environmental change in mountains and uplands key issues in environmental change

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Environmental Change In Mountains And Uplands

Author : Martin Beniston
ISBN : 9781317836025
Genre : Science
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Mountain environments are often perceived to be austere, isolated, and inhospitable. In fact, these areas are of immense value to mankind, providing direct life support to close to 10 percent of the world's population and sustaining a wide variety of species - many of which are endemic to this environment. 'Environmental Change in Mountains and Uplands' provides detailed account of the fragile and marginal physical and socio-economic systems which make up the world's mountain regions. Discussing the direct and indirect impacts of human interference on environmental ecosystems, it then turns to the social and economic consequences of such environmental change - both upon the mountain environment itself and upon the populations who depend on mountain resources for their economic sustenance. This book includes a review of possible implications for adaption and mitigation strategies in a global context. Working within a broad temporal scale, it draws upon paleoenvironmental records to document past changes which have occured in the absence of major anthropogenic influences, as well as utilising modelling as a means to assessing future environmental change.

Environmental Change And Geomorphic Hazards In Forests

Author : Roy C. Sidle
ISBN : 9780851995984
Genre : Science
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This book reviews current knowledge of most types of geohazards in forested areas. The 11 chapters cover hydrologic impacts, including flooding and soil erosion, desertification in Mediterranean Europe and Africa, landslides, and hazards in mangrove forests and along shorelines. Examples covered are from all five continents.


Author : Neil L. Rose
ISBN : 9781402039867
Genre : Science
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The remote mountain loch of Lochnagar is one of the most studied freshwater bodies in Europe. This book brings together knowledge gained over two decades of multi-disciplinary scientific study, with the results of lake sediment research covering millennia, to show how the loch has developed both naturally and as a result of human impact. Particular emphasis is placed on how this fragile ecosystem, and others like it, may be affected by future climate change.

Key Issues For Mountain Areas

Author : Martin F. Price
ISBN : 9789280811025
Genre : Business & Economics
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Mountain areas cover a quarter of the Earth's land surface, with 26 percent of the global population living in them or very close by.Mountain people and mountain environments are particularly threatened by global environmental change and economic and political forces. A disproportionate number of conflicts occur in mountain regions, and their inhabitants include many of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world.How can we preserve fragile mountain ecosystems that provide critical goods and services, while improving the conditions of those who live there? This book explores these issues, with particular emphasis on appropriate institutions and policies for sustainable mountain development. The book includes information from the Bishkek Global Mountain Summit, the concluding global event of the International Year of Mountains 2002.

Mountain Geomorphology Integrating Earth Systems

Author : David R. Butler
ISBN : 0444515313
Genre : Science
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Mountain Geomorphology - Integrating Earth Systems presents the papers of the 32nd Annual Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium, held in 2001 in advance of the United Nations-designated '2002 International Year of Mountains'. The three co-editors have collectively worked in mountain environments for over 70 years, and brought together internationally recognized experts in mountain geomorphology from 7 nations presenting research on mountain processes from around the world, including the USA, Canada, China, Europe, and South America. The volume utilizes Earth Systems as a unifying and organizing theme, examining the interactions of the four Earth "spheres" (Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere) in the context of geomorphic processes in mountain environments. The volume is also a "Festschrift" in honor of Professor John D. "Jack" Vitek, long-time editor of Geomorphology and an outstanding mentor to each of the three co-editors. Papers presented in the volume represent cutting-edge examinations of mountain landforms, geomorphic processes in mountains, and the application of advanced remote sensing and Geographic Information Science technologies for the study of mountain geomorphology. The book should be of interest to all geomorphologists, and to physical geographers and geologists interested in mountain environments. Mountain Geomorphology - Integrating Earth Systems is the only book of its kind, and stands as a testament to the importance of mountains as locations for studying the interaction of geomorphic processes within an Earth Systems perspective.

Drivers Of Environmental Change In Uplands

Author : Aletta Bonn
ISBN : 9781134061648
Genre : Business & Economics
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The uplands are a crucial source of ecosystem services, such as water provision, carbon retention, maintenance of biodiversity, provision of recreation value and cultural heritage. This puts them in the focus of both environmental and social scientists as well as practitioners and land managers.. This volume brings together a wealth of knowledge of the British uplands from diverse but interrelated fields of study, clearly demonstrating their importance in 21st Century Britain, and indicating how we may through interdisciplinary approaches meet the challenges provided by past and future drivers of environmental change. The upland environments are subject to change. They face imminent threats as well as opportunities from pressures such as climate change, changes in land management and related changes in fire risk, increases in erosion and water colour, degradation of habitats, altered wildlife and recreational value, as well as significant changes in the economy of these marginal areas. This book presents up-to-date scientific background information, addresses policy related issues and lays out pressing land management questions. A number of world-class experts provide a review of cutting-edge natural and social science and an assessment of past, current and potential future management strategies, policies and other drivers of change. After appraisal of key concepts and principles, chapters provide specific examples and applications by focussing on UK upland areas and specifically the Peak District National Park as a key example for other highly valuable upland regions.

Lake Systems From The Ice Age To Industrial Time

Author :
ISBN : 9783034879927
Genre : Science
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During the 20th century, lake research has become an internationally recognised field of scientific activity, improving our understanding on physical, chemical and biological processes, on fresh water ecology, and water resources among others. The interdisciplinary approaches mainly developed in historical research, as performed by archaeologists and earth scientists, to reconstruct the environmental and climate history of the continents, of human settlements and culture, and to evaluate human impact on the local and global environments. The Geological Society of Switzerland publishes in this volume a selected number of contributions presented during a scientific conference on "Lake Systems from Ice Age to Industrial Time" at Yverdon from 17 to 20 October 2001.

Climate Change Human Systems And Policy Volume I

Author : Antoaneta Yotova
ISBN : 9781905839025
Genre : Science
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Climate Change, Human Systems and Policy is a component of Encyclopedia of Natural Resources Policy and Management in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. The Theme on Climate Change, Human Systems and Policy presented in three volumes, deals with the interaction between climate and human systems for policy development. These volumes discuss History, Status, and Prediction of Global Climate Change; Potential Large-scale Effects of Global Warming; Public Perceptions Toward Global Climate Change; Effects of Potential Sea-Level Rises; Economics of Potential Climate Change; Response Strategies for Stabilization of Atmospheric Composition; Policy Framework and Systems Management of Global Climate Change. These three volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs.

Geographia Polonica

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015075723083
Genre : Geography
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Climate Variability And Change In High Elevation Regions Past Present Future

Author : Henry F. Diaz
ISBN : 9789401512527
Genre : Science
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Glaciers in the Andes are particularly important natural archives of present and past climatic and environmental changes, in significant part because of the N-S trend of this topographic barrier and its influence on the atmospheric circulation of the southern hemisphere. Strong gradients in the seasonality and amount of precipitation exist between the equator and 30° S. Large differences in amount east and west of the Andean divide also occur, as well as a change from tropical summer precipitation (additionally modified by the seasonal shift of the circulation belts) to winter precipitation in the west wind belt (e. g. , Yuille, 1999; Garraud and Aceituno, 2001). The so-called 'dry axis' lies between the tropical and extra tropical precipitation regimes (Figure 1). The high mountain desert within this axis responds most sensitively to the smallest changes in effective moisture. An important hydro-meteorological feature on a seasonal to inter-annual time-scale is the occurrence of EN SO events, which strongly control the mass balance of glaciers in this area (e. g. , Wagnon et ai. , 2001; Francou et ai. , in press). The precipitation pattern is an important factor for the interpretation of climatic and environmental records extracted from ice cores, because much of this information is related to conditions at the actual time of precipitation, and this is especially so for stable isotope records. Several ice cores have recently been drilled to bedrock in this area. From Huascanin (Thompson et ai. , 1995), Sajama (Thompson et ai.

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