ethics in tissue establishments

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Ethics In Tissue Establishments

Author : Morales Pedraza Jorge
ISBN : 9789814616775
Genre : Medical
File Size : 83. 78 MB
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At present, the international community cannot be assured that the quality and, in particular the safety of tissues for transplants, is properly guaranteed in all countries and regions. Shortcomings of international and regional ethical rules and standards in the field of tissue banking, the lack of national ethical rules and standards in force in several countries, the lack of proper regulatory oversight and overall lack of harmonisation of existing ethical rules and standards, contribute to the problem.This book addresses the issues by promoting the adoption of an ethical policy and the use of a model code of ethics and a model code of practice as a reference for the tissue banking community, government agencies and policy-makers worldwide. This will facilitate the use of tissue processed in one country in any other country that needs it with the additional assurance of quality and safety that is lacking presently.

Ethical Policy And Principles In Tissue Banking

Author : Jorge Morales Pedraza
ISBN : 9783319316734
Genre : Law
File Size : 33. 13 MB
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This book highlights the importance of adopting ethical policies and a code of ethics concerning tissue banking. It also shares the experience of a select group of countries in the adoption, implementation, and use of ethics in the creation and maintenance of tissue establishments. Describing the difficulties faced and the measures adopted to overcome them, the book provides several essential recommendations for governments, professional associations and international organizations involved in tissue banking, with the goal of strengthening tissue banking activities in interested countries and improving the quality of all tissue establishments.

Legal Basis Of Global Tissue Banking

Author : Glyn O Phillips
ISBN : 9789814663458
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61. 35 MB
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The banking of human tissues for clinical transplantation has grown exponentially in the past 10-15 years. Tissue banks have been set up throughout the world, initially on an ad hoc basis. More recently these have grown and in many countries have linked up with larger international companies. While standards for the procurement, processing and storage of the tissues have kept pace with the growth of the subject, this is not so with the legal considerations associated with the practice. There is no unified legal system which is internationally operated. Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America, China have been developing legal systems on an individual basis. This book describes the present state of the development of laws to control and make the banking and use of tissues legal and safe. It describes, for the first time, the current systems which are used throughout the world and points the way to setting up a harmonized global legal system. Contents:Introduction: From a Cottage Industry to a Global Business (Glyn O Phillips)Legal Framework for International Operation of Tissue Banks (Peter Myint)The Legal and Regulatory Framework for Tissues and Cells in the European Union (Deborah R Hutchison)Litigation Risks Facing Tissue Banks in the United States (Daniel D Harshman)The Importance of a Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice for Tissue Establishments (Jorge Morales Pedraza)Ethical, Religious, Legal, and Cultural Issues for Tissue Banking, with Special Reference to the Asia-Pacific Region (Aziz Nather and Wee Lin)Challenges for Tissue Banking in the Asia-Pacific Region and Recent Progress in Malaysia (Norimah Yusof)Legal System for Tissue Banking in Latin America (Eulogia Kairiyama)Establishing a Legal System for Tissue Banking in China (Li Bao Xing, Zhao Yaping and Glyn O Phillips)Independence for Wales from the Remainder of the United Kingdom: A Change from Informed Consent to Presumed Consent (Glyn O Phillips)Germany: Regulation of Tissues and Tissue Banking — A Special Case (Peter Hergert and Ralf R Tönjes)Legal Issues Associated with Producing and Marketing Tissues Internationally (Caroline A Hartill)A Retrospective Look at the Largest Recall of Processed Bone Tissue in History (Helena Lazares and John T Salvucci)Polymethyl Methacrylate: An Acceptable Material for Tissue Augmentation and Reconstruction (Mario Cabraja, Jack Klecan and Glyn O Phillips) Readership: Ethicists, lawyers, policymakers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, stem cell scientists, researchers and academics in bioethics, and general public. Key Features:China practices are opened up for the first time to the WestThe European highly complex systems are described clearly and succinctly which may make the system understandable even to the European CommissionWales will change its legal system of tissue procurement and its difference from the remainder of the UK is describedGermany is a special case in Europe and is authoritatively coveredThere is a description of probably the most notable tissue banking litigation in the USAThe pioneering global work of the International Atomic Agency in setting basic systems in place is describedThe influence of religious belief on tissue and legal practices is also coveredKeywords:Tissue Banking;Transplantation;Tissue Law;Procurement;Commercial Tissues;Tissue Laws in China;Asia;Latin America;Europe and USA

Ethics Law And Society

Author : Dr Anthony Wrigley
ISBN : 9781409471462
Genre : Law
File Size : 75. 51 MB
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This volume forms part of a series exploring key issues in ethics, law and society, published in association with the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society. The works collectively address new technological, social and regulatory developments and the fresh ethical dilemmas these pose, and also critically compel an urgent revisiting of social and legal issues that were once the subject of controversy but which have now fallen out of the line of sight of academics, politicians and policy-makers. This fifth and final volume brings the series to a close and is dedicated to the memory of Dr Jennifer Gunning.

Ethics Law And Society

Author : Jennifer Gunning
ISBN : 9781351567817
Genre : Law
File Size : 37. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This key collection brings together a selection of papers commissioned and published by the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law & Society. It incorporates contributions from a group of international experts along with a selection of short opinion pieces written in response to specific ethical issues. The collection addresses issues arising in biomedical and medical ethics ranging from assisted reproductive technologies to the role of clinical ethics committees. It examines broader societal issues with particular emphasis on sustainability and the environment and also focuses on issues of human rights in current global contexts. The contributors collect responses to issues arising from high profile cases such as the legitimacy of war in Iraq to physician-related suicide. The volume will provide a valuable resource for practitioners and academics with an interest in ethics across a range of disciplines.

Islamic Perspectives On The Principles Of Biomedical Ethics

Author : Mohammed Ghaly
ISBN : 9781786340498
Genre : Medical
File Size : 52. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics presents results from a pioneering seminar in 2013 between Muslim religious scholars, biomedical scientists, and Western bioethicists at the research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies. By examining principle-based bioethics, the contributors to this volume addressed a number of key issues related to the future of the field. Discussion is based around the role of religion in bioethical reasoning, specifically from an Islamic perspective. Also considered is a presentation of the concept of universal principles for bioethics, with a response looking at the possibility (or not) of involving religion. Finally, there is in-depth analysis of how far specific disciplines within the Islamic tradition — such as the higher objectives of Sharia (maqāṣid al-Sharī'ah) and legal maxims (qawā'id fiqhīyah) — can enrich principle-based bioethics. Contents:Methodological Issues:Deliberations within the Islamic Tradition on Principle-Based Bioethics: An Enduring Task (Mohammed Ghaly)The 'Bio' in Biomedicine: Evolution, Assumptions, and Ethical Implications (Muna Ali)A Maqāṣid-Based Approach for New Independent Legal Reasoning (Ijtihād) (Jasser Auda)Principles of Biomedical Ethics:The Principles of Biomedical Ethics as Universal Principles (Tom L Beauchamp)Response by Ali Al-Qaradaghi to Tom Beauchamp's Paper (Ali Al-Qaradaghi)The Principles of Biomedical Ethics Revisited (Annelien L Bredenoord)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 3)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 2, Session 3)Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics:Ethics in Medicine: A Principle-Based Approach in Light of the Higher Objectives (Maqāṣid) of Sharia (Ahmed Raissouni)Response by Hassan Chamsi-Pasha to Raissouni's Paper (Hassan Chamsi-Pasha)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 2)Governing Principles of Islamic Ethics in Medicine (Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah)Response by Hassan Chamsi-Pasha to Abu Ghuddah's Paper (Hassan Chamsi-Pasha)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 1)Formulating Ethical Principles in Light of the Higher Objectives of Sharia and Their Criteria (Ali Al-Qaradaghi)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 3, Session 3)Script of Concluding Discussions: Part One (Day 2: Session 1 and Session 2)Script of Concluding Discussions: Part Two (Day 3: Session 1 and Session 2)Conclusion: Critical Remarks (Tariq Ramadan)GlossaryIndex Readership: Researchers and students interested in fields of (Islamic) bioethics, Islamic studies, religion and bioethics, religious ethics, Islam and the West, and intercultural studies.

The Challenges Of The New Eu Pharmaceutical Legislation

Author : José Luis Valverde
ISBN : 1586035215
Genre : Medical
File Size : 54. 95 MB
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In the domain of public policy on pharmaceuticals, protecting public health requires a dual strategy: robust regulation on the one hand and stimulation of competitiveness and innovation on the other. Regulation must be robust to ensure that only medicines meeting exact standards of safety, quality and efficacy are authorised for human and animal use. At the same time, competitiveness and innovation must be stimulated. Without innovation in pharmaceuticals, the incurable diseases of today will remain incurable. Competitiveness drives innovation and innovation saves lives. Increased competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector will not only better protect public health, but will also create high quality jobs and create growth. In this context the implementation of the G10 recommendations, particularly regarding the pricing and reimbursement of medicines by Member States, remains a considerable challenge. In order to make potentially life-saving pharmaceuticals available as soon as possible to patients and to enable industry to quickly recoup its investments and to reinvest into future R&D, still existing delays in some Member States between marketing authorization and the selling of the medicine have to be minimized. The proposed paediatric regulation, currently under discussion in Council and Parliament, is another example where a better protection of (childrens) health goes together with a stimulation of competitiveness and innovation in the European pharmaceutical industry. This publication focuses on the recent review of the EU pharmaceutical legislation. The revised legislation is a key part of the above-mentioned dual strategy.

Medical Law And Ethics

Author : Jonathan Herring
ISBN : 9780198810605
Genre : Law
File Size : 72. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Medical Law and Ethics covers the core legal principles, key cases, and statutes that govern medical law alongside the key ethical debates and dilemmas that exist in the field. Carefully constructed features highlight these debates, drawing out the European angles, religious beliefs, and feminist perspectives which influence legal regulations. Other features such as 'a shock to the system', 'public opinion' and 'reality check' introduce further socio-legal discussion and contribute to the lively and engaging manner in which the subject is approached. Online resources This book is accompanied by the following online resources: - Complete bibliography and list of further reading - Links to the key cases mentioned in the book - A video from the author which introduces the book and sets the scene for your studies - Links to key sites with information on medical law and ethics

The Ethical And Legal Regulation Of Human Tissue And Biobank Research In Europe

Author : Katharina Beier
ISBN : 9783863950316
Genre : Biobanks
File Size : 27. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Human tissue and biobank research is of increasing importance for understanding the causes of widespread diseases and developing effective therapies. However, while the success of biobank research depends on the availability of a large number of samples and the consolidation of collections across country borders is very desirable from the perspective of researchers, the legal and ethical requirements for the procurement, storage and use of human tissue samples are rather heterogeneous across different countries. Moreover, the lack of comprehensive supranational regulation on human tissue and biobanking can be seen as posing a serious threat to transnational biomedical research. Against this background, it was one of the aims of the EU-funded Tiss. EU project ("Evaluation of Legislation and Related Guidelines on the Procurement, Storage and Transfer of Human Tissues and Cells in the European Union - an Evidence-Based Impact Analysis") to analyse the ethical and legal regulation of human tissue and biobank research across the 27 European Member States plus Switzerland. The results of nine international workshops and three conferences are gathered in this volume. While the country reports evaluate the implementation of ethical and legal guidelines at a national level, point out their strengths and deficits, and, where required, create an evidence base for the revision of said legislation, the conference reports address more general ethical and legal issues in this field. The volume is completed by a final presentation of project's results.

Guide To Safety And Quality Assurance For The Transplantation Of Organs Tissues And Cells

Author :
ISBN : 9789287160379
Genre : Medical
File Size : 56. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Organ transplantation saves thousands of lives each day but raises some questions of principle. This guide, which is published on a biennial basis, provides guidance for all those involved in transplantation and other clinical applications of organs, tissues and cells, with the aim of optimising quality and reducing risks. The topics covered are: quality management, principles for ensuring the quality of organs, tissues and cells; selection of donors; organ procurement and preservation; tissue and cell procurement; tissue establishment; transplantation practices.

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