electrochemical polymer electrolyte membranes electrochemical energy storage and conversion

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Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

Author : Jianhua Fang
ISBN : 9781466581470
Genre : Science
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Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes covers PEMs from fundamentals to applications, describing their structure, properties, characterization, synthesis, and use in electrochemical energy storage and solar energy conversion technologies. Featuring chapters authored by leading experts from academia and industry, this authoritative text: Discusses cutting-edge methodologies in PEM material selection and fabrication Points out important challenges in developing PEMs and recommends mitigation strategies to improve PEM performance Analyzes the current integration of PEMs with primary power devices and explores research trends for the next generation of PEMs Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes provides a systematic overview of the state of the art of PEM development, making the book a beneficial resource for researchers, students, industrial professionals, and manufacturers.

Electrochemical Technologies For Energy Storage And Conversion

Author :
ISBN : 9783527328697
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Organic Inorganic Composite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

Author : Dr Inamuddin
ISBN : 9783319527390
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This volume explores the latest developments in the area of polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs) used for high-temperature fuel cells. Featuring contributions from an international array of researchers, it presents a unified viewpoint on the operating principles of fuel cells, various methodologies used for the fabrication of PEMs, and issues related to the chemical and mechanical stabilities of the membranes. Special attention is given to the fabrication of electrospun nanocomposite membranes. The editors have consciously placed an emphasis on developments in the area of fast-growing and promising PEM materials obtained via hygroscopic inorganic fillers, solid proton conductors, heterocyclic solvents, ionic liquids, anhydrous H3PO4 blends, and heteropolyacids. This book is intended for fuel cell researchers and students who are interested in a deeper understanding of the organic–inorganic membranes used in fuel cells, membrane fabrication methodologies, properties and clean energy applications.

High Temperature Electrochemical Energy Conversion And Storage

Author : Yixiang Shi
ISBN : 9781351332026
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60. 96 MB
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As global demands for energy and lower carbon emissions rise, developing systems of energy conversion and storage becomes necessary. This book explores how Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (EESC) devices are promising advanced power systems that can directly convert chemical energy in fuel into power, and thereby aid in proposing a solution to the global energy crisis. The book focuses on high-temperature electrochemical devices that have a wide variety of existing and potential applications, including the creation of fuel cells for power generation, production of high-purity hydrogen by electrolysis, high-purity oxygen by membrane separation, and various high-temperature batteries. High-Temperature Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage: Fundamentals and Applications provides a comprehensive view of the new technologies in high-temperature electrochemistry. Written in a clear and detailed manner, it is suitable for developers, researchers, or students of any level.

Electrochemical Energy

Author : Pei Kang Shen
ISBN : 9781482227284
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 72 MB
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Electrochemical Energy: Advanced Materials and Technologies covers the development of advanced materials and technologies for electrochemical energy conversion and storage. The book was created by participants of the International Conference on Electrochemical Materials and Technologies for Clean Sustainable Energy (ICES-2013) held in Guangzhou, China, and incorporates select papers presented at the conference. More than 300 attendees from across the globe participated in ICES-2013 and gave presentations in six major themes: Fuel cells and hydrogen energy Lithium batteries and advanced secondary batteries Green energy for a clean environment Photo-Electrocatalysis Supercapacitors Electrochemical clean energy applications and markets Comprised of eight sections, this book includes 25 chapters featuring highlights from the conference and covering every facet of synthesis, characterization, and performance evaluation of the advanced materials for electrochemical energy. It thoroughly describes electrochemical energy conversion and storage technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, hydrogen generation, and their associated materials. The book contains a number of topics that include electrochemical processes, materials, components, assembly and manufacturing, and degradation mechanisms. It also addresses challenges related to cost and performance, provides varying perspectives, and emphasizes existing and emerging solutions. The result of a conference encouraging enhanced research collaboration among members of the electrochemical energy community, Electrochemical Energy: Advanced Materials and Technologies is dedicated to the development of advanced materials and technologies for electrochemical energy conversion and storage and details the technologies, current achievements, and future directions in the field.

Springer Handbook Of Electrochemical Energy

Author : Cornelia Breitkopf
ISBN : 9783662466575
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 20 MB
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This comprehensive handbook covers all fundamentals of electrochemistry for contemporary applications. It provides a rich presentation of related topics of electrochemistry with a clear focus on energy technologies. It covers all aspects of electrochemistry starting with theoretical concepts and basic laws of thermodynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and multiscale modeling. It further gathers the basic experimental methods such as potentiometry, reference electrodes, ion-sensitive electrodes, voltammetry and amperometry. The contents cover subjects related to mass transport, the electric double layer, ohmic losses and experimentation affecting electrochemical reactions. These aspects of electrochemistry are especially examined in view of specific energy technologies including batteries, polymer electrolyte and biological fuel cells, electrochemical capacitors, electrochemical hydrogen production and photoelectrochemistry. Organized in six parts, the overall complexity of electrochemistry is presented and makes this handbook an authoritative reference and definitive source for advanced students, professionals and scientists particularly interested in industrial and energy applications.

Electrochemical Energy Storage For Renewable Sources And Grid Balancing

Author : Patrick T. Moseley
ISBN : 9780444626103
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45. 20 MB
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Electricity from renewable sources of energy is plagued by fluctuations (due to variations in wind strength or the intensity of insolation) resulting in a lack of stability if the energy supplied from such sources is used in ‘real time’. An important solution to this problem is to store the energy electrochemically (in a secondary battery or in hydrogen and its derivatives) and to make use of it in a controlled fashion at some time after it has been initially gathered and stored. Electrochemical battery storage systems are the major technologies for decentralized storage systems and hydrogen is the only solution for long-term storage systems to provide energy during extended periods of low wind speeds or solar insolation. Future electricity grid design has to include storage systems as a major component for grid stability and for security of supply. The technology of systems designed to achieve this regulation of the supply of renewable energy, and a survey of the markets that they will serve, is the subject of this book. It includes economic aspects to guide the development of technology in the right direction. Provides state-of-the-art information on all of the storage systems together with an assessment of competing technologies Features detailed technical, economic and environmental impact information of different storage systems Contains information about the challenges that must be faced for batteries and hydrogen-storage to be used in conjunction with a fluctuating (renewable energy) power supply

Physical Multiscale Modeling And Numerical Simulation Of Electrochemical Devices For Energy Conversion And Storage

Author : Alejandro A. Franco
ISBN : 9781447156772
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The aim of this book is to review innovative physical multiscale modeling methods which numerically simulate the structure and properties of electrochemical devices for energy storage and conversion. Written by world-class experts in the field, it revisits concepts, methodologies and approaches connecting ab initio with micro-, meso- and macro-scale modeling of components and cells. It also discusses the major scientific challenges of this field, such as that of lithium-ion batteries. This book demonstrates how fuel cells and batteries can be brought together to take advantage of well-established multi-scale physical modeling methodologies to advance research in this area. This book also highlights promising capabilities of such approaches for inexpensive virtual experimentation. In recent years, electrochemical systems such as polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, water electrolyzers, lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors have attracted much attention due to their potential for clean energy conversion and as storage devices. This has resulted in tremendous technological progress, such as the development of new electrolytes and new engineering designs of electrode structures. However, these technologies do not yet possess all the necessary characteristics, especially in terms of cost and durability, to compete within the most attractive markets. Physical multiscale modeling approaches bridge the gap between materials’ atomistic and structural properties and the macroscopic behavior of a device. They play a crucial role in optimizing the materials and operation in real-life conditions, thereby enabling enhanced cell performance and durability at a reduced cost. This book provides a valuable resource for researchers, engineers and students interested in physical modelling, numerical simulation, electrochemistry and theoretical chemistry.

Separators And Membranes For Batteries Capacitors Fuel Cells And Other Electrochemical Systems

Author : J. Weidner
ISBN : 9781566777728
Genre : Science
File Size : 58. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The papers included in this issue of ECS Transactions were originally presented in the symposium ¿Separators and Membranes for Batteries, Capacitors, Fuel Cells, and Other Electrochemical Systems¿, held during the 215th meeting of The Electrochemical Society, in San Francisco, CA from May 24 to 29, 2009.

Polymer Electrolytes

Author : César Sequeira
ISBN : 9781845699772
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 76. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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Polymer electrolytes are electrolytic materials that are widely used in batteries, fuel cells and other applications such as supercapacitors, photoelectrochemical and electrochromic devices. Polymer electrolytes: Fundamentals and applications provides an important review of this class of ionic conductors, their properties and applications. Part one reviews the various types of polymer electrolyte compounds, with chapters on ceramic polymer electrolytes, natural polymer-based polymer electrolytes, composite polymer electrolytes, lithium-doped hybrid polymer electrolytes, hybrid inorganic-organic polymer electrolytes. There are also chapters on ways of characterising and modelling polymer electrolytes. Part two discusses applications such as solar cells, supercapacitors, electrochromic and electrochemical devices, fuel cells and batteries. With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Polymer electrolytes: Fundamentals and applications is a standard reference for all those researching and using polymer electrolytes in such areas as battery and fuel cell technology for automotive and other applications. Provides an important review of this class of ionic conductors, their properties and applications in practical devices Explores categories of polymer electrolytes and conductivity measurements Features a comprehensive analysis of current developments in polymer electrolytes and highlights a new type of polymer electrolyte

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