feedback control linear nonlinear and robust techniques and design with industrial applications advanced textbooks in control and signal processing

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Feedback Control

Author : Stephen J. Dodds
ISBN : 9781447166757
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 30. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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This book develops the understanding and skills needed to be able to tackle original control problems. The general approach to a given control problem is to try the simplest tentative solution first and, when this is insufficient, to explain why and use a more sophisticated alternative to remedy the deficiency and achieve satisfactory performance. This pattern of working gives readers a full understanding of different controllers and teaches them to make an informed choice between traditional controllers and more advanced modern alternatives in meeting the needs of a particular plant. Attention is focused on the time domain, covering model-based linear and nonlinear forms of control together with robust control based on sliding modes and the use of state observers such as disturbance estimation. Feedback Control is self-contained, paying much attention to explanations of underlying concepts, with detailed mathematical derivations being employed where necessary. Ample use is made of diagrams to aid these conceptual explanations and the subject matter is enlivened by continual use of examples and problems derived from real control applications. Readers’ learning is further enhanced by experimenting with the fully-commented MATLAB®/Simulink® simulation environment made accessible at insert URL here to produce simulations relevant to all of the topics covered in the text. A solutions manual for use by instructors adopting the book can also be downloaded from insert URL here. Feedback Control is suitable as a main textbook for graduate and final-year undergraduate courses containing control modules; knowledge of ordinary linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, transfer functions, poles and zeros, root locus and elementary frequency response analysis, and elementary feedback control is required. It is also a useful reference source on control design methods for engineers practicing in industry and for academic control researchers.

Ac Electric Motors Control

Author : Fouad Giri
ISBN : 9781118574249
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The complexity of AC motor control lies in the multivariable andnonlinear nature of AC machine dynamics. Recent advancements incontrol theory now make it possible to deal with long-standingproblems in AC motors control. This text expertly draws on thesedevelopments to apply a wide range of model-based controldesignmethods to a variety of AC motors. Contributions from over thirty top researchers explain howmodern control design methods can be used to achieve tight speedregulation, optimal energetic efficiency, and operation reliabilityand safety, by considering online state variable estimation in theabsence of mechanical sensors, power factor correction, machineflux optimization, fault detection and isolation, and faulttolerant control. Describing the complete control approach, both controller andobserver designs are demonstrated using advanced nonlinear methods,stability and performance are analysed using powerful techniques,including implementation considerations using digital computingmeans. Other key features: • Covers the main types of AC motors including triphase,multiphase, and doubly fed induction motors, wound rotor, permanentmagnet, and interior PM synchronous motors • Illustrates the usefulness of the advanced controlmethods via industrial applications including electric vehicles,high speed trains, steel mills, and more • Includes special focus on sensorless nonlinearobservers, adaptive and robust nonlinear controllers,output-feedback controllers, fault detection and isolationalgorithms, and fault tolerant controllers This comprehensive volume provides researchers and designers andR&D engineers with a single-source reference on AC motorsystem drives in the automotive and transportation industry. Itwill also appeal to advanced students in automatic control,electrical, power systems, mechanical engineering and robotics, aswell as mechatronic, process, and applied control systemengineers.

Robust Industrial Control Systems

Author : Michael J. Grimble
ISBN : 9780470020746
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Robust Industrial Control Systems: Optimal Design Approach for Polynomial Systems presents a comprehensive introduction to the use of frequency domain and polynomial system design techniques for a range of industrial control and signal processing applications. The solution of stochastic and robust optimal control problems is considered, building up from single-input problems and gradually developing the results for multivariable design of the later chapters. In addition to cataloguing many of the results in polynomial systems needed to calculate industrial controllers and filters, basic design procedures are also introduced which enable cost functions and system descriptions to be specified in order to satisfy industrial requirements. Providing a range of solutions to control and signal processing problems, this book: * Presents a comprehensive introduction to the polynomial systems approach for the solution of H_2 and H_infinity optimal control problems. * Develops robust control design procedures using frequency domain methods. * Demonstrates design examples for gas turbines, marine systems, metal processing, flight control, wind turbines, process control and manufacturing systems. * Includes the analysis of multi-degrees of freedom controllers and the computation of restricted structure controllers that are simple to implement. * Considers time-varying control and signal processing problems. * Addresses the control of non-linear processes using both multiple model concepts and new optimal control solutions. Robust Industrial Control Systems: Optimal Design Approach for Polynomial Systems is essential reading for professional engineers requiring an introduction to optimal control theory and insights into its use in the design of real industrial processes. Students and researchers in the field will also find it an excellent reference tool.

Advances In Control

Author : Paul M. Frank
ISBN : 9781447108535
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advances in Control contains keynote contributions and tutorial material from the fifth European Control Conference, held in Germany in September 1999. The topics covered are of particular relevance to all academics and practitioners in the field of modern control engineering. These include: - Modern Control Theory - Fault Tolerant Control Systems - Linear Descriptor Systems - Generic Robust Control Design - Verification of Hybrid Systems - New Industrial Perspectives - Nonlinear System Identification - Multi-Modal Telepresence Systems - Advanced Strategies for Process Control - Nonlinear Predictive Control - Logic Controllers of Continuous Plants - Two-dimensional Linear Systems. This important collection of work is introduced by Professor P.M. Frank who has almost forty years of experience in the field of automatic control. State-of-the-art research, expert opinions and future developments in control theory and its industrial applications, combine to make this an essential volume for all those involved in control engineering.

Fault Diagnosis And Sustainable Control Of Wind Turbines

Author : Silvio Simani
ISBN : 9780128129852
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fault Diagnosis and Sustainable Control of Wind Turbines: Robust Data-Driven and Model-Based Strategies discusses the development of reliable and robust fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant (‘sustainable’) control schemes by means of data-driven and model-based approaches. These strategies are able to cope with unknown nonlinear systems and noisy measurements. The book also discusses simpler solutions relying on data-driven and model-based methodologies, which are key when on-line implementations are considered for the proposed schemes. The book targets both professional engineers working in industry and researchers in academic and scientific institutions. In order to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of wind turbine systems, thus avoiding expensive unplanned maintenance, the accommodation of faults in their early occurrence is fundamental. To highlight the potential of the proposed methods in real applications, hardware–in–the–loop test facilities (representing realistic wind turbine systems) are considered to analyze the digital implementation of the designed solutions. The achieved results show that the developed schemes are able to maintain the desired performances, thus validating their reliability and viability in real-time implementations. Different groups of readers—ranging from industrial engineers wishing to gain insight into the applications' potential of new fault diagnosis and sustainable control methods, to the academic control community looking for new problems to tackle—will find much to learn from this work. Provides wind turbine models with varying complexity, as well as the solutions proposed and developed by the authors Addresses in detail the design, development and realistic implementation of fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control strategies for wind turbine systems Addresses the development of sustainable control solutions that, in general, do not require the introduction of further or redundant measurements Proposes active fault tolerant ('sustainable') solutions that are able to maintain the wind turbine working conditions with gracefully degraded performance before required maintenance can occur Presents full coverage of the diagnosis and fault tolerant control problem, starting from the modeling and identification and finishing with diagnosis and fault tolerant control approaches Provides MATLAB and Simulink codes for the solutions proposed

Process Control

Author : Jean-Pierre Corriou
ISBN : 1852337761
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Process Control, a wide range of identification and control methods applicable to processes are accompanied by typical comparable examples, encouraging you to make comparisons. The initial classical approach to continuous control by transfer functions will be of enormous benefit, whether you are a student beginning in control or an engineer in industry who, up until now, has only had a superficial or empirical contact with control. The more advanced material on discrete control and state-space control, as well as nonlinear control and observers, requires minimal previous knowledge, allowing you to make better use of techniques with proven performance. • Introduces concepts of progressively increasing difficulty, smoothing the path to learning the more advanced theories and control methods. • For each topic, the theories, techniques and algorithms are presented in detail, with numberous references. • The comparative consideration of different approaches to similar problems deepens your understanding. • Examples that you can reproduce to master the different techniques. Broad coverage creates an important synthesis of the spectrum of control theory and its process-industry-related applications. Different levels of reading are possible, opening this powerful source of information to engineers, academics, researchers and students alike.

Advances In Control Education 1991

Author : G.F. Franklin
ISBN : 9781483298894
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume is the published proceedings of selected papers from the IFAC Symposium, Boston, Massachusetts, 24-25 June 1991, where a forum was provided for the discussion of the latest advances and techniques in the education of control and systems engineers. Emerging technologies in this field, neural networks, fuzzy logic and symbolic computation are incorporated in the papers. Containing 35 papers, these proceedings provide a valuable reference source for anyone lecturing in this area, with many practical applications included.

Nonlinear Control Of Engineering Systems

Author : Warren E. Dixon
ISBN : 081764265X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 90. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This practical yet rigorous book provides a development of nonlinear, Lyapunov-based tools and their use in the solution of control-theoretic problems. Rich in motivating examples and new design techniques, the text balances theoretical foundations and real-world implementation.

Dynamics And Control Of Process Systems 2004

Author : John Frederick MacGregor
ISBN : 0080442978
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Optimal Control

Author : Frank L. Lewis
ISBN : 0471033782
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This new, updated edition of Optimal Control reflects major changes that have occurred in the field in recent years and presents, in a clear and direct way, the fundamentals of optimal control theory. It covers the major topics involving measurement, principles of optimality, dynamic programming, variational methods, Kalman filtering, and other solution techniques. To give the reader a sense of the problems that can arise in a hands–on project, the authors have included new material on optimal output feedback control, a technique used in the aerospace industry. Also included are two new chapters on robust control to provide background in this rapidly growing area of interest. Relations to classical control theory are emphasized throughout the text, and a root–locus approach to steady–state controller design is included. A chapter on optimal control of polynomial systems is designed to give the reader sufficient background for further study in the field of adaptive control. The authors demonstrate through numerous examples that computer simulations of optimal controllers are easy to implement and help give the reader an intuitive feel for the equations. To help build the reader′s confidence in understanding the theory and its practical applications, the authors have provided many opportunities throughout the book for writing simple programs. Optimal Control will also serve as an invaluable reference for control engineers in the industry. It offers numerous tables that make it easy to find the equations needed to implement optimal controllers for practical applications. All simulations have been performed using MATLAB and relevant Toolboxes. Optimal Control assumes a background in the state–variable representation of systems; because matrix manipulations are the basic mathematical vehicle of the book, a short review is included in the appendix. A lucid introductory text and an invaluable reference, Optimal Control will serve as a complete tool for the professional engineer and advanced student alike. As a superb introductory text and an indispensable reference, this new edition of Optimal Control will serve the needs of both the professional engineer and the advanced student in mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineering. Its coverage encompasses all the fundamental topics as well as the major changes of recent years, including output–feedback design and robust design. An abundance of computer simulations using MATLAB and relevant Toolboxes is included to give the reader the actual experience of applying the theory to real–world situations. Major topics covered include: ∗ Static Optimization ∗ Optimal Control of Discrete–Time Systems ∗ Optimal Control of Continuous–Time Systems ∗ The Tracking Problem and Other LQR Extensions ∗ Final–Time–Free and Constrained Input Control ∗ Dynamic Programming ∗ Optimal Control for Polynomial Systems ∗ Output Feedback and Structured Control ∗ Robustness and Multivariable Frequency–Domain Techniques

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