fangs rule a girls guide to being a vampire night life

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Fangs Rule

Author : Amy Mah
ISBN : 9781874192480
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 53. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"FANGS RULE a girls guide to being a vampire .... is a young Adult book for anyone between Puberty and Senility as it takes a close up look at life as a female teenage vampire in easy to follow A to Z advice for the reader, the book is also full of manga art which helps show the human world what life is like in a vampire world.......... Giving helpful advice such as how to explain to your Mom that as a teenage blood curdling denizen of the night you would like to paint your cave bedroom black without having a shouting match over why you don’t like the way she painted the stalagmites bright pink to go with the large stuffed pink bats hanging from the ceiling.Everything is explained from how to polish your fangs to fashion tips and ways of climbing across a ceiling wearing a nightdress without showing your underwear.Fangs Rule is a must for every teenage vampire and from these pages you will see why Amy says “Vampires Don’t Sparkle! .... They Bite!Hi! My name is Amy Mah Vampire and here are some helpful hints from my book: Fangs Rule: A Girls Guide to Being a VampireGoing out on a date: Yes we all go thought the same difficulties of what to wear, the wardrobe will not shut but I still do not have anything suitable, so after hours of searching in the end I decide to wear black as it will match my comfy shoes, ok so I have more shoes than a dictators wife but only one comfy pair and they are black, why comfy shoes? Well I have no idea where we are going so what the heck should I wear!Now comes the date bag, why can’t a girl just go out, and when I say a girl I mean me, why do I have to look like I’m going for a 10 day vacation and not just a night out.So lets open the date bag and check if everything is there.1. Cell phone fully charged.2. Spare cash and credit card.3. Packet of mints for after eating smelly Chap stick ....well you may kiss him and ........ it goes with the mints ok?5. Make up mirror, why take a mirror you ask, ...well if I get ship wreaked I can use it to signal for help, look it is just needed ok!6. Packet of tissues just in case you can not find a washroom when out. 7. Keys large bunch and no I do not know why luggage keys are on the same ring with my house keys.8. Sun glasses, hat and 100% sun block just in case you stay out early.9. A spare pair of panties in case I sleep over ......... er not that I am planning to sleep over ... er forget it ok! Look I said stop giggling and forget it!!!!10. Precautions and protection, nowadays it is not just a boys reasonability for protection and so a girl should also take her own protection if needed, personally I take a can of Mace and a 10 inch kitchen knife and if that fails I sink my teeth into the neck! The author Amy Mah (Vampire) is a well known blogger, that writes and blogs as a cynical teenage vampire:Being a vampire sounds like it should be a cool thing to be as a teenage girl, like sleeping during the day and enjoying a night life with friends, huh, no one had warned me that it also meant having to suffer Teenage Hormones for so long! I am stuck as a teenager the years may pass but I am the same age! And as to the rules, so many rules, and vampire uniforms! Guys have long fancy cloaks that they are always tripping over and as to the Girls uniform, it is a 18th C Nightdress! The old male vampires expect a girl to walk about wearing just a see through nightdress with no underwear on!! as if that is ever going to happen!, they have seen far too many horror films! Life as a teenager is normally a living hell but even more so when you have fangs. The world is just out to get me, and not just by people trying to stake me because I have better teeth than they do!

Smoking Hot

Author : Amy Mah
ISBN : 9781874192947
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation. Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted. When the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire. Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on. Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting, was not helpful. But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling. The Author Amelia Mah is a snarky, sarcastic and cynical author who has a very popular blog of how she sees the world from the point of view of a modern teenage vampire. Following the success of her vampire Novels she has now expanded into Demons and the problems in owning a pair of horns and a tail.

A Bad Hair Day

Author : Amy Mah
ISBN : 9781873877951
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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No longer with any memory of his past life JJ now has a new life as a not so normal teenage girl “Abbey”. Follow Abbey at High School as she finds that getting older does not mean life gets any easier, and she is sure that school anger management courses should not include Martial arts let alone firearm training. Abbey understood that School would be a place of learning; she just did not expect it was going to be on how to kill people. True it may be normal for a girl to love her hair, but with Abbey, she knew her hair also loved her and not just because she fed it chocolate. Being Host to an alien parasite had its advantages but being unable to wear underwear was not one of them.

A Taste Of True Blood

Author : Leah Wilson
ISBN : 9781935251965
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 20. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A companion to HBO's hit series "True Blood," this guide covers the first two seasons and gives fans something to savor between episodes.

Vampire Handbook

Author : Robert Curran
ISBN : 9781408146972
Genre :
File Size : 89. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What do you know about vampires? Do you want to know more? Do vampires really drink blood? Can they ever appear in daylight? This book will attempt to address and answer some of the questions surrounding these dark, mythical creatures. Not only will you learn the truth behind the myths, you will find out about vampires around the world and how to distinguish between real-life stories and literary legends. As well as important facts, this book also includes practical advice on both identifying and avoiding these dangerous beings. Read about what to do if the worst happens and you find yourself face to face with a blood-sucking fiend!

Das Buch Der Vampire

Author : Matthew Bunson
ISBN : 345318839X
Genre : Vampires
File Size : 34. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Dvd And Video Guide 2005

Author : Mick Martin
ISBN : 0345449959
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 74. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Now in its twentieth edition, a concise guide to the video and DVD market provides in the most recent year's edition more than 400 new entries, a star-based rating system, cast and director indexes, an Academy Award winner list, and more than 18,000 reviews. Simultaneous. 45,000 first printing.

Fang Bangers

Author : Lori Perkins
ISBN : 9781607773511
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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IntroductionBy Lori PerkinsIt seems that everywhere you look everyone you know is talking about doing it with a vampire and/or werewolf lover. Team Edward or Jacob. Bill and Sookie. Makes you kind of feel like you''re missing something if your alpha male is just a plain old alpha man.Not to worry. Fang Bangers brings you fourteen tales of love and lust redefined with every fanged and/or clawed creature imaginable-and some you probably never even thought of in quite that way before.You may ask yourself, why are we, as an American culture, suddenly so in love with these supernatural creatures? Where did all this paranormal panting come from? The answer lies in the reflection (or lack thereof) we see of ourselves.The paranormal part of the equation comes in the freedom to break the "rules" of traditional romance story telling (alpha male meets damsel/heroine, grave misunderstanding ensues to keep couple apart, but hero or heroine figures out how to fix the problem and they live happily ever after) and allows the heroine to also be an alpha, and perhaps, even kick his ass before saving it. When supernatural creatures are involved, all rules can be broken/inverted/suspended along with our disbelief. The only romance rule that continues to apply is the possibility of some sort of happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending.Both the vampire and werewolf mythos as interpreted in American popular culture continue to be flexible and work well in partnership with the romance alpha male format.The vampire and werewolf mythos is malleable, and can therefore be adapted to the zeitgeist of the times-in the late ''70s, the vampire mythos stood for the androgyny of glam and gender politics as seen in the homoerotic elements of Anne Rice''s novels. In the ''90s, we saw the emergence of the greedy blood-sucking vampires, which were a sign of those boom times. Buffy and Anita Blake were products of the change in gender roles of the times.Today, we find the paranormal a fluid metaphor that allows for a lot of cross-pollination of supernatural creatures. As a result, we have seen an explosion of created universes where werewolves and vampires and zombies and ghosts and shapeshifters all inhabit the same sphere (and vie for the same female, be she human or even some hybrid). It''s a brave new paranormal world.This reflects our global reality. In these first years of the twenty-first century, our vampires/werewolves and creatures of the night represent that new world we are forging with new alliances among nations we never imagined and new socio/racial/sexual global politics.So, in these pages you will find traditional paranormal romances such as Elizabeth Thorne''s werewolf tale in "The Best Man" and Melanie Thompson''s historical vampire story in "Red Devil." And you will find taboos-a vampire who lusts after a shapeshifter in "Forbidden Pleasures" by Rebecca Leigh, or a dominant/submissive relationship between a werewolf and a fairy in Sascha Illyvich''s "Jan''s Punishment," and the touchingly lovely story of the last human and the last vampire in a world overtaken by zombies in Kilt Kilpatrick''s "Love Bites: A Survival Guide." The possibilities are truly endless.As long as writers figure out new ways to interpret the vampire/werewolf mythos, we will continue to be gifted with compellingly relevant paranormal fiction. I hope that''s what Fang Bangers brings to you.Lori PerkinsJuly 9, 2010Forbidden PleasuresBy Rebecca LeighEven from the great distance between them, Marcus Valiant could smell her blood.The wind whipped wildly around his body. His long blond hair thrashed against his face and shoulders and his black trench coat beat violently against his legs. Despite the ferocity of the passing storm, Marcus stood motionless, stalwart against the tempest. There was no doubt he could withstand the forces of Mother Nature. But Marcus was doubtful he could withstand the allure of Juliet Jackson much longer. The scent of her blood was the most enticing aroma he''d encountered in over seven hundred years. Her blood called to him; it enslaved him.From his vantage point at the summit of the mountain, he could see her. She stalked the night, like him, a predator seeking her prey. She moved with erotic grace through the thick overgrowth of the forest below him, weaving in and out of the trees, silent and agile.Like the rest of her kind, Juliet only hunted at night. Choosing to feed under the cloak of the protective darkness. Marcus had come here to find sanctuary on this lonely cliff, unaware that tonight this would be her chosen hunting ground.Damn the coincidence.He watched as she hid behind an outcropping of rock on the side of the mountain, concealed from the view, invisible to her prey. But she was not invisible to Marcus. He could always see her, always find her. Her scent was too powerful for him to ignore.He felt himself lurch forward as she stalked her prey, following the wild boar deeper into the cover of the jungle. She closed in on the creature quickly, making no sound, even when her paws contacted with the dried leaves and twigs of the underbrush. Marcus watched as she pounced and sank her teeth ruthlessly into the animal''s neck. He tensed when the creature squirmed and weakened under Juliet''s grip. He moaned when she bit the boar''s throat, tearing at the meat, blood pouring freely into her mouth.The frenzied spectacle nearly brought Marcus to orgasm. He felt his cock pulse inside his skin-tight jeans. He threw his head back and growled.He wanted to taste Juliet. He needed to drink from her. But he also craved more than her blood. Much more. Marcus longed to thrust his cock deep inside her; hear her scream in delight as he massaged her clit and made her come. Marcus needed to possess her, to take her as his mate.Her kill complete, Juliet moved once again through the dark forest. Marcus continued his vigil. Each time she would pass from beneath the tangled canopy, her silver hair would catch the light of the full moon and shine in the dark night. Her beauty was unsurpassed.Her power inescapable. Her appeal undeniable.Marcus could think of nothing more tempting than a female silver panther, hot and wet from her most recent slaughter.The moon''s glow reflected in his dark eyes, signaling his hunger. His passion. At the mere sight of her, his mouth watered and his loins pulsed.Forbidden.Juliet was forbidden to him. Centuries of law stood between him and the only woman he''d ever wanted with this much intensity. The elder vampires did not take kindly to disobedience, especially defiance of one of their most sacred laws: Never mate with a shifter. If any of his kind was found to have violated the law, the punishment was immediate. Execution. He''d known others that had suffered the fate of being strung out upon a cross and left alone to face the rising sun.But even the fear of death could not compete with the passion welling inside Marcus as he watched Juliet disappear into the distance.He breathed deeply, one last smell of her forbidden fragrance before taking flight. He could no longer deny his desire. He would have Juliet as his lover, law be damned.He knew where she would go after her kill. Juliet had a predictable routine, one he''d memorized in his obsession to learn everything about the woman who had ensnared his every thought. Even before he realized she was a shifter, before he knew she was forbidden, he''d been unable to get enough of her. He''d kept an eye on her, learned her every move.Tonight was Friday. So Juliet, the woman, was on her way to the Overstreet Bar. It was the only pub open to non-humans in this small town nestled at the foot of the Rockies.Panthers rarely traveled in their shifted form, so Marcus was able to get to the bar much more quickly than Juliet. He found a table

Die Saat

Author : Guillermo del Toro
ISBN : 9783641034252
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Das Ende der Welt beginnt New York, Flughafen. Eine Maschine aus Europa landet – und bleibt plötzlich stehen. Die Lichter gehen aus, nichts rührt sich mehr. Was ist geschehen? Ein Terroranschlag? Eine Seuche? Oder etwas ganz und gar Unvorstellbares ... Für Ephraim Goodweather, den Chef des New Yorker Seuchenpräventionsteams, ist es keine Nacht wie jede andere. Für die gesamte Menschheit ist es keine Nacht wie jede andere. In dieser Nacht kommt auf dem John-F.-Kennedy-Flughafen eine gerade gelandete Maschine unvermittelt zum Stehen, der Pilot bricht den Funkverkehr ab, alle Lichter erlöschen. Goodweather trommelt seine Leute zusammen, und gemeinsam betreten sie das Flugzeug. Es bietet sich ihnen ein gespenstisches Bild: Die Passagiere sitzen aufrecht in ihren Sesseln und rühren sich nicht. Als Goodweather näher herangeht, bemerkt er bei allen einen kleinen Schnitt am Hals. Und er macht eine weitere unglaubliche Entdeckung: Die Passagiere leben – aber sie sind keine Menschen mehr ... Nein, es ist keine Nacht wie jede andere: In dieser Nacht beginnt der epische Kampf gegen das Böse, das gekommen ist, um New York zu erobern. Und nicht nur diese Stadt, sondern die ganze Welt.

Interview Mit Einem Vampir

Author : Anne Rice
ISBN : 3551782490
Genre :
File Size : 36. 40 MB
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