forgotten allies the oneida indians and the american revolution

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Forgotten Allies

Author : Joseph T. Glatthaar
ISBN : 0374707189
Genre : History
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Combining compelling narrative and grand historical sweep, Forgotten Allies offers a vivid account of the Oneida Indians, forgotten heroes of the American Revolution who risked their homeland, their culture, and their lives to join in a war that gave birth to a new nation at the expense of their own. Revealing for the first time the full sacrifice of the Oneidas in securing independence, Forgotten Allies offers poignant insights about Oneida culture and how it changed and adjusted in the wake of nearly two centuries of contact with European-American colonists. It depicts the resolve of an Indian nation that fought alongside the revolutionaries as their valuable allies, only to be erased from America's collective historical memory. Beautifully written, Forgotten Allies recaptures these lost memories and makes certain that the Oneidas' incredible story is finally told in its entirety, thereby deepening and enriching our understanding of the American experience.

24 Stunden

Author : Daniel Altman
ISBN : 3593384108
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The 9 11 Report

Author : Ernie Colón
ISBN : 3866073771
Genre :
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Red Brethren

Author : David J. Silverman
ISBN : 9781501704796
Genre : History
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New England Indians created the multitribal Brothertown and Stockbridge communities during the eighteenth century with the intent of using Christianity and civilized reforms to cope with white expansion. In Red Brethren, David J. Silverman considers the stories of these communities and argues that Indians in early America were racial thinkers in their own right and that indigenous people rallied together as Indians not only in the context of violent resistance but also in campaigns to adjust peacefully to white dominion. All too often, the Indians discovered that their many concessions to white demands earned them no relief. In the era of the American Revolution, the pressure of white settlements forced the Brothertowns and Stockbridges from New England to Oneida country in upstate New York. During the early nineteenth century, whites forced these Indians from Oneida country, too, until they finally wound up in Wisconsin. Tired of moving, in the 1830s and 1840s, the Brothertowns and Stockbridges became some of the first Indians to accept U.S. citizenship, which they called "becoming white," in the hope that this status would enable them to remain as Indians in Wisconsin. Even then, whites would not leave them alone. Red Brethren traces the evolution of Indian ideas about race under this relentless pressure. In the early seventeenth century, indigenous people did not conceive of themselves as Indian. They sharpened their sense of Indian identity as they realized that Christianity would not bridge their many differences with whites, and as they fought to keep blacks out of their communities. The stories of Brothertown and Stockbridge shed light on the dynamism of Indians' own racial history and the place of Indians in the racial history of early America.

George Washington

Author : Joseph J. Ellis
ISBN : 9783406707131
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65. 25 MB
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George Washington gehört zu den großen Gestalten der Weltgeschichte. Er führte als General die Revolutionsarmee zum Sieg und errang so die amerikanische Unabhängigkeit. Als erster amerikanischer Präsident steuerte er die junge Nation durch ihre unsicherste und schwierigste Phase. Joseph J. Ellis schildert in seiner meisterhaften Biographie die außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeit des Mannes, der zum berühmtesten Amerikaner der Geschichte werden sollte. Joseph J. Ellis entwirft ein ebenso umfassendes wie vielschichtiges Porträt George Washingtons. Er beschreibt nicht nur seine Anfänge, die militärischen Jahre erst im French and Indian War und dann im Unabhängigkeitskrieg sowie seine beiden Amtszeiten als erster Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Mit großer Sensibilität spürt er auch der komplexen Persönlichkeit Washingtons nach, die heute fast ganz hinter der Ikone verschwunden ist. Ellis’ psychologischer Scharfsinn und vor allem seine viel gerühmte Erzählkunst lassen einen Mann wieder hautnah lebendig werden, der wie kein anderer die Geschichte Amerikas geprägt hat.

Die Jesuiten In Nord Amerika Im Siebzehnten Jahrhundert

Author : Francis Parkman
Genre : New France
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George Washington S War On Native America

Author : Barbara Alice Mann
ISBN : 0803216351
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 88 MB
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The Revolutionary War is ordinarily presented as a conflict exclusively between colonists and the British, fought along the northern Atlantic seacoast. George Washington's War on Native America recounts the tragic events on the forgotten western front of the American Revolution-a war fought against and ultimately won by Native America. Although history texts often erroneously present the Natives, primarily the Iroquois League and the Ohio Union, as "allies" (or lackeys) of the British, Native America was in fact working from its own agenda: to prevent settlers from invading the Old Northwest. Throughout the war, the unwavering goal of the Revolutionary Army, under George Washington, and its associated settler militias was to break the power of the Iroquois League, which had successfully held off invasion for the preceding two centuries, and the newly formed Ohio Union. To destroy the Natives who stood in the way of land seizure, Washington authorized a series of rampages intended to destroy the League and the Union by starvation. As a result, uncounted thousands of Natives perished from New York and Pennsylvania to Ohio. Barbara Alice Mann tells how, in the wake of the massive assaults, Native America nonetheless won the war in the West and managed to maintain control of the land west and north of the Allegheny-Ohio River systems. Barbara Alice Mann is a lecturer in the English department at the University of Toledo and the author of several books, including Iroquoian Women: The Gantowisas, and the editor of Make a Beautiful Way: The Wisdom of Native American Women, available in a Bison Books edition.

Gebrochene Wissenschaftskulturen

Author : Michael Grüttner
ISBN : 9783647358994
Genre : History
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Dieser Band regt eine kritische Universitätsgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts an, indem er die Wechselbeziehung von politischen Systembrüchen und Wissenschaftsentwicklungen untersucht, deutsche Tendenzen mit internationalen Trends vergleicht und die gegenwärtige Reformdebatte in eine Langzeitperspektive einbettet. Er geht vom vermeintlichen Verlust der Weltgeltung deutscher Wissenschaft in der Weimarer Republik aus, analysiert die Selbstmobilisierung der Forschung im Dritten Reich und kontrastiert abschließend die Modernisierungsprobleme der DDR und der Bundesrepublik.

Susan Fenimore Cooper

Author : Rosaly Torna Kurth
ISBN : 9780595478163
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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T hough primarily recognized as a nineteenth-century American nature writer and environmentalist who significantly influenced Henry David Thoreau, Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894) was also an accomplished and productive author in other diverse genres and literary forms, including a novel. In the first book published that treats all of Susan Fenimore Cooper's known writings, preceded by a concise biographical chapter that includes material from Cooper's personal letters, Dr. Rosaly T. Kurth views her literary canon with a wide-ranging lens. In her compelling study, Dr. Kurth uniquely incorporates Cooper's philosophy of environmental stewardship, on which scholars have thus far focused, into an expansive philosophy that includes familial, patriotic, and humanitarian stewardships, thus embracing the human element as well as the environmental. Dr. Kurth's research on the life and works of Cooper dates back to the early 1970s, during which time she discovered nineteen of Cooper's works, and as a result, in 1977, published the first extensive, annotated bibliography of her writings. In her engaging book, Dr. Kurth not only meaningfully and relevantly brings to her work other nineteenthcentury writers, including Thoreau, but also nineteenth-century women novelists, both English and American. Dr. Kurth also intertwines the results of her lifelong interest in fine art and artistic inclinations as she demonstrates, in instances, the results of Cooper's remarkable artistic tendencies as manifested in some of her writings. Included in this work are Cooper's impassioned series of articles, never before treated and with extensive documentation, that deal largely with the displacement of the Oneida Indians and their subsequent plight, and on related land issues, representing, in essence, the plight of the entire race. Comprehensively treated, Susan Fenimore Cooper's literary works reveal not only a learned, talented, cultivated, and creative woman writer, but also the observant, concerned, and enlightened mind of a woman expressing herself, timelessly, on momentous issues, not only of man in relation to the natural world around him but of man in relation to his fellow man.

Ordinary Courage

Author : James Kirby Martin
ISBN : 9781118281475
Genre : History
File Size : 46. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This remarkable memoir is one of the most celebrated documents to emerge from the tumult of America’s Revolutionary War. The ordinary and yet exceptional experiences of a young soldier in Washington’s army are given a new life in this fourth edition, sensitively edited for a modern readership. Classic primary source on the Revolutionary War Edited by a leading US authority on the period Now with extra maps and a more extensive bibliography Includes a new Afterword by Karen Guenther on film portrayals of the continental soldier

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