elektronik hacks

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Elektronik Hacks

Author : Monk, Simon
ISBN : 9783826697180
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ein Do-It-Yourself-Guide für Einsteiger Zahlreiche Projekte mit Sensoren, Fernsteuerungen, Motoren und Arduino Setzen Sie Ihre Elektronik-Ideen direkt in die Tat um Verschiedene Projekte mit dem Arduino-Mikrocontroller Alle Projekte sind mit zahlreichen farbigen Abbildungen, Fotos und Diagrammen illustriert. Einführung ins Verlöten von Drähten und Bauteilen Erklärung elektronischer Bauteile und Lesen von Schaltplänen Grundlagen zu Strom, Widerstand und Spannung Die Verwendung von Transistoren, LEDs und Laserdioden-Modulen Stromversorgung durch Netzteile, Batterien, Akkus oder Solarzellen Einsatz des Arduino-Mikrocontrollers und vorgefertigter Module Verwendung von Sensoren zum Messen von Beschleunigung, Helligkeit usw. Audioverstärker, Mikrofone und UKW-Sender bauen oder modifizieren Reparatur und Ausschlachten elektronischer Geräte Projekte aus dem Buch: Detektor für Methangas Ein via Internet gesteuertes elektronisches Spielzeug Farbmessgerät Ultraschallentfernungsmesser Ein ferngesteuertes Roboterfahrzeug »Eierlaufen« auf Beschleunigungsmessung beruhend Ein 1-Watt-Audioverstärker Abhörwanze, gebaut aus einem gehackten MP3-UKW-Minisender Bremslichter und Scheinwerfer für Modellautos Wer braucht schon einen Abschluss als Elektroingenieur, um mit elektronischen Geräten zu basteln, sie umzubauen oder zu modifizieren? In verständlichen Anleitungen und ohne unnötigen theoretischen Ballast wird in diesem grundlegenden und praxisnahen Buch erläutert, wie Sie schnell und einfach elektronische Geräte auseinandernehmen, neu verdrahten, umbauen, oder für andere Zwecke nutzen. Sie finden in diesem Buch zahlreiche leicht nachvollziehbare und spannende Projekte. Dabei kommen Sensoren, Beschleunigungsmesser, Fernsteuerungen, Ultraschallentfernungsmesser, Motoren, Audiogeräte, Mikrofone und UKW-Sender zum Einsatz. Ein ausführliches Kapitel zeigt außerdem verschiedene Projekte mit dem Arduino-Mikrocontroller. Das abschließende Kapitel beschreibt den korrekten Umgang mit den Werkzeugen des Elektronikers und preiswerte oder kostenlose Elektronik-Software.

Hacking Electronics An Illustrated Diy Guide For Makers And Hobbyists

Author : Simon Monk
ISBN : 9780071802376
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bring your electronic inventions to life! "This full-color book is impressive...there are some really fun projects!" -GeekDad, Wired.com Who needs an electrical engineering degree? This intuitive guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose everyday devices quickly and easily. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics teaches by doing--each topic features fun, easy-to-follow projects. Discover how to hack sensors, accelerometers, remote controllers, ultrasonic rangefinders, motors, stereo equipment, microphones, and FM transmitters. The final chapter contains useful information on getting the most out of cheap or free bench and software tools. Safely solder, join wires, and connect switches Identify components and read schematic diagrams Understand the how and why of electronics theory Work with transistors, LEDs, and laser diode modules Power your devices with a/c supplies, batteries, or solar panels Get up and running on Arduino boards and pre-made modules Use sensors to detect everything from noxious gas to acceleration Build and modify audio amps, microphones, and transmitters Fix gadgets and scavenge useful parts from dead equipment

Handmade Electronic Music

Author : Nicolas Collins
ISBN : 9781317721390
Genre : Music
File Size : 58. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 713
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Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction for students of electronic music, installation and sound-art to the craft of making--as well as creatively cannibalizing--electronic circuits for artistic purposes. Designed for practioners and students of electronic art, it provides a guided tour through the world of electronics, encouraging artists to get to know the inner workings of basic electronic devices so they can creatively use them for their own ends. Handmade Electronic Music introduces the basic of practical circuitry while instructing the student in basic electronic principles, always from the practical point of view of an artist. It teaches a style of intuitive and sensual experimentation that has been lost in this day of prefabricated electronic musical instruments whose inner workings are not open to experimentation. It encourages artists to transcend their fear of electronic technology to launch themselves into the pleasure of working creatively with all kinds of analog circuitry.

Anne Ben Hacker Oluyorum

Author : Burak Bozkurtlar
ISBN : 9786053062059
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 53. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 560
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Bilişim sektörünün en önemli probleminin, kısıtlı insan kaynağı olmasından yola çıktığımızda, Türkçe kaynakların yeterli sayıda olmamasının, bu sorunun ana nedenlerinden biri olduğunu görüyorum. Bu açığı kapatmaya yardımcı olacağını düşündüğüm bu güzel kitabı gönülden destekliyor, konunun gerçek uzman yazarı Burak Bozkurtlar’ı tebrik ediyorum. Kitap güvenlik uzman adaylarına bilgileri adeta hap olarak sunuyor. Tamamını hakkıyla okuyup, pratiğini yapan adayların yolu yarılayacağı kesin. - MURAT GÖÇE BTHABER ŞİRKETLER GRUBU YÖN.KUR.BŞK. -

The Little Book Of Life Hacks

Author : Yumi Sakugawa
ISBN : 9781250092250
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 52. 44 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 497
Read : 510

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Author, illustrator and comic book artist Yumi Sakugawa shares a wide range of useful and unexpected tips for looking and feeling better, streamlining and improving your home life, and creating fun and artsy DIY projects that can brighten your living space. Inspired by her popular “Secret Yumiverse” tips originally posted on WonderHowTo.com, The Little Book of Life Hacks offers a wide range of practical advice and fun tips for everything from how to: - Remove dark circles from under your eyes - Make cold brew iced coffee at home - Throw the perfect apartment party on a budget - Work out at home without a gym membership - Take the perfect afternoon power nap...and more! Featuring Yumi’s signature hand-drawn illustrations throughout, The Little Book of Life Hacks is a distinctive and perfect gift for recent graduates and young working women who want to learn practical ways to organize and improve their daily life while still having fun.

Raspberry Pi Hacks

Author : Ruth Suehle
ISBN : 9781449362317
Genre : Computers
File Size : 53. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 107
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With more than 60 practical and creative hacks, this book helps you turn Raspberry Pi into the centerpiece of some cool electronics projects. Want to create a controller for a camera or a robot? Set up Linux distributions for media centers or PBX phone systems? That’s just the beginning of what you’ll find inside Raspberry Pi Hacks. If you’re looking to build either a software or hardware project with more computing power than Arduino alone can provide, Raspberry Pi is just the ticket. And the hacks in this book will give you lots of great ideas. Use configuration hacks to get more out of your Pi Build your own web server or remote print server Take the Pi outdoors to monitor your garden or control holiday lights Connect with SETI or construct an awesome Halloween costume Hack the Pi’s Linux OS to support more complex projects Decode audio/video formats or make your own music player Achieve a low-weight payload for aerial photography Build a Pi computer cluster or a solar-powered lab

The Internet In Indonesia S New Democracy

Author : David T. Hill
ISBN : 9781134450701
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 428
Read : 607

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The Internet in Indonesia’s New Democracy is a detailed study of legal, economic, political and cultural practices surrounding the provision and consumption of the Internet in Indonesia at the turn of the twenty-first century. Hill and Sen detail the emergence of the Internet into Indonesia in the mid-1990s, and cover its growth through the dramatic economic and political crises of 1997 and the subsequent transition to democracy. Conceptually the Internet is seen as a global phenomenon, with global implications, however this book develops a way of thinking about the Internet within the limits of geo-political categories of nations and provinces. The political turmoil in Indonesia provides a unique context in which to understand the specific local and national consequences of a global, universal technology.

Hacking Vs Hukum Positif Hukum Islam

Author : Khairul Anam
ISBN : 9789798547225
Genre : Computer crimes
File Size : 31. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 950
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Dibalik kelebihan dan kemudahan yang ditawarkan oleh komputer dan Internet, ternyata memiliki sisi gelap yang dapat menghancurkan kehidupan dan budaya manusia itu sendiri. Sebab teknologi komputer dan Internet sebagai ciptaan manusia memiliki karakteristik mudah dieksploitasi oleh siapa saja yang memiliki keahlian di bidang tersebut. Hal tersebut dimungkinkan karena perkembangan komputer dan Internet tidak lepas dari aktivitas hacking. Hacking yang pada dasarnya adalah cara untuk meningkatkan performa, menguji sistem, atau mencari bug suatu program komputer dan internet, untuk tujuan perbaikan. Tapi telah umum diketahui, hacking juga digunakan untuk melakukan tindak kejahatan. Hal ini menimbulkan pro dan kontra saat disahkannya peraturan yang ada, seperti yang terjadi dalam UU ITE. UU ITE telah disenyalir merupakan pembelengguan terhadap aktivitas hacking karena UU khusus tersebut diduga disusun dari ketidakmengertian (salah perspektif) terhadap hacking yang sebenarnya. Setali tiga uang, hukum Islam yang bersumber dari aspek agama perlu untuk memiliki dasar hukum dalam permasalahan hacking ini, seiring makin maraknya kelompok yang mengatasnamakan Islam melakukan teror dengan cara hacking. Dari permasalahan di atas, buku ini akan mencari dan mengkaji apa itu hacking sebenarnya? Bagaimana perspektif hukum positif dan hukum Islam atas hacking? Dan bagaimana relevansi kedua hukum yang telah ditelurkan tersebut? Buku ini menawarkan penjelasan padat berisi mengenai dunia hacking beserta permasalahan yang timbul dari hukum yang mengaturnya. Pembahasan di dalamnya bermanfaat sebagai tambahan pengetahuan bagi Akademisi, Penegak Hukum, Praktisi Teknologi Informasi, hacker, Praktisi Hukum serta masyarakat luas yang ingin memahami dunia hacker.

Hack Music Theory Part 1

Author : Ray Harmony
ISBN : 9781988410029
Genre : Music
File Size : 77. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 897
Read : 476

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Theory is a six-letter dirty word to most musicians, but hey, musicians love dirty words, right? And just like all the other dirty words, theory is easy to learn and fun to use! After studying 'popular' and 'classical' music theory, Ray Harmony created a unique approach that he uses to compose his songs, which feature multi-platinum Grammy winners Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), and many more. Ray Harmony is an award-winning music lecturer and multi-instrumentalist, who is now sharing his top-secret music theory and songwriting hacks through this book series. Drawing on his two decades of teaching experience combined with his minimalist methods of explaining, Ray breaks down music theory into its simplest form via a series of simple hacks, deep insights, and bad jokes. Tuck in at HackMusicTheory.com “The most brilliant, fast, easy, and fun music theory book I’ve ever seen!” –DEREK SIVERS, CD Baby founder, TED speaker, musician, author of Anything You Want “This is the kind of book I wish I had when I first started out.” –IHSAHN, Emperor “Trust Ray, and in no time you’ll have a watertight music theory skillset you once thought impossible to obtain.” –PAT LUNDY, Modestep, ex-Funeral for a Friend “Ray manages to make learning music theory fascinating, digestible, and damn right cool!” –JOE COPCUTT, AxeWound, Zoax “If you have been put off music theory in the past, then this is the book to inspire and empower you.” –VICTORIA WILLIAMSON, PhD, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow Researcher and Lecturer in Music at the University of Sheffield, UK, author of You Are the Music “Ray has a totally unique approach of hacking music theory, which gives you the essentials in a fraction of the time.” –VESPERS, Warp Academy founder, music producer

Hacking Electronics Learning Electronics With Arduino And Raspberry Pi Second Edition

Author : Simon Monk
ISBN : 1260012204
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 690
Read : 1113

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Up-to-date hacks that will breathe life into your Arduino and Raspberry Pi creations! This intuitive DIY guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose household devices and integrate them with your Raspberry Pi and Arduino inventions. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition, features fun, easy-to-follow projects. You’ll discover how to build an Internet-controlled hacked electric toy, ultrasonic rangefinder, remote-controlled robotic rover, audio amp, slot car brakes and headlights—even a smart card reader! • Get up and running on both Arduino and Raspberry Pi • Safely solder, join wires, and connect switches • Identify components and read schematic diagrams • Work with LEDs, including high-power Lumileds and addressable LED strips • Use LiPo batteries, solar panels, and buck-boost power supplies • Use sensors to measure light, temperature, acceleration, sound level, and color • Build and modify audio amps, microphones, and transmitters • Repair gadgets and scavenge useful parts from dead equipment • Get the most out of cheap or free bench and software tools

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