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Electromagnetic Fields Environment And Health

Author : Anne Perrin
ISBN : 9782817803630
Genre : Medical
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A good number of misconceptions are currently circulating on the effects of non-ionizing radiations on our health, which can lead to an oversimplification of the issue, to potentially dangerous assumptions or to misleading data analysis. Health effects may be exaggerated, or on the contrary underplayed. The authors of this work (doctors, engineers and researchers) have endeavored to supply validated and easily understandable scientific information on the electromagnetic fields and their biological and health effects. After a general review of the physics of the waves and a presentation of non-ionizing radiations, the authors review the main emission sources encountered in our daily environment. They summarize simply but as accurately as possible the current knowledge on their biological effects. The safety limits recommended by international organizations are presented for the different frequency ranges. This book is intended for doctors, teachers, scientists, students, policy makers and anyone else interested in a deeper understanding of the health effects of electromagnetic fields. Intended to serve a broad readership, everyone will approach it according to their respective level of curiosity and knowledge. It is neither an exhaustive inventory of all the studies made to date, nor a survey text focusing only on some chosen studies. Nor is the objective to present all the sources of non-ionizing radiations. Interested readers will be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, also by consulting the selected bibliography presented by the authors at the end of each chapter.

Electromagnetic Field Health And Environment

Author : A. Krawczyk
ISBN : 9781607503309
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Electromagnetic Field, Health and Environment mirrors the image of the EHE’07 conference which attracted people investigating the phenomenon of interaction of electromagnetic field and biological objects. This book tries to enlighten the problem with the use of scientifically founded facts kept within methodological discipline. The particular targets of the book can be briefly summarized as reviewing, presenting and discussing innovations in computer modeling, measurement and simulation of bioelectromagnetic phenomena, analyzing physical and biological aspects of bioelectromagnetic phenomena, and discussing environmental safety and policy issues as well as relevant international standards. The book is divided into five chapters of which the first three chapters deal with the electromagnetic field in combination with environment, health and biology respectively. The fourth chapter focuses on computer simulation in bioelectromagnetics, whereas the fifth chapter sees to the electromagnetic field in policy and standards. An additional three contributions are included: the first contribution shows the brief essay on Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in which the occasion of his birth 150 years ago is celebrated. The second summarizes the long-lasting research in magnetic stimulation and bioimaging and the third one considers some theoretical aspects of electromagnetic field.

Biological And Health Effects From Exposure To Power Line Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Author : Hiraku Takebe
ISBN : 1586031058
Genre : Science
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The possible health effects of electro-magnetic (EMF) from high-voltage electric power lines have been discussed sine the 1970s. The concern was triggered by epidemilogical studies in the United States and Europe that suggested a slightly increased incidence of leukaemia's and brain tumours occured among those living and working near high-voltage power lines. Although studies can indicate an associate between factor and effect, the studies themselves cannot confirm a cause-effect relationship. Whether EMF is producing these ill effects must be confirmed by experimental studies.

Epidemiology Of Electromagnetic Fields

Author : Martin Roosli
ISBN : 9781466568174
Genre : Medical
File Size : 34. 34 MB
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Appeals to a Wide Audience Fueled by more than 30 years of intensive research and debate on the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on everyday life—starting with residential exposure to magnetic fields and the development of childhood cancer in the 70s and continuing with risk of exposure via wireless communications in present day—Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields addresses ongoing public and scientific controversy surrounding the possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to human health, and provides an in-depth introduction into the methodology of environmental epidemiology that is appropriate for all levels, from student to practicing engineer. Exposure to EMF Focusing primarily on EMF examples, the author presents the general principles and methodological concepts in environmental epidemiology. Topics of importance in the first part of the book include epidemiological study designs, exposure assessment methods and implications for the study results, as well as selection bias, confounding, and other biases including reverse causality and ecological fallacy. The second part of the book covers environmental epidemiological methods in detail and outlines key examples such as childhood leukemia and exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields, as well as examples that look at brain tumors and mobile phone use. The book also offers a detailed discussion on the range of EMF sources and exposures. In addition, it highlights the sophisticated assessment methods required to address exposure situations, and provides a historical perspective. The third part of the book examines how EMF exposure from the use of wireless communication techniques and other challenges affect risk assessment today and also details future developments. Explores environmental epidemiological methods in detail, while critically discussing epidemiological findings Provides a state-of-the-art overview of the scientific evidence of the health effects of EMF Considers how novelty, the steep increase of radiofrequency (RF) EMF exposure from wireless communications, and other challenges affect risk assessment today Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields provides a thorough overview of the subject, and evaluates the scientific evidence surrounding the possible health effects of EMFs.

Questions And Answers About Electric And Magnetic Fields Associated With The Use Of Electric Power

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
ISBN : 078814149X
Genre :
File Size : 90. 46 MB
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Electric power is a fact of life; however, with it come certain precautions that are also well known. Recently, a new question has emerged: Does electric power have anything to with cancer? This document provides answers to common questions about the possible health effects of Electric & Magnetic Fields (EMF's). Defines basic electrical terms, describes EMF's, & discusses recent scientific studies. Describes what the gov't. is doing to address public concerns about EMF's. Addresses questions people have about their own exposure to EMF's. Lists publications, hotlines, & tech. ref's.

Electromagnetic Environmental Health Hazards

Author : Subas Rai
ISBN : UOM:39015032735717
Genre : Electromagnetic fields
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Environmental Health Hazards

Author : Harish Kumar
ISBN : 8178900092
Genre :
File Size : 50. 76 MB
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The Canadian Guide To Health And The Environment

Author : Tee L. Guidotti
ISBN : 0888642938
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 86. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Canadians enjoy their beautiful surroundings, but they do have concerns about environmental hazards that may affect their health. This book offers help in understanding the issues and risks. Open the The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment and you'll quickly find clear, balanced information to help answer your questions about the following topics and more: global warming, drinking water, irradiated food, deforestation, asthma, sick-building syndrome,noise, suntanning, cancer, PCBs. The handy "What You Can Do" sections suggest how to tackle issues in ways that suit your particular situation. Educator and public-health physician Tee L. Guidotti--with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and a host of expert contributors--walks you through the many issues linking the environment and your health. Use the Guide as a reference to specific topics, a readable overview of environmental health concerns, or a learning tool for students, parents, and families. The Guide includes: - a quick-access glossary - a bibliography of helpful publications, plus dozens of references to books, agencies, and internet sites you can explore for further information - a series of quizzes and games to check your environmental knowledge, and - an index for easy reference. The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment will help you make decisions that are right for you and your family--and good for our environment.

International Conference On Advancements Of Medicine And Health Care Through Technology 29th August 2nd September 2011 Cluj Napoca Romania

Author : Simona Vlad
ISBN : 9783642225864
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 6 MB
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This volume presents the contributions of the third International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology (Meditech 2011), held in in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The papers of this Proceedings volume present new developments in - Health Care Technology, - Medical Devices, Measurement and Instrumentation, - Medical Imaging, Image and Signal Processing, - Modeling and Simulation, - Molecular Bioengineering, - Biomechanics.

The Environment And Mental Health

Author : Ante Lundberg
ISBN : 9781134809066
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39. 63 MB
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Environmental illness is a concept of growing concern to all health professionals. Patients with problems presumably caused by sick buildings, electromagnetic fields and hypersensitivity to chemicals--to name a few--are often referred to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other counselors. The battery worker with fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain and an elevated lead level...the assembly worker with pain and numbness in her hand and delayed median nerve conduction...the patient who develops typical contact dermatitis after working with epoxies..., these are straightforward cases. But they are in the minority. In many cases, needy, demanding, and difficult patients present complex and challenging psychological issues. Practitioners often lack the training or wisdom to handle these issues effectively. We know that exposure to lead, mercury, and PCBs affect psychological development and behavior; we know much less about the effects of thousands of other chemicals in the environment. In addition, global climate change, social disruption, and the spread of infections will--in the near future--expose people to novel environmental threats. Symptoms caused by toxins can overlap those caused by fear, stress, and depression, and the clinical picture can mimic a variety of other mental disorders. On the other hand, the natural environment can also be a healer. Research shows that hospital stays are shortened and the need for pain medication reduced for patients exposed to nature, even in images, or to the company of animals. Nursing home patients live longer if allowed to keep pets, and one controlled study shows that caring for animals reduces disruptive behavior in even the most difficult ADD children. This book offers the first overview of the many ways the environment can affect mental health and illness. It will prove to be an important and valuable resource for physicians in psychiatry, public health, and environmental medicine; for clinical and counseling psychologists and social workers; and for environmental researchers and advocates worldwide.

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