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Future Mormon

Author : Adam S. Miler
ISBN : 1589585097
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 40 MB
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I have three children, a girl and two boys. Our worlds overlap but, already, these worlds are not the same. Their worlds, the worlds that they will grow to fill, are already taking leave of mine. Their futures are already wedged into our present. This is both heartening and frightening. So much of our world deserves to be left. So much of it deserves to be scrapped and recycled. But, too, this scares me. I worry that a lot of what has mattered most to me in this world-Mormonism in particular-may be largely unintelligible to them in theirs. This problem isn't new, but it is perpetually urgent. Every generation must start again. Every generation must work out their own salvation. Every generation must live its own lives and think its own thoughts and receive its own revelations. And, if Mormonism continues to matter, it will be because they, rather than leaving, were willing to be Mormon all over again. Like our grandparents, like our parents, and like us, they will have to rethink the whole tradition, from top to bottom, right from the beginning, and make it their own in order to embody Christ anew in this passing world. To the degree that we can help, our job is to model that work in love and then offer them the tools, the raw materials, and the room to do it themselves. These essays are a modest contribution in this vein, a future tense apologetics meant for future Mormons. They model, I hope, a thoughtful and creative engagement with Mormon ideas while sketching, without obligation, possible directions for future thinking.

From The Outside Looking In

Author : Matthew J. Grow
ISBN : 9780190244668
Genre : Mormon Church
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This book contains fifteen essays, each first presented as the annual Tanner Lecture at the conference of the Mormon History Association by a leading scholar. Renowned in their own specialties but relatively new to the study of Mormon history at the time of their lectures, these scholars approach Mormon history from a wide variety of perspectives, including such concerns as gender, identity creation, and globalization. Several of these essays place Mormon history within the currents of American religious history--for example, by placing Joseph Smith and other Latter-day Saints in conversation with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nat Turner, fellow millenarians, and freethinkers. Other essays explore the creation of Mormon identities, demonstrating how Mormons created a unique sense of themselves as a distinct people. Historians of the American West examine Mormon connections with American imperialism, the Civil War, and the wider cultural landscape. Finally the essayists look at continuing Latter-day Saint growth around the world, within the context of the study of global religions. Examining Mormon history from an outsider's perspective, the essays presented in this volume ask intriguing questions, share fresh insights and perspectives, analyze familiar sources in unexpected ways, and situate research on the Mormon past within broader scholarly debates.

Interpreter A Journal Of Mormon Scripture Volume 21 2016

Author : Daniel C. Peterson
ISBN : 9781539315803
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is volume 21 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: "Three Degrees of Gospel Understanding", "Joseph Smith and the Doctrine of Sealing", "'There’s the Boy I Can Trust': Dennison Lott Harris’ First-Person Account of the Conspiracy of Nauvoo and Events Surrounding Joseph Smith’s 'Last Charge' to the Twelve Apostles", "A Brighter Future for Mormon Theology: Adam S. Miller’s Future Mormon", "Beyond Agency as Idolatry", "'How Thankful We Should Be to Know the Truth': Zebedee Coltrin’s Witness of the Heavenly Origins of Temple Ordinances", "Perhaps Close can Count in More than Horseshoes", "Mormonism, Materialism, and Politics: Six Things We Must Understand in Order to Survive as Latter-day Saints", "Were We Foreordained to the Priesthood, or Was the Standard of Worthiness Foreordained? Alma 13 Reconsidered", "Remembering and Honoring Maori Latter-day Saints", "Reading A Pentecostal Reads the Book of Mormon", "'With the Tongue of Angels': Angelic Speech as a Form of Deification".

Interpreter A Journal Of Mormon Scripture Volume 22 2016

Author : Daniel C. Peterson
ISBN : 9781542714426
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is volume 22 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: "The Small Voice," "The Changing Forms of the Latter-day Saint Sacrament," "Assessing the Joseph Smith Papyri: An Introduction to the Historiography of their Acquisitions, Translations, and Interpretations," "'Creator of the First Day': The Glossing of Lord of Sabaoth in D&C 95:7," "Nephi’s Use of Inverted Parallels," "Reclaiming Jacob," "On the Dating of Moroni 8-9," "The Parable of the Benevolent Father and Son," "'Arise from the Dust': Insights from Dust-Related Themes in the Book of Mormon (Part 1: Tracks from the Book of Moses)," "'Arise from the Dust': Insights from Dust-Related Themes in the Book of Mormon (Part 2: Enthronement, Resurrection, and Other Ancient Motifs from the “Voice from the Dust”)," "Reading 1 Nephi With Wisdom," and "'Arise from the Dust': Insights from Dust-Related Themes in the Book of Mormon (Part 3: Dusting Off a Famous Chiasmus, Alma 36)."

Interpreter A Journal Of Mormon Scripture Volume 26 2017

Author : Daniel C. Peterson
ISBN : 9781977844781
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is volume 26 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: "The Power is In Them," "A Lengthening Shadow: Is Quality of Thought Deteriorating in LDS Scholarly Discourse Regarding Prophets and Revelation? Part One," "A Lengthening Shadow: Is Quality of Thought Deteriorating in LDS Scholarly Discourse Regarding Prophets and Revelation? Part Two," "A Lengthening Shadow: Is Quality of Thought Deteriorating in LDS Scholarly Discourse Regarding Prophets and Revelation? Part Three," "Consecration Brings Forth Zion, Not Just Disaster Relief: An Examination of Scholarly and Prophetic Statements on the Law of Consecration," "The Next Big Thing in LDS Apologetics: Strong Semitic and Egyptian Elements in Uto-Aztecan Languages," "Lehi’s Dream and the Garden of Eden," and "On Doctrine and Covenants Language and the 1833 Plot of Zion."

Mormon Essays Science And Mormonism A Study Of Harmony And Conflict Joseph Smith And Science The Methodist Connection The Book Of Abraham Toward A Comprehensive Theory Of The Text The House Of Israel In Mormon Theology

Author : Michael T. Walton
ISBN : 9781430315148
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The essays contained in this volume were composed as lectures throughout the 1980's. The studies on science and Mormonism and the House of Israel are the work of Michael T. Walton. The analysis of the Book of Abraham is a joint composition of Phyllis J. Walton and Michael T. Walton. They were never intended as definitive studies, rather as encouragements to scholars to look at certain issues and patterns of facts. They were well received at the time of delivery. They are noted from time to time in scholarly works and listed on internet search engines and book lists. Because they have been cited and because they are listed as our work, we were concerned that they were not readily available for consultation. We have also taken the opportunity to correct some, but not all, spelling and grammatical errors, clarify certain comments, and, very occasionally, add information. They remain, however, a product of their time and do not reflect current scholarship.

Mormon Identities In Transition

Author : Douglas Davies
ISBN : 9781474281294
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This collection of interdisciplinary essays explores the prime concern of Mormon Studies – the relationship between knowledge and spirituality – and how that relationship has been defined and reinterpreted over time. Beginning with an examination of the international prospects for Mormonism at the turn of the century, the volume's overarching theme, from sociological, anthropological and theological approaches, is the examination of changing Mormon identities. The contributors review the expansion of Mormonism, the emotional and social contexts of its historic and contemporary manifestations, the distinction between 'Utah' Mormons and the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and issues in Mormon feminism, concluding with a valuable review of the sources and documents available for studying Mormonism.

New Perspectives In Mormon Studies

Author : Eric F. Mason
ISBN : 9780806189185
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Scholarship in Mormon studies has often focused on a few key events and individuals in Mormon history. The essays collected by Quincy D. Newell and Eric F. Mason in this interdisciplinary volume expand the conversation. One of the main purposes of this volume is to define and cross boundaries. Part 1 addresses internal boundaries—walls that divide some Mormons from others. One chapter examines Joseph Smith’s writings on economic matters and argues that he sought to make social distinctions irrelevant. Another considers Jane James, an African American Latter-day Saint, and her experiences at the intersection of religious and racial identity In part 2, contributors consider Mormonism's influence on Pentecostal leader John Alexander Dowie and relationships between Mormonism and other religious movements, including Methodism and Presbyterianism. Other chapters compare Mormonism and Islam and examine the group Ex-Mormons for Jesus/Saints Alive in Jesus. Part 3 deals with Mormonism in the academy and the ongoing evolution of Mormon studies. Written by contributors from a variety of backgrounds, these essays will spark scholarly dialogue across the disciplines.

The Rhetoric Of American Exceptionalism

Author : Jason A. Edwards
ISBN : 9780786486816
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The American experience has been defined, in part, by the rhetoric of exceptionalism. This book of 11 critical essays explores the notion as it is manifested across a range of contexts, including the presidency, foreign policy, religion, economics, American history, television news and sports. The idea of exceptionalism is explored through the words of its champions and its challengers, past and present. By studying how the principles of American exceptionalism have been used, adapted, challenged, and even rejected, this volume demonstrates the continued importance of exceptionalism to the mythology, sense of place, direction and identity of the United States, within and outside of the realm of politics. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Parallels And Convergences

Author : A. Scott Howe
ISBN : 1589581873
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The earth will eventually be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory. But how will our current world ever become the heaven of our dreams? The Lord is already on it; and, as the essays in this book provocatively propose, He's following good engineering principles.Joseph Fielding Smith said, regarding inventions in these latter days, “The inspiration of the Lord has gone out and takes hold of the minds of men, though they know it not, and they are directed by the Lord. In this manner he brings them into his service.” If there is “no such thing as immaterial matter,” and “all spirit is matter,” then what are the implications for such standard theological principles as creation, human progression, free will, transfiguration, resurrection, and immortality? In eleven stimulating essays, Mormon engineers probe gospel possibilities and future vistas dealing with human nature, divine progression, and the earth's future.Richard Bushman poses a vision-expanding proposal: “The end point of engineering knowledge may be divine knowledge. Mormon theology permits us to think of God and humans as collaborators in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Engineers may be preparing the way for humans to act more like gods in managing the world.”

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