fundamentals of complex networks models structures and dynamics

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Fundamentals Of Complex Networks

Author : Guanrong Chen
ISBN : 9781118718117
Genre : Computers
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Complex networks such as the Internet, WWW, transportation networks, power grids, biological neural networks, and scientific cooperation networks of all kinds provide challenges for future technological development. In particular, advanced societies have become dependent on large infrastructural networks to an extent beyond our capability to plan (modeling) and to operate (control). The recent spate of collapses in power grids and ongoing virus attacks on the Internet illustrate the need for knowledge about modeling, analysis of behaviors, optimized planning and performance control in such ne ...

Complex Networks

Author : Ronaldo Menezes
ISBN : 9783642012051
Genre : Computers
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Though the reductionist approachto biology and medicine has led to several imp- tant advances, further progresses with respect to the remaining challenges require integration of representation, characterization and modeling of the studied systems along a wide range of spatial and time scales. Such an approach, intrinsically - lated to systems biology, is poised to ultimately turning biology into a more precise and synthetic discipline, paving the way to extensive preventive and regenerative medicine [1], drug discovery [20] and treatment optimization [24]. A particularly appealing and effective approach to addressing the complexity of interactions inherent to the biological systems is provided by the new area of c- plex networks [34, 30, 8, 13, 12]. Basically, it is an extension of graph theory [10], focusing on the modeling, representation, characterization, analysis and simulation ofcomplexsystemsbyconsideringmanyelementsandtheirinterconnections.C- plex networks concepts and methods have been used to study disease [17], tr- scription networks [5, 6, 4], protein-protein networks [22, 36, 16, 39], metabolic networks [23] and anatomy [40].

Evolutionary Dynamics Of Complex Communications Networks

Author : Vasileios Karyotis
ISBN : 9781466518414
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86. 48 MB
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Until recently, most network design techniques employed a bottom-up approach with lower protocol layer mechanisms affecting the development of higher ones. This approach, however, has not yielded fascinating results in the case of wireless distributed networks. Addressing the emerging aspects of modern network analysis and design, Evolutionary Dynamics of Complex Communications Networks introduces and develops a top-bottom approach where elements of the higher layer can be exploited in modifying the lowest physical topology—closing the network design loop in an evolutionary fashion similar to that observed in natural processes. This book provides a complete overview of contemporary design approaches from the viewpoint of network science and complex/social network analysis. A significant part of the text focuses on the classification and analysis of various network modification mechanisms for wireless decentralized networks that exploit social features from relevant online social networks. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and introductory material and slowly builds to more detailed analysis and advanced concepts. Each chapter also identifies open issues, while by the end of the book, potential research directions are summarized for the more interested researcher or graduate student. The approach outlined in the book will help network designers and administrators increase the value of their infrastructure without requiring any significant additional investment. Topics covered include: basic network graph models and properties, cognitive methods and evolutionary computing, complex and social network analysis metrics and features, and analysis and development of the distinctive structure and features of complex networks. Considering all aspects of modern network analysis and design, the text covers the necessary material and background to make it a suitable source of reference for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists

Dynamics On And Of Complex Networks

Author : Niloy Ganguly
ISBN : 9780817647506
Genre : Computers
File Size : 76. 50 MB
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This self-contained book systematically explores the statistical dynamics on and of complex networks having relevance across a large number of scientific disciplines. The theories related to complex networks are increasingly being used by researchers for their usefulness in harnessing the most difficult problems of a particular discipline. The book is a collection of surveys and cutting-edge research contributions exploring the interdisciplinary relationship of dynamics on and of complex networks. Topics covered include complex networks found in nature—genetic pathways, ecological networks, linguistic systems, and social systems—as well as man-made systems such as the World Wide Web and peer-to-peer networks. The contributed chapters in this volume are intended to promote cross-fertilization in several research areas, and will be valuable to newcomers in the field, experienced researchers, practitioners, and graduate students interested in systems exhibiting an underlying complex network structure in disciplines such as computer science, biology, statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics, linguistics, and the social sciences.

Advances In Network Complexity

Author : Matthias Dehmer
ISBN : 9783527670482
Genre : Medical
File Size : 81. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A well-balanced overview of mathematical approaches to complex systems ranging from applications in chemistry and ecology to basic research questions on network complexity. Matthias Dehmer, Abbe Mowshowitz, and Frank Emmert-Streib, well-known pioneers in the fi eld, have edited this volume with a view to balancing classical and modern approaches to ensure broad coverage of contemporary research problems. The book is a valuable addition to the literature and a must-have for anyone dealing with network compleaity and complexity issues.

Modeling Biomolecular Networks In Cells

Author : Luonan Chen
ISBN : 1849962146
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87. 60 MB
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Modeling Biomolecular Networks in Cells shows how the interaction between the molecular components of basic living organisms can be modelled mathematically and the models used to create artificial biological entities within cells. Such forward engineering is a difficult task but the nonlinear dynamical methods espoused in this book simplify the biology so that it can be successfully understood and the synthesis of simple biological oscillators and rhythm-generators made feasible. Such simple units can then be co-ordinated using intercellular signal biomolecules. The formation of such man-made multicellular networks with a view to the production of biosensors, logic gates, new forms of integrated circuitry based on "gene-chips" and even biological computers is an important step in the design of faster and more flexible "electronics". The book also provides theoretical frameworks and tools with which to analyze the nonlinear dynamical phenomena which arise from the connection of building units in a biomolecular network.

Propagation Dynamics On Complex Networks

Author : Xinchu Fu
ISBN : 9781118762813
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 74. 29 MB
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Explores the emerging subject of epidemic dynamics on complex networks, including theories, methods, and real-world applications Throughout history epidemic diseases have presented a serious threat to human life, and in recent years the spread of infectious diseases such as dengue, malaria, HIV, and SARS has captured global attention; and in the modern technological age, the proliferation of virus attacks on the Internet highlights the emergent need for knowledge about modeling, analysis, and control in epidemic dynamics on complex networks. For advancement of techniques, it has become clear that more fundamental knowledge will be needed in mathematical and numerical context about how epidemic dynamical networks can be modelled, analyzed, and controlled. This book explores recent progress in these topics and looks at issues relating to various epidemic systems. Propagation Dynamics on Complex Networks covers most key topics in the field, and will provide a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers interested in network science and dynamical systems, and related interdisciplinary fields. Key Features: Includes a brief history of mathematical epidemiology and epidemic modeling on complex networks. Explores how information, opinion, and rumor spread via the Internet and social networks. Presents plausible models for propagation of SARS and avian influenza outbreaks, providing a reality check for otherwise abstract mathematical modeling. Considers various infectivity functions, including constant, piecewise-linear, saturated, and nonlinear cases. Examines information transmission on complex networks, and investigates the difference between information and epidemic spreading.

Biological Networks

Author :
ISBN : 9789814475396
Genre :
File Size : 63. 60 MB
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Evolutionary Games In Complex Topologies

Author : Julia Poncela Casasnovas
ISBN : 9783642301179
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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There are many examples of cooperation in Nature: cells cooperate to form tissues, organs cooperate to form living organisms, and individuals cooperate to raise their offspring or to hunt. However, why cooperation emerges and survives in hostile environments, when defecting would be a much more profitable short-term strategy, is a question that still remains open. During the past few years, several explanations have been proposed, including kin and group selection, punishment and reputation mechanisms, or network reciprocity. This last one will be the center of the present study. The thesis explores the interface between the underlying structure of a given population and the outcome of the cooperative dynamics taking place on top of it, (namely, the Prisoner's Dilemma Game). The first part of this work analyzes the case of a static system, where the pattern of connections is fixed, so it does not evolve over time. The second part develops two models for growing topologies, where the growth and the dynamics are entangled.

Complex Networks Vi

Author : Giuseppe Mangioni
ISBN : 9783319161129
Genre : Computers
File Size : 67. 14 MB
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Elucidating the spatial and temporal dynamics of how things connect has become one of the most important areas of research in the 21st century. Network science now pervades nearly every science domain, resulting in new discoveries in a host of dynamic social and natural systems, including: how neurons connect and communicate in the brain, how information percolates within and among social networks, the evolution of science research through co-authorship networks, the spread of epidemics and many other complex phenomena. Over the past decade, advances in computational power have put the tools of network analysis in the hands of increasing numbers of scientists, enabling more explorations of our world than ever before possible. Information science, social sciences, systems biology, ecosystems ecology, neuroscience and physics all benefit from this movement, which combines graph theory with data sciences to develop and validate theories about the world around us. This book brings together cutting-edge research from the network science field and includes diverse and interdisciplinary topics such as: modeling the structure of urban systems, behavior in social networks, education and learning, data network architecture, structure and dynamics of organizations, crime and terrorism, as well as network topology, modularity and community detection.

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