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Gemstone Crystal Properties

Author : BarCharts, Inc.
ISBN : 1423228596
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Identify 135 of the most sought after and popular gemstones, minerals and crystals through photos and descriptions of color variety, luster and transparency range. Scientific and metaphysical properties of each gemstone plus significant meanings or historical uses, or how it is formed. Suggested uses: o Buying Guide - identify metaphysical or historical uses of stones for you personally or as a meaningful gift o Collectors - handy identification and properties reference o Jewelry & Art - know the structure and durability of your materials for mounting or carving

Rock Roles Facts Properties And Lore Of Gemstones

Author : Suzanne Bettonville
ISBN : 9781257037629
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File Size : 42. 19 MB
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Grimoire Of Healing And Metaphysical Properties Of Stones And Crystals

Author : KIM OGREN
ISBN : 9780359094578
Genre : Reference
File Size : 82. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Metaphysical use of stones, gems, and crystals is a form of vibrational medicine. Stones, gems, or crystals can facilitate healing. Gemstones house spiritual and healing properties that can be tapped into a variety of ways. Crystals can be carried or worn, placed in a location where their healing vibrations can be felt by whoever is nearby, or stones can be placed on the reclined body to balance the chakras and aura. Each type of stone has its own unique talent. Gemstone colors, shapes, and textures all have special meanings. Crystal elixirs can be made by soaking crystals for a few hours in a glass of water. Healing crystals are also used for divination and meditation purposes. Please Note: The presentation of the historical uses of stones, gems, and crystals is for informational purposes only. For serious illness, consult your doctor. The statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA. The stones and methods mentioned are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease.

Gemstone Healing

Author : Michael Gienger
ISBN : 9781844098422
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 71. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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Worn as jewelry, in cosmetics, as gemstone water, placed under your pillow to work as you sleep, used as part of your meditation or in a massage, the gemstones promote strength and wellbeing. Crystal healing expert Michael Gienger explains how healing stones can exert their beneficial and healthy effects on the body, mind and soul. For example: rock crystal acts as antipyretic, malachite promotes detoxification, aquamarine helps to combat allergies, amber improves sleep and amethyst promotes clear thinking. Gemstone Healing is the first guide to list the full range of applications for 36 crystals and will provide all the information you need to treat yourself, your family and friends. The reader will come to understand the effects of the crystals and learn how to choose, use and look after them properly. With full color illustrations throughout and stunning photographs of each of the 36 crystals, this guide gives both the reader new to using crystals and those who have some experience of crystal healing a whole new view of the subject.

Crystals And Gemstones

Author : Miriam Kaplan
ISBN : 0961587539
Genre : Medical
File Size : 85. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explains the theory and use of crystals and gems in healing a variety of ailments

Crystal And Stone Massage

Author : Michael Gienger
ISBN : 9781620554128
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 43. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A full-color guide to crystal massage for healing, energy balance, and stress release in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies • Illustrates full-body massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, polished stones, and amber • Details the healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones and how to select the proper one for a specific condition • Explains how to cleanse and recharge crystal, gemstone, and amber after each massage so energies are not transferred from one person to another In this full-color illustrated guide, Michael Gienger, along with contributors Hildegard Weiss and Ursula Dombrowksy, details the energetics and healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones for use in massage. The book explains how to select the proper crystal or stone to aid healing of a specific condition as well as for relaxation and stress release. It illustrates specific massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, and polished stones that best utilize the crystal or stone’s properties and shows how to perform a full-body massage that works on several levels--physical, ethereal, mental, and spiritual--depending on how the crystals are applied. Explaining how crystals absorb energy and information during a massage, the guide shows how to cleanse and recharge their energetic fields so energies are not transferred from one person to another. It also details how to rebalance and replenish your own energy after giving a massage. The book also includes a detailed chapter on the harmonizing effects of amber massage, complete with a step-by-step illustrated massage sequence. Amber’s unique electromagnetic vibrations make it especially conducive to creating homeostasis in the body and thus a beneficial addition to any crystal or stone massage practice. With this complete illustrated guide, anyone can enhance their massage practice or self-healing through the powerful effects of crystals, gemstones, and amber.

Healing Power Of Gems

Author : Dr.Gopal Sharma & Pr. Sewaram Jaipuria
ISBN : 8183821146
Genre : Astrology and gems
File Size : 73. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Diane Stein S Guide To Goddess Craft

Author : Diane Stein
ISBN : 9780307783646
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally published as The Women's Spirituality Book, this guide describes the beliefs and practices of the Goddess craft as it relates to the daily lives of women. It emphasizes achieving power and control through healing, visualization, Tarot, and the women's I Ching. Diane Stein teaches the specific techniques-the craft-of this worship, encouraging women to become leaders in the transformation of the world into a safer, gentler place for all. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Healing Crystals

Author : Michael Gienger
ISBN : 9781844098415
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 75. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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All the important information about 555 healing gemstones in a neat pocket-book! Though it may appear small, it encompasses the contents of a whole encyclopedia. This 2nd updated edition is based on new findings in mineralogy and new experiences and research results in the field of gem therapy, including information for an additional 125 crystals not present in the 1st edition, some of which that have been discovered in recent years. With Healing Crystals Michael Gienger presents a comprehensive directory of all the gemstones currently in use in crystal healing. Clear, concise and precise in style, with photographs of each of the crystals accompanying the text, he describes the characteristics and healing functions of each crystal.

Gemstone Reflexology

Author : Nora Kircher
ISBN : 9781620554494
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 20. 47 MB
Format : PDF
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An innovative and holistic approach that combines the healing powers of gemstones with reflexology therapy • Presents a synergistic therapy that can help numerous mental and physical disorders • Includes illustrated instructions for determining the specific needs of a disorder and how to apply the therapy Combining the healing energy of crystals and reflexology therapy, Gemstone Reflexology offers a holistic approach to triggering the body’s self-healing energies to deal with a large number of mental and physical disorders, ranging from hear­tache to heart disease. The treatment is based on using eight gemstone wands--agate, amethyst, fluorite, heliotrope, rock crystal, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, and sodalite--that allow users to direct the healing power of the crystals to activate designated pressure points. Every gemstone has specific healing properties. When crafted into wands, these gems enable the patient to apply the perfect amount of pressure on the appropriate acupressure point. The energies of the crystal combine with the energies released by the pressure on the reflexology point to produce a powerful force for healing. Readers are provided a system of kinetic analysis to determine the appropriate stone and pressure point for their specific condition. Sodalite, for example, has a beneficial effect on mental health, which is increased when applied to the pressure points corresponding to the head; agate helps in the treatment of skin disorders; and amethyst restores vigor. The book contains illustrated instructions that show the treatment areas for a wide range of conditions, including earaches, headaches and migraines, back and joint pain, colds and flu, low blood pressure, intestinal cramps, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

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