fundamentals of shock wave propagation in solids

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Fundamentals Of Shock Wave Propagation In Solids

Author : Lee Davison
ISBN : 9783540745686
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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My intent in writing this book is to present an introduction to the thermo- chanical theory required to conduct research and pursue applications of shock physics in solid materials. Emphasis is on the range of moderate compression that can be produced by high-velocity impact or detonation of chemical exp- sives and in which elastoplastic responses are observed and simple equations of state are applicable. In the interest of simplicity, the presentation is restricted to plane waves producing uniaxial deformation. Although applications often - volve complex multidimensional deformation fields it is necessary to begin with the simpler case. This is also the most important case because it is the usual setting of experimental research. The presentation is also restricted to theories of material response that are simple enough to permit illustrative problems to be solved with minimal recourse to numerical analysis. The discussions are set in the context of established continuum-mechanical principles. I have endeavored to define the quantities encountered with some care and to provide equations in several convenient forms and in a way that lends itself to easy reference. Thermodynamic analysis plays an important role in continuum mechanics, and I have included a presentation of aspects of this subject that are particularly relevant to shock physics. The notation adopted is that conventional in expositions of modern continuum mechanics, insofar as possible, and variables are explained as they are encountered. Those experienced in shock physics may find some of the notation unconventional.

Introduction To Wave Propagation In Nonlinear Fluids And Solids

Author : D. S. Drumheller
ISBN : 0521587468
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 64 MB
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Waves occur widely in nature and have innumerable commercial uses. Pressure waves are responsible for the transmission of speech, bow waves created by meteors can virtually ignite the earth's atmosphere, ultrasonic waves are used for medical imaging, and shock waves are used for the synthesis of new materials. This book provides a thorough, modern introduction to the study of linear and nonlinear waves. Beginning with fundamental concepts of motion, the book goes on to discuss linear and nonlinear mechanical waves, thermodynamics, and constitutive models. It covers gases, liquids, and solids as integral parts of the subject. Among the important areas of research and application are impact analysis, shock wave research, explosive detonation, nonlinear acoustics, and hypersonic aerodynamics. Graduate students, as well as professional engineers and applied physicists, will value this clear, comprehensive introduction to the study of wave phenomena.

Stress Waves In Non Elastic Solids

Author : W. K. Nowacki
ISBN : 9781483153933
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 5 MB
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Stress Waves in Non-Elastic Solids is a comprehensive presentation of the principles underlying the propagation of stress waves in non-elastic solids, with emphasis on wave problems in the theory of plasticity. This book exposes wave propagation problems for a range of material responses and justifies the hypotheses introduced in specialized theories and the simplifications made in the analysis of particular problems. Both analytical and numerical methods of solving problems are described, and a large number of solutions to specific problems of wave propagation in inelastic solids are given. This book is comprised of six chapters and begins with an overview of the fundamental equations of the dynamics of inelastic media. The dynamical properties of metals and soils are discussed, offering an account of the most representative theories of plasticity and viscoplasticity. The next chapter considers the basic definitions of discontinuity surfaces and the conditions that must to be satisfied across these surfaces. Certain mathematical fundamentals are given, referring to systems of differential equations, quasi-linear and semi-linear, of the first order. Initial and boundary value problems for hyperbolic equations are also formulated. The remaining chapters focus on methods of solving stress wave propagation problems, including one-dimensional plane waves and longitudinal-transverse waves. Wave propagation problems for elastic-plastic and elastic/viscoplastic media are treated in detail, along with the most important problem of shock waves in metals and soils. The last chapter deals with thermal wave propagation problems. This monograph will be a valuable resource for students and practitioners of engineering, physics, and mathematics.

Wave Propagation In Electromagnetic Media

Author : Julian L. Davis
ISBN : 9781461232841
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 39 MB
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This is the second work of a set of two volumes on the phenomena of wave propagation in nonreacting and reacting media. The first, entitled Wave Propagation in Solids and Fluids (published by Springer-Verlag in 1988), deals with wave phenomena in nonreacting media (solids and fluids). This book is concerned with wave propagation in reacting media-specifically, in electro magnetic materials. Since these volumes were designed to be relatively self contained, we have taken the liberty of adapting some of the pertinent material, especially in the theory of hyperbolic partial differential equations (concerned with electromagnetic wave propagation), variational methods, and Hamilton-Jacobi theory, to the phenomena of electromagnetic waves. The purpose of this volume is similar to that of the first, except that here we are dealing with electromagnetic waves. We attempt to present a clear and systematic account of the mathematical methods of wave phenomena in electromagnetic materials that will be readily accessible to physicists and engineers. The emphasis is on developing the necessary mathematical tech niques, and on showing how these methods of mathematical physics can be effective in unifying the physics of wave propagation in electromagnetic media. Chapter 1 presents the theory of time-varying electromagnetic fields, which involves a discussion of Faraday's laws, Maxwell's equations, and their appli cations to electromagnetic wave propagation under a variety of conditions.

Shock Wave Compression Of Condensed Matter

Author : Jerry W Forbes
ISBN : 9783642325359
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20. 52 MB
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This book introduces the core concepts of the shock wave physics of condensed matter, taking a continuum mechanics approach to examine liquids and isotropic solids. The text primarily focuses on one-dimensional uniaxial compression in order to show the key features of condensed matter’s response to shock wave loading. The first four chapters are specifically designed to quickly familiarize physical scientists and engineers with how shock waves interact with other shock waves or material boundaries, as well as to allow readers to better understand shock wave literature, use basic data analysis techniques, and design simple 1-D shock wave experiments. This is achieved by first presenting the steady one-dimensional strain conservation laws using shock wave impedance matching, which insures conservation of mass, momentum and energy. Here, the initial emphasis is on the meaning of shock wave and mass velocities in a laboratory coordinate system. An overview of basic experimental techniques for measuring pressure, shock velocity, mass velocity, compression and internal energy of steady 1-D shock waves is then presented. In the second part of the book, more advanced topics are progressively introduced: thermodynamic surfaces are used to describe equilibrium flow behavior, first-order Maxwell solid models are used to describe time-dependent flow behavior, descriptions of detonation shock waves in ideal and non-ideal explosives are provided, and lastly, a select group of current issues in shock wave physics are discussed in the final chapter.

High Pressure Shock Compression Of Solids Vi

Author : Yasuyuki Horie
ISBN : 0387955321
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 66 MB
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Both experimental and theoretical investigations make it clear that mesoscale materials, that is, materials at scales intermediate between atomic and bulk matter, do not always behave in ways predicted by conventional theories of shock compression. At these scales, shock waves interact with local material properties and microstructure to produce a hierarchy of dissipative structures such as inelastic deformation fields, randomly distributed lattice defects, and residual stresses. A macroscopically steady planar shock wave is neither plane nor steady at the mesoscale. The chapters in this book examine the assumptions underlying our understanding of shock phenomena and present new measurements, calculations, and theories that challenge these assumptions. They address such questions as: What are the experimental data on mesoscale effects of shocks, and what are the implications?; Can one formulate new mesoscale theories of shock dynamics?; How would new mesoscale theories affect our understanding of shock-induced phase transitions or fracture?; And what new computational models will be needed for investigating mesoscale shocks?

High Pressure Shock Compression Of Solids Ii

Author : Lee W. Davison
ISBN : 0387944028
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 98 MB
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The chapters in this volume cover various aspects of fracture and fragmentation caused by shock waves interacting with solid materials. Each is by a leading researcher in the field and provides a fundamental review as well as an introduction to current research.

High Pressure Shock Compression Of Solids Iii

Author : Lee Davison
ISBN : 0387982922
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Developments in experimental methods are providing an increasingly detailed understanding of shock compression phenomena on the bulk, intermediate, and molecular scales. This third volume in a series of reviews of the curent state of knowledge covers several diverse areas. The first group of chapters addresses fundamental physical and chemical aspects of the response of condensed matter to shock comression: equations of state, molecular-dynamic analysis, deformation of materials, spectroscopic methods. Two further chapters focus on a particular group of materials: ceramics. Another chapter discusses shock-induced reaction of condensed-phase explosives. And a final pair of chapters considers shock phenomena at low stresses from the point of view of continuum mechanics.

Mechanics Of Solid Interfaces

Author : Muriel Braccini
ISBN : 9781118588185
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The growing occurrence of heterogeneous materials such as composites or coated substrates in structural parts makes it necessary for designers and scientists to deal with the specific features of the mechanical behavior of solid interfaces. This book introduces basic concepts on mechanical problems related to the presence of solid/solid interfaces and their practical applications. The various topics discussed here are the mechanical characterization of interfaces, the initiation and growth of cracks along interfaces, the origin and control of interface adhesion, focusing in particular on thin films on substrate systems. It is designed and structured to provide a solid background in the mechanics of heterogeneous materials to help students in materials science, as well as scientists and engineers.

Handbook Of Shock Waves Three Volume Set

Author : Gabi Ben-Dor
ISBN : 9780080533728
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Handbook of Shock Waves contains a comprehensive, structured coverage of research topics related to shock wave phenomena including shock waves in gases, liquids, solids, and space. Shock waves represent an extremely important physical phenomena which appears to be of special practical importance in three major fields: compressible flow (aerodynamics), materials science, and astrophysics. Shock waves comprise a phenomenon that occurs when pressure builds to force a reaction, i.e. sonic boom that occurs when a jet breaks the speed of sound. This Handbook contains experimental, theoretical, and numerical results which never before appeared under one cover; the first handbook of its kind. The Handbook of Shock Waves is intended for researchers and engineers active in shock wave related fields. Additionally, R&D establishments, applied science & research laboratories and scientific and engineering libraries both in universities and government institutions. As well as, undergraduate and graduate students in fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, and physics. Key Features * Ben-Dor is known as one of the founders of the field of shock waves * Covers a broad spectrum of shock wave research topics * Provides a comprehensive description of various shock wave related subjects * First handbook ever to include under one separate cover: experimental, theoretical, and numerical results

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