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Spanish Translated Milady Standard Nail Technology

Author : Milady
ISBN : 9781285080598
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Milady Standard Nail Technology, 7th Edition is packed with new and updated information on several important topics including infection control, manicuring, pedicuring, chemistry, UV gels, and the salon business. Brand new procedural photography enhances step-by-step instructions for the student. Also included, is a new “Why Study?” section at the beginning of each chapter, outlining the importance of understanding the concepts presented. Chapter objectives have also been revised to provide students and instructors with measureable, outcomes-based goals that can later be assessed using the end-of-chapter review questions. This latest edition of Milady Standard Nail Technology gives the aspiring nail technician the tools they need to launch themselves into a rewarding and successful career. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

El Atraco The Heist Spanish Edition

Author : Daniel Silva
ISBN : 9780829702491
Genre : Fiction
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Gabriel Allon, restaurador de arte y ocasional espía, está en búsqueda de una obra maestra de Caravaggio que ha sido robada, en el relato lleno de acción e intriga internacional del autor #1 best seller del New York Times Daniel Silva. A veces la mejor manera de encontrar una obra maestra robada es robar otra...Novelista maestro Daniel Silva ha entusiasmado lectores con dieciséis apasionantes y cautivadoras novelas espías con un variado elenco de personajes convincentes e ingeniosos que las ha llevado a todo el mundo —desde Estados Unidos a Europa, Rusia al Oriente Medio. Su brillante creación, Gabriel Allon —restaurador de arte, asesino, espía— se ha unido al firmamento de los grandes agentes secretos ficticios, entre ellos, George Smiley, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, y Simon Templar.Tras el éxito de su éxito The English Girl, Daniel Silva vuelve con otra poderosa novela que exhibe su espectacular habilidad y brillante imaginación, y asegura ser de lectura obligada tanto para su multitud de fans y la creciente legión de convertidos.

Lily Una Novela En Espanol

Author : LM DeWalt
ISBN : 9781926760438
Genre : Fiction
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Lily es un vampiro, trágica y solitaria, que sin saberlo fue traída a su existencia por Ian, un fabricante egoísta, pero hermoso, que ha capturado su corazón desde hace décadas, a pesar de que él la dejó sin brújula para navegar su mundo nuevo y extraño. Cuando conoce a un aquelarre de vampiros que la aceptan y la tratan como familia, todo lo que ella pensaba que conocía es cuestionable. Las cosas se complican aún más cuando finalmente encuentra el amor -- Christian, un hombre humano. Justo cuando por fin encontró la felicidad, vuelve a aparecer Ian, que amenaza con destruir todo lo que Lily estima. Cuando le quita otra vez todas sus opciones, Lily se encuentra arrojada a un mundo donde los pecados constantes de Ian son imparables y su familia, y el amor recién descubierto, parecen perdidos para siempre.

Argentina Legend And History

Author : Vicente Blasco Ib‡–ez
ISBN : 9781465593382
Genre :
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ÊIf we wish to understand Argentina, we must begin first of all by familiarizing ourselves with one pivotal sentiment that has permeated and controlled every aspect of Argentine life and development since colonial days. This sentiment is an exalted and haughty patriotism, so intense, indeed, that the tone with which an Argentine says ÒSoy argentinoÓ, is no whit less assertive and proud than that in which citizens of ancient Rome were wont to say ÒCivis Romanus sumÓ. Whatever the origin of this sentiment, the evidences of it are irrefutable. Argentina has to-day about nine million inhabitants: of these, fully two thirds are of recent foreign origin, mainly Italian and Spanish, and to a much smaller extent, English, French, and German. Argentina, in other words, has relatively a much larger population of recent foreign extraction than the United States. Nevertheless, the hyphen does not exist in Argentina; and the terms Italo-Argentine, Hispano-Argentine, Franco-Argentine, etc., are entirely unknown. The jealous and uncompromising patriotism of the Argentine makes hyphenated national designations impossible. If we turn from the evidence of purely popular sentiment to the more sober and more controlled evidence of literature, we find the same thing. Take away from the literature of Argentina the theme of patriotism, and you have taken away its most distinctive and its greatest life-giving element. It has been said, and justly, that the Italian literature of the nineteenth century centered entirely about the theme of Italian unification, voicing during the first half of the century the aspirations of her great men for a united Italy, and during the second half intoning the p¾an of joy at the accomplishment of those aspirations. The same may be said of Argentine literature. The names of the great leaders of her immortal Revolution, both against the mother country and later against the internal caudillo tyrantsÑthe most important of whom was RosasÑand the deeds that they performed, recur again and again through the pages of her men of letters, whatever be the form of literature they engage in, narrative, dramatic, or poetic.

Literatura Hispanoamericana

Author : David W. Foster
ISBN : 9781317716778
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 51. 80 MB
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This Spanish-language anthology contains selections by 45 Latin-American authors. It is intended as a text for upper division Latin American literature survey courses. The anthology presumes a high level of linguistic command of Spanish, and it contains footnotes to allusions and cultural references, as well as words and phrases not found in standard bilingual dictionaries used in the US. Emphasis is on major 20th-century writers, while important works from colonial and 19th-century literature as also included. The diverse selections of Literature Hispanoamericana will enable students to have a more sustained exposure to major voices of Latin American literature than possible in anthologies built around fragments. By focusing on fewer authors but more significant selections from their writings, students will have a greater grasp of major canonical figures as well as emergent voices.

An Anthology Of Spanish American Literature

Author : John Eugene Englekirk
ISBN : UTEXAS:059172018665338
Genre : Authors, Spanish American
File Size : 41. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Beginnings Of The Epistolary Novel In France Italy And Spain

Author : Charles Emil Kany
ISBN : UVA:X002614481
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 81 MB
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The Horsemen Of The Americas And The Literature They Inspired

Author : Edward Larocque Tinker
ISBN : 9781477306796
Genre : History
File Size : 71. 75 MB
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Wherever cattle have been raised on a large scale horsemen have been there to handle them; and wherever these horsemen have existed they have left an indelible mark upon the history of the land. Frequently they have been ignorant, violent, and brutal. Always they have been vigorous and individualistic. They have taken their herds into frontier areas, opened new country, fought and driven off earlier inhabitants, participated in revolutions, battled among themselves, and generally lived lives which, colorful and somewhat frightening to their contemporaries, have become robust legends to those who followed them. Edward Larocque Tinker portrays the life of these people in the two Americas, the conditions which created them, and those that ultimately destroyed or transformed them. "Ever since I was a small boy, when my parents returned from Mexico bringing me a charro outfit complete with saddle and bridle, Latin America has beckoned with the finger of romance," Mr. Tinker recalls. "As soon as I was old enough, I made many trips to Mexico and, in the days of Porfirio Díaz, learned to know it from the border to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. During the Revolution I was with General Álvaro Obregón when he was a Teniente Coronel in his Sonora Campaign, and, although I was only a lawyer on a holiday, took care of his wounded in the battel of San Joaquín. Later, in Pancho Villa's train, I was present at Celaya when he was defeated by Obregón. "Always an ardent horseman, I worked many a roundup with the vaqueros of Sonora and Chihuahua, and with the cowboys of our Southwest. . . . "I saw the similarity between the American cowboy, the Argentine Gaucho, and the Vaquero of Mexico. They all received their gear and technique of cattle handling from Spain, and developed the same independence, courage, and hardihood. I thought if these qualities were better known they might serve as a bridge to closer understanding throughout the Americas." From his study of the lives of these horsemen, Tinker proceeds to an examination of the literature that evolved among and then about them. The first and largest part of the book deals with the gaucho of Argentina and Uruguay. The second and third sections examine the charro of Mexico and the cowboy of the United States.

Voces De Hispanoamerica

Author : Raquel Chang-Rodriguez
ISBN : 9781305584488
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 27. 38 MB
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VOCES DE HISPANOAMÉRICA, the market-leading anthology, features the most distinguished authors of Spanish-American literature from the pre-colonial period to the present. Introductory essays and literary selections, combined with many historical and literary references, make this text an invaluable resource. Through detailed essays that focus on each historical period, this 5th edition provides the necessary background information for you to effectively study, analyze, and evaluate literary works. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Proposed Units On Hispano American Literature For Use In Teaching Spanish

Author : Dane Kemp Roberts
ISBN : STANFORD:36105025564993
Genre :
File Size : 81. 14 MB
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