from indians to chicanos the dynamics of mexican american culture

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From Indians To Chicanos

Author : James Diego Vigil
ISBN : 9781478634836
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34. 56 MB
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Anthropologist-historian James Diego Vigil distills an enormous amount of information to provide a perceptive ethnohistorical introduction to the Mexican-American experience in the United States. He uses brief, clear outlines of each stage of Mexican-American history, charting the culture change sequences in the Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, Mexican Independence and Nationalism, and Anglo-American and Mexicanization periods. In a very understandable fashion, he analyzes events and the underlying conditions that affect them. Readers become fully engaged with the historical developments and the specific socioeconomic, sociocultural, and sociopsychological forces involved in the dynamics that shaped contemporary Chicano life. Considered a pioneering achievement when first published, From Indians to Chicanos continues to offer readers an informed and penetrating approach to the history of Chicano development. The richly illustrated Third Edition incorporates data from the latest literature. Moreover, a new chapter updates discussions of immigration, institutional discrimination, the Mexicanization of the Chicano population, and issues of gender, labor, and education.


Author : Ignacio M. Garc’a
ISBN : 0816517886
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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During the 1960s and '70s, Mexican Americans began to agitate for social and political change. From their diverse activities and agendas there emerged a new political consciousness. Emphasizing race and class within the context of an oppressive society, this militant ethos would become the unifying theme for groups involved in a myriad of causes. Chicanismo, as it came to be known, marked a transformation in the way Mexican Americans thought about themselves, enabling them for the first time to see themselves as a community with a past and a present. In Chicanismo, the first intellectual history of the Chicano Movement and the militant ethos that emerged from it, Ignacio Garcia traces the development of the philosophical strains that guided the movement. First, Mexican Americans came to believe that the liberal agenda that had promised education and equality had failed them, leading them toward separatism. Second, they saw a need to reinterpret the past as it related to their own history, leading them to discovered their legacy of struggle. Third, Mexican American activists, intellectuals, and artists affirmed a renewed pride in their ethnicity and class status. Finally, this new philosophy-Chicanismo-was politicized through the struggles of the Chicano organizations that promoted it as they faced resistance or external attacks. Although the idea of Chicanismo would eventually unravel, its ideological strains remain important even today. Combining research and personal knowledge of people, events, organizations, and political/cultural rhetoric, along with a synthesis of scholarship from a variety of fields, Chicanismo provides a unique, multidimensional view of the Chicano Movement.

Drink Cultura

Author : José Antonio Burciaga
ISBN : 1877741078
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20. 22 MB
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Presents the Chicano experience of living within, between, and sometimes outside two cultures, exploring the damnation, salvation, and celebration of it all.

Folklore And Culture On The Texas Mexican Border

Author : Am Paredes
ISBN : 0292765649
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In an illustrious career spanning over forty years, Américo Paredes has often set the standard for scholarship and writing in folklore and Chicano studies. In folklore, he has been in the vanguard of important theoretical and methodological movements. In Chicano studies, he stands as one of the premier exponents. Paredes's books are widely known and easily available, but his scholarly articles are not so familiar or accessible. To bring them to a wider readership, Richard Bauman has selected eleven essays that eloquently represent the range and excellence of Paredes's work. The hardcover edition of Folklore and Culture was published in 1993. This paperback edition will make the book more accessible to the general public and more practical for classroom use.

Chicano Chicanery

Author : Daniel Chacón
ISBN : 1611920914
Genre :
File Size : 26. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Border Visions

Author : Carlos G. VŽlez-Iba–ez
ISBN : 0816516847
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 67. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The U.S.-Mexico border region is home to anthropologist Carlos VŽlez-Ib‡–ez. Into these pages he pours nearly half a century of searching and finding answers to the Mexican experience in the southwestern United States. He describes and analyzes the process, as generation upon generation of Mexicans moved north and attempted to create an identity or sense of cultural space and place. In todayÕs border fences he also sees barriers to how Mexicans understand themselves and how they are fundamentally understood. From prehistory to the present, VŽlez-Ib‡–ez traces the intense bumping among Native Americans, Spaniards, and Mexicans, as Mesoamerican populations and ideas moved northward. He demonstrates how cultural glue is constantly replenished by strengthening family ties that reach across both sides of the border. The author describes ways in which Mexicans have resisted and accommodated the dominant culture by creating communities and by forming labor unions, voluntary associations, and cultural movements. He analyzes the distribution of sadness, or overrepresentation of Mexicans in poverty, crime, illness, and war, and shows how that sadness is balanced by creative expressions of literature and art, especially mural art, in the ongoing search for space and place. Here is a book for the nineties and beyond, a book that relates to NAFTA, to complex questions of immigration, and to the expanding population of Mexicans in the U.S.-Mexico border region and other parts of the country. An important new volume for social science, humanities, and Latin American scholars, Border Visions will also attract general readers for its robust narrative and autobiographical edge. For all readers, the book points to new ways of seeing borders, whether they are visible walls of brick and stone or less visible, infinitely more powerful barriers of the mind.

Streetsmart Schoolsmart

Author : Gilberto Q. Conchas and James Diego Vigil
ISBN : 9780807771013
Genre : Education
File Size : 67. 45 MB
Format : PDF
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Paths Of Life

Author : Thomas E. Sheridan
ISBN : 0816514666
Genre : Science
File Size : 62. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Describes the history and culture of the Native peoples of the regions on either side of the border with Mexico

The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Author : Richard Griswold del Castillo
ISBN : 0806124784
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 56 MB
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Signed in 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war between the United States and Mexico and gave a large portion of Mexico’s northern territories to the United States. The language of the treaty was designed to deal fairly with the people who became residents of the United States by default. However, as Richard Griswold del Castillo points out, articles calling for equality and protection of civil and property rights were either ignored or interpreted to favor those involved in the westward expansion of the United States rather than the Mexicans and Indians living in the conquered territories.

Mexicans In San Jos

Author : Nannette Regua
ISBN : 0738569305
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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Since the founding of California's El Pueblo de San JosAA(c) de Guadalupe in 1777, people of Mexican ancestry have contributed to make San JosAA(c) a rich cultural, political, and economic epicenter. Mexican miners who worked in the local mines helped San JosAA(c) become one of the top mercury producers in the world. In the 20th century, Mexicans labored in the "Valley of Heart's Delight," as the Santa Clara Valley region was called, picking, canning, drying, and packaging fruits and vegetables for America's dinner table. They paid homage to their cultural heritage as they formed ballet folklAA3rico groups, established mariachi bands, painted murals, and wrote literature. Through grassroots organizing and collective action, countless heroines and heroes, such as labor leader Cesar Chavez, dedicated their lives to improving conditions in their neighborhoods and communities. In 1999, the City of San JosAA(c) acknowledged the contributions of Mexicans with the grand opening of the Mexican Heritage Plaza, a cultural center for the performing arts.

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