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From Hell

Author : Alan Moore
ISBN : 9781603091794
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Format : PDF
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Winner of the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards for Best Graphic Novel. A New York Times Bestseller! "Remarkable."-- Leo Carey, The New Yorker "... dark, fearsomely complex..."-- Douglas Wolk, Publishers Weekly "My all-time favorite graphic novel... an immense, majestic work about the Jack the Ripper murders, the dark Victorian world they happened in, and the birth of the 20th century."-- Warren Ellis, Entertainment Weekly "Moore's works have often defied the public's expectations of the medium, and his most ambitious work, the massive graphic novel From Hell, is no exception... The result is at once a meditation on evil, a police procedural and a commentary on Victorian England. ... an impressive piece of work."-- Patrick Day, The Los Angeles Times "... a massive exploration of the Jack The Ripper murders that incorporates British history, Masonic ritual, and London geography in a fascinating and horrifying conspiracy theory."-- Tasha Robinson, The AV Club From Hell is the story of Jack the Ripper, perhaps the most infamous man in the annals of murder. Detailing the events leading up to the Whitechapel killings and the cover-up that followed, From Hell is a meditation on the mind of a madman whose savagery and violence gave birth to the 20th century. The serialized story, presented in its entirety in this volume, has garnered widespread attention from critics and scholars, and has been adapted into a major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. Often regarded as one of the most significant graphic novels ever published, From Hell combines meticulous research with educated speculation, resulting in a masterpiece of historical fiction both compelling and terrifying.

From Hell Vom Comic Zum Film

Author : Barbara Kainz
ISBN : 9783640335763
Genre :
File Size : 39. 30 MB
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Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Filmwissenschaft, Note: Sehr gut, Universitat Wien (Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: keine - Teil von Diplomarbeit, Sprache: Deutsch, Anmerkungen: Der wissenschaftliche Aufsatz ist aus meiner Diplomarbeit entnommen., Abstract: Antihelden-Figuren, haufig Protagonisten von Graphic Novels, lassen sich nur schwer auf bestimmte Charaktereigenschaften klassifizieren.Im Folgenden wird die Graphic Novel From Hell von Alan Moore und Eddie Campbell hinsichtlich formaler und inhaltlicher Kennzeichen sowie insbesondere hinsichtlich der Motive des Antihelden Abberline - ein typischer Problemcharakter, ein Versager, der mit ernster und murrischer Miene durchs Leben schreitet - untersucht. Im Anschluss daran findet ein Vergleich mit der gleichnamigen Verfilmung From Hell (USA, 2002, R: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes) statt, der Unterschiede und Ahnlichkeiten der filmischen Version analysiert und dabei auch intermediale Aspekte mit einschliesst

Sports From Hell

Author : Rick Reilly
ISBN : 0385532695
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 66. 9 MB
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The most popular sports columnist in America puts his life (and dignity) on the line in search of the most absurd sporting event on the planet. What is the stupidest sport in the world? Not content to pontificate from the sidelines, Rick Reilly set out on a global journey—with stops in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, England, and even a maximum security prison at Angola, Louisiana—to discover the answer to this enduring question. From the physically and mentally taxing sport of chess boxing to the psychological battlefield that is the rock-paper-scissors championship, to the underground world of illegal jart throwing, to several competitions that involve nudity, Reilly, in his valiant quest, subjected himself to both bodily danger and abject humiliation (or, in the case of ferret legging, both). These fringe sports offer their participants a chance to earn a few bucks and achieve the eternal glory that is winning—even when the victory in question might strike some as pointless, like the ability to sit in an oven-hot sauna for the longest time. It's debatable whether these sports push the body or just human idiocy to the outermost limits, but one thing is for sure: Sports in Hell is laugh-out-loud hilarious and will deliver plenty of unabashed fun. From the Hardcover edition.

Tabloid From Hell

Author : Michael A. Raffaele
ISBN : 0595227929
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Love us. Hate us. Read us." That was the slogan of The Trentonian, the scrappy underdog tabloid newspaper from Trenton, N.J. The newspaper combined a mix of hard-hitting news, steamy sex stories and solid sports to produce massive sales in competitive market. The paper represented the heart and soul of the city. It was truly "No. 1 in the hearts of the people." In 1998, The Trentonian took a tragic turn -- a turn in which the paper likely will never recover. It ditched its core readers. It turned its back on Trenton. Tabloid From Hell chronicles the rise and fall of a beloved newspaper. It details how a once relevant newspaper turned irrelevant. How a newspaper everybody talked about transformed into a dull, lifeless and awkward product on the decline. The Trentonian lost its voice. So did its readers.

Winning With The Customer From Hell

Author : Shaun Belding
ISBN : 9781550226300
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51. 36 MB
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Realistic, practical, and compelling anecdotal solutions are offered here for countering belligerent, abusive, and condescending customers. This book captures the essence of the skills required for helping retailers deal with problem customers and improve employee efficiency. A six-pronged approach known as LESTER is detailed, which involves listening to customers, echoing the issue, sympathizing with the customer's emotional state, thanking the customer, evaluating one's opinion, and responding with a win-win solution.

Flowers From Hell

Author : Jim Harper
ISBN : 9780953656479
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 24. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over the past decade, Japan has become a key player on the contemporary horror scene, producing some of the most influential and critically respected genre movies of recent years. Whether it's the subtle chills of Ring, the graphic brutality of Audition or the zombie-fuelled mayhem of Versus, leading Japanese horror has had a major impact throughout the world. From its origins in the mid-80s to the multi-million dollar franchises of today, Flowers from Hell traces the evolution of this consistently inventive and influential horror phenomenon.

Microbes From Hell

Author : Patrick Forterre
ISBN : 9780226265964
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 53 MB
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At the close of the 1970s, the two-domain classification scheme long used by most biologists—prokaryotes versus eukaryotes—was upended by the discovery of an entirely new group of organisms: archaea. Initially thought to be bacteria, these single-celled microbes—many of which were first found in seemingly unlivable habitats like the volcanic hot springs of Yellowstone National Park—were in fact so different at molecular and genetic levels as to constitute a separate, third domain beside bacteria and eukaryotes. Their discovery sparked a conceptual revolution in our understanding of the evolution of life, and Patrick Forterre was—and still is—at the vanguard of this revolution. In Microbes from Hell, one of the world’s leading experts on archaea and hyperthermophiles, or organisms that have evolved to flourish in extreme temperatures, offers a colorful, engaging account of this taxonomic upheaval. Blending tales of his own search for thermophiles with discussions of both the physiological challenges thermophiles face and the unique adaptations they have evolved to live in high-temperature environments, Forterre illuminates our developing understanding of the relationship between archaea and the rest of Earth’s organisms. From biotech applications to the latest discoveries in thermophile research, from microbiomes to the communities of organisms that dwell on deep-sea vents, Forterre’s exploration of life-forms that seem to thrive at the mouth of hell provides a glimpse into the early days of Earth, offering deep insight into what life may have looked like in the extreme environments of our planet’s dawn.

Doctors From Hell

Author : Vivien Spitz
ISBN : 9781591810322
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides a chilling account of the experiments and scientific research performed on human subjects, primarily concentration camp inmates, by Nazi physicians, based on previously unpublished photographs and documents used during the Nuremberg trials.

A Problem From Hell

Author : Samantha Power
ISBN : 9780465050895
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 41 MB
Format : PDF
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About this book:In 1993, as a 23-year-old correspondent covering the wars in the Balkans, I was initially comforted by the roar of NATO planes flying overhead. President Clinton and other western leaders had sent the planes to monitor the Bosnian war, which had killed almost 200,000 civilians. But it soon became clear that NATO was unwilling to target those engaged in brutal "ethnic cleansing." American statesmen described Bosnia as "a problem from hell," and for three and a half years refused to invest the diplomatic and military capital needed to stop the murder of innocents. In Rwanda, around the same time, some 800,000 Tutsi and opposition Hutu were exterminated in the swiftest killing spree of the twentieth century. Again, the United States failed to intervene. This time U.S. policy-makers avoided labeling events "genocide" and spearheaded the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers stationed in Rwanda who might have stopped the massacres underway. Whatever America's commitment to Holocaust remembrance (embodied in the presence of the Holocaust Museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C.), the United States has never intervened to stop genocide. This book is an effort to understand why. While the history of America's response to genocide is not an uplifting one, "A Problem from Hell" tells the stories of countless Americans who took seriously the slogan of "never again" and tried to secure American intervention. Only by understanding the reasons for their small successes and colossal failures can we understand what we as a country, and we as citizens, could have done to stop the most savage crimes of the last century.-Samantha Power

Boyfriends From Hell

Author : Kevin Bentley
ISBN : 1931160147
Genre : Humor
File Size : 24. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Everyone has suffered the tortures of an unfaithful, unavailable, controlling, or demanding date, boyfriend, or lover. They may be hell to live through, but they make riveting postmortems, collected here as twenty gay writers recount adventures from the deep end of the dating pool.

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