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Europe Observed

Author : Kumkum Chatterjee
ISBN : 0838756948
Genre : History
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This interdisciplinary Work engages with the issue of how Europe and Europeans were perceived by observers from various parts of the world during the early modern period. It seeks thereby to redress the asymmetry in scholarship whereby European views of its "others" are given importance, but a near-total silence prevails about the reverse scenario. This volume contains nine dazzling contributions by distinguished scholars such as Suzanne Preston Blier, Vincent Carretta, Michael Fisher, Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, Hans-Juergen Luesbrink, Nabil Matar, Nancy Shoemaker, Irene Silverblatt, and Sanjay Subrahmanyam. These essays represent sophisticated and rigorous scholarship that is historically aware and highly nuanced. The findings suggest that early modern perceptions about Europe and Europeans were shaped by complex, contingent factors and cannot be reduced to a simple, single paradigm.

Europe Observed

Author : Joao de Pina-Cabral
ISBN : 9781349119905
Genre : Social Science
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A History Of The Birds Of Europe Not Observed In The British Isles

Author : Charles Robert Bree
ISBN : UOM:39015019721656
Genre : Birds
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Neither Here Nor There

Author : Bill Bryson
ISBN : 9780385674553
Genre : Travel
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Bryson brings his unique brand of humour to travel writing as he shoulders his backpack, keeps a tight hold on his wallet and heads for Europe. Travelling with Stephen Katz--also his wonderful sidekick in A Walk in the Woods--he wanders from Hammerfest in the far north, to Istanbul on the cusp of Asia. As he makes his way round this incredibly varied continent, he retraces his travels as a student twenty years before with caustic hilarity. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Climate Trend Atlas Of Europe Based On Observations 1891 1990

Author : Christian-D. Schönwiese
ISBN : 9789401588188
Genre : Science
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Climate varies on all scales of time and space, bya large variety of reasons. However, before any discussion of reasons can be performed it is necessary to realize the very facts of climate variability by means of observations or reconstructions, respectively. In this book we focus on observed long-term trends of selected climate elements (tempera ture, precipitation, humidity, pressure ) as revealed by direct measurements of the Euro pean station network within the recent 100 years. Of course, there are a number of problems in detail: Reliability and accuracy of data, time series homogeneity, statistical confidence oftrends and so on. We hope that these problems are addressed in an instructive and, as far as possible, exhausting way. The main purpose of this work, however, was to provide a collection of trend charts which specify the regional particularities of observed climate trends in different months or seasons of the year leading us to an 'Atlas of observed climate trends in Europe'. Keeping in mind the recent World Meteorological Organization (WMO) climate nor mal (CLINO) period, we have also calculated the 1961-1990 trends.

The Muslim Discovery Of Europe

Author : Bernard Lewis
ISBN : 9780393321654
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 11 MB
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"Full of rare and exact information.... A distinguished work."—New York Review of Books The eleventh-century Muslim world was a great civilization while Europe lay slumbering in the Dark Ages. Slowly, inevitably, Europe and Islam came together, through trade and war, crusade and diplomacy. The ebb and flow between these two worlds for seven hundred years, illuminated here by a brilliant historian, is one of the great sagas of world history.

Europe United

Author : Sebastian Rosato
ISBN : 0801461464
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 51. 73 MB
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The construction of the European Community (EC) has widely been understood as the product of either economic self-interest or dissatisfaction with the nation-state system. In Europe United, Sebastian Rosato challenges these conventional explanations, arguing that the Community came into being because of balance of power concerns. France and the Federal Republic of Germany-the two key protagonists in the story-established the EC at the height of the cold war as a means to balance against the Soviet Union and one another. More generally, Rosato argues that international institutions, whether military or economic, largely reflect the balance of power. In his view, states establish institutions in order to maintain or increase their share of world power, and the shape of those institutions reflects the wishes of their most powerful members. Rosato applies this balance of power theory of cooperation to several other cooperative ventures since 1789, including various alliances and trade pacts, the unifications of Italy and Germany, and the founding of the United States. Rosato concludes by arguing that the demise of the Soviet Union has deprived the EC of its fundamental purpose. As a result, further moves toward political and military integration are improbable, and the economic community is likely to unravel to the point where it becomes a shadow of its former self.


Author : Brendan Simms
ISBN : 9781846147258
Genre : History
File Size : 39. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Half a millennium of European warfare brilliantly retold by masterly historian Brendan Simms At the heart of Europe's history lies a puzzle. In most of the world humankind has created enormous political frameworks, whether ancient (such as China) or modern (such as the United States). Sprawling empires, kingdoms or republics appear to be the norm. By contrast Europe has remained stubbornly chaotic and fractured into often amazingly tiny pieces, with each serious attempt to unify the continent (by Charles V, Napoleon and Hitler) thwarted. In this marvelously ambitious and exciting new book, Brendan Simms tells the story of Europe's constantly shifting geopolitics and the peculiar circumstances that have made it both so impossible to dominate, but also so dynamic and ferocious. It is the story of a group of highly competitive and mutually suspicious dynasties, but also of a continent uniquely prone to interference from 'semi-detached' elements, such as Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Britain and (just as centrally to Simms' argument) the United States. Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy will become the standard work on this crucial subject - and an extremely enjoyable one. Reviews: 'This is a brilliant and beautifully written history. From the Holy Roman Empire to the Euro, Brendan Simms shows that one of the constant preoccupations of Europeans has always been the geography, the power and the needs of Germany. Europe is a work of extraordinary scholarship delivered with the lightest of touches. It will be essential, absorbing reading for anyone trying to understand both the past and the present of one of the most productive and most dangerous continents on earth' William Shawcross 'World history is German history, and German history is world history.This is the powerful case made by this gifted historian of Europe, whose expansive erudition revives the proud tradition of the history of geopolitics, and whose immanent moral sensibility reminds us that human choices made in Berlin (and London) today about the future of Europe might be decisive for the future of the world' Timothy Snyder (author of Bloodlands) About the author: Brendan Simms is Professor of the History of International Relations at the University of Cambridge. His major books include Unfinest Hour: Britain and the Destruction of Bosnia (shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize) and Three Victories and a Defeat: The Rise and Fall of the First British Empire.

Multiculturalism Observed

Author : Richard Lewis
ISBN : 9789054873303
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 27 MB
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A timely and unique perspective on a phenomenon that is highly divisive and splits academic and public opinion alike. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid, and London, the question how Western society integrates its minorities has become one of the most crucial issues facing government today and excites media attention and frequent public controversy. This volume presents a number of points of view both from Europe and North America by academic, religious, and political authors from a variety of cultures, all with a very different perspective on whether multiculturalism is a valid answer to ensuring harmony in our societies.

Travels In North Europe From Modern Writers With Remarks And Observations Etc

Author : Rev. William BINGLEY
ISBN : BL:A0019743297
Genre :
File Size : 40. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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