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Equity And Science Education Reform

Author : Sharon J. Lynch
ISBN : 9781135668938
Genre : Education
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This lucid, accessible, thought-provoking discussion of issues related to equity in science education reform is for science educators, including idealists and exacting pragmatists, who are dedicated to exploring what it means to put into practice rallying cries like "science literacy for all," "equity and excellence," and "standards-based reform." Intended as an enjoyable and stimulating read, as opposed to a comprehensive summary of everything ever written about equity in science education, it is a response to the new science education standards and reforms, with their goal of science literacy for all. If this goal is to be taken seriously, the implications are immense. A central purpose of this book is to project and discuss how achieving this goal would affect science education reform and vice versa. The work is research based, using statistics, tables, and figures drawn primarily from NSF reports and other public information documents to provide a foundation for equity concerns. However, these statistics are not the main focus of the book. Rather, they are used to make a case, backed by pertinent research, the literature on best practice, and provocative examples from schools and classrooms. Charts, tables, and graphic organizers provide visual evidence and enhance the arguments presented. Moving from research-based studies to classroom stories, Equity and Science Education Reform encourages readers to think about the complexity of the issues. No easy answers or quick fixes are offered. Researching across "identity" areas and attempting to unite them in a discussion that recognizes both the common elements as well as important distinctions, it provides a comprehensive picture of equity concerns across ethnicity, class, gender, and location. Encompassing a broad literature in science education, reform and policy, and equity issues, it offers an "equity schema" as a unifying concept to guide discussion throughout. This book is based, in part, on a series of nine background papers that were commissioned by the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Project 2061 and the summary document, which was written by the author of this book. But it goes far beyond the original study to provide a consistent, coherent, and lively discussion that vividly illustrates the issues raised by the experiences of teachers and students who are struggling with equity principles in the context of science education reform.

Challenge And Promise Of K 8 Science Education Reform

Author : Margaret B. Cozzens
ISBN : 0788172581
Genre :
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Vol. 1 of Foundations, a monograph series published by the National Science Foundation to serve those working to better science, mathematics and technology education in the U.S. Examines opportunities and challenges for those at the front line of science education in elementary and middle schools. Designed as a resource for teachers and administrators who have not yet implemented a program of inquiry-based science education, and a short introduction for those beginning the complex and difficult journey of science education reform based on the experiences of educators working in the field today.

Bold Ventures

Author : S. Raizen
ISBN : 9789401154383
Genre : Science
File Size : 38. 53 MB
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This book presents comprehensive results from case studies of five innovations in science education that have much to offer toward understanding current reforms in this field. Each chapter tells the story of a case in rich detail, with extensive documentation, and in the voices of many of the participants-the innovators, the teachers, the students. Similarly, Volume 3 of Bold Ventures pre sents the results from case studies of five innovations in mathematics education. Volume 1 provides a cross-case analysis of all eight innovations. Many U.S. readers certainly will be very familiar with the name of at least one if not all of the science innovations discussed in this volume-for example, Project 206l-and probably with their general substance. Much of the education community's familiarity with these arises from the projects' own dissemination efforts. The research reported in this volume, however, is one of the few detailed studies of these innovations undertaken by researchers outside the projects them selves. Each of the five studies was a large-scale effort involving teams of researchers over three years. These teams analyzed many documents, attended numerous critical project meetings, visited multiple sites, conducted dozens of individual interviews. The team leaders (Atkin, Huberman, Rowe), having spent much time with science education over long careers, looked at these innovations through many lenses. It was a daunting task for each team to sift through the mountains of detail in order to bring the most compelling themes to the surface.

Moving The Equity Agenda Forward

Author : Julie A. Bianchini
ISBN : 9789400744677
Genre : Science
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This volume takes on the vital tasks of celebrating, challenging, and attempting to move forward our understanding of equity and diversity in science education. Organized thematically, the book explores five key areas of science education equity research: science education policy; globalization; context and culture; discourse, language and identity; and leadership and social networking. Chapter authors -- emerging to established US science education scholars -- present their latest research on how to make science interesting and accessible to all students. The volume includes international voices as well: Scholars from around the world crafted responses to each section. Together, authors and respondents attempt to refine our methods for examining equity issues across classrooms, schools, and policies, and deepen our understanding of ways to promote equity and acknowledge diversity in science classrooms. Moving the Equity Agenda Forward is endorsed by NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning Through Research. The volume gains authority from the fact that it was edited by one current and four former chairs of NARST’s Equity and Ethics Committee.

Equity In The Reform Of Mathematics And Science Education A Look At Issues And Solutions Executive Summary Ed401130 United States Department Of Education

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:984157985
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Multicultural Science Education

Author : Mary M. Atwater
ISBN : 9789400776517
Genre : Science
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This book offers valuable guidance for science teacher educators looking for ways to facilitate preservice and inservice teachers’ pedagogy relative to teaching students from underrepresented and underserved populations in the science classroom. It also provides solutions that will better equip science teachers of underrepresented student populations with effective strategies that challenge the status quo, and foster classrooms environment that promotes equity and social justice for all of their science students. Multicultural Science Education illuminates historically persistent, yet unresolved issues in science teacher education from the perspectives of a remarkable group of science teacher educators and presents research that has been done to address these issues. It centers on research findings on underserved and underrepresented groups of students and presents frameworks, perspectives, and paradigms that have implications for transforming science teacher education. In addition, the chapters provide an analysis of the socio-cultural-political consequences in the ways in which science teacher education is theoretically conceptualized and operationalized in the United States. The book provides teacher educators with a framework for teaching through a lens of equity and social justice, one that may very well help teachers enhance the participation of students from traditionally underrepresented and underserved groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas and help them realize their full potential in science. Moreover, science educators will find this book useful for professional development workshops and seminars for both novice and veteran science teachers. "Multicultural Science Education: Preparing Teachers for Equity and Social Justice directly addresses the essential role that science teacher education plays for the future of an informed and STEM knowledgeable citizenry. The editors and authors review the beginnings of multicultural science education, and then highlight findings from studies on issues of equity, underrepresentation, cultural relevancy, English language learning, and social justice. The most significant part of this book is the move to the policy level—providing specific recommendations for policy development, implementation, assessment and analysis, with calls to action for all science teacher educators, and very significantly, all middle and high school science teachers and prospective teachers. By emphasizing the important role that multicultural science education has played in providing the knowledge base and understanding of exemplary science education, Multicultural Science Education: Preparing Teachers for Equity and Social Justice gives the reader a scope and depth of the field, along with examples of strategies to use with middle and high school students. These classroom instructional strategies are based on sound science and research. Readers are shown the balance between research-based data driven models articulated with successful instructional design. Science teacher educators will find this volume of great value as they work with their pre-service and in-service teachers about how to address and infuse multicultural science education within their classrooms. For educators to be truly effective in their classrooms, they must examine every component of the learning and teaching process. Multicultural Science Education: Preparing Teachers for Equity and Social Justice provides not only the intellectual and research bases underlying multicultural studies in science education, but also the pragmatic side. All teachers and teacher educators can infuse these findings and recommendations into their classrooms in a dynamic way, and ultimately provide richer learning experiences for all students." Patricia Simmons, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA "This provocative collection of chapters is a presentation in gutsiness. Ingenious in construction and sequencing, this book will influence science teacher educators by introducing them to issues of equity and social justice directly related to women and people of color. The authors unflinchingly interrogate issues of equity which need to be addressed in science education courses. "This provocative collection of chapters is a presentation in gutsiness. Ingenious in construction and sequencing, this book will influence science teacher educators by introducing them to issues of equity and social justice directly related to women and people of color. The authors unflinchingly interrogate issues of equity which need to be addressed in science education courses. It begins with setting current cultural and equity issue within a historic frame. The first chapter sets the scene by moving the reader through 400 years in which African-American’s were ‘scientifically excluded from science’. This is followed by a careful review of the Jim Crow era, an analysis of equity issues of women and ends with an examination of sociocultural consciousness and culturally responsive teaching. Two chapters comprise the second section. Each chapter examines the role of the science teacher in providing a safe place by promoting equity and social justice in the classroom. The three chapters in the third section focus on secondary science teachers. Each addresses issues of preparation that provides new teachers with understanding of equity and provokes questions of good teaching. Section four enhances and expands the first section as the authors suggest cultural barriers the impact STEM engagement by marginalized groups. The last section, composed of three chapters, interrogates policy issues that influence the science classroom." Molly Weinburgh, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, USA

Diversity And Equity In Science Education

Author : Okhee Lee
ISBN : 0807750697
Genre : Education
File Size : 35. 98 MB
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Two leading science educators provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-field analysis of current trends in the research, policy, and practice of science education. This book offers valuable insights into why gaps in science achievement among racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic groups persist, and points toward practical means of narrowing or eliminating these gaps. Lee and Buxton examine instructional practices, science curriculum materials (including computer technology), assessment, teacher education, school organization, federal and state policies, and home-school connections. The book synthesized the emerging body of research in the field of science education and its application to practice and policy and features an analysis of major science education initiatives, interventions, and programs that have been successful with non-mainstream students.

Equity In The Reform Of Mathematics And Science Education

Author : Mary Jo Powell
ISBN : OCLC:35867061
Genre : Educational equalization
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Science Education Science Education And The Formal Curriculum

Author : John K. Gilbert
ISBN : 0415342260
Genre : Education
File Size : 61. 47 MB
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Education Reform In Florida

Author : Kathryn M. Borman
ISBN : 9780791480656
Genre : Education
File Size : 34. 54 MB
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Describes and analyzes nation-leading school reforms in Florida.

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