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Fermented Milks

Author : Adnan Y. Tamime
ISBN : 9781405172387
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41. 14 MB
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Highly profitable and an important range of products within the dairy industry worldwide, the economic importance of fermented milks continues to grow. Technological developments have led to a wider range of products and increased popularity with consumers. In the second book to feature in the SDT series Fermented Milks reviews the properties and manufacturing methods associated with products such as yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, koumiss milk-based fermented beverages and many other examples from around the globe, offering the reader: A practically-oriented and user-friendly guide Key commercially important information Coverage of all the major stages of manufacture Background to each product Edited by Adnan Tamime, with contributions from international authors and full of core commercially useful information for the dairy industry, this book is an essential title for dairy scientists, dairy technologists and nutritionists worldwide.

Handbook Of Animal Based Fermented Food And Beverage Technology Second Edition

Author : Y. H. Hui
ISBN : 9781439850237
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Fermented food can be produced with inexpensive ingredients and simple techniques and makes a significant contribution to the human diet, especially in rural households and village communities worldwide. Progress in the biological and microbiological sciences involved in the manufacture of these foods has led to commercialization and heightened interest among scientists and food processors. Handbook of Animal-Based Fermented Food and Beverage Technology, Second Edition is an up-to-date reference exploring the history, microorganisms, quality assurance, and manufacture of fermented food products derived from animal sources. The book begins by describing fermented animal product manufacturing and then supplies a detailed exploration of a range of topics including: Dairy starter cultures, microorganisms, leuconostoc and its use in dairy technology, and the production of biopreservatives Exopolysaccharides and fermentation ecosystems Fermented milk, koumiss, laban, yogurt, and sour cream Meat products, including ham, salami, sausages, and Turkish pastirma Malaysian and Indonesian fermented fish products Probiotics and fermented products, including the technological aspects and benefits of cheese as a probiotic carrier Fermented food products play a critical role in cultural identity, local economy, and gastronomical delight. With contributions from over 60 experts from more than 20 countries, the book is an essential reference distilling the most critical information on this food sector.

Dairy Ingredients For Food Processing

Author : Ramesh C. Chandan
ISBN : 9780813817460
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Unique in its perspective and scope, Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing gives a complete description of various dairy ingredients commonly used in food processing operations. Information is conveniently grouped under two sections. Section 1. Dairy Ingredients: Basic Technology includes chapters covering an overview of the milk composition, physical, chemical and functional properties, and basic dairy processing principles to describe how various ingredients are engineered for functional quality related to food processing. Additional chapters highlight production and specifications of various condensed milk products, dry milk products, and whey products. Other chapters address milk fat concentrates (cream, butter, and anhydrous butterfat), processing and specifications of cheese and cheese products, enzyme modified cheese, cheese sauce and dry cheese products, and fermented dairy ingredients. Information is provided on microbiological considerations relative to dairy processing, nutrition and health, frozen dairy ingredients, and dairy desserts as well as labeling and regulatory compliance.Coverage in Section 2. Dairy Ingredients: Applications describes the applied aspects of using dairy ingredients in food products such as bakery products, chocolatesand confectionery, snack foods, meats, sauces, dressings, desserts, infant formulas, puddings, and functional foods. Shelf life and safety issues are also addressed. All technology and applications chapters are supported by sound scientific and engineering principles. The book presents a contemporary update and a unique approach to the topics, and is designed to augment related books in the existing market. The editorial team is comprised of individuals with significant experience in the science and applications of dairy products manufacture as well their industrial use in various food products. Intended for professionals in the dairy and food industry, Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing also appeals to professors and students in food science for its contemporary information and experience-based applications"--

Probiotic Dairy Products

Author : Adnan Y. Tamime
ISBN : 9781405173186
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 47. 33 MB
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Following significant developments in recent understanding of milk systems and an explosion in interest in the use of probiotics and prebiotics as functional foods Probiotic Dairy Products looks at advancements in the dairy industry and reviews the latest scientific developments in regard to the ‘functional’ aspects of dairy and fermented milk products and their ingredients. The first title in Blackwell Publishing’s prestigious Society of Dairy Technology Series, this key text includes coverage of: Production systems Gut microflora Genomic characterisation of probiotic micro-organisms Physical properties associated with health claims Maintenance of the viability of probiotic products National and international statutory regulations Edited by Adnan Tamime, with contributions from international authors and full of core commercially useful information for the dairy industry, this book is an essential title for dairy scientists, dairy technologists and nutritionists worldwide.

Structure Of Dairy Products

Author : Adnan Y. Tamime
ISBN : 9780470995914
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Structure of Dairy Products SOCIETY OF DAIRY TECHNOLOGY SERIES Edited by A. Y. Tamime The Society of Dairy Technology (SDT) has joined with Blackwell Publishing to produce a series of technical dairy-related handbooks providing an invaluable resource for all those involved in the dairy industry; from practitioners to technologists working in both traditional and modern large-scale dairy operations. The previous 30 years have witnessed great interest in the microstructure of dairy products, which has a vital bearing on, e.g. texture, sensory qualities, shelf life and packaging requirements of dairy foods. During the same period, new techniques have been developed to visualise clearly the properties of these products. Hence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) have been used as complimentary methods in quality appraisal of dairy products, and are used for product development and in trouble shooting wherever faults arise during manufacturing. Structure of Dairy Products, an excellent new addition to the increasingly well-known and respected SDT series, offers the reader: • information of importance in product development and quality control • internationally known contributing authors and book editor • thorough coverage of all major aspects of the subject • core, commercially useful knowledge for the dairy industry Edited by Adnan Tamime, with contributions from international authors, this book is an essential purchase for dairy scientists and technologists, food scientists and technologists, food chemists, physicists, rheologists and microscopists. Libraries in all universities and research establishments teaching and researching in these areas should have copies of this important work on their shelves.

Membrane Processing

Author : Adnan Y. Tamime
ISBN : 9781118457023
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book extensively reviews the dairy, beverage and distilled spirits applications of membrane processing techniques. The four main techniques of membrane filtration are covered: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. The book is divided into four informal sections. The first part provides an overview of membrane technology, including the main scientific principles; the major membrane types and their construction; cleaning and disinfection; and historical development. The second part focuses on dairy applications including liquid and fermented milks; cheese; whey; and milk concentrates. The third part of the book addresses beverage applications including mineral waters, fruit juices and sports drinks, and the final part looks at membrane filtration in the production of beers, wines and spirits.

Ilri 1995

Author :
ISBN : 9291460095
Genre : Electronic journals
File Size : 66. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The importance of livestock; Board of trustees; ILRI's donors in 1995; ILRI's addresses; A global livestock research institute; Moves towards a new institute; Major trends; Developing a medium-term plan; Broadening horizons; Collaboration and integration the names of the game; Live vaccine delivery systems for east coast fever; What is a live delivery system; Why live delivery systems; Progress to date; Attacking the schizont form; Where to now; Mice and cattle immune systems like chalk and cheese; Helper T cells in mice and cattle; Vital reminders; Interpreting the language of parasites; Starting from the parasite; Starting with the host; Promise for the future; GIS - a research tool and beyond; Controlling tick-borne diseases in Zimbabwe; Maximising human benefits, minimising environmental costs; GIS in production-system research; Tools for research and development; Women dairy farmers in Africa; Who should extension workers by talking to; Who does the work; What are the benefits of dairying; Implications for dairy development; Ploughing with cows feasible in East African highlands; Ploughing with cows technically feasible; Farmers test dairy-draft cows on farms; Farmers emphasise milk yields; Moving into new areas with new partners; Toxin-degrading microbe release multi-purpose tree feed potential; To much, too soon; Gradual adaptation; Another string to the farmers' bow; Biodiversity - the future of world food production; Knowing what to conserve; Knowing what has been collected; Knowing what it can do; Keeping it clean; The future of world food production; A library on a disc; A technology for today; ILRI's CD-ROMs; Early days; ILRI programme and project activities in 1995; ILRI senior staff in 1995; Post-doctoral associates and graduate fellows at ILRI in 1995; Publications by ILRI staff in 1995; Financial summary.

The Australian Journal Of Dairy Technology

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924090119623
Genre : Dairying
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Technology Of Dairy Products

Author : Ralph Early
ISBN : 075140344X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 69. 68 MB
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This second, revised edition of The technology of dairy products continues to explain methods of milk product manufacture, the technology involved, and how other influences affect finished products.

Technical Publication Australian Society Of Dairy Technology Inc

Author : Australian Society of Dairy Technology
ISBN : WISC:89043247410
Genre :
File Size : 33. 9 MB
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