gender and american politics women men and the political process

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Gender And American Politics

Author : Sue Tolleson-Rinehart
ISBN : 9781315289755
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Studies of gender and American political life most often focus only on women. This book fills the gap by examining and comparing the roles and behavior of both men and women in political decision-making, public policy, and political institutions. Now updated and expanded, the book presents a full complement of empirical studies of real and imagined gender gaps. New to this edition are chapters on the media, legislative behavior, foreign policy, and the future of the gender dimension in American politics. The book is structured to parallel the typical course on the American political system.

Gender And Elections

Author : Susan J. Carroll
ISBN : 9781108278584
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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The fourth edition of Gender and Elections offers a systematic, lively, multi-faceted account of the role of gender in the electoral process through the 2016 elections. This timely, yet enduring, volume strikes a balance between highlighting the most important development for women as voters and candidates in the 2016 elections and providing a more long-term, in-depth analysis of the ways in which gender has helped shape the contours and outcomes of electoral politics in the United States. Individual chapters demonstrate the importance of gender in understanding and interpreting presidential elections, voter participation and turnout, voting choices, congressional elections, the participation of African American women, the support of political parties and women's organizations, candidate communications with voters, and state elections. Without question, Gender and Elections is the most comprehensive, reliable, and trustworthy resource on the role of gender in electoral politics.

Women And American Politics

Author : Susan J. Carroll
ISBN : 0198293488
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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Women and American Politics brings together leading scholars in the field of women and politics to provide an account of recent developments and the challenges that the future brings for the study of gender and American Politics. The book examines women's participation in the electoral arena and the emerging scholarship on the relationship between the media and women in politics, the participation of women of colour, and women's activism outside the electoral arena. This volume demonstrates both the wealth of knowledge about women and American politics by the current generation of scholars and the vast number and range of important research questions, which pose a challenge for the next generation.

Angels In The Machinery

Author : Rebecca Edwards
ISBN : 9780195116960
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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Angels in the Machinery offers a sweeping analysis of the centrality of gender to politics in the United States from the days of the Whigs to the early twentieth century. Author Rebecca Edwards shows that women in the U.S. participated actively and influentially as Republicans, Democrats, and leaders of third-party movements like Prohibitionism and Populism--decades before they won the right to vote--and in the process managed to transform forever the ideology of American party politics. Using cartoons, speeches, party platforms, news accounts, and campaign memorabilia, she offers a compelling explanation of why family values, women's political activities, and even candidates' sex lives remain hot-button issues in politics to this day.

The Political Psychology Of Women In U S Politics

Author : Angela L. Bos
ISBN : 9781134831203
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 64. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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The Political Psychology of Women in U.S. Politics is a comprehensive resource for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in women and politics. Highly original and drawing from the best available research in psychology and political science, this book is designed to summarize and extend interdisciplinary research that addresses how and why men and women differ as citizens, as political candidates, and as officeholders. The chapters in this volume are focused on differences in the political behavior and perceptions of men and women, yet the chapters also speak to broader topics within American politics – including political socialization, opinion formation, candidate emergence, and voting behavior. Broadly, this volume addresses the causes and consequences of women’s underrepresentation in American government. This book is the ideal resource for students and researchers of all levels interested in understanding the unique political experiences of diverse women, and the importance of rectifying the problem of gender disparities in American politics.

Women On The Run

Author : Danny Hayes
ISBN : 9781107115583
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The book argues that contrary to conventional wisdom, the candidate's sex plays a minimal role in the majority of US elections.

Running As A Woman

Author : Linda Witt
ISBN : 9781439106105
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Women have become a strong force in electoral politics, as candidates, office holders, and vocal constituents. In Running as a Woman, Linda Witt, Karen Paget, and Glenna Matthews explore the significant issues for women in public life: their marital status, the threat of sexual innuendo, what’s involved in becoming a credible candidate, and raising enough money to run. They also explain how voters are mobilized to vote for women, how the media cover them, how they get their campaign message out, what it’s like to lose, and what difference women make once elected. In addition, Running as a Woman includes a compelling history of women in politics that both records the political role women have played throughout the last two centuries and explains how and why women have continually been stifled in their attempts to enter political life. While the 1992 elections were hailed as a giant leap forward for women, the 1994 elections created a skepticism that real, permanent changes occurred. In Running as a Woman, the authors set the record straight with a chapter that analyzes the results of the 1994 elections and their relevance for women today.

Gender In Campaigns For The U S House Of Representatives

Author : Barbara C. Burrell
ISBN : 9780472052318
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An in-depth study of women congressional candidates over the past two decades

Where Women Run

Author : Kira Sanbonmatsu
ISBN : 0472025651
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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Why don’t more women run for office? Why are certain states more likely to have female candidates and representatives? Would strengthening political parties narrow the national gender gap? Where Women Run addresses these important questions through a rare and incisive look at how candidates are recruited. Drawing on surveys and case studies of party leaders and legislators in six states, political scientist Kira Sanbonmatsu analyzes the links between parties and representation, exposing the mechanism by which parties’ informal recruitment practices shape who runs—or doesn’t run—for political office in America. “Kira Sanbonmatsu has done a masterful job of linking the representation of women in elective office to the activities of party organizations in the states. She combines qualitative and quantitative data to show how women are navigating the campaign process to become elected leaders and the changing role of party organizations in their recruitment and election. It is a significant contribution to the study of representative democracy.” --Barbara Burrell, Northern Illinois University “Sanbonmatsu has produced an excellent study that will invigorate research on the role of political parties and the recruitment of women candidates. Using a variety of methods and data sources, she has crafted a tightly constructed, clearly argued, and exceedingly well-written study. A commendable and convincing job.” --Gary Moncrief, Boise State University “Sanbonmatsu offers important insights in two neglected areas of American politics: the role of political parties in recruiting candidates and the continued under-representation of women in elected office. Connecting the two subjects through careful qualitative and statistical methods, insightful interpretation of the literature and interesting findings, the book is a significant new addition to scholarship on parties, gender, and political recruitment.” --Linda Fowler, Dartmouth College Kira Sanbonmatsu is Associate Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University and Senior Scholar at the Eagleton Institute of Politics’ Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP). She was previously associate professor at Ohio State University. She is the author of Democrats, Republicans, and the Politics of Women’s Place.

Money In American Politics An Encyclopedia

Author : David Schultz
ISBN : 9781440851773
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How much does money really matter in American politics? A first-of-its-kind reference book, this encyclopedia provides the most up-to-date research and analysis regarding how money affects American campaigns, elections, politics, and public policy. • Provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of money's key role in contemporary American campaigns, elections, law, and policymaking • Reviews current research that examines money's impact on politics • Explains the laws regarding money in U.S. politics and assesses the viability of various reforms and proposed regulations

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