from corunna to waterloo with the hussars 1808 to 1815

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From Corunna To Waterloo

Author : John Mollo
ISBN : 1783462396
Genre : History
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Living as we do in the midst of a technological revolution, during which the nature of war has changed more rapidly than in any other period in history, the stirring, colourful days of the Regency and The Peninsular War seem now so remote that they are effectively removed into mythology. Inspired in his boyhood by the kindly and unfailing help of a distinguished Edwardian historian - C.C.P. Lawson, to whom this fascinating book is dedicated - John Mollo has devoted many years to the study of the British Army in the Napoleonic era, its campaigns, triumphs and disasters. In so doing he has not only become a master of the most kaleidoscope range of uniforms worn in the period - a subject on which he has published widely - but also the whole social and political background against which the army achieved some of its most historic successes. Here he describes the conception, gestation, birth and adolescence of the first British Regiments of Hussars - the byproducts of the Prince Regent's passion for military finery and dandyism - leading on to their full maturity in the grim realities of war in the Iberian Peninsula between 1808 and 1814, first under Moore and then under Wellington, in two widely different campaigns. Basing his story on contemporary letters, diaries and reports and a comprehensive bibliography, John Mollo takes the reader into the heart of the Hussar Brigade in peace and war, depicting its many colourful characters with a sure hand and describing every facet of day-to-day life, in barracks and on the battlefield. In so doing he highlights the extraordinary contrast between the foppish dandyism so beloved by the Prince Regent and the dashing courage and fortitude of all ranks as they fought under the most severe conditions of climate and terrain, often against considerable odds and lacking many of the bare necessities of military life. This is a story based on the harsh realities of war in the early years of the nineteenth century and both sides of the coin have to be examined. On the obverse we find the brutal imposition of discipline by the excessive use of the lash, the devastating effect upon the Peninsular Army of easy access to almost limitless supplies of alcohol, leading to situations which have had no military parallel in our own time, and human suffering almost beggaring belief. Mollo's description of the Hussars part in Moore's retreat to Corunna is unforgettable. Written with great elegance, the touch of a natural story teller and the imprint of a true lover and student of military history, this is a book to treasure.

Sickness Suffering And The Sword

Author : Andrew Bamford
ISBN : 9780806189321
Genre : History
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Although an army’s success is often measured in battle outcomes, its victories depend on strengths that may be less obvious on the field. In Sickness, Suffering, and the Sword, military historian Andrew Bamford assesses the effectiveness of the British Army in sustained campaigning during the Napoleonic Wars. In the process, he offers a fresh and controversial look at Britain’s military system, showing that success or failure on campaign rested on the day-to-day experiences of regimental units rather than the army as a whole. Bamford draws his title from the words of Captain Moyle Sherer, who during the winter of 1816–1817 wrote an account of his service during the Peninsular War: “My regiment has never been very roughly handled in the field. . . But, alas! What between sickness, suffering, and the sword, few, very few of those men are now in existence.” Bamford argues that those daily scourges of such often-ignored factors as noncombat deaths and equine strength and losses determined outcomes on the battlefield. In the nineteenth century, the British Army was a collection of regiments rather than a single unified body, and the regimental system bore the responsibility of supplying manpower on that field. Between 1808 and 1815, when Britain was fighting a global conflict far greater than its military capabilities, the system nearly collapsed. Only a few advantages narrowly outweighed the army’s increasing inability to meet manpower requirements. This book examines those critical dynamics in Britain’s major early-nineteenth-century campaigns: the Peninsular War (1808–1814), the Walcheren Expedition (1809), the American War (1812–1815), and the growing commitments in northern Europe from 1813 on. Drawn from primary documents, Bamford’s statistical analysis compares the vast disparities between regiments and different theatres of war and complements recent studies of health and sickness in the British Army.


Author : Tim Clayton
ISBN : 9780748134120
Genre : History
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The bloodbath at Waterloo ended a war that had engulfed the world for over twenty years. It also finished the career of the charismatic Napoleon Bonaparte. It ensured the final liberation of Germany and the restoration of the old European monarchies, and it represented one of very few defeats for the glorious French army, most of whose soldiers remained devoted to their Emperor until the very end. Extraordinary though it may seem much about the Battle of Waterloo has remained uncertain, with many major features of the campaign hotly debated. Most histories have depended heavily on the evidence of British officers that were gathered about twenty years after the battle. But the recent publication of an abundance of fresh first-hand accounts from soldiers of all the participating armies has illuminated important episodes and enabled radical reappraisal of the course of the campaign. What emerges is a darker, muddier story, no longer biased by notions of regimental honour, but a tapestry of irony, accident, courage, horror and human frailty. An epic page turner, rich in dramatic human detail and grounded in first-class scholarly research, Waterloo is the real inside story of the greatest land battle in British history, the defining showdown of the age of muskets, bayonets, cavalry and cannon.

Charging Against Napoleon

Author : Eric Hunt
ISBN : 9780850528275
Genre : History
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By means of the personal diaries and letters of three officers in the 18th Hussars, the reader traces the progress of this famous cavalry Regiment through the gruelling years of campaigning in Portugal, Spain and South West France. The scene then shifts to Northern France and Belgium culminating in the decisive victory at Waterloo. The ferocity of the campaigning in the Peninsula is vividly described by these diarists. Their escapades between and during campaigning make fascinating reading and throw interesting light on military and social conditions at the time.

Wellington S Campaigns Peninsula Waterloo 1808 15

Author : Charles Walker Robinson
ISBN : UCAL:$B85099
Genre : La Coruña, Battle of, La Coruña, Spain, 1809
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The 7th Queen S Own Hussars

Author : John Maurice Brereton
ISBN : 0850521475
Genre : History
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Citater fra bøger og krigsdagbøger. - Introduktion til bogen ved Brian Horrocks.

The Prince S Dolls

Author : John Mollo
ISBN : 0850524938
Genre : History
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Hart S Annual Army List Special Reserve List And Territorial Force List

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112088064917
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Hart S Annual Army List Militia List And Imperial Yeomanry List

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015035100331
Genre : Civil service
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Wellington S Regiments

Author : Ian Fletcher
ISBN : UOM:39015034252711
Genre : History
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A military account of Wellington's armies from 1808 to 1815, which blazed a trail of glory across the Iberian Peninsula from Portugal to southern France, fighting a score of major battles and storming three powerfully held fortresses.

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