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Engaging Readers Writers With Inquiry

Author : Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
ISBN : 0439574137
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What makes a good relationship? How does flight influence behavior for humans and birds? Is it ever permissible to lie? Reframing our units and lessons with questions such as these makes learning more exciting for students. Wilhelm debunks the myth that teaching through inquiry is hard. He shares practical, easy ideas for turning state standards into engaging authentic questions that propel students toward deep understandings. Includes sample lessons, discussion techniques, and questioning schemes for all the content areas. For use with Grades 4 and up.

Between The Lines

Author : Michael Anthony
ISBN : 9781475829150
Genre : Education
File Size : 66. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Michael Anthony, 20-year reading workshop practitioner at the secondary level, and Joan Kaywell, acclaimed author and advocate for young adult literature in learning, present Between the Lines, a creative paradigm shift for the English Language Arts workshop classroom. In contrast to the traditional sustained silent reading and individual conferencing model, an impractical commitment for most teachers, BtL invites collaborative engagement and active inquiry among students as well as on-demand writing and integrated YA literature, all designed to support existing middle and secondary level ELA classroom curriculum instruction and national academic learning standards while empowering English educators toward improved student literacy achievement and the creation of lifelong readers. The classroom activities, with student-friendly names like Book Chat Check and Pop Goes the Question, promote animated discussions in social learning contexts and produce writings supported by textual evidence from student selected texts. Clear step by step directions for facilitation and authentic models of resulting student writing are shared along with a standards-based lesson plan suitable for grades 6-12. Ongoing teacher/student journal conversations validate independent reader thought processes and provoke differentiated learning experiences. The book includes Common Core State Standards-based strategies for responding to students meaningfully and for inviting extensions beyond the book, motivating increasingly complex and connective writings. Sample dialogue journal entries are shared along with insightful commentary and practical analysis. Everything needed for implementing Between the Lines is contained within these pages, including a user friendly appendix filled with fully reproduceable classroom workshop materials, tips for reducing the teacher reading and writing loads, and suggestions for building an enviable classroom library stocked with award-winning adolescent literature.

Authentic Learning In The Digital Age

Author : Larissa Pahomov
ISBN : 9781416619598
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How can you create an authentic learning environment—one where students ask questions, do research, and explore subjects that fascinate them—in today’s standards-driven atmosphere? Author Larissa Pahomov offers insightful answers based on her experience as a classroom teacher at the Science Leadership Academy—a public high school in Philadelphia that offers a rigorous college-prep curriculum and boasts a 99 percent graduation rate. Pahomov outlines a framework for learning structured around five core values: inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection. For each value, she presents: a detailed description of how the value can transform classroom practice and how a “digital connection” can enhance its application; a step-by-step outline for how to implement the value, with examples from teachers in all subject areas; solutions to possible challenges and roadblocks that teachers may experience; suggestions for how to expand the value beyond the classroom to schoolwide practice; and anecdotes from students, offering their perspectives on how they experienced the value in the classroom and after graduation. The framework is a guide, not a prescription, and middle and high school teachers—individually or as a team—can use it to structure whatever content and skills their current school or district requires. The book also includes suggestions for how to integrate technology into inquiry-based education, but the principles and approaches it describes can be applied successfully even in places without abundant technology. Both practical and inspiring, Authentic Learning in the Digital Age is an indispensable handbook for reinvigorating teaching and learning in a new era.

Immigrant Students And Literacy

Author : Gerald Campano
ISBN : 0807747335
Genre : Education
File Size : 38. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This powerful book demonstrates how culturally responsive teaching can make learning come alive. Drawing on his experience as a fifth-grade teacher in a multiethnic school where children spoke over 14 different home languages, the author reveals how he created a language arts curriculum from the students' own rich cultural resources, narratives, and identities.

It S All About Thinking

Author : Faye Brownlie
ISBN : 9781553792215
Genre : Education
File Size : 25. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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How can we help students develop the thinking skills they need to be successful learners? How does this relate to deep learning of important concepts? How can we engage and support diverse learners in inclusive classrooms where they develop understanding and thinking skills? In this book, Faye and Leyton explore these questions and offer classroom examples to help busy teachers develop communities where all students learn.This book is written by two experienced educators who offer a welcoming and "can do" approach to the big ideas in education today. In this book, you will find:insightful ways to teach diverse learners, e.g., literature and information circles, open-ended strategies, cooperative learning, inquiry curriculum design frameworks, e.g., universal design for learning (UDL) and backward design assessment for, of, and as learning lessons to help students develop deep learning and thinking skills in English, Social Studies, and Humanities excellent examples of theory and practice made accessible real school examples of collaboration -- teachers working together to create better learning opportunities for their students

The Comprehension Experience

Author : W. Dorsey Hammond
ISBN : 0325030413
Genre : Education
File Size : 27. 70 MB
Format : PDF
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"What kind of instruction best supports comprehension? Ask Dorsey Hammond and Denise Nessel, veterans steeped in both research and classroom practice. “Most important,” they assert, “is to promote readers' intellectual and emotional engagement with texts every day through effective thinking and discussion.” The Comprehension Experience explains how to do it K-12 with fresh, research-driven practices. Hammond and Nessel say readers must do more than master skills and learn strategies. They must have highly engaging, deeply satisfying experiences with narrative and informational texts. They must think actively, talk productively, and focus on meaning. Hammond and Nessel show how to do this by: engaging readers' curiosity to draw them into texts using teaching language to stimulate students' thinking leveraging the reading-writing connection to strengthen understanding making comprehension a priority for emerging readers ensuring that instruction leads to effective self-directed reading. To support what they say, Hammond and Nessel provide rich classroom dialogues to illustrate exemplary instruction in action. "--Publisher.

Why Are School Buses Always Yellow

Author : John F. Barell
ISBN : 9781506340067
Genre : Education
File Size : 23. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Turn natural curiosity into deep, lasting learnings! Help students transform their playful wonderings into deeper questions about content—and develop the higher-level thinking skills they need for success in school and in life. In this invaluable resource you’ll find simple, yet systematic ways to develop authentic student inquiry that fosters deep learning. This new edition features: Updates based on the latest research around inquiry-based teaching Examples for K–8 across subject areas New emphasis on critical thinking about technologies New and updated activities, checklists, templates, and implementation tools Alignment with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

Comprehension Collaboration

Author : Stephanie Harvey
ISBN : 032501230X
Genre : Education
File Size : 58. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Serves as a guide for teachers who want to realize the benefits of well-structured, student-led, cross-curricular projects.

Essential Questions

Author : Jay McTighe
ISBN : 9781416615705
Genre : Education
File Size : 49. 60 MB
Format : PDF
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What are "essential questions," and how do they differ from other kinds of questions? What's so great about them? Why should you design and use essential questions in your classroom? Essential questions (EQs) help target standards as you organize curriculum content into coherent units that yield focused and thoughtful learning. In the classroom, EQs are used to stimulate students' discussions and promote a deeper understanding of the content. Whether you are an Understanding by Design (UbD) devotee or are searching for ways to address standards--local or Common Core State Standards--in an engaging way, Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins provide practical guidance on how to design, initiate, and embed inquiry-based teaching and learning in your classroom. Offering dozens of examples, the authors explore the usefulness of EQs in all K-12 content areas, including skill-based areas such as math, PE, language instruction, and arts education. As an important element of their backward design approach to designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment, the authors *Give a comprehensive explanation of why EQs are so important; *Explore seven defining characteristics of EQs; *Distinguish between topical and overarching questions and their uses; *Outline the rationale for using EQs as the focal point in creating units of study; and *Show how to create effective EQs, working from sources including standards, desired understandings, and student misconceptions. Using essential questions can be challenging--for both teachers and students--and this book provides guidance through practical and proven processes, as well as suggested "response strategies" to encourage student engagement. Finally, you will learn how to create a culture of inquiry so that all members of the educational community--students, teachers, and administrators--benefit from the increased rigor and deepened understanding that emerge when essential questions become a guiding force for learners of all ages.

Science Notebooks

Author : Lori Fulton
ISBN : 0325056595
Genre : Education
File Size : 89. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Save 15% when you buy the Science Notebooks, Second Edition book study bundle. The bestselling first edition of Science Notebooks inspired thousands of teachers to use science notebooks as a powerful way to help students reveal and develop their thinking about scientific concepts, engage in the work of scientists and engineers, and exercise language skills. Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell make the Second Edition even more valuable by showing how science notebooks support implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards for ELA. The authors have also added new material to every chapter, including: strategies to scaffold science notebook instruction how science notebooks help students develop explanations and arguments based on evidence strategies for collecting and analyzing science notebooks for formative assessment new interviews with scientists and engineers that spotlight the use of science notebooks in their work. Student samples and classroom vignettes from a variety of settings illustrate the transformative effect of science notebooks on students' scientific thinking as well as their literacy skills. Download a sample chapter!

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