formations of violence the narrative of the body and political terror in northern ireland

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Formations Of Violence

Author : Allen Feldman
ISBN : 9780226240718
Genre : History
File Size : 87. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"A sophisticated and persuasive late-modernist political analysis that consistently draws the reader into the narratives of the author and those of the people of violence in Northern Ireland to whom he talked. . . . Simply put, this book is a feast for the intellect"—Thomas M. Wilson, American Anthropologist "One of the best books to have been written on Northern Ireland. . . . A highly imagination and significant book. Formations of Violence is an important addition to the literature on political violence."—David E. Schmitt, American Political Science Review

The Troubles In Ballybogoin

Author : William F. Kelleher
ISBN : 9780472089789
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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DIVA fascinating exploration of how social memory serves to hinder communication and foster disorder in Northern Ireland /div

Pax Britannica British Counterinsurgency In Northern Ireland 1969 1982

Author : Montgomery McFate
ISBN : 9780990574309
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79. 45 MB
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British forces conducted operations short of war in Northern Ireland for twenty-five years, yet they were unable to defeat the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA). In this heretofore unpublished dissertation from 1994, McFate identifies how certain cultural, legal, and political factors contributed to the longevity of violence in Northern Ireland. Viewing counterinsurgency as a self-reproducing cultural system with its own complex logic, McFate argues that limitations on violence prescribed by the counterinsurgency principle of minimum force paradoxically resulted in a very high degree of sustainability of conflict. Certain other factors—such as emergency security legislation, reverence of military competence, and geo-strategic compression of violence within a cordon sanitaire—enabled normalization and reproduction of the conflict. In opposition to this order, the 1981 Republican hungerstrikes used the silence of the body to incriminate the state, 'embodying' a resistance to the war system of counterinsurgency.

Social Urbanism And The Politics Of Violence

Author : K. Maclean
ISBN : 9781137397362
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39. 48 MB
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Medellín, Colombia, used to be the most violent city on earth, but in recent years, allegedly thanks to its 'social urbanism' approach to regeneration, it has experienced a sharp decline in violence. The author explores the politics behind this decline and the complex transformations in terms of urban development policies in Medellín.


Author : Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi
ISBN : 9781847886255
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Violence takes many forms. From large-scale acts of terrorism to assaults on single individuals, violence is a defining force in shaping human experience and a central theme in anthropological study. Violence: Ethnographic Encounters presents a set of vivid first-hand accounts of fieldwork experiences of violence. The examples range across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and illustrate instances of state terror, insurgency, communal violence, war, prison violence, class conflict, security measures, and sexual violence. How do these anthropologists come to know a place through such violent experience? Why do they not leave such scenes? What insights follow from such experience? Violence: Ethnographic Encounters offers readers a broad anthropological study of violence through personal encounters.

Men And Masculinities In Irish Cinema

Author : D. Ging
ISBN : 9781137291936
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 20. 52 MB
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Spanning a broad trajectory, from the New Gaelic Man of post-independence Ireland to the slick urban gangsters of contemporary productions, this study traces a significant shift from idealistic images of Irish manhood to a much more diverse and gender-politically ambiguous range of male identities on the Irish screen.

A Companion To Moral Anthropology

Author : Didier Fassin
ISBN : 9781118290583
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 32. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Companion to Moral Anthropology is the first collective consideration of the anthropological dimensions of morals, morality, and ethics. Original essays by international experts explore the various currents, approaches, and issues in this important new discipline, examining topics such as the ethnography of moralities, the study of moral subjectivities, and the exploration of moral economies. Investigates the central legacies of moral anthropology, the formation of moral facts and values, the context of local moralities, and the frontiers between moralities, politics, humanitarianism Features contributions from pioneers in the field of moral anthropology, as well as international experts in related fields such as moral philosophy, moral psychology, evolutionary biology and neuroethics

Contemporary Irish Cinema

Author : James MacKillop
ISBN : 0815605684
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 71. 92 MB
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Movies from and about Ireland have attracted huge augiences, capturing top international prizes (The Crying Game) and an Academy Award (My Left Foot). In this text, contributors take a variety of approaches to the treatment of films and film makers. They probe cinema's rewriting of Irish history, from Michael Collins and In the Name of the Father to Lost Beginnings.

Starve And Immolate

Author : Banu Bargu
ISBN : 9780231538114
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Long Partition And The Making Of Modern South Asia

Author : Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar
ISBN : 9780231511018
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nation-states often shape the boundaries of historical enquiry, and thus silence the very histories that have sutured nations to territorial states. "India" and "Pakistan" were drawn onto maps in the midst of Partition's genocidal violence and one of the largest displacements of people in the twentieth century. Yet this historical specificity of decolonization on the very making of a nationalized cartography of modern South Asia has largely gone unexamined. In this remarkable study based on more than two years of ethnographic and archival research, Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar argues that the combined interventions of the two postcolonial states were enormously important in shaping these massive displacements. She examines the long, contentious, and ambivalent process of drawing political boundaries and making distinct nation-states in the midst of this historic chaos. Zamindar crosses political and conceptual boundaries to bring together oral histories with north Indian Muslim families divided between the two cities of Delhi and Karachi with extensive archival research in previously unexamined Urdu newspapers and government records of India and Pakistan. She juxtaposes the experiences of ordinary people against the bureaucratic interventions of both postcolonial states to manage and control refugees and administer refugee property. As a result, she reveals the surprising history of the making of the western Indo-Pak border, one of the most highly surveillanced in the world, which came to be instituted in response to this refugee crisis, in order to construct national difference where it was the most blurred. In particular, Zamindar examines the "Muslim question" at the heart of Partition. From the margins and silences of national histories, she draws out the resistance, bewilderment, and marginalization of north Indian Muslims as they came to be pushed out and divided by both emergent nation-states. It is here that Zamindar asks us to stretch our understanding of "Partition violence" to include this long, and in some sense ongoing, bureaucratic violence of postcolonial nationhood, and to place Partition at the heart of a twentieth century of border-making and nation-state formation.

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