more alive in Spain than in any other European country. The seventy-fifth anniversary of the Spanish Civil War has re-ignited interest in this field – an interest that is reflected in this book and which it will reinforce. This book features cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research on the political, historical, cultural, and literary legacy of the Spanish Civil War by a mixture of new and leading scholars from Europe, North America and New Zealand.

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