finding your voice what every woman needs to live her god given passions out loud

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Finding Your Voice

Author : Natalie Grant
ISBN : 9780310344766
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 90. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In a culture that praises blending in over standing out, productivity over purpose, and noise over truth, many women find their God-given voice compromised, quieted, or even mocked. We all long to live out our divinely designed passions and unique talents, yet too often it becomes so much easier in the face of opposition to stay silent altogether. What if God is calling you to so much more? As a working mom, wife, artist, and abolitionist, Natalie Grant has struggled to live on purpose while battling the worldly demands of keeping up the appearance of perfection. Emerging from her own dark spiral of suffocating inadequacy, Natalie found fresh hope in the truth that God has already given women everything they need to live out their God-given identity, passions, and calling. Finding Your Voice offers the heart-rallying, life-giving truth that a woman’s voice is not an uncalled for interference to be silenced, but a gift to be used for God’s Kingdom purposes. In voice lessons as in life, a strong vocal identity requires us to first stand firm, breath deep, and finally, go for it—loud and clear. With rich scriptural study and personal stories infusing every chapter, Finding Your Voice reveals how to discover your own unique talent, train it according to God’s Word, and start using it for the good of others—without guilt and apology.

Finding Your Voice

Author : Joel Boggess
ISBN : 9781937879310
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 32. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Need clarity on what to do next? It is not that there are no options, or nobody give you advice. On the contrary, the choices can be overwhelming. What is important is knowing what is right for you in your season. Say "NO" to the noise and "YES" to your life. Lost that "spark" somewhere along the way? You are an unique gift to the world - discover clarity of direction and shine! Joel Boggess has Master's degrees in counseling and business. He has been a life and career coach since 2006. In addition to his own journey, Joel offers a number of real-life accounts of the growth and success his clients have experienced. These stories bring to life the truths he offers. Highly relatable and immediately applicable, Finding Your Voice will help you get back in touch with the real you to live your best possible life. You will learn: How to get "unstuck" and move forward to the life you were born to live How to take control of your schedule and live a life with less chaos and more meaning How to make better decisions for work, home and family, and to be at peace with your life direction How to identify unique gifts and skills that enable you to make a difference in the world

Your Beautiful Purpose

Author : Susie Larson
ISBN : 9781441261137
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Popular Radio Host Shows Women How to Embrace God's Unique Call for Their Life Listeners to Susie Larson's radio show and women she meets at events across the country tell her the same thing: I want to do something meaningful for God, but I don't know what to do, or how. Drawing on her own hard-earned experiences, Larson shows readers how to overcome insecurities, busyness, and other obstacles in order to focus their gifts and passions on their unique God-assignment. With biblical insights and inspiring stories from a variety of women, this action-oriented guide will speak to every woman who has felt a nudge from God--from the visionary who wants to end poverty to the empty-nest mom who feels called to help the young single mother next door.

Raise Your Voice

Author : Kathy Khang
ISBN : 9780830885329
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It can be hard to speak up when power dynamics keep us silent and marginalized, especially when race, ethnicity, and gender are factors. Activist Kathy Khang roots our voice and identity in the image of God, showing how we can raise our voices for the sake of God's justice. We are created to speak, and we can both speak up for ourselves and speak out on behalf of others.

Need You Now

Author : Tiffany Lee
ISBN : 0990617211
Genre :
File Size : 80. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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NEED YOU NOW: A Story of Hope is the deeply personal, incredibly honest, and hugely encouraging new book by recording artist, songwriter, and performer PLUMB aka Tiffany Lee. Equal parts revealing memoir and inspirational literature, each chapter reveals a day in the life of a rock star, inviting you into Plumb's personal journey of embracing her life's passion of music and her very real, all-encompassing love for her family and community. Both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply moving, Need You Now is the story of beautiful and embarrassing moments on stage, the joys and trials of motherhood and unbridled forgiveness. It is the story of soul mates, best friends and a marriage redeemed. And more than anything, Need You Now is the story of love, fresh starts and the relentless message that no matter who you are or what you have done...there is always HOPE.

Breaking Busy

Author : Alli Worthington
ISBN : 9780310342243
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Have you ever felt like a fraud or failure as you struggle to find balance in life? Do you find yourself juggling everything in mediocrity and feeling like you’re succeeding at very little? In her no-nonsense way, Alli Worthington tackles the big questions about finding happiness and one’s God-given purpose. Breaking Busy marries popular secular research from the fields of social and positive psychology with solid biblical principles, instilling readers with the confidence that they, too, can move from crazy busy to confident calm. With refreshing candor, uproarious true stories, and a Christian worldview, Alli delivers truths that dismantle common happiness myths. Then she empowers readers to get unstuck, to let go of the good to make way for the great, to know themselves and their Creator, and ultimately to find peace and purpose in this world of crazy. Learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do. Identify the common lies you believe and how to strip their power from your life. Recognize how what you say no to determines what you can say yes to. With relatable anecdotes, Alli models for readers real-life guidance on boundaries, relationships, and self-care, humbly examining her own mistakes and walking them through how she learned from her missteps and found peace in a world of busyness. If you long to find real connection in an age of over-connectedness, with both your loved ones and your Creator, Alli Worthington deftly balances intelligent humility and heartwarming humor to help you rediscover your path.

One Beautiful Dream

Author : Jennifer Fulwiler
ISBN : 9780310349754
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Pursue your passions, love your family, and say goodbye to guilt—pipe dream or possibility? Work and family, individuality and motherhood, the creative life and family life—women are told constantly that they can’t have it all. One Beautiful Dream is the deeply personal, often humorous tale of what happened when one woman dared to believe that you can have it all—if you’re willing to reimagine what having it all looks like. Jennifer Fulwiler is the last person you might expect to be the mother of six young children. First of all, she’s an introvert only child, self-described workaholic, and former atheist who never intended to have a family. Oh, and Jennifer has a blood-clotting disorder exacerbated by pregnancy that has threatened her life on more than one occasion. One Beautiful Dream is the story of what happens when one woman embarks on the wild experiment of chasing her dreams with multiple kids in diapers. It’s the tale of learning that opening your life to others means that everything will get noisy and chaotic, but that it is in this mess that you’ll find real joy. Jennifer’s quest takes her in search of wisdom from a cast of colorful characters, including her Ivy-League-educated husband, her Texan mother-in-law who crushes wasps with her fist while arguing with wrong number calls about politics, and a best friend who’s never afraid to tell it like it is. Through it all, Jennifer moves toward the realization that the life you need is not the life you would have originally chosen for yourself. And maybe, just maybe, it’s better that way. Hilarious, highly relatable, and brutally honest, Jennifer’s story will spark clarity and comfort to your own tug-of-war between all that is good and beautiful about family life and the incredible sacrifice it entails. Parenthood, personal ambitions, family planning, and faith—it’s complicated. Let this book be your invitation to the unexpected, yet beautiful dream of saying yes to them all, with God’s help.

Dare To Be Devoted

Author : Natalie Grant
ISBN : 0692056599
Genre :
File Size : 36. 45 MB
Format : PDF
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Blessed Beautiful And Bodacious

Author : Pat Gohn
ISBN : 9781594713712
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Pat Gohn draws on decades of women's ministry experience, her popular Catholic women's podcast Among Women, and her own story as a wife and mother, proclaiming the Church's compelling vision of every woman: you have dignity, you are gifted, and you have a mission. The lively and unforgettable Gohn guides readers through moments of her life that have shaped her identity and understanding of womanhood--abiding love and talent for music, breast cancer in her thirties, and coming to understand true feminism in light of Church teaching and Mary's example. More than a mere memoir, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious offers readers insight into the writings of Blessed John Paul II, which articulate four gifts unique to every woman: generosity, receptivity, sensitivity, and maternity. With humor, faith, and the open-hearted tone of a trusted mentor, Gohn shares how she became empowered to embrace her blessings, beauty, and bodaciousness, and how readers can do the same.

Audacious Prayers For World Changers

Author : Jade Simmons
ISBN : 1511598123
Genre :
File Size : 69. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Finally, a devotional designed with the extraordinary in mind! Audacious Prayers for World Changers is written to match the intensity of the already bold and fearless believer while elevating the confidence and the faith of those looking to behave more audaciously in their walk with God. Experience 31 days of powerful, unabashed prayer based on God's most incredible promises. Audacious Prayers was created to give Big Dreamers and Big Believers the Big Words to match their Big Vision. This is prayer not for the faint-hearted but for those ready to bust through walls, change atmospheres, increase territory, revolutionize industry, transform mindsets and cover and protect themselves and their families in the process of all their trail-blazing. Each Audacious Prayer is followed by a helpful prompt that causes you to look more clearly at your surroundings and believe more fiercely in your purpose and God-designed destiny. You'll be able to record your breakthroughs as they happen! Watch God Work! About the Author: At first glance, Jade Simmons, a renowned concert pianist might be a somewhat unexpected author of a book about prayer. But it's "Classical Music's No.1 Maverick's" staunch belief in God's audacious purpose for her life that has led the inimitable phenom to her trailblazing career. The former youth pastor, and current member of the women's ministry leadership team at her home church in Houston, TX is in the midst of a career that has spanned the Miss America stage to the White House to some of the most prestigious venues and organizations in classical music. Today, she also has the ear of those looking to do what she has done by turning their creative passions into profitable enterprise. Jade's belief that her God-given ministry was bigger than Beethoven has afforded her extraordinary opportunities outside of music to influence and impact on a grander scale. Audacious Prayers was created to embolden us to become allergic to status quo, to believe again in the supernatural and in the truth and hope of God's big promises. This devotional gives us the words and the audacity to call those promises forth in our lives.

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