event horizon a post apocalyptic dystopian thriller the perseid collapse series book 2

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The Perseid Collapse

Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1493695649
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"2019. Six years after the Jakarta Pandemic "decimated" the world's population ; life is back to normal for the Fletchers and most Americans. The United States stands at the brink of a complete domestic and international resurgence, with stories of confidence and prosperity dominating the headlines. Appearances can be deceiving."--Back cover.

The Jakarta Pandemic

Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1495907376
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 787
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In the late fall of 2013, a lethal pandemic virus emerges from the Islamic Republic of Indonesia (IRI) and rages unchecked across every continent. When the Jakarta Flu threatens his picture perfect Maine neighborhood, Alex Fletcher, Iraq War veteran, is ready to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. As a seasoned sales representative for Biosphere Pharmaceuticals, makers of a leading flu virus treatment, Alex understands what a deadly pandemic means for all of them. He particularly knows that strict isolation is the only guaranteed way to protect his family from the new disease. With his family and home prepared for an extended period of seclusion, Alex has few real concerns about the growing pandemic. But as the deadliest pandemic in human history ravages northern New England, and starts to unravel the fabric of their Maine neighborhood, he starts to realize that the flu itself is the least of his problems. A mounting scarcity of food and critical supplies turns most of the neighbors against him, and Alex is forced to confront their unexpected hostility before it goes too far. Just when he thinks it can't get any worse, the very face of human evil arrives on Durham Rd and threatens to destroy them all. Alex and his few remaining friends band together to protect the neighborhood from a threat far deadlier than the flu, as they edge closer to the inevitable confrontation that will test the limits of their humanity.

Event Horizon

Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1495380432
Genre : Boston (Mass.)
File Size : 87. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Alex Fletcher is in Boston, trying to find his son and his son's girlfriend. Alex's wife, Kate, is in Maine, fortifying their retreat so the family and their neighbors can have a safe place to recover from the events of the Perseid collapse. Their plan to wait it out is threatened by a local militia calling themselves the Liberty Boys.

Point Of Crisis

Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1500163864
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 240
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As Alex Fletcher becomes more involved with the New England Regional Recovery Zone, he leaves Kate and the family compound behind, finding out, only too late, that Eli Russell has returned with reinforcements and is bent on revenge.

Fractured State

Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1503935582
Genre : Droughts
File Size : 31. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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2035. The United States is in ruin due to a drought. California is a state on the verge of secession. Nathan Fisher is a man on the run with his family after an accidental witness to a clandestine military-style operation. Fisher and his loved ones must somehow stay a step ahead of their relentless pursuers, navigating a ruined world in a desperate search for sanctuary.


Author : Steven Konkoly
ISBN : 1507646623
Genre : Disasters
File Size : 73. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 729
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In the final installment of the Perseid collapse series, the Chinese military launches an EMP attack against the United States in 2019, that has the potential to change the world forever. All readers' questions are answered about the resultant world scene, including delivering the fate of the Fletcher family.

The Last Layover

Author : Steven Bird
ISBN : 9781495106866
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 832
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The Last Layover is a fiction novel based on real places and potential scenarios where the comfort, security, and conveniences of our modern first world society quickly come to an end. Imagine yourself far from home when the world suddenly changes. Just think back to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and other such recent events, and you can see just how quickly society breaks down. Those situations even occurred with the nature of the emergency being confined to one specific geographic area, where help is just the next town or state away. Now also think about how that scene would play out if help was not going to come. What if those who you would look to for help had their own emergencies to contend with, leaving you and those around you to fend for yourselves? What about all of those modern conveniences of society like ATM’s, point of sale debit/credit card readers, cell phones, and the internet? What if it all went down while you were away from home? What about our food supply chain? How much food does your family have at home to get them through if the shelves were to go empty? How much do you have with you? Will it all go bad without electricity? Do you have what it takes to defend yourself and those around you when society takes an ugly turn and violence becomes necessary for survival? Those are a few of the things that this book helps you think about. In The Last Layover, an airline crew finds themselves on an overnight layover in New York City, far from their homes, when a series of events take place that bring our modern society to its knees. Join them as they face the dangers and difficulties of trying to make their way back to their homes and families in a rapidly deteriorating society, without our modern transportation and communications infrastructure, all while dealing with the lawlessness and violence that quickly ensues in a desperate and broken society. Discover with them the dark side that humanity can quickly take, as well as the good that can come from faith, family, and friendship.

One Second After

Author : William R. Forstchen
ISBN : 1429922060
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 787
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New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real...a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages...A war based upon a weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). A weapon that may already be in the hands of our enemies. Months before publication, One Second After has already been cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book already being discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at a weapon and its awesome power to destroy the entire United States, literally within one second. It is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could shatter America. In the tradition of On the Beach, Fail Safe and Testament, this book, set in a typical American town, is a dire warning of what might be our future...and our end. The John Matherson Series #1 One Second After #2 One Year After #3 The Final Day (forthcoming) Other Books Pillar to the Sky At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Through Many Fires

Author : Kyle Pratt
ISBN : 9780615808383
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 919
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Terrorists smuggle a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C. and detonate it during the State of the Union Address. Army veteran and congressional staffer Caden Westmore is in nearby Bethesda and watches as a mushroom cloud grows over the capital. The next day, as he drives away from the still burning city, he learns that another city has been destroyed and then another. America is under siege. Panic ensues and society starts to unravel. Through Many Fires is the bestselling first book in the Strengthen What Remains series. A Time to Endure is the second book and Braving the Storms is the third. The science fictions novels of Kyle Pratt, Titan Encounter and the novella, Final Duty.

American Exit Strategy

Author : Mark Goodwin
ISBN : 1492373990
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 14 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 441
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Liberty minded individuals and those who believe in the Constitution will find this near future, Christian dystopian novel to be right up their alley. Those who are looking to be more informed about the potential threats to America's financial stability will learn what to watch for and how to prepare themselves for an economic collapse. America is on the cusp of financial annihilation. Matt and Karen Bair face the challenges of Main Street during a full scale financial meltdown. Government borrowing and monetary creation have reached their limits. When funds are no longer available for government programs, widespread civil unrest erupts across the country. Matt and Karen are forced to move to a more remote location and their level of preparedness is revealed as being much less adequate than they believed prior to the crisis. Meanwhile, Paul Randall, a third party presidential candidate arises to push back against the welfare and warfare spending that have bankrupted our country. While he has gained expansive acceptance, the fight has just begun. Paul Randall proposes a plan to mitigate the coming hyper-inflationary collapse which is a mathematical certainty. His plan is known as The American Exit Strategy. American Exit Strategy uses survival fiction to take an in-depth look at the real life politics and economics behind the issues that are likely to trigger a currency collapse or financial meltdown in the near future. American Exit Strategy is a work of fiction... until it becomes history.

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