facetten des romischen erbrechts studien zur geschichte und dogmatik des privatrechts german edition

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Cicero S Law

Author : Paul J. du Plessis
ISBN : 9781474408837
Genre : Law
File Size : 80. 14 MB
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This volume brings together an international team of scholars to debate Cicero's role in the narrative of Roman law in the late Republic - a role that has been minimised or overlooked in previous scholarship. This reflects current research that opens a larger and more complex debate about the nature of law and of the legal profession in the last century of the Roman Republic.

Swiss Civil Procedure Code Cpc

Author : Lucien William Valloni
ISBN : 3037512687
Genre : Law
File Size : 55. 68 MB
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The Swiss Civil Procedure Code enters into force in January 2011. For the first time in Swiss legal history, the new Code brings about a unification of civil procedure throughout Switzerland by replacing the 26 different civil procedure laws of the Cantons. The new Code will henceforth apply to all civil proceedings for domestic and international disputes, as well as to domestic arbitration. This book - mainly intended for the use by foreign lawyers - includes an overview of the main features of the new law, allowing the reader to get conveniently acquainted with the Swiss civil procedure law in general. The book's main part consists of a word-by-word English translation of the official text of the Code, including a detailed Table of Contents for quick and easy reference to the Code's system and its 408 articles. The authors have prepared the translation on the basis of the official French and German versions of the Code, thereby staying as close as possible to the original texts. The English translation reflects the status of the law as it will enter into force in 2011 and the amendments resulting from the Federal Act on the Ratification and Implementation of the Lugano Convention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters.

Phantom Ladies

Author : Tim Snelson
ISBN : 9780813570440
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 84. 10 MB
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Defying industry logic and gender expectations, women started flocking to see horror films in the early 1940s. The departure of the young male audience and the surprise success of the film Cat People convinced studios that there was an untapped female audience for horror movies, and they adjusted their production and marketing strategies accordingly. Phantom Ladies reveals the untold story of how the Hollywood horror film changed dramatically in the early 1940s, including both female heroines and female monsters while incorporating elements of “women’s genres” like the gothic mystery. Drawing from a wealth of newly unearthed archival material, from production records to audience surveys, Tim Snelson challenges long-held assumptions about gender and horror film viewership. Examining a wide range of classic horror movies, Snelson offers us a new appreciation of how dynamic this genre could be, as it underwent seismic shifts in a matter of months. Phantom Ladies, therefore, not only includes horror films made in the early 1940s, but also those produced immediately after the war ended, films in which the female monster was replaced by neurotic, psychotic, or hysterical women who could be cured and domesticated. Phantom Ladies is a spine-tingling, eye-opening read about gender and horror, and the complex relationship between industry and audiences in the classical Hollywood era.

The Reincarnation Of Clara

Author : Kevin Todeschi
ISBN : 9781938838019
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Eighty-five-year old Clara Cabot relates her life story to a reporter, as she has been eyewitness to the rise and fall of a small Utah town and its nearby military base for sixty years. However, much more than a simple tale of history, Clara's unique narrative describes how actions from previous lives have set in motion her experiences in the present.

Am I Good Enough

Author : Andy Stanley
ISBN : 9780307563460
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 48. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I Ask Myself Every Day...“Am I Good Enough?” Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven. But how could a good God, who created the entire universe in all its diversity, be so limiting? Is Christianity unfair? Isn’t it more fitting to believe that good people from any religious or nonreligious background go to heaven, rather than people from one particular belief system? Maybe not, says Andy Stanley. In this updated edition of the bestselling book, teen readers will find out why Jesus taught that goodness is not even a requirement to enter heaven—and why Christianity is beyond fair. Andy Stanley leads the next generation of young people to a grateful awareness of God’s enormous grace and mercy. If only good people go to heaven, would I make the cut? If Christianity is true, why is God so narrow-minded? And why aren’t the answers obvious?! They are. Find out why being “good enough” has nothing to do with heaven’s requirements, and why God is, in fact, not fair at all. Story Behind the Book Andy Stanley has a heart for families and a special place for today’s youth. Having served for many years as a youth and young adult pastor at a large church in Atlanta, his greatest goal was to lead a young person to Christ. With the success of his book How Good Is Good Enough and its acceptance as a widely used evangelistic tool, it was a natural step to refine this important question for the youth of today. Andy wanted to write a text that was aimed right at the heart of today’s young culture and put a cover on the book that would interest and attract them to it. Today’s youth are constantly looking for assurances in a crazy world. They get that assurance by learning that it is not how good you are, but that you are forgiven. From the Hardcover edition.

Yearbook On International Arbitration

Author : Marianne Roth
ISBN : 1780681585
Genre : Law
File Size : 65. 49 MB
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Arbitration is one of the most successful dispute resolution devices in the international arena, be it in the context of commercial disputes, investor-state conflicts, or sports controversies. This actual importance is attended by fast developing legal rules and practices concerning the various kinds and stages of arbitral proceedings. This third volume of the Yearbook on International Arbitration comprises 25 up-to-date contributions by 34 renowned scholars and practitioners from 13 countries around the world. It contains inter alia an analysis of the relationship between the increase in trade and the creation of dispute resolution institutions in MERCOSUL/R, an examination of mass procedures in investment arbitration, and a call for reasoned decisions regarding arbitrator challenges. Moreover, the book delivers valuable information on topical issues, such as the applicable law and the interrelation of European Union law, the delimitations of confidentiality, the handling of set off and counterclaims, trends regarding interim relief, and the enforcement of arbitral awards in selected jurisdictions. Recent cases and developments in investment arbitration, sports arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution complete the truly international survey.

Further Foolishness

Author : Stephen Leacock
ISBN : 9781776536597
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If you find yourself in need of a laugh, this feather-light volume of humorous tales from Canadian writer Stephen Leacock should definitely fit the bill. His all-encompassing satirical lens focuses on targets ranging from murder mysteries to literary figures and everything in between. You'll be beside yourself with merriment and mirth in no time at all.

Investment Protection In The European Union

Author : Nico Basener
ISBN : 9783845285719
Genre : Law
File Size : 90. 52 MB
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Die Anwendung des Europarechts bei Schiedsverfahren auf der Grundlage von intra-EU und extra-EU Investitionsschutzverträgen (BITs) führt zu erheblichen Konflikten. Spätestens seit der Vorlagefrage des Bundesgerichtshofs an den Europäischen Gerichtshof im Achmea-Fall beschäftigen die Zulässigkeit von privaten Schiedsgerichten bei Streitigkeiten zwischen Investoren aus EU-Mitgliedsstaaten mit anderen EU-Mitgliedsstaaten erneut sowohl die Praxis als auch die Wissenschaft. Das Werk untersucht die verschiedenen Szenarien, in denen EU-Mitgliedsstaaten an Investitionsschutzverfahren beteiligt seien können und demonstriert unterschiedliche Lösungsansätze. Der Autor plädiert, entgegen der bisherigen Ansicht einiger Schiedsgerichte, für eine Unzulässigkeit der Schiedsverfahren in speziellen Verfahrenskonstellationen. In anderen Konstellationen schlägt der Autor die Übertragung des Bosphorus-Urteils des EGMR auf investitionsschutzrechtliche Sachverhalte vor, um sachgerechte Lösungen zu erzielen.

Sugar On Top

Author : Marina Adair
ISBN : 9781455528677
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 From the author of the nationally bestselling St. Helena Vineyard series and the Heroes of St. Helena series comes a sexy new book from Marina Adair set in Sugar, Georgia... "Marina Adair writes with heart and sizzling heat." --Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author on Sugar's Twice as Sweet She's sassy and sweet The last thing Glory Mann wants is to become chairman of the Miss Peach Pageant in Sugar, Georgia. Spending months hearing nothing but the clinking of pearls and judgment? No thank you! But when Glory is forced to take the rap for a scandal she didn't commit, the judge sentences her to head the committee. Even worse, her co-chairman is rugged, ripped . . . and barely knows she's alive. He's ready and willing Single dad Cal McGraw can't take any more drama in his life. After a difficult divorce, his little girl became a boy-crazy teenager and his hands are full. The last thing he needs is to spend his down time with the town bad girl. Glory is pure trouble--tempting and tantalizing trouble. But he can't deny the strong chemistry between them-or how her touch turns him inside out. Now as squabbles threaten to blow up the contest and the town of Sugar itself, Cal must risk everything on the sexy wild card to get a second chance at love . . .

Scheming Papists And Lutheran Fools

Author :
ISBN : 0823214826
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 71. 70 MB
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This volume is a collection of five satires from the Reformation period, written between 1517 and 1526. In her Introduction to the work, Rummel explains that the battle between reformers and champions of the old faith was waged on many fronts, "not only by preachers thundering from the pulpits, theologians facing each other in acrimonious disputations, and church authorities issuing censures and condemnations." This collection focuses on the impact and importance of a supporting cast of satirists whose ad hoc productions reached a wider audience, in a more visceral manner, than the rational approach which typified scholarly theological arguments. Rummel explains: "Satire, a genre that requires finely honed language skills, was the preferred weapon of the humanists, who by and large sympathizes with the reformers." The humanists and reformers were often so closely associated in the reading public's mind that the earliest phase of the Reformation was sometimes interpreted as a quarrel between philogists and theologians, a manifestation of professional jealousies. Thus Erasmus claimed that the debates of his time were the result of antagonism between the faculties of Arts and Theology. Three of the selections contained in the volume represent the Reformers, and two support the Catholics, the "Papists" of the title. These satirical essays, circulated widely among educated laypersons, use wit and biting humor to ridicule and discredit their adversaries and belong to a genre which was part of a larger body of sixteenth-century satire. The proliferation of satires became a concern of authorities who moved to suppress what they called "hate-mongering." Officials banned the publication of anonymously authored writings, effectively ending the publication of the satires, which were largely published either anonymously or carried only the name of the publisher. As a result, many of the pieces did not survive to the present day, many more are only known to us through obscure references in other literature. This volume brings to light five of these satiric pieces, written in the pivotal period when the Reformation ceased to be a protest and organized itself as a full-fledged movement. The topical issues featured in each satire are brought into historical context by a headnote explaining the circumstances surrounding its publication and giving bibliographical information about the satire's author. The witty style makes this collection entertaining reading and the impact of these writings sheds new light on the history of the Reformation.

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