flight 232 a story of disaster and survival

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Flight 232

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 0393351262
Genre : Health & Fitness
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On the 25th anniversary of the accident, reconstructs the crash of United Airlines Flight 232, which hit the runway in a huge fireball after experiencing engine failure and loss of all flight controls and still had 185 survivors. 20,000 first printing.

Flight 232

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 0393240029
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 51. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reconstructs the crash of United Airlines Flight 232, which hit the runway in a huge fireball after experiencing engine failure and loss of all flight controls and still had one hundred eighty-five survivors.

Flight 232 A Story Of Disaster And Survival

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 9780393244144
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 31. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“A richly detailed story that is equal parts heartbreaking, inspiring . . . and full of fascinating science . . . masterful.”—San Francisco Chronicle As hundreds of rescue workers waited on the ground, United Airlines Flight 232 wallowed drunkenly over the bluffs northwest of Sioux City. The plane slammed onto the runway and burst into a vast fireball. The rescuers didn't move at first: nobody could possibly survive that crash. And then people began emerging from the summer corn that lined the runways. Miraculously, 184 of 296 passengers lived. No one has ever attempted the complete reconstruction of a crash of this magnitude. Drawing on interviews with hundreds of survivors, crew, and airport and rescue personnel, Laurence Gonzales, a commercial pilot himself, captures, minute by minute, the harrowing journey of pilots flying a plane with no controls and flight attendants keeping their calm in the face of certain death. He plumbs the hearts and minds of passengers as they pray, bargain with God, plot their strategies for survival, and sacrifice themselves to save others. Ultimately he takes us, step by step, through the gripping scientific detective work in super-secret labs to dive into the heart of a flaw smaller than a grain of rice that shows what brought the aircraft down. An unforgettable drama of the triumph of heroism over tragedy and human ingenuity over technological breakdown, Flight 232 is a masterpiece in the tradition of the greatest aviation stories ever told.

Everyday Survival Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 9780393069655
Genre : Science
File Size : 62. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Well-written and fascinating . . . this is the kind of book you want everyone to read.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer “Curiosity, awareness, attention,” Laurence Gonzales writes. “Those are the tools of our everyday survival. . . . We all must be scientists at heart or be victims of forces that we don’t understand.” In this fascinating account, Gonzales turns his talent for gripping narrative, knowledge of the way our minds and bodies work, and bottomless curiosity about the world to the topic of how we can best use the blessings of evolution to overcome the hazards of everyday life. Everyday Survival will teach you to make the right choices for our complex, dangerous, and quickly changing world—whether you are climbing a mountain or the corporate ladder.

Deep Survival Who Lives Who Dies And Why

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 9780393354218
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Unique among survival books . . . stunning . . . enthralling. Deep Survival makes compelling, and chilling, reading.”—Denver Post Over a decade since its original publication, Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives. Its mix of adventure narrative, survival science, and practical advice has inspired everyone from business leaders to military officers, educators, and psychiatric professionals on how to take control of stress, learn to assess risk, and make better decisions under pressure. Now with a new introduction on how this book can help readers overcome any of life’s obstacles, Gonzales’s gripping narrative is set to motivate and enlighten a new generation of readers.

Surviving Survival The Art And Science Of Resilience

Author : Laurence Gonzales
ISBN : 9780393089905
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You have survived the crisis—trauma, disease, accident, or war—now how do you get your life back? The shark attacked while she was snorkeling, tearing through Micki Glenn’s breast and shredding her right arm. Her husband, a surgeon, saved her life on the spot, but when she was safely home she couldn’t just go on with her life. She had entered an even more profound survival journey: the aftermath. The survival experience changes everything because it invalidates all your previous adaptations, and the old rules don’t apply. In some cases survivors suffer more in the aftermath than they did during the actual crisis. In all cases, they have to work hard to reinvent themselves. Drawing on gripping cases across a wide range of life-threatening experiences, Laurence Gonzales fashions a compelling argument about fear, courage, and the adaptability of the human spirit. Micki Glenn was later moved to say: “I don’t regret that this happened to me. [It] has been . . . probably the single most positive experience I’ve ever had.”

The Flight 981 Disaster

Author : Samme Chittum
ISBN : 9781588346049
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 41. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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On June 12, 1972, a powerful explosion rocked American Airlines Flight 96 a mere five minutes after its takeoff from Detroit. The explosion ripped a gaping hole in the bottom of the aircraft and jammed the hydraulic controls. Miraculously, despite the damage and ensuing chaos, the pilots were able to land the plane safely. Less than two years later, on March 3, 1974, a sudden, forceful blowout tore through Turk Hava Yollari (THY) Flight 981 from Paris to London. THY Flight 981 was not as lucky as Flight 96; it crashed in a forest in France, and none of the 346 people onboard survived. What caused the mysterious explosions? How were they linked? Could they have been prevented? The Flight 981 Disaster addresses these questions and many more, offering a fascinating insiders' look at two dramatic aviation disasters.

35 Miles From Shore

Author : Emilio Corsetti III
ISBN : 0977897184
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 55. 27 MB
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On May 2, 1970, a DC-9 jet with 57 passengers and a crew of six departed from New York's JFK International Airport en route to the tropical island of St. Maarten, but four hours and 34 minutes later the flight ended in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. It was, and remains, the only open-water ditching of a commercial jet. The subsequent rescue of survivors took nearly three hours and involved the coast guard, navy, and marines. This gripping account of that fateful day recounts what was happening inside the cabin, the cockpit, and the helicopters as the crews struggled against the weather and dwindling daylight to rescue the survivors, who had only their life vests and a lone escape chute to keep them afloat.

93 Seconds To Disaster

Author : Brian Power-Waters
ISBN : 9780595348527
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Sew another stripe on the arm of Captain Brian Power-Waters as the Conscience-in-Chief of America's flying industry. In 93 Seconds to Disaster, the story of the tragic post-9/11 crash of American Airlines A-300 Airbus flight 587 in Queens, NY, he takes us inside the cockpit on the fateful morning of November 12, 2001 as the plane gets caught in bone-jarring wake turbulence from the 747 in front of it. Stacking up facts, figures, black box transcripts, and his own profound expertise, Power-Waters criticizes the NTSB for its rush-to-judgment conclusion that the co-pilot caused the breakup of the plane. The author cites reports of 'popping noises' and shedding of plane parts after takeoff, and believes the Airbus either was not airworthy before takeoff or there was an explosive device on board. Power-Waters' probe flatly concludes that Airbus covered up evidence of the extreme sensitivity of the plane's rudder. He hammers at airlines, accuses the FAA of 'sleeping with the airlines', and once again tests the air industry's commitment to safety. A must read!" -Alex Michelini, former Chief Investigative Reporter, New York Daily News"If you think your airline captain is trained to recover from any position that the airplane might encounter, you'd be wrong." -Carl T. Butterworth, Senior Captain, American Airlines, Ret. Brig. Gen. (ANG)"Thanks for writing your excellent book concerning the tragedy of American Airlines Flight 587. In it, you have raised questions that need to be addressed, and in doing so, you have helped make the rest of the world aware of these questions." -Andrew J. Michalak, Captain, American Airlines (Ret.)

Remembering Air India

Author : Chandrima Chakraborty
ISBN : 9781772122596
Genre : Art
File Size : 52. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A multi-layered examination of the bombing of Air India Flight 182, and its representation.

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