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Geometry And Meaning

Author : Dominic Widdows
ISBN : 1575864479
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 21. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Geometric models similar to those of Pythagoras and Einstein are now being applied to the conceptual space of information and meaning, for example in the arrangement of Internet documents. This text explores the computational techniques necessary to represent meaning and their basis in conceptual space.


Author : Marcus Kriele
ISBN : 9783540483540
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 37 MB
Format : PDF
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One of the most of exciting aspects is the general relativity pred- tion of black holes and the Such Big Bang. predictions gained weight the theorems through Penrose. singularity pioneered In various by te- books on theorems general relativity singularity are and then presented used to that black holes exist and that the argue universe started with a To date what has big been is bang. a critical of what lacking analysis these theorems predict-’ We of really give a proof a typical singul- theorem and this ity use theorem to illustrate problems arising through the of possibilities violations" and "causality weak "shell very crossing These singularities". add to the problems weight of view that the point theorems alone singularity are not sufficient to the existence of predict physical singularities. The mathematical theme of the book In order to both solid gain a of and intuition understanding good for any mathematical theory, one,should to realise it as model of try a a fam- iar non-mathematical theories have had concept. Physical an especially the important on of and impact development mathematics, conversely various modern theories physical rather require sophisticated mathem- ics for their formulation. both and mathematics Today, physics are so that it is often difficult complex to master the theories in both very s- in the of jects. However, case differential pseudo-Riemannian geometry or the general relativity between and mathematics relationship physics is and it is therefore especially close, to from interd- possible profit an ciplinary approach.

The Geometry Of Meaning

Author : Peter Gärdenfors
ISBN : 9780262026789
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 31. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A novel cognitive theory of semantics that proposes that the meanings of words can be described in terms of geometric structures.

Lecture Notes On O Minimal Structures And Real Analytic Geometry

Author : Chris Miller
ISBN : 9781461440413
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 71. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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​This volume was produced in conjunction with the Thematic Program in o-Minimal Structures and Real Analytic Geometry, held from January to June of 2009 at the Fields Institute. Five of the six contributions consist of notes from graduate courses associated with the program: Felipe Cano on a new proof of resolution of singularities for planar analytic vector fields; Chris Miller on o-minimality and Hardy fields; Jean-Philippe Rolin on the construction of o-minimal structures from quasianalytic classes; Fernando Sanz on non-oscillatory trajectories of vector fields; and Patrick Speissegger on pfaffian sets. The sixth contribution, by Antongiulio Fornasiero and Tamara Servi, is an adaptation to the nonstandard setting of A.J. Wilkie's construction of o-minimal structures from infinitely differentiable functions. Most of this material is either unavailable elsewhere or spread across many different sources such as research papers, conference proceedings and PhD theses. This book will be a useful tool for graduate students or researchers from related fields who want to learn about expansions of o-minimal structures by solutions, or images thereof, of definable systems of differential equations. ​

Celestial Geometry

Author : Ken Taylor
ISBN : 1780283865
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores the achievements of ancient astronomers at sites, from European stone circles like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt and Central America, to the medicine wheels of North America and the carved monoliths of Easter Island.

Lecture Notes On Elementary Topology And Geometry

Author : I.M. Singer
ISBN : 9781461573470
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 49. 73 MB
Format : PDF
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At the present time, the average undergraduate mathematics major finds mathematics heavily compartmentalized. After the calculus, he takes a course in analysis and a course in algebra. Depending upon his interests (or those of his department), he takes courses in special topics. Ifhe is exposed to topology, it is usually straightforward point set topology; if he is exposed to geom etry, it is usually classical differential geometry. The exciting revelations that there is some unity in mathematics, that fields overlap, that techniques of one field have applications in another, are denied the undergraduate. He must wait until he is well into graduate work to see interconnections, presumably because earlier he doesn't know enough. These notes are an attempt to break up this compartmentalization, at least in topology-geometry. What the student has learned in algebra and advanced calculus are used to prove some fairly deep results relating geometry, topol ogy, and group theory. (De Rham's theorem, the Gauss-Bonnet theorem for surfaces, the functorial relation of fundamental group to covering space, and surfaces of constant curvature as homogeneous spaces are the most note worthy examples.) In the first two chapters the bare essentials of elementary point set topology are set forth with some hint ofthe subject's application to functional analysis.

Riemannian Geometry

Author : Takashi Sakai
ISBN : 0821889567
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 47. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume is an English translation of Sakai's textbook on Riemannian Geometry which was originally written in Japanese and published in 1992. The author's intent behind the original book was to provide to advanced undergraduate and graudate students an introduction to modern Riemannian geometry that could also serve as a reference. The book begins with an explanation of the fundamental notion of Riemannian geometry. Special emphasis is placed on understandability and readability, to guide students who are new to this area. The remaining chapters deal with various topics in Riemannian geometry, with the main focus on comparison methods and their applications.

Holographic Reduced Representation

Author : Tony A. Plate
ISBN : 1575864290
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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While neuroscientists garner success in identifying brain regions and in analyzing individual neurons, ground is still being broken at the intermediate scale of understanding how neurons combine to encode information. This book proposes a method of representing information in a computer that would be suited for modeling the brain's methods of processing information. Holographic Reduced Representations (HRRs) are introduced here to model how the brain distributes each piece of information among thousands of neurons. It had been previously thought that the grammatical structure of a language cannot be encoded practically in a distributed representation, but HRRs can overcome the problems of earlier proposals. Thus this work has implications for psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and computer science, and engineering.

Foundations Of Algebraic Geometry

Author : AndrŽ Weil
ISBN : 9780821810293
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 41. 51 MB
Format : PDF
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This classic is one of the cornerstones of modern algebraic geometry. At the same time, it is entirely self-contained, assuming no knowledge whatsoever of algebraic geometry, and no knowledge of modern algebra beyond the simplest facts about abstract fields and their extensions, and the bare rudiments of the theory of ideals.

Handbook Of Geometric Topology

Author : R.B. Sher
ISBN : 0080532853
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 85. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Geometric Topology is a foundational component of modern mathematics, involving the study of spacial properties and invariants of familiar objects such as manifolds and complexes. This volume, which is intended both as an introduction to the subject and as a wide ranging resouce for those already grounded in it, consists of 21 expository surveys written by leading experts and covering active areas of current research. They provide the reader with an up-to-date overview of this flourishing branch of mathematics.

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